1915 Quarter 2

Breach of the Mines Act – Serious Cadeby Offence

Conisborough Man’s Death – Run Down By a Taxi

Charge against a soldier – Case dismissed

Colliery Presentation at Denaby

Conisborough Man in Trouble

Conisborough Notes – First Peal – Footpath – Druids- Mornington Wing – Recruiting

Conisborough Parish Council – Discussion on the Northcliffe Footpath

Death of a Conisborough sportsman

Denaby Child Drowned

Denaby Mans Affairs – Petition with Official Receiver

Denaby Publican Fined – Expelling Wounded Soldier Undue Violence Alleged

Spitting in the Police Court


Soldiers – Lawrence Family – More Denaby Patriots

Sailor – Mason, John – Denaby Marine in Captivity

Soldier – Otley, Pvte Wm – Amputation after Frostbite

Soldier – Ridge, John William – Killed in Action

Soldier – Beaumont, A. – A Denaby Gunner

Soldier – Faulkner Pvte W. – Denaby fighters at the Front

Soldier – Gedney, James – Denaby Fighters at the Front

Sailor – Jones, William Robert – Denaby Fighters at the Front

Soldier – Kilalee, Pvte Matthew – Snapshot from the Front

Soldiers – Potts – A Patriotic Denaby Family

Soldier – Turnbull, Joseph – D.C.M. for Conisbro’ Engineer

Soldier – Williamson, Herbert – Territorials at the Front

Damage to Windows at Conisbrough

Conisborough Man’s Excuses – Strong Comments by the Judge

Conisborough Notes – Burcroft Widening, Comedy Grant, Horse & Dray Accident

Denaby Child’s Death

Denaby Notes – United 7 – 0 win, St John’s at Church, Sunday School Concert

Extraordinary Scenes – Furniture Wrecked

Montagu Cup Final – Denaby United Victorious after Two Replays

Nameless Heroes (poem)

Red Cross Society – Concert at Conisborough

Denaby & Cadeby – South Kirkby 86 for 6 Denaby 82 – Only seven for Denaby


Soldier – Cheetham, Jack – Denaby Marine (picture)

Soldier – Cliff W & R – Denaby Lads – Denaby Marine killed (pictures)

Soldier – Cocksedge, Private J. K.O.Y.L.I. – Died in Hospital

Soldier – Cutts, Gunner – Lucky Denaby Soldier (picture)

Soldier – Davies, Pvte E. Territorials – From the Trenches (picture)

Soldier – Dawson, A. – Conisbrough Soldier in the Trenches (picture)

Soldier – Horseman – Four Soldier Sons (pictures)

Soldier – Jarvis, Arthur – Conisbrough Soldier in Ypres (picture)

Soldier – Kerr, John – Wounded (picture)

Soldier – Mattock, George F. – Missing Denaby Soldier (picture)

Soldier – Needham J. – Bursting Shell (picture)

Soldier – Smith N.A. – Headmaster’s Son killed (picture)

Soldier – Wood, Fred – Hell upon Earth (picture)


Soldier – Taylor, G – Denaby Man Wounded (picture)

Soldier – Butler, John – K.O.Y.L.I. (picture)

Soldier – Stones, Louis and Lionel – R.A.M.C. (pictures)

Soldier – Sturgess, Fred – A Denaby “Terrier” (picture)

Denaby Buglers Contempt for the Germans – Beaten to the World

Child’s Narrow Escape from Drowning

Conisobrough Man Missing – Feared Drowned

Damage at Denaby – Pit Boys Fined – Impudent Father

Denaby Sensation – Child’s Body found in Ash Pit

Denaby Tragedy – Hemsworth Painter Drowned

Denaby Woman drowned at Mexborough

Divorce for Denaby Main Woman – Husband’s Love for an American

Fete at Conisbrough – In Aid of the Relief Fund

Operetta at Denaby – A bright performance

Try Midget Marble Flour

Denaby & Cadeby – Hickleton 238 Denaby 234 for 9 – Century by Wednesday Footballer


Sailor – Bradley H. – Wounded in the Dardenalles (picture)

Sailor – Loveridge A.W. – Wounded in Dardanelles (picture)

Soldier – Bashforth, A. – Conisbrough Soldier Wounded (picture)

Soldier – Bridges, S.F. – Wounded and Blown Up (picture)

Soldier – Dawson, Aaron – Conisbrough Soldier Killed (picture)

Soldier – Kerr, John – Military Funeral at Conisbrough

Soldier – Lawley J. – P.O.W. (picture)

Soldier – Lawrence, Benjamin – Son who was given up

Soldier – Snipe J. – Denaby Footballer Wounded (picture)

Soldiers and Sailor – Bagshaws, Jesse, Alec and Walter (pictures)


Soldier – Ackroyd, Harold – Denaby Man’s leg broken