1917 Quarter 3


Denaby Munition Girls Help Local Institutions

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Miner Killed – A fatal slip

Pony Driver Killed by Fall of Coal

Fatal Injury at Cadeby Main – George Brough

The Cadeby Disaster

Conisborough Refuse Tip – GC Railway Complain – Interim Arrangement


Death of Former Conisbrough Head (picture)

School Exhibition

Crime and Courts

Child Neglect – Denaby Labourer gets 3 months

Denaby Miner’s Gross Fraud


Wounded; Evans F.H., Hancock A., Pearce, Rowe G., Senior A.

Soldier – Brett J. – Killed in France

Soldier – Cranidge, Harold – Died of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Egan T. – Officially Reported Killed

Soldier – Glynnn T.W. – Died of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Haigh A. – Denaby Man Killed (picture)

Soldier – Payling C. – Missing, Killed in Great Advance

Soldier – Wood A. – Died of Gas Poisoning

Soldier – Woodhouse H. – Royal Engineer killed (picture)

Soldier – Evans, Horace – Denaby Airman in Germany (picture)

Mines of Messines – Denaby Telegraphist´s description

Industry and Commerce

Mine Offences

Crime and Courts

Denaby Don Juan – Finds Happiness in Making “A Bit of Love.”

Wife Desertion

Remarkable Court Scenes – Denaby Miner sings in Witness Box


Soldier – Hatchett – Missing Conisbrough Man (picture)

Soldier – Hancock A. – Trench Fever (picture)

Soldier – Pearce – Severely Wounded (picture)

Soldier – Wright R. – Sapper Injured

Soldier – Atkinson M.G. – Corporal killed (picture)

Soldier – Bond C.D. – Died of Gas Poisoning (picture)

Soldier – Breeze, J. William – Died of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Hambrey E.G. – Denaby Soldier Missing & Killed (picture)

Soldier – Manion, John – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Hague A. – Killed (picture)

Soldier – Teale, Albert – Killed In Action (picture)

Soldier – Jarvis – R. A.– Military Medal (picture)

Married Man’s Courtship – Denaby Duplicity

Micklebring Infant’s Death – Parents Censured

Industry and Commerce

Contract Breaches.

Spontaneous Combustion – Cadeby Difficulties Solved

Crime and Courts

Doncaster Mining Offences

Miner’s Callous Neglect

Miner’s Troubles


Soldier – Downing, Ernest – Wounded in Leg

Soldier – Fowler, Horace – Wounded and in Hospital

Soldier – Senior, Arthur – Wounded

Soldiers – Wounded – Ackroyd O.W. (picture)

Soldier – Cocksedge, George – Killed in France (picture)

Soldier – Davy, Arthur – killed on Active Service in France (picture)

Soldier – Parr E.H. – Killed by a Shell (picture)

Soldier – Hall, Percy – Killed

Soldier – Wood A. – Died of Gas Poisoning

Soldier – Woodhouse, Henry Edward – Killed in Action

Soldier – Wilburn, Henry – Missing – Now reported Fallen (picture)

Soldier – Cheetham J.H. – Military Medal

Soldier – Evans, Frank – Mother’s Persistence Rewarded

Soldier – Wright W. – Presentation to a Hero