1917 Quarter 2

Conisborough Horsekeeper’s Larceny

Cruelty to a Working Pony

Denaby Sergeant’s Sad Homecoming

Globe Palace

Potato Price

Schoolboys Strange Death


Soldier – Egan, Thomas – Cadeby Pony Driver presumed killed

Soldier – Ellis, Harry – D.C.M. for work at Bullecourt (picture)

Soldier – Higgins H. – Soldiers Self Sacrifice

Soldier – Rudd F.W. – Denaby NCO’s Account of the Fighting

Soldiers – Evans Brothers – Wounded and In Flying Corps (pictures)

Soldier – Westwood C – Missing – killed in Great Advance (picture)

Soldiers – Wounded; Bagnall P., Brady J., Burton R., Taylor S., Williams John

Soldier – Wright S. – Double Honour for Denaby Man (picture)


Soldier – Butcher R. – Military Medal for Conspicuous Bravery – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Duggan – Corporal Killed (picture)

Child Neglect – Denaby Labourer Gets Three Months

Farm Servant’s Death – Tribute to a Loyal Servant

Girl Shot – Strange Affair at Hill Top

Potato Sale – Mexborough and Denaby Men Fined

Potato Theft

Rules Broken – Damaged Lamp


Soldier – Ball S. – Stretcher Bearer killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Cross Wilfred – Killed in Action in Mesopotamia (picture)

Soldier – McDermott R. – Foot Amputated (picture)

Soldiers – On Furlough


Soldier – Linacre W. – Killed in Action

Soldier – Thistleton A. – Killed in Great Advance

Soldier – Turner J.W. – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Watson, Sydney – Muffled Peal from Parish Church (picture)

Local Tribunal Appeals – Conisbrough Cases at Doncaster

Conisbrough Volunteers – Camp at Thoresby

Denaby Miner Fined for Assault on a Woman

Denaby Women – General Copley Disappointed

Local Appeals – Many Conisborough Cases in The List – A Conisborough Bantam


Soldier – Atkinson A.E. – D.C.M. for good work in the field (picture)

Soldier – Pownall G. – Killed Digging Dugout

Soldier – Burton H. – Died Of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Hambrey, Ernest, George – Missing declared Dead (picture)


Soldier – Egan, Thomas – Killed in Great Advance

Soldier – Cross W. – Killed in Mesopotamia (picture)

Soldier – Wall Fred – Killed in Action (picture)