1949 Quarter 2


Conisbrough Soldier at “Monty’s” H.Q (picture)

Wedding – Lindley & Colins (picture)

Wedding – Lockwood & Whitlam (picture)

Wedding – Millard & Higgins (picture)

Denaby’s New Youth Centre has 380 Members

Industry and Commerce

Died in Two Minutes – Denaby Sixth Pit fatality in 15 months

Powder Works Presentation (picture)

Conisbrough Record – No Arrears


Round Your Way – Conisbrough (picture)

Senior Assistant Retires


Denaby Utd – Record: 47 Years Without Re-application


Aiding Airlift.

“Mr Britain’ ” (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Grandfather Clock’s 7,000 Mile Journey (picture)

Who’s Who in To-morrow’s Urban Council Elections – Twenty Candidates

Election Field Preview

New Councillor (picture)

Third Time Twice (picture)

Your New Councillors (pictures)


Pensioner’s Mite Helps Denaby Savings Drive (picture)

S.J.A.B. Honours for Denaby Main Trio (pictures)

Balby Street Junior School Queen

Conisbrough, not Conisborough

Trip To U.S.A. – Conisbrough and Denaby Voyagers (picture)

Quintet Record (picture)


Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Scarborough 2 – Denaby Are Clear !

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4  Grantham 1 – Still Need One Point

Hull Retain Race

Cricket Scores – May 21st 1949

South Riding League – May 28, 1949


Obituary – Mr C E Webster – Former Businessman (picture)

Obituary – Mr. J. Hurst – Oldest Soldier – 42 Years at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

One of the 80 was Famous

53 Years In Pits – Denaby Training Officer’s Long Record (picture)

Tip Dangers – Conisbrough Warning to Children


Consecration at Saint Alban

S.J.A.B. Honours For Conisbrough and Denaby Men (pictures)

Conisbrough Annual Show (picture)

“Pin-Up” Girl (picture)


Promising Young Cricketer

South Riding League Table – June 25th

 Denaby & Cadeby – Askern 114   Denaby 115 for 4 (picture)