Great War

The Great War – Killed

Conisbrough War Memorial

Anson. W

Appleyard, George – Killed in France

Appleyard. H
Ashford. W
Atkinson M.G.
Atkinson M.G. – Conisbrough Corporal killed
Baker. G
Balmforth P.
Balmforth Percy – Killed at the Dardanelles
Barker H.
Barker, Harry – Killed whilst leading his Platoon
Bashforth Arthur
Bashforth, Arthur – Killed in Action
Beecham H.
Beecham H. – Missing – feard the Worst
Bell, Walter
Bell, Walter – Kilner Bros Worker killed in Action

Bemrose, Thomas – First Conisbrough Soldier killed

Bennet A.
Bennett, Alfred – 19 year old Fallen in Action
Betts. J.W
Bingham. G.W
Birch, William Charles
Birch Charles – Missing believed Drowned
Birch. W
Blades. J
Bleasby H.
Bleasby H. – Grenadier Guard dies.
Bowen. J.I
Breeze, William
Breeze, J. William – Died of Wounds
Brooke, J.E. – Killed in Action
Brown. E
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph – Killed in Action
Burton. H.G
Buttle. G
Buxton W.
Buxton, William – Shell striking Dugout – Give Mother My Love
Calladine. J.H
Cass. T
Chadwick. J
Chappell. J
Chipp. H
Cocksedge, George
Cocksedge, George – Killed in France

 Cocksedge, Private J. K.O.Y.L.I. – Died in Hospital

Cole, Fred – Died of Wounds in France
Collier. D
Coope. C
Cooper J.R. – Conisbrough – Killed
Corney. J
Coulson. W
Crabtree. W.H
Crookes. F
Cross. J
Cross. W
Curtis, Henry A.B.S. Killed in Gallipoli
Davy, Arthur – killed on Active Service in France

Dawson, Aaron – Conisbrough Soldier Killed (picture)

Day, William Thomas – Killed in Action
Dimaline. H
Drabble. W
Dungworth. H
Edwards. G.W
Elliott. W
Ellis, Joseph – 18 Year Old dies of Wounds
Ellmer. R
Falkingham. H
Faulkner. W
Fiddler. J.H
Firth. A
Fitton, Charles – Confirmed Killed in Action
Fitton, Thomas – Died in French Hospital
Foster. G.E

 Gamble, Harry – Killed in France

Garside. G.H
Gleadall D
Gleadall, Dennis – Died of Wounds
Glynn T.W.
Glynnn T.W. – Died of Wounds
Goodier. H.V
Goodrich H. – Conisbrough Volunteer’s Death
Goulding. F
Graves. J
Green. J
Griffin. M
Haggar. W
Hague. A
Hague. E
Hall, James
Hall, James – Killed by a piece of Shrapnel
Hall. P
Hanley. A
Hardacre R.
Hardacre R. – Hospital worker Died in France
Hardy. F
Harrop. G
Hartley E.
Hartley, Ernest – Died of Wounds
Hartley. E
Hartley. G.H
Hartley. H
Hinchcliffe. J
Hinchcliffe. L
Hinchcliffe. S
Hirst G.
Hirst, George – Succumbed to Wounds
Hobson, James
Hobson, James – Killed in Action in France
Hodgetts. W
Holden. A
Horner W.H.
Horner W.H. – Died of Wounds
Hornsby H.
Hornsby H. Pvte – Conisbrough Terrier Killed
Horsman. C
Horsman. W.A
Howson. A
Hunt. A
Hurton. A
Hutchinson. A
Hutchinson. J
Hutchinson. J.S
Jones. R. W .
Keeling G.
Keeling, George – Killed while leading an attack
Kerr J.R.
Kerr, John (1) – Wounded

