1970 Quarter 1


Fire-Hit Trader Finds Neighbours are Friends Indeed in Time of Need

Parents’ Bed Vigil over Injured Daughter

Diamond Wedding – Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

Golden Wedding – Mr and Mrs Hinchcliffe (picture)

Degrees for Husband and Wife (picture)

Wedding – Colclough & Fenlon (picture)

Wedding – Garner & Adcock (picture)

Wedding – Hopkins & Boulton (picture)

Wedding – Kerrigan & Robbins (picture)

Wedding – Moody & Terron – Spanish Husband For Conisbro’ Girl – (picture)

Wedding – Revill & Bransby (picture)

Wedding – Shephard & Reeder (picture)

Wedding – Turner & Siddall (picture)

A Week in the News Room (picture)

International Swimming Honours For Conisbro’ Girl (picture)

Pupils at the “South Yorkshire Times” (picture)

Royal Humane Society Awards for Pupils (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Merryweather & Corbett – Auctioneers, Valuers, Land & Estate Agents, Rating Surveyors

Cadeby Presentation

Pit Official is Zambia Bound (picture)

Stephenson’s Loco (picture)


Ancient Order of Foresters Children’s Party

Conisbrough and Denaby Darby and Joan Club (picture)

Conisbrough and Denaby Darby and Joan Club (picture)

Conisbrough Castle Motor Club Presentations (picture)

Conisbrough Castle Motor Club’s Dinner

First Classic in Colour (picture)

‘Flu Builds Up Queues


Denaby Utd – Denaby 0, Farsley Celtic 0 -Talent was in the Deep Freeze

Paddy’s Predicament over John William Barker

Denaby Utd – Great Harwood 3, Denaby United 2 – Unlucky Denaby Fritter Away England Chances

Scotsman Joyce Gets His ‘Revenge’ In The Ring!

Yorkshire League Table – January 31st, 1970


First in 25 Years

Great Woman

Tess Still Thrives At Seven Years Old (picture)

‘The Lord Has Brought Me Home’

Wedding – Hailes & Tillman (picture)

Wedding – Johnson & Sharples

Wedding – Leonard & Baden (picture)

Weddng – Huck & Bailey (picture)

Conisbrough and Denaby Youth Clubs’ Dance (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Merryweather & Corbett – Properties for Sale

National Federation of Retail Newsagents – Dinner Guests

Cadeby Colliery Retirement (picture)

Chairman’s Dinner Visit :  No Party Row at Conisbro’

Conisbrough Appreciation

Conisbrough Citizens’ Association’s St. Valentine’s dance

Conisbrough Civic Reception (picture)

Dearne Guests at Conisbro’ (picture)

Denaby and Conisbrough Citizens’ Association St. Valentine’s Dance

Industry Can Be Attracted To Combat Mining Run Down


Denaby and Cadeby Bowls Team Award

Their ‘Glen’ Was the Ivanhoe Club

Top Artist – Eric Scott (picture)

Conisbrough Nortcliffe School Retirement (picture)

Denaby’s New Look To Cost £1 Million

Old Denaby & Rossington Street School Football Teams

Rossington Street School & Trip to Wembley Exhibition (pictures)

Their Ain Place


Yet another Win For Joyce

Denaby Utd – Denaby 7, Swallownest M.W. 1 – Let This be a Warning

Denaby Utd – Rawmarsh Welfare 2, Denaby 0 – White makes Picture Goal

Denaby Utd 0, Wombwell S.A.1 – Opportunist Wombwell

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4  Thurcroft Welfare  2 – Didn’t Have All Their Own Way

Rotherham United Youth v Manchester United Youth


Double Festivities – 21st & Engagement (picture)

Silver Wedding – Mr & Mrs Depew

Basking In The Caribbean Sun (picture)

Freedom Honour Bestowed On Conisbro’ Accountant (picture)

Royal Humane Society Awards (picture)

They Reach Their `Silver’ in the States

Wedding – Jarvis & Harris (picture)

Wedding – Peters & Laycock (picture)

Wedding – Smith & Ward

Wedding – Sproston & Enfield (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Dunstan Goff & Co (advert)

Merryweather & Corbett (advert)

Cadeby Colliery Officials’ Dinner

Denaby Main Colliery Tip (picture)

Rail Crash at Conisbrough

Rate Reduction For Conisbro’

Red House Visit (picture)


Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Dinner

W.M.C. and Institute Long Service Certificates

Denaby St. Alban’s School – “Come Follow Me,” (picture)

Secretary of State Visit to Northcliffe (picture)

The 500 Pupil School With 1,000 Scholars


Denaby Utd – Heeley Amateurs: 2   Denaby 2 – Watch Those Bottom Clubs, Denaby!

Conisbro’ Knock Up A Century…. They Think!

Denaby Utd – Thackley 1, Denaby 3 – Thoroughbred Win

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 1, Denaby 3 – Yorkshire League Cup


Back In Conisbrough after Escape From War-Torn Cambodia

Finale In Italy (picture)