1917 Quarter 1

Colliery War Funds – Their Excellent Work – Care of the Belgians

Combing Out of the Pits – “Slackers” to Join the Army

Conisborough Golden Wedding – 50 Years Residence in one house

Conisborough Child’s Death – Search for a Doctor

Conisborough Miner’s Death – Returned Soldier Severley Injured

Daughters Steal – Father Censured

Denaby Empire Palace – He Who Accuseth – The Shop Soiled Girl

Denaby Gambling Row – Soldier’s Recriminations

Denaby Wife’s Unhappiness


Soldier – Cooper J.R. – Killed by Shell (picture)

Soldier – Fisher Brothers – Killed and Shell Shock (pictures)

Soldier – Miller John W. – A Denaby Hero (picture)

Soldier – Roberts, George – Denaby Warriors Home on Leave (picture)

Soldier – Sleaford, Frank – Killed by Bursting Shell (picture)

Soldier – Wounded and other – Lewis C., Hudson G., Hudson G., Williams H.


Soldier – Whittaker, Thomas – Killed (picture)

Great War Remembered – Herbert Mennell Rutter – Early Days

Soldier – Cheetham J.H. – Warriors home on leave (picture)

Conisborough Grocers Suicide – Worried by Ailment

Conisborough Man and His Gun

Deaf Denaby Child

Denaby Burning Fatality

Denaby Hairdresser’s Theft

Scourge of Measles – Station Road & Morley Place closed


Soldier – Carter, Arthur – Torpedoed – Fight For Life (picture)

Soldier – Williams H. – Wounded (picture)

Soldiers – Barker and Collingwood – Training for Commission (pictures)


Soldier – Allport C.C. – Promotion for Gallipoli Campaigner (picture)

Soldier – Ashford, George – Denaby Sergeant & the scene of V.C. Exploits (picture)

Accident at Denaby Main – Boys Fatal Oversight – Swinton Miner’s Death

Attempt to find a Scapegoat

Colliery Offences – Failing to Fix Drag – Building a “Pack” using Coal- Leaving Station

Conisborough Fire Brigade – Presentation of Long Service Medals

Conisborough Gas Company – Profits Reduced, Dividends Maintained

Ex-Soldier Assaulted

Local Tradesman’s Impending Departure

Muffled Peal

Row about a Rug – Woman’s alleged Rough Handling


Soldiers Wife’s Goods

Spotted Fever – Case reported at Denaby


Soldier – Nicholson, Winter – Gallant Officer dies of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Rosser W.E. – Commission for Conisbrough Soldier (picture)

Soldiers – Dugan, Joseph – Killed – Higgins J. – Trench Feet

Soldiers – Hudson S & G – Wounded (pictures)


Soldier – Bagshawe, Richard – Interred Bandmaster (picture)

Soldier – Bird, Harry – Band Sergeant in Regimental Band (picture)

Soldier – Branston, Tom – Denaby Band Member (picture)

Soldier – Stones, Lionel – Denaby Man Honoured (picture)

Soldier – Watson, Percy – Training for Commission (picture)