1891 Quarter 1


Sad Drowning Case – Going to Skate and Falling into the Canal

Dinner to Work people

The Cooper Musical Family

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-Operative Society.

Colliers and their Earnings

Denaby leads Collieries in 1890

The Cadeby Colliery.

Local Trade in 1890

The Burial Question at Conisbro’ – Lively Proceedings.

The Conisborough Burial Ground.

The Sanitary State of Conisbro’


Conisbro’ Parish Church Annual Tea

Ecclesiastical Affairs at Denaby Main

Census 1891 – Conisborough Church Street

The Distress at Mexbro’, Denaby and Conisbro’.

Crime and Courts

Larceny at Mexbro’.


Accident in the Hunting Field

Industry and Commerce

The Burial Question at Conisborough

The New Medical Officer.

Crime and Courts

A Satisfactory Settlement.

An Untruthful Parent at Denaby.

Man and Wife From Denaby

Drunk or a Fit.

Drunkenness at Denaby, Swinton & West Melton

Drunkenness at Wath, Denaby & Kilnhurst

Drunks at Kilnhurst, Denaby, Wath & Swinton

Brutal Assault at Conisborough – Saturating Wife With Paraffin – Red-Hot Poker Applied.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Flour Mills.

Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 1 – Preparation & Mr Witty

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 2  – Underground – Arteries – Refuge – Endless Rope & Ventilation

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 3 – Spontaneous Combustion, Pit Ponies, Mice & Output

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 4 – Dangers, Careful Dick & Narrow Escape

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 5 – Return – Fine Dust, Cupolo shaft, Mid-Summer to Mid Winter

Editorial – Local Government for Conisborough ?

Local Government at Conisborough – Proposal to Form Local Board.

The Coming Census.



Scarcity of Water at Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Labourers and their “Drops.”

Firing of a Gun on the Highway at Conisborough