1931 Quarter 4


Accidents – Runaway Cart, Colliery, Football

Industry and Commerce

Officials’ Salaries. Conisborough – Council Defer Consideration


Castle Lighting

A Floodlight Sidelight. (picture)

Conisborough Castle by Floodlight (picture)

Conisboro’ Gala – Triumph for Middle School – Station Road Girl’s “Solo” Feats

Conisborough Notes – Measles & Infant Mortality

Marconigrams – October 02nd, 1931

New Denaby Memorial Park


Midland League Results – October 12th , 1931

Boxing at Denaby Main.

Midland League Results – October 26th, 1931

Midland League Table – October 26th 1931

Denaby Man Continues with Injured Shoulder.

Midland League – Local Results to October 31st 1931

Crime and Courts

Miner Gets Damages – Slipped From ‘Bus. – Crushed Foot


Contractor Buried And Entombed Four Hours.

Conisboro’ Chemist’s Sudden Death (picture)

Obituary – Mr R Coleman – Loss to Conisborough Church Life (picture)

Windfall at Conanby (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Pit Reorganisation – 600 Miners to Receive Notices.

Has The Tide Turned? – Trade Review – Coal, Iron & Steel, Brass, Glass, Soaps & Oils

Conisborough U.D.C. –  Rota System of Employment Unworkable – No Economy Yet.


Conisborough Vicar – Parting Gifts & Tributes – Impressive Record

Marconigrams – November 20th, 1931

Crime and Courts

The Smaller Fry.


Midland League Results – November 02nd, 1931

Denaby Utd – Hull City Reserves 4   Denaby 2 – Unlucky to Lose at Hull.

Midland League Results – November 09th, 1931

Denaby Utd – Bradford City Reserves 2  Denaby 0 – Brilliant Work by Goalkeeper.

Midland League Results – November 16th, 1931

Denaby Utd – Notts County Reserves  7  Denaby  1 – Notts Player Gets 5 Goals

Midland League Results – November 23rd, 1931

Midland League Results – November 30th, 1931

Midland League Table – November 30th 1931


After the Funeral – Bearer Found Dying on the Line – Shocking Injuries.

Two Injured by Fall of Roof.

Industry and Commerce

Cadeby Disaster 1912 – Distress Fund

Mutual Help Fund – Over £20,000 Paid Out Since 1925 at Denaby.

Don and Dearne Valleys – Upward Tendency of Trade

New Imports Order – 50 Per Cent. Duty on Many Articles.

Social Worker’s Funeral.

Big Denaby Scheme to Start Now – To Cost £16,000.

Work for Unemployed – Council Adopts “Rotary” Scheme.


Great Pastor – Reverend Canon Leteux

Cub Champions. (picture)

Marconigrams – December 04th, 1931

Marconigrams – December 11th, 1931

Crime and Courts

Cycling  Across “Rec.”

Denaby Betting House – Bookie Nearly Too Quick For Police.

Hire Purchase Piano – Prison for Fraudulent Conisbrough Miner

Wages and Dole – Denaby Relief Waiters Sent To Prison.


Midland League Results – December 07th, 1931

Brief Contests at Denaby Main.

Midland League Results – December 14th, 1931

Midland League Results to December 27th 1931

Midland League Results – December 28th, 1931

Midland League Table – December 28th, 1931

Midland League – Local Results to December 28th 1931