1888 Quarter 3

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire Collieries and the Hull Coal Trade.

Scarborough Treat


Conisbrough Notes – Holiday Time – Billiard Tables – Concertina or Brass Band

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Collier and his Topcoat

A Smoky Traction Engine

A Teetotaller Summoned For Being Drunk

 Gaming With Cards at Denaby Main

Trespassing at Denaby

Wilful Damage at Denaby


Phenomenal Bowling Averages


Narrow Escape from Drowning at Mexborough.

Wedding – Morley & Appleyard

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main.


Conisborough Castle

A Lunatic at Large at Mexbro’

Crime and Courts

A Wife Summoned for Threatening her Husband.

Advised to Behave like Human Being.

Connubial Infelicity at Mexbro’.

A Smoky Traction Engine at Conisborough – The “Difficulties” Of An Engineer

Damaging the Denaby Main School.

Expensive Mushrooms at Conisbro’

Rival Butchers at Conisbro’


Meadow Hall  78    Denaby Main 45

Thrybergh Hall Colliery 44  Denaby 88


Wife found Dead in Bed

Industry and Commerce

Sad Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery.

Doncaster and District. – The Doncaster Coalfield.

Meeting of Miners – 10% advance – Mr. Cowley “Kicks Off.” (picture)


Notes from Conisborough – Doncaster Races – New Station Buildings – Concertina Band – Dancing Classes – Vicars holiday – Harvest

Crime and Courts

Adulterated Milk.

Alleged Strange Conduct of an Ex-Police Inspector.

Wilful Damage to a Fence.


Wath 6  Conisborough Town 1

Conisborough Town 4 Eastwood 7