1916 Quarter 2

Cadeby Colliery Manager – Harry Hulley (picture)

Conisborough and Denaby News – Australian Funeral – Pony Driver Left his Pony.

Conisborough Miner Overwhelmed

Conisborough News – Affrighted Horse – Lecture “A Piece of Coal,”- Air Raid Signals

Conisborough Experiment – Women on the Land

Conisborough Inn – Treating Offences

Conisborough Miracle – Deaf and Dumb Seaman Restored (picture)

Conisborough Objectors – Appeal to Central Tribunal at Doncaster – Many Local Cases

Court Montagu Ancient Order of Foresters (picture)

Denaby Absentee – £1 Awarded to Police Constable

Denaby Woman’s Serious Offence – Concealing a Deserter – Husband in Hospital

Pit Heroes – How a Denaby Deputy Died

The Happiest Race on Earth – “Our Russian Ally.” – Lecture at Denaby Main


Soldier – Glynn, Thomas W. – Conisbrough Soldier Scalded (picture)

Soldier – Hartley, Ernest – Died of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Horsman W.A. – Conisbrough Gunner at Kut

Soldier – Lawrence R. – Tributes from the Trenches

Soldier – Rushworth, Jonas – How a Denaby Sniper Died (picture)

Soldier – Cliffe A. – Conisborough Man Wounded (picture)


Soldier – Swaby J.H. – Denaby Sergeant killed (picture)

Soldier – Ward, Lawrence – Killed in Action

Conisborough Man’s Offence – A Stolen Watch

Conisborough Soldiers Wives and their Rates – Hard Cases

Death of Carlton Henry Allport (picture)

Denaby Women’s Behaviour

Extraordinary Conduct – Denaby Pony Drivers Wanton Behaviour

Failed To Report – Conisborough Objector Fined

Mr J Cocks – Presentation at Denaby

Struck By Lightning – A Conisbrough Businessman

What the Policeman Saw – Conisborough Man Heavily Fined

Women on the Land (pictures)


Soldier – Horseman W.A. – Conisborough Gunner Captured at Kut (picture)

Soldier – Uren H. – Right Arm Blown Up (picture)

Soldiers – Mee C.H. & T.H. – In the Thick of It (pictures)


Soldier – Booth J. – Sapper killed

Soldier – Vernon L. – Denaby Man killed (picture)

Carelton Henry Allport

Conisbrough Tradegy – Boy drowned while bathing


Soldier – Appleyard, George – Killed in France (picture)

Soldier – Fowler D. – Dangerously Wounded

Soldier – Harwood G. – Officially Reported Dead

Soldier – Horton G. – Police Superintendant’s brother killed

Soldier – Martin, George – Down with Ship

Soldiers – Moore’s – Denaby Fighting Family


Soldier – Clarke, John William – Deaf & Dumb Seaman restored