1907 Quarter 3

 A Denaby Man’s Revenge.

Refusal To Quit The Denaby Main Hotel.


Shooting Accident

Conisborough Notes – British Columbia – Viaduct Bridge

Industry and Commerce

Colliery Mystery at Denaby – Lads Untimely Death

Breach of Colliery Rules

New South Yorkshire Railways – Features of The Dearne Valley Line.

Conisborough Parish Council – Smoking Forbidden -Bad Footpaths – Ratepayers Association.

Smoking at Meetings


Conisborough Education Subcommittee – The New School Site.

Crime and Courts

Breach of Colliery Rules

Conisbrough Piano Dispute.

Gambling with Coins at Conisbrough

Pay His Debts – What the  Policeman Saw – A Substantial Penalty.

Public Nuisance at Conisbrough

Sad Story from Conisborough “I Shall Jump Off The Viaduct.”

Violent Conisbrough Miner.


Conisborough Show  And Sports – Rain Ruined Fixture.

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 94  South Kirkby 163 – South Kirkby’s brilliant win.

Denaby & Cadeby –  Mitchell Main 172 for 9 Denaby 124 for 6

Denaby & Cadeby – Stairfoot 109 for 3 Denby 93 – Denaby Despondent

District Cricket Jottings.

Rifle Club – Very Good Shooting

Denaby United’s Good Capture.


Army Manoeuvres at Denaby

Wedding – Coy & Wraithmell

Industry and Commerce

Accidents to Young Persons at the Colliery

Breach of Colliery Rules

Denaby Presentation to Capt Pope

Minor Accidents at the Collieries

 Presentation at Denaby to Mr Wallace

Conisborough Parish Council


Denaby St John Ambulance Brigade – In Camp at Blackpool.

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Collarless Dog.

Abusive Language at Denaby.

Cyclists Take Note! Conisborough Youths Give No Warning.

Denaby Man’s Runaway Lodger Caught

Gaming with coins at Conisborough.

Handball Nuisance at Conisborough.

More Damage from Conisborough.

No Money. – No Beer – Denaby Man’s Silly Act.

Theft of Newspapers at Conisborough

Struggle in a Train – Denaby Girls Plight.


New Pavilion for Rifle Club – An Interesting Ceremony

New Pavilion for Rifle Club – Pictures of the Day

Denaby Utd – Football Season – Change but not Decay (picture)

Brutal Wife Assault at Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

15 Year Old Pony-driver Run over by Tubs at Denaby Main

Man´s Sad Death. Killed By Over-Loaded Wagon. Safety Suggested.

Denaby Pit Lad’s Death (picture)

Mining Fines

Crime and Courts

Illegal Pawning At Denaby –  An Interesting Case.


Denaby Main Rifle Club – Annual Shooting Competition

Denaby Utd – Leicester Res 1 Denaby 3

Denaby’s New Captures

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Wednesday Res 0 – Good Start & Stand (picture)

Denaby Utd – Worksop 2 Denaby 2 – Denaby better Team

Denaby Utd – Walter Bennett Goes To Denaby

Dnaby Utd – Sheffield United Res 4 Denaby 0 – Denaby’s Poor Form

Denaby Utd – Denaby 6 Lincoln City Res 2 – Five Goals in Second Half

Midland League Table

Denaby Utd – Midland League – Results


District Cricket Jottings.