1891 Quarter 3


Infant Death from Asphyxia

Scene with a Traction Engine – Boy Killed.

Serious Accident to a Boy

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Youth Suffocated at the Orgrave colliery.

Fatal Termination to Colliery Accident

Breach of Colliery Special Rule 4 – Peggy Marks

Breach of Colliery Special Rule 4  – Throwing a Beesom

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Denaby.


Hospital Demonstration

Hospital Sunday at Conisbrough – Successful Gathering

Crime and Courts

A Miner and His Debts – Censure by the Judge.

Alleged Breach Of The Licensing Act -. Hard Swearing.

Claim for Damages at Conisborough – Injunction Granted.

Assaulting a Cyclist at Conisborough


Drowned While Bathing At Denaby.

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main

Fatal Result of Stopping to Drink at Conisborough

Fatality to a Married Woman at Conisborough.

Remarkable Occurrence at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire Collieries and The Hull Coal Trade – August 14, 1891


A Wesleyan Chapel For Denaby Main.

Primitive Methodist Minister – Rev. John Gair

Crime and Courts

Negligent Driving At Mexborough.

Serious Charge Against a Conisborough Gentleman.

Serious Charge against a Gentleman at Driffield.

Serious Charge against a Travelling Photographer – Rape on a Conisborough Girl.

Walking Without Legs at Conisbro’

Buying a Prisoner’s Confession.

Assault At Denaby.


Desperate Prize Fight at Denaby Main – 63 Rounds Fought.


Alarming Bus Accident

The Result of Playing Truant from Sunday School.

Industry and Commerce

Colliery Offences at Denaby

Colliery Offences

The South Yorkshire Coalfield.

The Home Rule Question at Conisbro’ – An Appeal to the Highway Board


Denaby Main Church Sunday School Festival.

Crime and Courts

Refusing to Quit at Denaby Main

Alleged Thefts by Boys.

Stealing a Motty at Denaby Main Colliery