1918 Quarter 4


Denaby Burning Accident

Industry and Commerce

Offences in the Mine.

Crime and Courts

A Bow at a Venture – Denaby Man’s Unpleasant Experiences

Alleged Fraud – Denaby Soldier’s Wife Charged


Soldier – Dudhill A.E.– Severely Wounded

Soldier – Cunningham A – Wounded for Third Time at Cambrai (picture)

Sailor – Tomlinson, Herbert – Prisoner in Germany

Soldier – Biggs W.– Wounded in Arm

Soldier – Mitchell W.– Severely Gassed

Soldier – Walton W.– Severe Shrapnel Wounds (picture)

Soldiers – Wounded and Missing – Alpine, Lee, Swinyard

Soldier – Beaumont, George – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Boldan, John – Died of Wounds (picture)

Sailor – Cliffe, William – Died in Heavy Shelling

Soldier – Cunnington, W.J. – 19 Year old Stretcher Bearer Machine Gunned (picture)

Soldier – Parry, Alfred – Died of Pneumonia

Soldier – Potts, Ephraim – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier –Shacklock, Harold – Killed by Bursting of Shell

Soldier – Siddon, Samuel – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Wainwright, Gilbert – Killed in Action

Sailor – Ward A.E., – Killed in Action (picture)

Soldier – Worth G.T. – Military Medalist killed in Action

Soldier – Thompson, Ben – Denaby Hero

Edwards, George – Succumbed to Pnuemonia

Crime and Courts

Child’s Hard Lot – Pitiful Appeal To Bench Not To Be Sent Home – Parents’ Brutality.


Sailor – Swinyard, Frank M. – In Hospital

Soldier – Guest G.– Wounded

Soldier – Lee, Sam – Wounded a Second Time

Soldier – Bell, Alfred – Died from Chest and Shoulder Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Hartley H. – Killed in Action

Soldier – Knight, Clifford – School Master killed in Action

Soldier – Lidster, Walter – Died of Wounds in France

Soldier – Purdy, John, Joseph – Killed in Action

Soldier – Sewell, Thomas – Died on Last Day of War (picture)

Soldier – Chadwick, James – Wounded and Died (picture)

Soldier – Edwards, George Warren – Succumbed to Pneumonia

Armageddon Ended – End of the Great War

Denaby Heroes. Splendid War Record.

Soldier – Hill, Charles – Presentation to Military Medalist

Honouring Conisbrough Heroes – Presentation to Gallant Sergeant R.A.Jarvis

Presentations at Denaby – Gratitude to Men who have Won the War

Soldier – Clamp, Thomas – Military Medal

Soldiers – Denaby Main Heroes


Denaby Burning Fatality

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Deputy’s Death – Killed whilst helping the men

Denaby Pit Tragedy


Battle Honours – Local Decorations in Great War – A Remarkable List of 250 Heroes

Victory Year – The Stirring Events of 1918 – Final Year of the War

Victory Year – The Stirring Events of 1918 – South Yorkshire’s Part

Crime and Courts

Above The Price – Conisbro’ Beer Retailer Smartly Fined.

Gamblers Plunge Into The River.


Soldier – Jones.W.– In hospital in India (picture)

Soldier – Townsley G.W.– Wounded

Soldier – Laycock F. – Died of Wounds

Soldier – Lewis J.H. – Died in Hospital (picture)

Sailor – Stacey H. – Died of Wounds (picture)

Soldier – Vaughan T.E. – Died of Wounds

Heroes – A List of the Men who won Distinctive Honours

Soldier – Smith H. – Hun Hating

Soldier – Bowen, Joseph – Old Contempables

Soldier – Tyas, Herbert – P.O.W. Returns

Soldier – Wren, Luther – P.O.W. Returns

Soldier – White, John – Mons to Mesopotania

Soldier – Raynor, Albert – Died of Pneumonia