1969 Quarter 1


Expect Yours Was A Holiday Christmas, But For them It was different

Silver Wedding – Mr and Mrs Mullins

England is Paradise Says U.S.A. Visitor

Whose Double Is This Girl? (picture & video)

Wedding – Beale & Moderate (picture)

Wedding – Cooper & Ball (picture)

Wedding – Hickson & Proctor (picture)

Wedding – Taylor & White (picture)

Industry and Commerce

They See How Their Local Paper is Run (pictures)

South Yorkshire Industrial Review – Showing Enterprise and Confidence.


Out of the Teapot (picture)

Conisbrough Pensioners enjoying their Christmas Party (picture)

Denaby W.R.V.S. Over 60’s Club’s New Year’s party (picture)

Hickleton Street Community Centre Old Time Dancing (picture)

Morley Place Junior School on BBC Television (picture)

Young Musicians in the Making . . . (picture)

Crime and Courts

Police Hunt Man Who Attacked 13-years-old Girl at Conisbrough


Denaby & Cadeby Cricket Team about 1913 (picture)

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Frickley Colliery 4 – United’s Two Holiday Goals

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Selby Town 1. – Denaby Pulled Back Too Soon


The Anniversary Waltz

British Junior Championships (picture)

Denaby Family Now a ‘League Of Nations’

Dancing Partners to Wed

Wedding – Conlon & O’Malley (picture)

Wedding – Harby & Lovell (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Shops – Buckley & Mee

Shops – Allen & Watson

Shops – Frigidaire Washeteria

Shops – G. & B. Blagden

Shops – G.S Coe & Son

Shops – J. E. Greathead & son

Shops – Keith’s Discount Store

Shops – North Cliff Motors

Shops – Photographic Bargains – E H Dickinsons

Shops – Radio Television Sales Service

Shopping in Conisbrough and Denaby

Pubs – The Red Lion

Presentation for Long Service (picture)

Retirement Celebration Dinner (picture)

Conisbrough Urban Councils Modernisation Plan

Development Inquiry – No Objectors Present


Denaby Salvation Army Annual Tea

Fullerton Hospital Gardner Retires

Japanese floral arrangement (picture)

Northcliffe High School Speech Day (picture)

Northcliffe High School Speech Day – Guest Speaker

They Met The Stars


Conisbrough Cricket Club Dinner-Dance

Denaby Utd – Hallam 0 Denaby 2 – Abandoned With Denaby on Top

Demaby Utd – Hatfield Main 0  Denaby 1 – Effort, Poise, From Denaby


Golden Wedding – Couple Met in Denaby Church Choir (picture)

Awards For Rescue Attempt (picture)

Former Conisbrough Woman Hits US Stage (picture)

Tom Hill Youth Club at Youth Drama Festival (picture)

We’re Rooting For “Boom Bang-A-Bang” (video)

Wedding – Cocksedge &Buttery (picture)

Wedding – Edmond & Kitchen (picture)

Wedding – Fawkes & Ward (picture)

Wedding – Hardman & McNicol

Wedding – Haywood & Goel

Wedding – Jones & Abel (picture)

Wedding – Jones & Peters

Wedding – Philips & Liversidge (picture)

Wedding – Poole & White (picture)

Five a Side Under 12 Finalists (picture)

Guides of the 33rd Rotherham (Conisbrough) Group (picture)

Songwriter and Mandolin Player (picture)

Industry and Commerce

It Tickles Their Fancy

Head Timekeeper Retires

Retirement Presentation


Gift to the Curate (picture)

Conisbrough Pageant

“Forgotten City” Claim At Conisbro’

Public Outcry Against Arcade


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Hatfield Main 2 – Denaby’s Defence Were Careless