1917 Quarter 4

Soldier – Barnard, Seaton – Conisbrough Officer Missing

Denaby Boxer’s Success

Fatality at Denaby Main – Buried under Fall of Roof

Soldier – Horner W.H. – Died of Wounds

Soldier – Payling A. – Reported Missing now Killed

Wounded : Greathead, Howler, Ray, Sutton


Denaby Main and District Baby Week

Industry and Commerce

Offences in Coal Mines – Large Number of Defendants At Doncaster

Crime and Courts

Maintenance Order for Denaby Contractor


Soldier – Hobson, Frank – Wounded in Arm (picture)

Soldier – Bennett, Alfred – 19 year old Fallen in Action (picture)

Soldier – Calladine, John H. – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Elliott, Frank – Sergeant killed (picture)

Soldier – Haywood – Died of Wounds

Soldier – Bowen, John Israel – Killed at Paschendaele

Soldier – Graves, Thomas – Killed in Action

Industry and Commerce

Miner Killed by Fall of Roof

Gift of £5.000 by The Denaby Colliery  Company.

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Injunction against Doncaster Rural District Council

Drunk and Violent


Soldier – Kaye, Claude – In Dangerous Condition

Soldier – Mellor J.O. – Gassed

Soldier – Broom, Ben – Part of Leg Blown Away

Soldier – Bond, Charles – 19 Year Old Killed in Action

Soldier – Buxton, William – Shell striking Dugout – Give Mother My Love (picture)

Soldier – Cross, John – Missing after Action (picture)

Soldier – Drabble W. – Play Up, Denaby!

Soldier – Fitton, Thomas – 19 Year Old Died in French Hospital (picture)

Soldier – Hardacre R. – Hospital worker Died in France

Soldier – Hirst, George – Succumbed to Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Husbands J. – Play Up, Denaby!

Soldier – Jones, Joseph – 19 Year Old Killed in Action

Soldier – Oates W.H. – Denaby Family’s Affliction (picture)

Soldier – Price Frederick – Sherwood Forester Killed (picture)

Soldier – Graves R. – Killed

Soldier – Briddon A. – Military Medalist (picture)

Soldier – Humphries, Humphrey (Bunt) – D.C.M. (picture)

Soldier – McGagh, Patrick – P.O.W.

Soldier – Ward S.– Awarded Military Medal (picture)


Silver Wedding – Mr & Mrs Alf Webdale

Industry and Commerce

Mine Offences.


Cantata at Wesleyan Chapel

Denaby Palace – The Immigrant (Video)

Lady Bell Ringers

Crime and Courts

Denaby Assault


Benefit Football Match


Soldier – Holt, Herbert – Gassed and in Hospital

Soldier – Hudson S. – Hospital in Glasgow

Soldier – Naughton B. – Wounded

Soldier – Radley W.H. Hospital in Egypt (picture)

Soldier – Wray R. – Trench Feet

Soldier – Blades, Charles – Killed in Action

Soldier – Brammer V.- Gas Poisoning

Soldier – Fitton, Charles – Confirmed Killed in Action

Soldier – Hinchcliffe J. – Denaby Footballer Killed in Action

Soldier – Newall J.W. – Killed by Shell Splinter (picture)

Soldier – Bennett, Alfred – Killed in Action

Soldier – Wren, Caleb – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Boylan, Owen – A Denaby Hero

Denaby Heroes – Another Presentation.

Soldier – Baker H. – Recently Gazetted

Soldier – Illingsworth J. – Serbian Samaritan Cross

Soldier – Turner E. – Awarded Military Medal

Soldier – Wood F. – Military Medal