Kerr, John – Military Funeral at Conisbrough

Kinsey. N
Knight C.
Knight, Clifford – School Master killed in Action
Lawrence. R
Leggett. G
Lewis J.H.
Lewis J.H. – Died in Hospital
Lewis W.E.
Lewis W.E. – H.M.S. Clan McNaughton
Lidster W.
Lidster, Walter – Died of Wounds in France
Lifsey. T
Logan. E
Martin J.
Martin, George – Down with Ship
Middleton. T
Needham Joseph
Needham, Joseph – Conisbrough Soldier’s Death
Needham, Joseph – In Memoriam
Newall J.W.
Newall J.W. – Killed by Shell Splinter
Nicholson. E.H
Nicholson. F.E
Nicholson. G.W
Page. W
Palmer. H
Park. G
Pearce. C
Pearce. J
Pearson. R
Peck P.
Peck, Pvte W. – Killed in France
Perry. S
Poole. T
Porter. E
Power. J.T
Purdy C.
Purdy, Charles – Died in Boulogne Hospital
Purdy. J.J
Revill H.
Revill H. – Conisbrough Soldier Killed
Riley. T
Robinson. A
Rowe. G.C
Rutter H.M.
Rutter H. – Killed in Action
Sampson E.
Sampson E. – Died from Wounds in Hospital
Sampson. G
Sargan Joseph
Sargan, Joseph – Killed in France
Scott. J
Sewell T.
Sewell, Thomas – Died on last Day of War
Shacklock. H
Shephard. A
Sleaford F
Sleaford, Frank – Conisbrough – Killed
Smith. A.E
Smith. G

Soldier – Smith N.A. – Headmaster’s Son killed (picture)

Smith. S.G
Spencer. F
Stacey H.
Stacey H. – Died of Wounds
Starr. H.J.E
Stenton O.
Stenton, Oliver – Semi-Officially Reported Killed
Sturgess. F
Taylor. R
Taylor R.
Taylor, Robert – Died of Wounds in France
Teale. A
Templeton. S
Thomas J.
Thomas J. – Cadeby Fireman killed in Action
Thornton. A
Wain. E
Wainwright. G
Wall. H
Watson, Sydney
Watson, Sydney – Muffled Peal from Parish Church
Weaver. P.W
Webster. J
White. R
Whittaker T
Whittaker, Thomas – Conisbrough – killed
Whittaker. W
Wilburn, Henry
Wilburn, Henry – Missing – now reported fallen
Wilson. A

Wood, Alex – Conisbrough Soldier killed

Woodward. F
Woodward J.
Woodward, Joseph – Died of Wounds in France
Worth. G.T
Wright. L
Wright. W.E
Yates. G


Denaby War Memorial

Ackroyd L.
Ackroyd, Lewis – Died of Wounds
Aird W.
Armstrong Noah – killed in Flanders
Ashworth, James – 19 Year Old Faher Killed in Action
G. Atkins
Ball S. – Stretcher Bearer killed in Action
Barker, Alfred – Killed in Action
Beaumont, George – Killed in Action
Beaumont, R – Denaby, Killed
Bell, Alfred – Dies from Chest and Shoulder Wounds
Blades, Charles – Killed in Action
Boldan, John – Died of Wounds
Bolt E.J. – Killed in Action
Bond C.D. – Died of Gas Poisoning
Bond C.W.
Bond, Charles
Booth Alfred C. – killed instantaneously by a German Shell
Booth G. – Acting Sergant Major Missing
Booth J. – Sapper killed
Boyland O.
Brammer V.
Bransby, J. – Killed in Action
Brett J. – Killed in France
Broom H – Died of Wounds
Buck M. – Denaby Man killed
W. Bullock
Burns W. – Died of Appendicitus
Burton H. – Died of Wounds
Butterfield, Charles – Killed in Action
W. Castle
Cassell, John Wm. – Killed in Action
Cliffe, William – Killed in Action in France
Cliffe, William – Died in Heavy Shelling

Cliff W & R – Denaby Lads – Denaby Marine killed (pictures)

