Death of Mr Thomas Colley of Conisborough

Obituary – Mr Joseph Hill

Industry and Commerce

Breach of Colliery Rules

Colliery Offences at Denaby.

Disputes at Denaby Main Colliery – Mr. Pickard, M.P., at Mexborough


Conisborough Parish Church Annual Parochial Tea (videos)

Vicars at Conisbro’

Notes from Conisbro’ – Footpaths – Guardsman – Sinking Operations – Mosquitoes

Crime and Courts

Alleged Felony at Conisbro’ – A Singular Theft.


Kilnhurst Challenge Cup – Mexborough 9 Denaby 0

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery – New Shaft

Desperate Encounters at Denaby Main.

Desperate Prize Fight at Denaby.


Entertainment at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

A Fiendishly Cruel Pit Lad.

Gross Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Pit.

Serious Outbreak of Swine Fever.

Assault at Denaby Main


Monk Bretton 0  Denaby  8


Mysterious Death on Railway At Conisborouoh – Sad End of Mexborough Apprentice  .

Sad Death of a Conisborough Woman – The Employment of Mid Wives.

Industry and Commerce

The New Colliery at Conisborough.

New Colliery – from Sylvan Scenery to Industrial Dirt & Grime


Elopement from Conisborough

Spiritualistic Appearances at Denaby Main

The Denaby Main “Ghost” – Singular Explanation

Crime and Courts

Painful Domestic Story at Mexborough

Theft of Heifers at Conisbro

Assault at Conisbro’

Unprovoked Assault upon a Tradesman


Child Drowned In Slop Tub At Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Co-Operative Conference At Denaby Main – The Dividend Question.

The South Yorkshire Coalfield – Pits of the Future.

The Development of Conisbro’


Good Friday at Conisbro’

“Long Night” at Conisborough

Notes from Conisbro – Good Friday Prep – Quadrille Dance – Reynard’s Concert

Crime and Courts

His Wife in Drink.


Denaby Main Cricket Club – videos – Bowton’s Yard – Annie Laurie

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery -The New Pit.

Meeting of Miners

Threatened Strike At Denaby Main – Trouble With The Pony Drivers.

Flameless Explosive Works at Denaby.

Conisborough Conservative Association.

Crime and Courts

A Rash Pit Lad.

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby.

Local Court Cases – May 14th 1889

Local Court Cases – May 20th 1889

Local Court Cases &new – May 27th, 1889


Denaby Main 46  White Lane 74 – Local Cricket Scores

Denaby Main – Denaby 54  Neepsend 60 for 4

Denaby Main – Kimberworth 60 Denaby Main 33


Local News – Singular Adventure of a Child – Novel Couch at Mexbro’

Industry and Commerce

Accidents at Denaby Main Colliery.

Denaby Main Topmen and Their Wages.

New Colliery.

Pony Drivers & Pit Boys Strike

The Dispute at Denaby Main.

The New Colliery at Conisborough.


Floral Festival at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

A Traction Engine Nuisance at Conisbro’.

Disobeying Orders in a Colliery.

Robbing the Gooseberry Trees.

Cowardly Assault on a Woman.


Fatal Fall from a Haystack.

The Drowning Case At Mexbro’

Industry and Commerce

Valuable Freeholds to be Sold by Auction

A Mexbro’ Collier ” Buried Alive.”

Dispute At Denaby Main Colliery – Meeting Of Miners.

 Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners.

The New Colliery at Conisborough.


Botanists at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

A Mischievous Youth.

Slandering A Doncaster Farmer,

Too Many Horses

Stealing a Duck at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Branch of The Permanent Relief Fund.

Denaby Main Colliery Extension.

Miners’ Wages – Top Men at Denaby

The Denaby Main Miners.

Crime and Courts

A Family Squabble at Conisbro’.

A Squabble at Denaby.

Local Court Cases


Tinsley Park 88 Denaby Main 83


Fire at the Star Hotel

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main and the Miners’ Permanent Relief Fund.

The New Pit at Conisborough.


A New Cottage Hospital

Notes from Conisborough – Bill Posting – Cadeby Rattles

Saint Leger Week

Crime and Courts

Disgraceful Row at Denaby.

Local Court Cases

Theft of Turnips at Denaby


Sad Death of a Conisbro’ Constable.

Industry and Commerce

Joiner dies at Denaby Main – Charles Clarke

Terrible Accident to a Man At Denaby.

The Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery.

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Extension of The South Yorkshire Coalfield – A Prospective View

Parish Meeting at Conisborough – Proposed Formation Of A Burial Board.

Crime and Courts

Breach of the Mines Act.

Foot Racing At Denaby.

Stealing Cigars


Calves Smothered at Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main and Manvers Main “Top” Men.

Denaby Main Topmen.

Meeting at Mexbro’ – Mr. Pickard and His Detractors

New Colliery in Business

Proposed New Line From Wath to Conisboro’

Conisborough Burial Board.

Parish Meeting at Conisborough.


Conisborough Chrysanthemum Show – Opening By Lady Auckland.

Lighting Up Conisbro’

Crime and Courts

Quarrelsome Neighbours at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

Conisbro’ Co-Operative Society.

Colliery Extensions – Cadeby   

Denaby Main and Manvers Main Topmen

Denaby Main Topmen Advance

Riding on an Underground Road.

Trade in the Mexborough Area in 1889

Conisbro’ Burial Board.


An Evening with the Children at Denaby

Seasonal Generosity

Crime and Courts

Matrimonial Failure at Conisbro’.

A Conisborough Butcher and his Dog

An Ingenious Defence

A Dishonest Lodger.

Stealing Horse Corn.

Assault at Wath