1895 Quarter 1

Denaby Main Co-operative Society

Conisborough Parish Council – Amazing Debate – Business and Motion – Committees

A Bus Scene at Denaby

A Miner’s Foolhardiness

A Modern Marvel – A Revolution in Sweet Stuff – “Sugar, Spice And All That’s Nice,”

Alarming Explosion of Gas at Conisborough – Denaby Main Hotel

Drunkenness at Christmas Time

Failure of a Conisbrough Grocer

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – John Bellis

Firth College Free Lectures

He Forgot about his Pipe

Sad attempted Suicide at Denaby – Laudanum is a Medicine

A Costly Spree

Obstructing the Highway at Conisbrough

Travelling without a ticket

Conisbrough and Consecration – The Archbishop’s Compromise

Alleged Cruelty to children

Careless Cadeby miners

Fatal Accident at Cadeby Main Colliery Yesterday – 15 Year Old Pony Driver

Horse Bolted and Injured a Man

Muzzling Order

New Hotel for Denaby just Completed


Result of a Jollification at Conisbrough

Unlawful Dog Franchise – Unmuzzled Dogs

Inhuman Parents

Unmuzzled Dogs

Conisborough Parish Council – Treasurer, Footpath, Fire Brigade, Water Supply

Sad Burning Fatality at Conisborough

Conisborough Musical Society.

Denaby Main Colliery – “Playing Days”

Denaby Notes – Swine Fever – Parish Election – New Workhouse

Denaby Pit Lads in Trouble

Free Travelling on M. S. And L. Railway

Friendly Societies Hospital Sunday at Conisborough – Annual Church Parade

Illegal Canine Franchise – Muzzling Order and Dog Owners

Inhuman Parents – On Remand Verdict

Ivanhoe Smoking Club.

New Hotel at Denaby – Denaby Main Hotel

Prize Fight at Denaby – Kilmartin v Dalton

Resignation of the Conisborough Weslayan Church Organist

Burial Board Committee – Consecration Again

Conisbrough and Consecration – Another Pitched Battle

The Terrible Accident at Cadeby Colliery – Inquest and Verdict

The Terrible Accident at Cadeby Colliery – Funeral (video)