1881 Black Sheep, Sliding Scales & Pony Drivers Strike


Shocking Accident on the Railway at Doncaster

W Rice Oxley Obtains Degree at Oxford


Water v Alcohol – Wesleyan Band of Hope

Census 1881 – High Street

Library and Reading Room by G.E. Swithenbank


Conisborough v Swinton Albion – Kicked a Goal to win the Match

Industry and Commerce

Dispute – Appeal for Support

Dispute – Letter from Buckingham Pope

Dispute – The 5% , Packing Pay and 3 Meetings

Dispute – The Railway’s Response

Dispute – Denaby Main Miners – The Men on Strike

Dispute – First – Meeting of the Men.

Dispute – Second Meeting of the Men

Dispute – Third Meeting of the Men

Dispute – The Crisis at Denaby – Chuck ’em into t’Cut !

Colliery Accidents – Henry Poxon and Maurice Dunn

Conisborough Farm Labourer Assaulted.

Conisborough Primitive Methodist Chapel Anniversary.

Denaby Main C.C. – Election of Officers

Horticultural and Cottage Gardeners Association.

Temperance Meeting.

The Storm

Dispute – Decision of the Council

Dispute – The Relief Fund – How Matters now Stand

Dispute – A ‘Scene’ at the Colliery

Dispute – Manager’s Desire to Settle Matters Reported

Dispute – Miners to Return to Work

Dispute – ‘Scene’ with Visitors

Industry and Commerce

The Fire Engine.

Crime and Courts

Collier sent to Prison for Neglect of Family.

Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale

Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale (2)

Assaulting a Miner and his Wife at Denaby.

Colliery Accident. – Cage Conductor Broke

Conisborough Horticultural Gardeners Society.

Conisborough School Board – Staff and Salary Reduction

Drunkenness – P.C. takes Drunk in Wheelbarrow to Mexborough

Fatal Accident at the Colliery – 17 year old Thomas Dagnall

Shove Tuesday Football at Conisborough

Alleged Murderous Assault at Conisborough.

Alleged Murderous Attack upon a Farmer at Conisborough.

Brutal Treatment of a Pony

Conisborough 4 Eastwood 2

Conisborough Public Houses – Police Raids

Conisborough School Board

Drunk on Good Friday at Conisborough.

Football Dispute – Doncaster v Conisborough

Good Friday

Methodist Anniversary

Proposed Reduction in the Miners Wages

Publicans Charged

Riots at the Denaby Main Colliery – Grave Allegations against Company.

Season’s Fixtures

Season’s Fixtures

Serious Charges against Collier

Traction Engine on the Highway at Conisborough

Young Woman found Drowned in River

Dispute – Proposed Reduction In Wages At Denaby Main Colliery.

Dispute – Meeting with Manager

Denaby Main – Bethel Church 51 Denaby 57 for 6

Assaulting a Denaby Lad because he refused to sing.

Drunk on Licensed Premises

Kilner Brothers win Order of Merit

Lady Like Proceedings at Conisborough.

Conisborough CC – Conisborough 69 Aldwarke 50

Conisborough CC – Mexborough 66 Conisborough 38

Denaby Main – Mexborough 81 Denaby 101

Denaby Main – Thrybergh Park 63 Denaby 80

Denaby Main – Denaby 48 Attercliffe 32

Denaby Main – Denaby 168 v Doncaster White Star

Denaby Main – Denaby 89 Eastwood 24 – Rudkin 6 for 8

Denaby Library – Every neet


Good Friday – More Drunkeness

Lively Proceedings at Conisborough

Suicide of a Young Woman at Conisborough.

Conisborough CC – Kilnhurst 136 Conisborough 51

Conisborough CC – Greasborough 56 Conisborough 53 for 5

Denaby Main – Denaby 44 Parkgate 5

Denaby Main – Wath Oil Mills 39 for 5 Denaby 51

Pony Drivers Dispute – Pony Drivers Walk Out

Pony Drivers Dispute – Return to Work

Denaby Main C.C. – Mexborough, Eastwood View and Kilnhurst

Drunk and disorderly at Conisborough – “Taking the Village by Storm”

Garden Robberies at Conisborough.

More Glassblowers in Trouble

Neglecting to send Children to school

Perilous Position of 16 Miners at Denaby.

Pony Drivers Dispute – Pit Stopped

Pony Drivers Dispute – Singular Proceedings.

Riotous proceedings at Conisborough.

Sale of Contents of Castle Inn, Building Materials, Carts, Pony and Fowls

Sale of Growing Grass

Shocking Accident at Denaby – Joseph Morgan

The Sports

Wilful Damage of Gooseberry Trees at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Unlawfully Trespassing at Conisborough.

Conisborough Floral and Horticultural society

Damaging Mown Grass at Conisborough.

Application for an Ejectment Warrant against a Denaby Miner

Drunk and Assaulting the Police at Conisborough.

Fatal Colliery Accident – Michael Burke

Stealing apples from an Orchard at Conisborough.

Alleged Indecent Assault

Alleged Indecent Assault by a Certifed Colliery Manager at Denaby.

Conisbrough Parish Church Harvest Festival.

Denaby Miner’s Inquest – James Shelton

Denaby Red Rose

Furnishing of the Ministers House – Wesleyan Methodism at Conisborough.

Married Ladies Falling Out at Conisbrough.

Outrage upon a Young Girl at Denaby.

Mexborough Constable Assaulted by a Denaby Collier

Mexborough Red Rose v Denaby Red Rose.

Robbery of Eight Sheep at Conisbrough

York Assizes – The Alleged Criminal Assault

Caution to Owners of Cattle.

Conisborough News

Denaby Red Rose v Mexborough Red White and Blue

Drunk in Charge of a Horse

Narrow Escape of the Denaby Main Colliery Manager.

Temperance and Evangelistic services.