1885 Quarter 3

Conisbrough Assault on the Police

Conisborough Castle – Ecroyd Smith

Conisbrough Feast and its Visitors

Defrauding the Railway Company

Denaby Main Drunkenness

Dispute – July 3rd – New Terms offered by Men

Dispute – July 10th – Arrival of more Staffordshire Men

Dispute – July 10th – Commencement of Disturbances

Dispute – July 17th – Battle of Denaby Main – Desperate Fight – Revolver Shots

Dispute – July 17th – Retreat of the Staffordshire Men

Dispute – July 17th – Gathering of Denaby Main and Staffordshire Miners

Dispute – July 17th – More New Hands – Men Return to Work

Dispute – July 17th – The Disturbances At Denaby Main.

Dispute – July 17th – Rake & Pan system

Dispute – July 17th – Support for Grievances – House of Lord’s Condemnation

Dispute – July 24th – The Riotous Proceedings at Denaby Main

Dispute – July 24th – The Recent Riot at Denaby Main

Dispute – July 24th – Return to Work – History of the Lock Out

Dispute – July 31st – Pit slowly returning to Normal

Dispute – July 31st – The Great Distress of the Evicted Miners at Denaby

A Loving Couple

Alleged Attempted Murder at Sprotborough

Alleged Discovery of Dynamite at Denaby Main

Conisborough Flower Show


Horses Straying on the Highway

Staffordshire Man in Trouble at Denaby

Unprovoked and Cowardly Assault

Dispute – August 7 – Arrival Of Staffordshire Men

Dispute – August 14 – Meeting of the Denaby Main Miners – Mr Pickard on the situation

Dispute – August 14 – Mr Chappell Intervenes

Dispute – August 14 – Riots at Denaby Main

Dispute – August 28 – Mr Chappell and the Denaby Miners

Dispute – August 28 – Work at Another Colliery

Damaging Growing Grass

Denaby Main Sunday School Anniversary

Drunkenness – A Stranger Taken in – Drunk on the Highway

Game Trespass – 24 Previous Convictions

Strangers in Doncaster – “Knob sticks” in Trouble

Knocked Insensible Collecting Mushrooms – A Serious Mistake

Quarrels of Denaby Miners – Arguments with Strangers

Two Imposters get Hard Labour

Dispute – Mr Chappell and the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Miners Association

Dispute – Mr Pickard on the Situation – Miners Meeting at Mexborough