1897 Quarter 4

Saturday Night Row at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Sad Fatality at Denaby Main

The Prosecution of Denaby Main Miners

Denaby Explosive Works – Company to be Voluntarily Wound Up

Parish Council – Spring, Railway Bridge, Alottments, Fire Brigade


Roman Catholic Church Foundation Stone Laid by Bishop

The New Vicar of Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

A Dangerous Dog

Action for Detained Goods

Thrown From Horse – Alleged Fatal Result of a Lark

Thrown From a Horse at Denaby Main

Traction Engine Danger

Woman Commits Suicide at Conisborough

House Robbery at Conisborough

Theft From A Miner.

Curious Case From Cadeby – Fighting Underground


Burning Fatality at Denaby

Concert at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Negligent “Corporal” At Denaby.


Conisborough School Board.

Crime and Courts

Cases of Drunkenness.

The Firework Nuisance

Conisborough Assault Case


Conisborough Cricket Club’s Annual Dinner

Denaby Parish Church 6 Newhill 2 – One Sided Game

Rotherham Church Inst 5 Denaby Parish Church 2 – Player’s Leg Broken.

Industry and Commerce

The Butchers Christmas Show – Christmas beef

Stoppage – Reply to “Trade Union Tyranny” -Mr. Holmes

Stoppage – Task Accomplished In Record Time – Remarkable Engineering Feat

Stoppage – Breakage of Winding Rope Shaft at Denaby Main

Stoppage – Incident at Denaby Colliery – W.H. Chambers

Conisborough Parish Council – Water Supply – Footpaths – Urban Powers.


Induction of The New Vicar Of Conisboro’ By The Archbishop Of York.

Organ Opening at Conisborough Wesleyan Chapel

Proposed New Church – Donations from Archbishop

Tithe Rent Charges in The Conisborough District – Sale in  London

Crime and Courts

Conisbro’ Butcher and His “Domestic Life.”

Inquest on Female Infant At Conisborough

Traction Engine Difficulties at Conisborough

Violent Prisoner