Conlon, Patrick – Cyclist Company – killed in France
Connell, John – Killed in France
Cooke J. – Denaby Main Corporal Killed
J. Cooper
Cooper, Stephen – Killed by a German Shell
F. Cope
Corney J.T.
Coyne, Thomas – Died of Pneumonia in Italy
Cranidge, Harold – Died of Wounds
Cross, John – Missing after Action
Cross W. – Killed in Action in Mesopotamia
H. Crossland
Croxall J – Killed in Action
Cunningham, John – 19 Year old stretcher bearer Machine Gunned
Danks, Robt Lee – Military Funeral at Mexborough
Dawson, Fred – Shipwrecked by Submarine – Dies of Wounds
W. Death
F. Dews
Edwards G.W.
Edwards, George – Succumbed to Pnuemonia
Egan T. – Officially Reported Killed
Elliott, Frank – Demaby Sergeant killed
Faulkner, William – Father of 6 Children Killed
Finn, Thomas – Killed at Loos
Fisher Family – Son & Son in Law killed
Fisher Brothers – Killed and Shell Shock
C. Fletcher
J. Foster
A. Fowler
J.W. Fretwell
Gledhill, Owen Pvte – Killed in France
A. Glover
Goddard, C Lce-Corpl – Denaby Hero Killed
F. Golding
A. Gommerson
H. Goodier
F. Goodinson
T. Goodwin
W. Green
M. Griffin
F. Griffiths
W. Griffiths
Hackett J. – Father of Five Died of Wounds in France
Haigh H.
Haigh A. – Denaby Man Killed
Hardy F.
Hardy F. – Struck by Shell
G. Harwood
Hartley G.H.
Hartley Family
Hartley H. – Killed in Action
Haywood – Died of Wounds
J. Handley
Hendley T. – Military Funeral
J. Hill
Hinchcliffe J. – Denaby Footballer killed in Action
Hinton, Jonas – Died of Wounds
J.W. Hodgson
J. Hope
Hoyle C.C. – Killed while bandaging CSM’s wound
Howitt, F – Killed by a Bursting Shell
Hutley, John – Died from Pneumonia
Hutley, Sylvester – Killed in Action
H. Ibbertson
C. Jackson
Jones, Joseph – Killed in Action
Jones, F.W. – Denaby Teacher Killed
W.L. Jones
Jubb, Thomas – Killed in Action
F. Judge
A. Krammer
Lawrence R. – Killed in Action
Laycock F. – Died of Wounds
F. Leach
J. Lomax
A. Loveridge
McArthur, Malcolm – Died of Wounds in Germany
Magnall P. – Company Runner killed
Mallett T. – Died of Wounds received in Action
Mannion, John – Killed in Action
S. Martin
P. Maughan
H.T. Mawson
Nettleship A. – In Memoriam
Oates J.H.
Oates – War Sorrow – Denaby Family’s Affliction
J. O’Brien
W. Otley
Oxley, Herbert – Officially Reported Dead
Parr E.H. – Killed by a Shell
Parry A.
Parry, Alfred – Died of Pneumonia
Payling A. – Reported Missing now Reported Killed
Payling C. – Reported Missing
C. Payling
J.C. Peach
J. Peace
Peace – Three Denaby Brothers, One killed
Pears W.H. – Died of Heat
Potts, Ephraim – Killed in Action
Pownall G. – Killed digging dugout
Preston E.
J. Prew
E. Price
Price Frederick – Sherwood Forester Killed
Purdy, John, Joseph – Killed in Action
A. Rainer
Raynor, Albert – Died of Pneumonia
Read, E. – Died from Wounds
G.H. Reynolds

Ridge, John William – Killed in Action

Richards, G. – Death in Bondage
Riley T.
Robinson A. – Denaby Military Medalist
Robinson, A.H. – Denaby Coldstream killed
Roebuck H. – Denaby Man killed
Rooney, John – Killed in Action
H. Rotherby
Rushworth, Jonas – Killed in Action
P.O. Sales
Scott, Jeremiah – Died of Wounds in France
J. Scott
W. Scott
F. Shaw
F.J. Shore
J. Shutt
Siddon, Samuel – Killed in Action
Simpkins J.W. – Fighting Gallantly when he met his death
F. Skinner
Smith E.
Smith, Eric – Killed in Action
A. Smith
Smith S.G.
Smith, George – Died from Pneumonia
Smithiman J.H. – Died in Action
H. Soar
J. Straw
Sturgess A. – Denaby Soldier and his sons
A. Sudworth
Swaby J.H. – Denaby Sergeant killed
J. Swaby
W.H. Taylor
Thomas, Thomas – Killed in Action in France
Timmins, Albert Edward – Missing Denaby Man
F. Tipper
H. Travis

Turner A – Killed in Action (picture)

F. Turner
J. Turner
Vaughan T.E. – Died of Wounds
Vernon L. – Denaby Man killed
Wagstaff T.H. – Killed in Action
Wall Fred – Killed in Action
Wall J.
Ward A.E.
Ward A.E., – Killed in Action
Ward, Lawrence – Killed in Action
J. Webster
Westwood C – Missing believed killed
Wheeliker, Richard – Killed in action in France
G.E. White
H. Whitehead
W. Whitehead
Whitehouse, Pvte B – Killed by a Sniper
W. Whitehouse
A. Whitley
H. Whitfield
J.H. Wilcocks
T. Wild
Wilkinson R. – Cadeby Man killed
H.R. Wilson
W. Wilson
Winfield J. – Died in Mespotania of Pneumonia
Wood A. – Died of Gas Poisoning
Woodhouse H. – Royal Engineer killed
Worth, George – Killed in Action
Worth G.T. – Military Medalist killed in Action
Wren C.
Wren, Caleb – Killed in Action
Yates G.