1911 Quarter 1


Conisborough Fog Tragedy

Conisborough Victim – Carting Contractor Drowned In River Don.

Industry and Commerce

G B Appleyard (advert)

Crime and Courts

Conisboro’ Man’s Love Affairs

To Prison with Hard Labour For Desertion

Careless Miners

Conisbrough Sweetheart’s Experience

Interfering with the Comfort of Railway Passengers

Offences at Denaby

Pipe in the Denaby Mine

Pilfering in the Cadeby Mine


Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 0  Denaby 1 – Ground Resembled Quagmire

Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers  4 Denaby 1 – Doncaster Outclass Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Leeds City Reserve 0  Denaby 1 – Denaby Defeat Leeds.

Denaby Utd – Results to January 7, 1911

Denaby Utd – Leicester Fosse Reserve 0 Denaby 2 – United do well

Denaby Utd – Results to 30th January 2011

Midland League Table – January 30th, 1911


Bridegroom with Broken Back – Remarkable Wedding Prospect

Denaby Boy Disappears – Verdict of Found Drowned


History and Legends of an Historic Village

Crime and Courts

Denaby Husband Humoured

Conisborough Mother and her “Kid”

Denaby Man’s Revenge

Good Fellowship in lock-up – Amusing evidence

No Contest at Denaby

Some Denaby Drunkards

Three Charges against Young Denaby Collier

Two Denaby Pugilists

Conisborough Lodger Loses his Watch

A Christian Kicked at Conisborough


Denaby Utd – Rotherham Town  4  Denaby  2 – Defeated At Rotherham.

Denaby Utd  – Denaby 4  Leicester Fosse Reserves  1 – Denaby’s Improved Form.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Gainborough Trinity 0 – Rough Weather

Denaby Utd – Denaby 0  Wednesday Reserve 1 – Valuable Victory for Wednesday

Midland League – February 27, 1911

Denaby Utd – Results to February 27, 1911


Child’s death by Burning – Open Verdict

Denaby Miner’s Tragic Death – Terrible Station Tragedy in Sheffield

Denaby Women Disagree – Contradictory Evidence At An Inquest.

Denaby Romance – Girl Marries Man with Broken Back

Industry and Commerce

No Licence for New Co-Operative Stores – Unsuccessful Application – Development of Village

Denaby & Cadeby Collieries Review – 1. Early Days

Denaby & Cadeby Collieries Review – 2. The Advent of Cadeby

Denaby & Cadeby Collieries Review – 3. The Operations

Denaby & Cadeby Collieries Review – 4. Denaby Main – A Well Equipped Village

Denaby & Cadeby Collieries Review – 5. Strikes and Conflicts


Rector of St Alban’s Denaby Main (picture)

St. Alban’s Catholic Church, Denaby Main – Now Completed.

Denaby Developing – New Elementary School to be Opened To-Day.

Crime and Courts

Denaby Pit Hand has To Pay

Denaby Husband’s Kiss

Mother Prosecuted.

Warning for Denaby Mothers

Conisboro’ Mother asked for Fine

Disorderly Drunkards

Larceny at Denaby

Youth and the Watch.

Violent Denaby Miner Warned Constable

Words and Blows.


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Chesterfield Town 0 – Denaby Defeat Chesterfield.

Denaby Utd – Chesterfield Town 2  Denaby United 0 – Chesterfield’s Deserving Win

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3  Worksop Town 0 – Worksop Whacked At Denaby

Denaby Utd – Huddersfield Town Reserve  3  Denaby 2 – Beaten at Huddersfield

Denaby Utd – Barnsley Reserve 5  Denaby 0 – Denaby’s Defeat at Oakwell.

Midland League – March 27, 1911

Denaby UItd – Results to 25th March 1911