1928 Quarter 4

Industry and Commerce

Coal Trade’s Future – Manager’s Hopeful Prediction In High Court.

Carting Miners’ Coal – Denaby Scheme to Cut Delivery Costs.

Conisborough Council – Attack on Press Hotly Resented.


Canon Leteux – A Notable Anniversary – 40 Years a Priest

Canon Leteux and His Friends (picture)

Strawbridge Memorial Window. (picture)

The Strawbridge Window

Conisbrough News – Strawbridge Memorial Window –“Bow” Bridge – Mothers Union

Denaby Notes – Health Week – The Crossing – Canon Leteux.

Crime and Courts

Street Row at Denaby.

On Account.- Conisborough Painter In Trouble. -Alleged Fraud.


Men of Note in local Sport – Former Goalkeeper – Old Denaby Official – James Hancock. (picture)

Denaby utd – Newark 3 Denaby 1 – Denaby’s Handicap

Midland League Results – October 6 1928

Midland League Results – October 20 1928 – Denaby 4 – Loughborough 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Methley Perseverance 2 – United Beat Methley Under Difficulties.(picture)

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Mexborough 1 – F.A. Cup


Gallant Miners.

Motor Lorry and ‘Bus Accident

Brave Miners Rewarded. (picture)

Drama Festival – Four S.Y. Societies in Competition.

Industry and Commerce

Death After Operation – Conisborough Man Injured in Pit over Year Ago.

Denaby Coal Dispute – 2 ½ d. Ton Rent for Lord Cromwell – Commission Rebukes Both Sides.

Claims For Rescue – Conisborough Council Perplexed Over Fire Scenes.


Change Ringing at Conisborough. (video)

Ancient Pottery to be Examined by Experts

Armistice Day Services

Conisborough Armistice Parade

Denaby Armistice Service

Crime and Courts

A Voluble Denaby Woman.

Denaby Couple’s Differences.

Prison for Neglect – Conisborough Man’s Appeal Fails.

Successful Exhibitors – With Other People’s Produce!


Midland League Results – November 3, 1928 – A Denaby “hat-trick”

Derby County to Visit Denaby This Afternoon

Denaby Utd – Gainsborough 1  Denaby 0 – F A Cup Final Qualifying Round

Midland League Results – November 19, 1928

A Promising Goalkeeper (picture)

Midland League Results – November 24th 1928 – Beaten at Scunthopre

Midland League Table – November 24, 1928

Denaby Utd – Results to November 24th


Fire in Low Road

Handley Wells, Conisborough Musician and Organist

Industry and Commerce

Unconscious of Impending Doom (picture)

Christmas Beef (picture)

Conisbro’ U.D.C. – Proposed Salaries “Cut”- Surveyor’s Spirited Defence of Staff.

Lighting up Conisborough


K.O.Y.L.I. – Inter Platoon Challenge Cup

New Headmaster (picture)

Santa Claus Enters Godfrey Walker Convalescent Home(Picture)

Crime and Courts

Alleged Attack on Wife – Charge against Conisborough Clerk

Decapitated Daughter – Mexborough Man “Guilty,  but Insane.” – Sad Story at Assizes.


Denaby Take All – Four South Yorkshire Doubles,

Denaby’s New Stand – Welcome Addition at Tickhill Square.

Goalkeeper Suspended – Denaby and Arnold Birch.(picture)

Indoor Rifle Range (picture)

New Rifle Competition Trophy (picture)

Midland League Results – December 3, 1928 – Some Big Scores.

Midland League Results – December 10, 1928 – At Home after Five-weeks

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Worksop 0 – Weak Worksop Well Whacked.

Player’s Rise

Denaby Utd – Doncaster 1 Denaby 3 – Smart Denaby Forwards.

Midland League Results – December 24 – Grimsby Town score 5 at Tickhill Square

Midland League Results – Christmas Day & Boxing Day – Mexborough Doubled

Midland League Results – December 31 – Too Much for Gainsborough

Midland League Results – December 31, 1928

Midland League Table – December 31, 1928