1916 Quarter 1

A Wayward Daughter – Girl Threatens Her Mother in Court

Cadeby Miners System of Fines For Slackers

Conisborough Motor Ambulance

Don Valley’s Ancient Military Glory

Miner and Drink – Conisborough Man Sent to Prison

Urban Powers – Postponed

Crime and Courts

Conisbrough Miners and the Rabbits


Soldier – Cheetham J.H. – Denaby Seaman Invalided

Soldier – Collins, Edward – Severely Wounded

Soldier – Fowler, Douglas – A Conisbrough Commission (picture)

Soldier – Glynn, George – Gassed in France (picture)

Soldier – Hill, Tom – A Happy Band from Conisbrough

Soldier – Hulse, John – Frost bitten feet (picture)

Soldier – Jones Cpl. – Brave Conisbrough soldier wounded (picture)

Soldier – Lawrence R. – Killed in Action

Soldier – Mason – Royal Message to Denaby Man

Soldier – Needham, Joseph – Conisbrough Soldier’s Death

Soldier – Parr, E.H. – Denaby Lad Wounded

Soldier – Smith A. – With the R.A.M.C.

Soldiers of the King (picture)

Soldier – Swipes, C. – Denaby Man Wounded

Soldier – Timmins, Albert Edward – Missing Denaby Man


Soldier – Bransby, J. – Killed in Action

Soldier – Buck M. – Denaby Man killed

Soldier – Bell, Herbert – A Conisbrough ‘Watch Dog’

Soldier – Burns – Denaby’s Fighting Family

Conisborough Woman’s Pathetic End

Denaby Women Assault Bailiff

Globe Palace

Lecture at Denaby – Prof Greenwood on Post War Relations

Parish Council Meeting

Serious Accident – Cadeby Pit Top – Foot was Severed

Soldiers Entertained


Soldier – Hinton, Jonas – Died of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Revill H. – Conisbrough Soldier Killed (picture)

Soldier – Burns, William – Wounded near Ypres

Soldier – Squires C. – Denaby Man Wounded (picture)

Soldier – Stocks – Denaby Mother and her fighting Sons (pictures)

Floods near Pastures (picture)

Lecture at Denaby on Post-War Relations

Woman imprisoned for theft – “They can’t hang me for it.”


Soldier – Barker, George – Conisbrough Soldier Wounded

Soldier – Faulkner, Wm – Father of 6 Children Killed (picture)

Soldier – Henshaw J. – Old Campaigner Wounded (picture)

Soldier – Jubb, Thomas – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – O’Neill, Patrick – Wounded and in hospital in France (picture)

Soldier – Wagstaff – Denaby Family’s fine Record

Soldier – Wagstaffe T.H. – Killed in Action (picture)


Soldier – Wilson R. – Denaby Man Blinded (picture)

Soldier – Buck M. – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Walker, Tommy – Miner’s Lodger Dies

Soldier – Wall, Henry – Killed in Action (picture)