A Conisborough Obstruction Case

Annual Tea and Concert at the Wesleyan Chapel

Co-operative Conference at Denaby Main

Denaby Main Cricket Club Annual Meeting – Election of Officers

Important to Publicans

Kilner Bros Festivities at Conisbrough

Leaving a Horse and Horse

Master and Servant

Neglecting Parents at Conisborough

New Year’s Festivities at the Parish Church

The Denabyites Again

Crime and Courts

Extraordinary Conduct of a Policeman at Conisborough

Proposed New Church – Church Tea At Denaby Main.

Conisborough Clerk Charged With Embezzlement And Forgery.

Board School Children’s Concert (video)

Conisborough Gospel Temperance Mission.

Health of Rural Districts – Smallpox at Denaby – Water at Conisborough

Meeting of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale – 6d Per Ton Rate

Sunday School Tea and Entertainment

Traction Engine without Name and Standing Too Long

W.H. Chambers Complains About the Police

Crime and Courts

Denaby Miners At Variance

Denaby Main and the Police – Letters

A Violent Vagrant

Adulterated Whiskey

An Uncorrigible Offender at Denaby Pit

Assault By An Ex-Police Officer

Careless Pony Driver – Valuable Pony Destryoed

Concert At Denaby

Concert to Relieve Distress at Conisboro’

Conisboro’ School Board.

Conisboroites at Variance

Cruelty To A Pony At Denaby Main

Dangerous Practice at Denaby Main

Lively Parish Meeting At Conisbro’ – Footpaths and Waywardens

Over-Watered Gin and Whisky

Permanent Relief Fund

Serious Offence At Denaby Main Colliery.

Denaby Main and the Police – W H Chambers

Parish Meeting at Conisborough – Stormy Proceedings

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Assault in a Mine

Breach of Colliery Rules

Conisborough Inhabitant’s Grievance

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Pit

Denaby Main Reading Room

Parish Meeting at Conisborough – Meeting that was Adjourned

Sad Case of Burning at Denaby Main

Shocking Accident at the Conisborough Glass Works

Selling Objectionable Prints

Exciting Chase after Poachers at Denaby

Conisbrough Visitors

The Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Shocking State of Depravity

The Traction Engine Nuisance Again

The Floods in Denaby and Conisborough – Thursday

The Floods in Denaby and Conisborough – Friday

The Floods in Denaby and Conisborough – Saturday

Denaby Main – Denaby Main 81 for 2 Thrybergh 52

Denaby Main – Tinsley 72 for 7 Denaby Main 64


Colliery Offences – Safety Lamp – Deputy Orders – Chaining Corves – Death of Pony

Conisboro’ Men At Wadworth Feast

Conisboro’ School Board – No Contest for New Board

Conisborough Cricket Team

Cruelty To Ponies At Denaby Colliery

Disorderly And Refusing To Quit

Police Court Civilities – Pigs Straying

Trinity Sunday and the Queen’s Anniversary

Wesleyan Anniversary At Conisboro’

Whitsuntide Festivities – Old Denaby

Mass meeting of Denaby Main Colliers – Pit Set Down by the Fillers

Assault in Denaby Pit

Conisborough School Board

Denaby Main Colliery Company v Protector Lamp and Lighting Company

Extraordinary Conduct of a Police Sergeant

Family Affairs at Conisborough

Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Dagnall

Flower Service at Conisborough

Opening of a New Library and Institute at Denaby Main

Property in the Market at Conisborough

Shop Lifter Surprised at Conisborough

Visit of 600 Botanists (picture)

Conisborough 133 v Attercliffe 23 for 2

Conisborough v Mexborough 169 for 7

Amusing Horse and Cart Case from Conisborough.

Determined Suicide at Conisborough

Fire at Denaby Main Colliery

Madman at Mexborough – Denaby Main Dataller Conveyed to Wadsley Asylum.

Suicide at Conisborough

The Denaby Institute – Means for Recreation and Amusement

Wilful Damage to Growing Peas by Youths

Crime and Courts

Murder of a Policeman – Neighbourhood Searched for Murderer (pictures)


Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Prosecution of 70 Fillers

Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Meetings Final Decision – Arbitration Desired

Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Important Meeting of Miners

Denaby Main Strikes and Lock outs – A Retrospect

Aggravated Assaults at Conisborough – A Woman Stabbed

Conisborough Constable Censured

Fatal Accident at Denaby – Thomas Green

Lecture at Conisborough – “How to get on in the world.”

Man Given a Lift and Steals Coat

Outbreak of Swine Fever at Denaby Main

Voters in the Rotherham Division – Another Overseer Fined

Industry and Commerce

Water Dispute at Conisborough – Holywell Spring

Crime and Courts

Murder of a Policeman – Search and Escape (pictures)

Murder of a Policeman – The Murder (picture)

Murder of a Policeman – Capture of Murphy at Kingstone Place (pictures)

Alleged Threats at Denaby

Breach of a Special Rule at Denaby Main Colliery

Breach of Colliery Rules – Boy’s Misdemeanors

Denaby Miners and “Rakes And Pans.”

Harvest Festivals at Denaby

Hawking without a Licence

Important to Publicans – Use of Measures at the ‘Eagle and Child’ and the ‘Station’

Non Payment of Poor Rates – Hard Lines

Parish Affairs – Streets in Utter Darkness

Recent Strike of Fillers at Denaby Main Colliery

Shocking Accident on the Railway at Denaby

Threatening a Woman at Denaby

Conisborough Ironstone.

Mischievous Trapper

Denaby Colliery Set Down Again

Serious Accident to a Boat Hauler

Accident with Elephants at Conisborough.

Chrysanthemum Show at Conisborough

Conisborough Castle – The Keep and Curtain Wall (picture)

Conisborough Castle – The Mason’s Marks

Denaby Main Miners and the Altofts Colliery Explosion

Kilnhurst 1 Denaby Main 2

Row About a Sixpence

Service of song

Conisborough – The Discovery of Iron Ore

Conisboro’ Board School Concert – Prize Pupil

Assault At Denaby Main

Assault On The Highway At Conisboro.

Charge Of Obstructing The Highway At Dalton Brook.

Denaby Main Institute – New Billiard Table

Ice Accident

The Fatal Accident At Denaby Main Colliery

Times Almanack 1887

Crime and Courts

Cruelty To Pit Ponies At Denaby Main – Four Killed and 12 Maimed in Last 6 Months

Extraordinary Foolhardiness At Denaby Pit.

The Four Murders on the Site