1968 Quarter 3


Posting will take them to Australia for two years (picture)

Working Holiday in the States (picture)

Golden Wedding – Mr and Mrs C.J. Pickett (picture)

Wedding – Hempstead & Hutchinson (picture)

Wedding – Taylor & Allen

Wedding – Watson & Burton (picture)

Wedding – Wood & Greaves

Cub Scouts of the 5th Don and Dearne Scout Group

Industry and Commerce

Engineering Department at Denaby Colliery (picture)

New Conisbrough Fire Station (picture)


Conisbrough Methodist Church Charity Folk Evening (picture)

Day Room at Fullerton Hospital (pictures)

Barbecue for Guides

Girls Friendly Society Rose Queen (picture)

Guides’ Assistant District Commissioner (picture)

Guides Barbecue at Clifton Lane (picture)

Conisbrough Morley Place School Sports

Denaby and Conisbrough Schools Gala at Denaby baths (picture)

Have Their Own Rabbits

Inter Schools Gala (picture)

 Morley Place School Sports (picture)


Signs for United

Conisbrough and Denaby Amateur Swimming Club Gala (picture)

Conisbrough and Denaby Amateur Swimming Club Gala (picture)

Conisbrough & District Angling League Presentations (picture)

Conisbrough & District Angling League Presentations (picture)

Indoor Games League Finals (picture)

Show Awards for Conisbrough Newcomer (picture)

Yorkshire Council with Dearne, Denaby, Mexborough, Mitchells, Swinton and Wath

Yorkshire Council with Darfield, Dearne, Denaby, Hickleton, Mexborough


Wall Demolished at Dale View Corner

Everything was a “Hit” with her – But the Weather (picture)

Wedding – Brandreth & Hinchcliffe – School Choir Sang at Teacher’s Wedding

Wedding – Brooks & Johnson

Wedding – Fisher & Bentham (picture)

Wedding – Haywood & Day (picture)

Wedding – Mellor & Peters (picture)

Wedding – Peacock & McDonagh

Wedding – Richardson & Bungard (picture)

Wedding – Rowe & Backhouse (picture)

Another Success


Conisbrough Methodist Church Girl Guides (picture)

Conisbrough Parish Church Flower Festival (picture)

Denaby Vicar accepts New Living

Millinery Display at Conisbrough Methodist Church (picture)

Third Festival Will Be Staged This Month – Industrial Theme in Flowers

Vicar of Conisbrough Canonised (picture)

Morning Service at Conisbrough Hospital (picture)

Conisbrough Eagle & Child Dominoes Team (picture)

Rotherham & District Indoor Games League Trophy (picture)

Tavern Dominoes Team (picture)

Crookhill Hall (picture)

“Meals on Wheels” Garden Party (picture)

Painting Butterflies (picture)

Racing in Miniature at Garden Party (picture)


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 116 for 6 Steel Peech & Tozer 115 – Pressure Maintained

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 98   Elsecar 77 – First Defeat For Elsecar

Denaby Utd – Team Photograph (picture)

Welfare Fishing Club Presentation Night (picture)

Denaby Swimming Club Gala – Novices Trophy


1854 Napoleon III Coin (picture)

Fashion Show for Young Wives Group (picture)

Wedding – Atkins & Lawrence (picture)

Wedding – Carmody & Sambrook (picture)

Wedding – Clifford & Collier (picture)

Wedding – Collindridge & Taylor (picture)

Wedding – Daykin & Waterhouse (picture)

Wedding – Fennell & Wood (picture)

Wedding – Gold & Greathead (picture)

Wedding – McNicholas & Willows (picture)

Wedding – Mullins & Breeze (picture)

Wedding – Prince & White (picture)

Wedding – Reynolds & Saunders (picture)

Wedding – Smith & Clark – Coldstream Guards Form Guard of Honour (picture)

Wedding – Sykes & Clamp (picture)

Wedding – Troop & Brown (picture)

Wedding – Wassall & Hayes (picture)

Wedding – Wenham & Scott (picture)

Wedding – Westwood & Bond (picture)

Wedding – Taylor & Eastell (picture)

Wedding – Prendergast & Wallwork – Good Luck from Brownies (picture)


Bishop of Leeds at Saint Alban’s (picture)

Denaby Comrades’ Club’s Angling Prize Night (picture)

Don and Dearne Scouts Gala – Umbrellas ! (picture)

Don and Dearne Scouts Gala – Battleship (picture)

Don and Dearne Scouts Gala – “Mousey – Housey” (picture)

Don and Dearne Scouts Gala – Lucky Numbers Drum (picture)

Conisbrough Rowena School Fashion Show

Denaby “extras” in “Women in Love.”

Film Stars in Action – “Women in Love,” at Denaby

Women in Love – Denaby Streets in 1968 ! (video)

“Women in Love” Stars at DenabyThis


Denaby Utd – Denaby 6, Hallam 2 – New Strong Weapon in United’s Armoury

Mexborough Town 1, Denaby United 1 – Escape in F.A. Cup-Tie as Denaby Miss Twice Near The End

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Bridlington Trinity 2 – Out of Form against Bridlington