Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Humphries

Industry and Commerce

Sad Fatality – William Troupe

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – Current Status

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – The 11 Entombed Men During The Fire

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – The Relief Fund.

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – Sketch of the Ruins from the River (picture)

Mass Meeting of Denaby Miners – Mr. W. Parrott and Miners’ Organisations.

Railway Servants’ Dinner at Conisborough


Denaby Main Infant School Concert

Crime and Courts

Brutal Assault on Conisborough Woman.

Denaby Miners and Relief – “Beggar” In Trouble.

Dishonest Lodger – Six Months Hard Labour for Watch & Trousers

Fracas by Glass Blowers at Conisborough.


Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Present For a Cats Mistress

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery

Resumption of Work at Denaby Main Colliery

Doncaster By Election – The Poll Results

Doncaster By Election – Feeling Runs High

Doncaster By Election – Polling

Doncaster By Election – Utter Rout Of The Separatists. (picture)

“After Many Days.”

Crime and Courts

Disorderly Home Ruler at Mexboro’.

The Conisboro’ Goat Sausage Libel

Stealing Coal at Denaby

Disturbances at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

New Invention – Automatic Barrel Tilter

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – John Humphreys

Dangers of Mining

The Glass Bottle Industry – Present Condition and Prospects (pictures)


Confirmation Service

Good Friday at Conisborough

Conisborough Notes – Election, Vicar’s Rebuke, Promenade

Conisborough Notes – Weather, Billiard Rooms, Boycotts, Foundry, Confirmations

Crime and Courts

Alleged Robberies at Bolton

Theft at Conisbrough


Presentation to Mr. W. H. Chambers, At Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Ambulance Work at Denaby Main.

South Yorkshire Collieries and The Hull Coal Trade.

Mr. Parrott Attacks Mr. Parker Rhodes.


Conisborough Notes – Small Pox – Conisborough Works

Good Friday Demonstration at Conisborough

Conisborough  Notes – Easter – Spring – School Concert

Conisborough Notes – Good Friday – Smallpox – April Showers – Conservative Club

Conisborough Notes – New Pit near Conisborough – Kilner’s Dinner – Romance of Conisborough – Priory Sale

Crime and Courts

Desertion of a Wife at Conisborough

Faithless Husband – Summoned for Wife Desertion. End of Conisborough Romance.

“Rabbitting” at Denaby


Denaby Main 146 Brightside Wellington 12 for 2

Conisborough  United Star 2  Conisborough  Town 1

Industry and Commerce

The Denaby Main Extension. – Opening Out Another Coalfield.

Congratulatory Dinner At Conisboro’.


Denaby Main Cricket Club Concert – “The Musical Emigrants’ (videos)

Notes from Conisbro’ – Whitsuntide at the Castle

Conisbro’ Notes – “Tossing” – Women Insulted – Dangerous ‘Lark’ – Impudent Youths

The Banks of the Dearne and Dun

The Prize-Fighting Craze – Stubborn Battle Between Denaby Miners.

Crime and Courts

Another Neighbours Quarrel from Conisborough

Breach of Colliery Rule

Brutal Pony Driver

Conisborough Policeman and His Suit Of Clothes.

Drunk and Disorderly

Gambling at Denaby

The Difficulties of a Cyclist

The Wrong Tribunal – Breaking Windows

Using Threats to the Manager at Conisbro’ – A Violent Fellow


Aldwarke Park  36  Denaby Main 79 – Good Denaby Bowling

Denaby Main 98 for 6 Meadow Hall 32 – Smith Eight More Wickets

Mexborough 64  Denaby Main 93 for 6 – Last Meet Four Years Ago


Serious Trap Accident at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

A New Industry for Denaby

Best Station between Doncaster and Manchester

Conisborough Gas Company Dividend


Conisborough Notes – Foresters Procession – Feast Play Day – Concertina Band

Excursionists at Conisborough

Linnaean Botanical Society Visit Again

Railway Employees in Pig Hunt

Crime and Courts

What He Got For “Peaching.” – The Accident in a Conisborough’ Quarry.

Wilful Damage at a Conisbro’ Quarry.


Invitation from Bramall Lane Committee

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire Collieries and the Hull Coal Trade.

Scarborough Treat


Conisbrough Notes – Holiday Time – Billiard Tables – Concertina or Brass Band

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Collier and his Topcoat

A Smoky Traction Engine

A Teetotaller Summoned For Being Drunk

 Gaming With Cards at Denaby Main

Trespassing at Denaby

Wilful Damage at Denaby


Phenomenal Bowling Averages


Narrow Escape from Drowning at Mexborough.

Wedding – Morley & Appleyard

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main.


Conisborough Castle

A Lunatic at Large at Mexbro’

Crime and Courts

A Wife Summoned for Threatening her Husband.

Advised to Behave like Human Being.

Connubial Infelicity at Mexbro’.

A Smoky Traction Engine at Conisborough – The “Difficulties” Of An Engineer

Damaging the Denaby Main School.

Expensive Mushrooms at Conisbro’

Rival Butchers at Conisbro’


Meadow Hall  78    Denaby Main 45

Thrybergh Hall Colliery 44  Denaby 88


Wife found Dead in Bed

Industry and Commerce

Sad Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery.

Doncaster and District. – The Doncaster Coalfield.

Meeting of Miners – 10% advance – Mr. Cowley “Kicks Off.” (picture)


Notes from Conisborough – Doncaster Races – New Station Buildings – Concertina Band – Dancing Classes – Vicars holiday – Harvest

Crime and Courts

Adulterated Milk.

Alleged Strange Conduct of an Ex-Police Inspector.

Wilful Damage to a Fence.


Wath 6  Conisborough Town 1

Conisborough Town 4 Eastwood 7

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery Notices

Miners Wages – Firm Attitude of The Men – Pits Set Down

Pit Sinking Operations at Conisborough

An Explosives Licence.

Burial Error

Conisboro’ Urban District


What Conisbrough people are saying ?

Crime and Courts

Damaging Conisborough Castle.

Much Ado About Nothing at Conisborough

Wilful Damage to Fence

Coal Stealing at Denaby


Sheffield and Hallamshire Challenge Cup ties

Conisborough 2 Wombwell Temperance 1


Man Reported Killed at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

10% Advance Given

Denaby Miners’ Presentation.

Mass Meeting of Denaby Miners.

Powder Manufactory for Denaby.

The New Conisborough Railway


Chrysanthemum show at Conisborough

Floods Near Mexbro’

The Gale in the Don Valley.

Crime and Courts

A Conisborough Divorce Case

Drunk and Refusing to Quit at Conisborough

Drunkenness at Conisborough

School Attendance Case from Conisborough


Narrow Escape from Drowning At Conisbro’

Serious Accident at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

An Invention at Conisbro’.


Conisboro’ United Brass Band Concert. (videos)

Conisborough Notes – The Church Organ

The Conisborough Conservatives and the Late Election

Board School Concert at Conisborough

Conisborough Notes – Cannonball

Crime and Courts

More Stack Fires at Conisborough – Supposed Incendiarism

Theft of Coal


Wombwell Temperance  3 Denaby 4

Conisborough Rovers 6 Rotherham Baptists 2