1929 Quarter 4


Wedding – Burton – Ogilwy – Arch of Axes – Firemen at Wedding of Colleague.

Wedding – Foster & Bates – Much Married (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries – Annual Report

A Conisboro’ Playground.- Effect on Sunday Schools: Council Action Awaited.

Children’s Playground – “Unclimbable” Fence.

Conisborough’s Plight – Two Alternatives to Rate Increase of 9d. In £.


Denaby Parish Church Debt

Commander’s Farewell – Praise of K.0.Y.L.I. Men

Conisborough Old Folk’s Tea.

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Inquest.

Dole Fraud – Denaby Man’s False Statements – Unprofitable Lodgers

Conisborough Poaching Fine

Intoxicants “On Strap.” – Conisborough Licensee Summoned.

“Not British” – Police Action Criticised By Solicitor – Beer On Credit.

Orchard Raiders at Conisboro’

Conisborough Man’s Suicide on Allotment.

Miner’s Wages and Pension – Recorder Puzzled by a Distinction.


Denaby Contests. – Primo Carnera watches Football

Denaby Utd – Wath Athletic 1, Denaby United 3 – Wath’s Bad Luck In Tussle With Denaby.

Denaby Bowls Experts.

Denaby Utd – Loughborough 2 Denaby 0 – Goalkeeper’s Fine Work.

Denaby United 2  Scarborough 0

Midland League Results – October 14, 1929

Denaby Utd – Worksop 3 Denaby United 1 – Denaby Unlucky

Midland league – October 25, 1929

Midland League Results – October 28, 1929


50 Years Married – Conisbrough Couples Advice (picture)

A Clever Motor Signalling Device (picture)

Missing From Conisboro’.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Pit Fatality – Youth’s Death Caused by Breaking Rule.

Coalfields Distress Fund – 900 Applicants for £300 Grant to Conisborough.

Welfare Trustees’ Offer of Baths.


Smiles and Self-Help (picture)

Armistice Day – Solemn Ceremonies – Silence Amid Storm.

New Morley Place Headmaster

The Conisboro’ Ceremony (picture)

Crime and Courts

Children’s Food Alleged to Have Been Stolen by Conisborough Father.

“Fearful Record.” Conisboro’, Goldthorpe & Thurnscoe Poachers Heavily Fined.

Plasterer’s Compensation Claim.

Touchy About Their Characters

Domestic Troubles – Conisboro Man’s Strange Suicide Attempt

Found in the Don – Conisborough Haulage Hand’s Sad Death.

Shop Robbery – Sheffield and Denaby  Men Charged at Bakewell.

Policeman “Got Him” on Eight Occasions


How South Yorkshiremen Won The V.C. – Great War Deeds of Derring-Do.


Midland League Results – November 4, 1929

Denaby & Cadeby  Presentations.

Schools Soccer.

Midland League Results – November 11, 1929

Denaby Utd – Rotherham Utd Res 2 Denaby 3 – Sheffield Senior Cup.

A Contrast – Middle School Boys – Conisbrough Welfare

Denaby’s Gates.

Boxing at Denaby

Midland League Results – November 18, 1929

Burdened By Rates – Complaints at Meeting of the Denaby Cricket Club.

Midland League Results – November 25, 1929

Midland League Table – November 29, 1929


A Mishap By The Way (picture)

Found Drowned – Elderly Denaby Miner Found in Bolton Floods

Conisboro’ Couple – Golden Wedding Anniversary (picture)

Mr W. B. Wells – Former Chairman of Conisboro’ U.C. (picture)

Gloops Concert Party – Happy Gathering of 1,200 at Denaby.

Looking For Santa Claus.

Industry and Commerce

Family Insurance – Denaby Claim Paid

Fatal Accident at Yorkshire Main – Conisborough Man’s Escape.

Denaby Main Fund.

Royal Rockingham – History of Yorkshire’s Only Porcelain Pottery

Trade Review – Don and Dearne Valleys.

Crime and Courts


Unprovoked Assault.


Boxing at Denaby

From Denaby to the Wolves

Midland League Results – December 2, 1929

Midland League Results – December 9th, 1929

Midland League Results – December 16th, 1929

Hard Hitting At Denaby.

Midland League Results – December 23rd 1929

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Athletic 1, Denaby United 2. – Deserved Winners

Midland League Results – December 30th 1929