1963 Quarter 3

07 – July

Conisbro’ Drilling Makes ‘Oil Strike’

Conisbrough Junior Schools Swimming Gala

Conisbrough Needs More Shops

Conisbrough’s longest serving Licensee

Dangerous Junction at Denaby Main

Denaby & Cadeby C.C. – Denaby at the Top

Denaby doesn’t want Another Tip

Denaby News Agents’ President Honoured

Entertaining Display By Conisborough Youngsters

Major Road Designation Rejected

Mr Conisbrough at the Eagle and Child

Northcliffe Girls Prizewinners

Retirement of Milton Fowler

Rose Queen of Conisbrough Parish Church


Workman Injured in Fall

08 – August

A Wonderful Extra for Parade Guests.

Boy Pea Pickers hurt at Denaby

Conisbrough Man buys a Canal

Denaby and Conisbrough People visit the States

Denaby & Cadeby clinch South Riding League title

Denaby Co operative Society Changes

Denaby Comrades Club – Angling Prize Night

Denaby United 1 Belper 1 – Promising First Match at Tickhill Square.

Denaby United – Fixtures for 1963 /1964

Denaby United – Team Photograph

Diamond Wedding – Mr & Mrs Pikett

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in Iceland

Ivanhoe Club Trip to Mablethorpe

No witnesses to drowning in canal – ‘Open Verdict’ on Denaby Boy

Plenty of Trophies at Denaby Main Fishing Tea

Rose Queen of Conisbrough Parish Church

Talisman Innovation – Fishing Holiday in Ireland

Was making a Sentimental Journey to Conisbrough

Weddings – Denaby

When “Nobby” Guest drove his Donkey Cart in Denaby.


Posters did the Job All Right this Time – Benefit Concert

Wedding – Gray & Ridge (picture)

Wedding – Bates & Wriggles

Wedding – Fitzwilliam & McGrath

Wedding – Wigley & Campbell (picture)

Wedding – Wilcock & Kent

Wedding – Palmer & Lowe (picture)

Wedding – Buckley & Knaggs (picture)

Wedding – Gleadall & Bywater (picture)

Wedding – Kirkby & Thorp (picture)

Wedding – Mathieson & Wake (picture)

Wedding – Saville & Shacklock (picture)

Wedding – Wood & O’Rourke (picture)


Denaby Main Hotel Fishing Presentation (picture)

“Times” Walk

Conisbrough Child ran into Roadway.

Conisbrough Girl not yet Traced

Conisbrough High Cramped for Space

Denaby I.C.I. Girls as Chocolate Workers

Denaby Main Co op – Presentation to Mr Healey

Denaby Swimming Club Gala

Denaby United

Girls Aid for Hunger Campaign

It’s Old Age Pensioners With Cine Cameras They´re After At Conisbrough.

New School begins to take Shape at Conisbrough.

Presentations at Conisbrough – Queen’s Guides

Road Widening at Castle Hill – Want to Maintain Village Character.

S.J.A.B. Club – 21st Birthday

Sep 14 – Denaby 1 Stamford 0 – “Stats” and Wild reach the heights in first win

Sep 21 – Denaby 0 Worksop 5 – Nightmares for Denaby.

Sep 28 – Arnold Town 3 Denaby – Weakened in Second Half

Sep 28 – Gary Roebuck

Sep 28 – League Table

Sep 7 – Belper 1 Denaby 1 ; Denaby 1 Worksop 7 – Denaby are not Written off yet.

Sep 7 – Denaby 2 Bourne 3 – “Gift” Goals for Bourne.

Weddings – Conisbrough

Weddings – Denaby