1918 Quarter 3


Soldier – Preston H. – Wounded

Soldier – Curran, Clifford – Prisoner in Germany

Soldier – Fidler J.H. – Missing

Soldier – Medlar, George – Prisoner of War (picture)

Soldier – Warrington M.G.W. – Wounded and Missing;

Soldier – Barker, Harry – Killed whilst leading his Platoon (picture)

Soldier – Gleadall, Dennis – Died of Wounds

Soldier – Hobson, James – Killed in Action in France (picture)

Soldier – McArthur, Malcolm – Died of Wounds in Germany (picture)

Soldier – Shaw J.W. – Killed in Action

Soldier – Wheeliker, William Henry – Killed in Action

Soldier – Jarvis R.A. – Croix De Guerre – Belgian Honour for Local Man.

Industry and Commerce

Invention to Prevent Mine Explosions.

National Kitchen for Denaby


Primitive Chapel Special Services

Crime and Courts

A Batch of Miners Fined

Food Prosecutions at Doncaster – Denaby Miner and His Slaughtered Pig.

Mine Manager Summoned – Collier and Absentee Board Incident

Stink Bombs In Cinema – Two Youths Sent To Prison.

Soldier’s Wife Assaulted.    


Soldier – Elmer – In Hospital in Marseilles

Soldier – Jackson, Harold G. – Wounded, Gassed and POW

Soldier – Fretwell J. – Died of Wounds

Soldier – Bleasby H. – Grenadier Guard dies.

Soldier – Webster J. – Died in France of Pneumonia.

Soldier – Taylor, Robert – Died of Wounds in France (picture)


Canal Drowning

Crime and Courts

Pony Cruelty


Soldier – Beecham H. – Missing – Feared the Worst

Sailor – Tomlinson, Herbert – Posted Missing

Soldier – Collingham J.– Wounded

Soldier – Ogley P.– Wounded (picture)

Soldier – Senior, Arthur –In Hospital in Chelsea (pictures)

Soldier – Unwin, Robert – Denaby 19 Year Old Repatriated – Left Leg Amputated

Soldier – Wain, Joseph Ernest – Prisoner in Germany (picture)

Soldier – Cliffe, William – Killed in Action in France

Soldier – Nicholson, Fred – Died from Chest Wounds

Soldier – Smith, Eric – Killed in Action

Soldier – Laurence Calvert V.C. – Conspicuous Bravery and Devotion to Duty