1958 Quarter 3


Unusual Foster-Father for “Rufus” the Kitten

Wedding – Danford & Stubley

Wedding – Saville & Nuttall (picture)

Conisbrough Boy (3) “Taken For a Ride” (picture)

Missing Conisbrough Boys Found at Cleethorpes (Pictures)

Industry and Commerce

Redundancy at Denaby Main Colliery – Notices For 54

Conisbrough Sickle Works Change Hands


Conisbrough Baptist Church (picture)

In Albert Hall Choir – Conishrough and Swinton Voices

Conisbrough Lord Conyers Darts Team (picture)

Drinking by the Yard at Conisbrough

Women’s Section of the British Legion (picture)

Boat Came By Road ! To Rescue Stranded Conisbrough Family

Conisbrough and Denaby Schools Arts and Crafts Exhibition (picture)

Conisbrough and Denaby Schools Arts and Crafts Exhibition (picture)

Conisbrough Northcliffe Girls’ Modern School Arts and Crafts (picture)

Conisbrough Northcliffe Girls’ Modern School Swimming Gala (picture)

Ferryboat goes Loose (picture)

Headmaster of Denaby St Albans Catholic School (picture)

Lakeland in South Yorkshire – Acres of Land Engulfed – Cattle Marooned

Trip To China For Denaby Teacher


Denaby Supporters Have Had Record Turnover

Denaby United Training (picture)

Conisbrough Ladies Darts Team Presentation (picture)

Conisbrough Red Lion Hotel Angling Shield (picture)

Denaby Miners Welfare Sports – Spectators (picture)

Denaby Miners’ Welfare Sports – Junior Girl’s Relay

Denaby Miners Welfare Sports – Prizewinner (picture)

Lord Conyers Dart’s Team Montagu Cup Winners (picture)


14 Men Save Cow From River Don at Conisbrough

Irishman Found Dead in Allotment Hut

Conisbrough Diamond Wedding Couple – Mr and Mrs Urch (picture)

Empress “Dream Girl” Contest

Evidence at Inquest on Denaby Man – Drinking Till 4 A.M.

Nursing Success (picture)

Pilgrimage To Caen For Conisbrough Mother and Daughter

Wedding – Bennett & Smethurst (picture)

Wedding – Clarkson & Gudor(picture)

Wedding – Moore & Crookes (picture)

Wedding – O’Connell & Berry (picture)

Wedding – Theobald & De’ath (picture)

Wedding – Walker & Atkinson

Eleven Year-Olds Do a Good Turn At Conisbro’ (picture)

Industry and Commerce

N.C.B. Scheme to Cope with Redundancy at Cadeby Main

Part of Gas Survey – Those Holes in the Roads at Conishrough


Conisbrough Over Sixties’ Club (picture)

Found “Needle in a haystack” at Conisbrough

Memorial Gift Has been Chosen at Denaby

Sixtysix Panes Broken By Hooligans at Conisbrough

Denaby S.J.A.B. Cadets (picture)

Bouquet for Mrs Bhatia

Denaby Miners Welfare Angling Club

Denaby Miners’ Welfare Angling Competition Winnere (picture)

Eagle and Child Fancy Dress (pictures)

Fox Inn – “Beer by the Yard”

Crime and Courts

Denaby Woman’s Violent Language

“Suicide” verdict On man Found Dead in Shed at Denaby

Appointed To Prevent Theft – Conisbrough Man Himself Stole

Pigeon Cotes Raided At Conisbrough


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 106 Elsecar 75 – Denaby win in extra five overs

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 165 for 7  Mexborough 54 – Convincing Victory

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 59   Cortonwood  36 – Bowlers’ Day at Denaby

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 82 Steel, Peech and Tozer 86 for 7

Denaby United F.C.– Practice Team Photo (2)

Denaby United F.C.– Practice Team Photo (1)

Conisbrough Ivanhoe Cyclists – 600 Miles Tour on continent

Conisbrough U.D.C. Schools Gala

Denaby Utd. Signings

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Stockton 2 – New Signings Impressive In Denaby Opener


Conisbrough Councillor’s Son Killed in Crash

Thurnscoe and Conisbrough Fire Calls

Diamond Wedding – Mr and Mrs Urch (picture)

The Late Mr. I. L. Moseley Of Denaby (picture)

Boy Finds Denaby Homing Pigeon Dead In Holland

Wedding – Bale & Kelly (picture)

Wedding – Cowles & Williams (picture)

Wedding – Davies & Cawthorne (picture)

Wedding – Day & Wright (picture)

Wedding – Hawcroft & Tingle (picture)

Wedding – Hinter & Richardson (picture)

Wedding – Lumb & Welch (picture)

Wedding – McGann & Price (picture)

Wedding – Shaw & Snape (picture)

Wedding – Sitch & Fallon (picture)

Wedding – Smith & Bentham (picture)

Wedding – Stanger & Scott (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Get Your Hoover Now !

Retirement Gift for Conisbro’ Railman


Mormons Search In Conisbrough, Birdwell and Wombwell Districts

Conisbrough Mona Club Angling Section Prizewinner (picture)

Presentation of Certificates for Service (picture)

Reresby Arms Ladies Football Team

Properties for Sale

Men Walked, Women Ran in this Denaby Football Match

Crime and Courts

Man Remanded After Conisbro’ Shooting

Meter Theft at Conisbrough


Conisbrough Cricket Eleven

Conisbrough v Denaby at Mexborough Athletic Cricket Ground (picture)

Denaby Cricket Eleven

Yorkshire Council – Final Table

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Grantham 1 – ‘Back Heeler’ Led To First League Points