1898 Quarter 2

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Conisborough.

Singular Fatal Accident at the Conisbro’ Glassworks.

Denaby Main Miners and the Compensation Act.

Lundhill Colliery History

The Denaby Main Rating Assessment

Breach of the Factory Acts

Denaby Rating Assessment Case – The Award.

Conisborough and Urban Powers.

Conisborough Rural District Election – Conservative Victory

Home Rule for Conisbrough – (Mexborough & Swinton Times Editorial)

Crime and Courts

Scene at New Conisborough

Being on Licensed Premises – A Trumpery Charge

Being on Licensed Premises – Summons Dismissed

The Gambling Mania.

Leniently Dealt With.

Robbing a Lodger at Denaby

An Assault at Conisborough


Doncaster Rovers’ Reserves 1. Denaby Parish Church 2 – South Yorkshire League Semi-Final


Death of a Child at Conisborough – Too Much Infants’ Preservative – Mother Censured.

Interesting Wedding at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Conisboro’ Parish Council – Fire Brigade – Mr Butcher Taken To Task. – Water & Post

Conisborough Parish Council


The Invasion of London – How Fox Inn Took Possession of the Greatest City ( photos & videos)

Conisborough Notes – Cricket, Football, Bicycle Mania, Miners Demonstration

Conisborough School Board – New Schools – Appeal To Parents – Urban Powers Question.

Crime and Courts

Objecting To Swine Fever Regulations.

“Running Down” Case at Denaby.

Serious Allegation against the Police.

Week End Drunks

Assaulting the Police

Highway Robbery with Violence


Denaby Parish Church 2 v Mexborough West End 1 – Cup Final

Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association.


Expedition From Conisbrough

Industry and Commerce

Kilner’s Jubilee

Conisborough and Urban District Powers – Final Day of the Inquiry.

Conisborough and Urban District Powers – County Council Inquiry.


Subscriptions deducted From Wages.

Conisbrough Notes – Eagle & Child Singers – Sunday School Festivals – Vicar’s Injury

Crime and Courts

Oiling a Colliery Brake At Denaby.

Alleged Unlawful Wounding of a Gamekeeper

Fracas at a Conisborough Inn.


Wath 67 Conisborough 66 – Narrow Win for Wath