Denaby Glittering Star C.C.

1880 – Request for the return of the 5% and 1000 Out of Work

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Miners – Excellent Repast – Request for 5%

Crime and Courts

An Unhappy Married Couple at Denaby

Important Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners. – The Five Percent Question

Alleged Theft by Farm Servants

An Alarming Epidemic of Measles at Denaby

Feb – Outbreak of Measles – Water at Denaby

The Hunt – An Accident with a Donkey at Conisborough

The Hunt – An Exciting Chase

The Trickery of a Birmingham Traveller – Trapped at Conisborough

Water Supply Startling Statements – Alleged deaths from Impure Water.

A Landlady and her Lodger at Denaby

Conisborough Castle Football Challenge Cup – Conisborough 1 Doncaster 0

Fatal Accident at Denaby – Jas. Morris

Service of Song at Conisborough – The Pilgrim Fathers

Denaby Glittering Star – Kilnhurst White Rose, Mexborough Red, White and Blue, Mexborough (seconds)

Conisborough Glassblowers causing an Affray

Cruelty to Horses on Good Griday

Felony by a Lodger at Denaby.

Glassblower Brothers in Trouble at Conisborough

Stealing corn at Conisborough.


Castle Cricket Club Concert

A Stack Set on Fire by a Lad at Conisborough.

Allen and another v Bamford

Castle Ruins attracts Visitors by Boat and Waggonette

Rent Dinner at Denaby – Speeches on Agriculture and Local Questions

Sale of Conisborough Windmill

The New Church, Cemetery and Reading Room at Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Shocking Fatality at Denaby Main – Joseph Stacey

An Aggravated Assault upon a Woman at Conisborough.

Conisborough Gas Company – Annual Meeting

Determined to Break his Neck

Irregularities in School Attendance at Conisbrough

Land and Property Sale

The Recent Application by the Denaby Main Colliery – The Economist

Denaby GS – Kilnhurst White Rose

Assaulting a Father at Conisborough Feast.

Conisborough Feast

Conisborough Fishmonger Drunk and Disorderly – No Appearance.

Conisborough Glassblower Drunk and Asleep in Hedge Bottom.

Disorderly and Refusing to Quit Licensed Premises at Denaby.

Insulted by a Beggar at Cadeby – Prison for 21 days

Miner’s Trip – Liverpool and New Brighton

School Board Election – Notice on Church and Chapel Doors

School Board Election – Result

Singular Adventure on a Steam Yacht.

The Claim for Wages by a Conisborough Farm Labourer.

Wesleyan Anniversary – Public Meeting and Children’s Games


Death of Mr Thomas Henry Simpson.

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Wall


Conisborough C.C. – Well beaten by Mexborough, July 1880

Denaby GS – Mexborough Red, White and Blue and Swinton

Accident at the Colliery – Run over by Tubs

Death of Oldest Inhabitant – The Man who escorted Sir Walter Scott

The Fraud by a Commercial Traveller – Leeds Assizes

13 Year Old Lamp Cleaner fatally burned at Denaby

Conisborough Floral and Horticultural Show.

Damaging Growing Grass

Sad Bathing Fatality at Conisborough

Stack Fire

Theft of Money by a Denaby Collier.


The Fatal Accident in Conisborough Tunnel.

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Glassblowers After Potatoes.

Denaby Main Colliery – Wages Reduction – Banksmen Strike

Mexborough Victoria v Conisborough – “off side” dispute

Murderous Assault at Station Hotel – Trial

Strike at Denaby Main Colliery

The 5% Question – the Sliding Scale – the Coming Prosperity.


Youthful Shepherdess – “Bo Peep” drove 20 Sheep to Sheffield

Industry and Commerce

Serious Accident at the Colliery


Conisborough School Board – Attendance Officer’s Salary

Floods – Serious Floods in the District.

Crime and Courts

Theft of Turnips at Conisborough.

Accident at Pit on Day of Marriage

Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Wood

Floods – Conisborough Works under Water

Floods – Narrow Escape from Drowning at Denaby.

Floods – The Colliery Flooded and the Railway Embankment in Danger.

Murderous Assault at Station Hotel

Neglecting to Maintain a Wife at Conisborough

Bastardy Case from Conisborough.

Conisborough Castle

Doncaster v Conisborough – Conisborough Beaten for First Time

Notorious Character from Conisborough.

Outrage on the Highway

Quarrel over a Knurr and Spell Match at Conisborough.

Dispute – 800 Men and Boys under Notice.

Dispute – 1000 Hands out of Work

Industry and Commerce

Dispute – Indignation – What is the Cause?

Dispute – State of Affairs at Denaby – 800 hands under notice.

Dispute – The Crisis at Denaby Main Colliery – What is the Cause?

Dispute – 800 men given notice

Assaulting the Denaby Policeman

06 June – Denaby Main Red Rose, Swinton Wild Violet, Thrybergh Park

Good Friday at Conisborough

Unfriendly Conisbroites

Unhappy Married Couple at Denaby

Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – Sketch of the Ruins from the River (picture)


Aldwarke Park  36  Denaby Main 79 РGood Denaby Bowling