1915 Quarter 3

Appeal to Patriotism – Colliery Prosecution Withdrawn – Slackers at Home

Canal Tragedy – Denaby Woman who took to Drink

Conisborough District Education Committee

Conisborough Hospital Board – Nurse down with Scarlet Fever

Conisborough Parish Council meeting – North Cliff and Edlington Footpaths

Conisborough Soldier Wounded at Tickhill – Farmer Committed for Trial

Dedication of Colours – Conisborough First Troop Scouts

Denaby Girl bought for a shilling – Strange document read in court

Sensational Mystery of a Child’s Death – Inquest Complete

Denaby United F.C. – Debt steadily decreasing

Denaby United Football Club – Debt Steadily Decreasing – Presidents Interesting Review

Denaby United – Montagu Cup Winners – Entertained at the Red House

Globe Palace Programme – Charlie Chaplin Competition (video)

Headmaster of Denaby Boys School

Hospital Demonstration – In the Name of Charity – 25th Annual Festival

Hospital Demonstration – Abandoned

Killed in the Denaby Mine – Deputies Warning Disregarded

Soldiers Parade

Denaby & Cadeby – Rawmarsh 44 Denaby 52 – Close thing at Rawmarsh


Sailor – Whitehead C – Denaby Main Man Missing (picture)

Soldier – Beaumont, R – Denaby, Killed under Bombardment (picture)

Soldier – Calvert, L – An affair of Outposts (picture)

Soldier – Cross, John – Letter to Mother & Sisters (picture)

Soldier – Howitt, F – Killed by a Bursting Shell (picture)

Soldier – Richards, G. – Death in Bondage (picture)

Soldier – Trout, Harry – Saved by Cigarette Case

Canal Tragedy – Denaby Woman Who Took To Drink – Sad Story

Conisborough Drowning Tragedy – Schoolboy Falls into the River

Denaby and Cadeby Collieries – Splendid Work of Sewing Party

Denaby Boys Sent To the Reformatory – Wholesale Shop Breaking and Thefts

Colliery Prosecutions – Previous Decision Waived – Tardy Excuse for Refusing to Work

Denaby Drowning Mystery – Little Boys Accused Each Other

Denaby Lady’s Peril – Caught in the Quicksands

Distressing Motor Fatality – Child Killed by a Conisborough Motorist – Defective Brake

Dozen Conisbrough Boys in Trouble – “The Burglar’s Gang”

Hungry Denaby Cricketers – Thurnscoe Licensee who refused to supply teas.

Interfering With Points – Denaby Pony Driver Smartly Fined

Miser who Starved – A Human Tragedy

Throwing Stones – Denaby Youths Dangerous Practice


Sailors – Tomlinson, Charles & Herbert – Typical Sailor Lads (pictures)

Soldier – Hewitt, George E. – Canadian Teacher returns to Fight (picture)

Soldier – Hirst, George – The Shirker (picture)

Soldier – Hutchinson, R. – Killed at Hooge (picture)

Soldier – Jones, F.W. – Denaby Teacher Killed (picture)

Soldier – Keith, Oliver – Denaby Soldier’s Misfortune (picture)

Soldiers – Prew, James, Squire, John W. – 3 Denaby Brothers (pictures)

Soldier – Raynor, A – Saved by an officer who died (picture)


Soldier – Broom, Albert – Narrow Escape (picture)

Conisborough Notes – Farmer Son’s Accident – Million Egg Scheme – Castle Vandalism

Another Colliery Accident – Herbert Jepson

Assault at Denaby

Conisborough Notes – Trackless Cars (picture) – Damage to Trees – Wireless Operator

Conisbrough Steam Roller – Driver Summoned

Denaby Notes – Miner Crushed – More Accidents – Dangerous Practice


Sailor – Curtis, Henry A.B.S. Killed in Gallipoli (picture)

Sailor – Goddard, C Lce-Corpl – Denaby Hero Killed (picture)

Soldier – Balmforth Percy – Killed at the Dardanelles (picture)

Soldier – Gledhill, Owen Pvte – Killed in France (picture)

Soldier – Hornsby H. Pvte – Conisbrough Terrier Killed (picture)

Soldier – Kelly, Pvte E – Wounded in the Dardenelles (soldier)

Soldier – Mangnall, Pvte P. – Denaby Man Wounded (picture)

Soldier – McDermott, J. Pvte – Missing 18 year old (picture)

Soldier – Peck, Pvte W. – Killed in France (picture)


Soldier – Brady, J. – Denaby Drummer Down (picture)

Sailor – Jackson J.H. – Leading Seaman – Wounded in Left Leg (picture)

Soldier – Thompson G. – Wounded at the Dardanelles (picture)

Soldier – Armstrong Noah – killed in Flanders (picture)

Sailor – Birch Charles – Missing believed Drowned (picture)

Soldier – Whitehouse, Pvte B – Killed by a Sniper while Succouring Wounded

Soldier – Allport C. C. – Conisbrough Sergeant’s Experiences

Soldier – Armstrong Pvte T. – Making a Name for Himself (picture)

Soldier – Stockwell Fred – Somewhere in the North of France