1930 Quarter 1


Cottages Gutted by Conanby Fire (picture)

Denaby Child Scalded – Inquest hears Story of Denaby Mother’s Ordeal.

“Maker Of Denaby.’’ – District’s Great Tribute To The Late Mr. W. H. Chambers.

Mr. Chambers’ Death – Loss To Cadeby and Denaby

Obituaries of 1929

Denaby Mourns Its Founder. – Impressive Scenes. Quarter-Mile Long Procession

Industry and Commerce

Buried By Fall – One Man Killed: Two Injured at Cadeby Pit.

50 Years at Denaby Pit

Sheffield Telegraph – Our Free Gift Scheme – Payment to Injured Denaby Miner.

Coalfields Distress Fund – Decision to Disband Local Committee.

Unemployment Scheme. – Proposed Improvements to Cost £26,000.


“Whence All But He Had Fled.”

Local Inns Redundant

Conisbrough and Denaby Events in 1929

Diary of Local History in 1929 – Quarter 1 – January to March

Diary of Local History in 1929 – Quarter 2 – April to June

Diary of Local History in 1929 – Quarter 3 – July to September

Diary of Local History in 1929 – Quarter 4 – October to December

Last Year’s Tale of Tragedy – A Diary of Inquests.

Crime and Courts

Conisbro’ Cliff Murder – Temperton Released

Burglarat David Haigh Ltd


Denaby Utd – Denaby 3, Rotherham United Reserve 1.

Midland League Results – January 2nd, 1930

Midland League Results – January 6th, 1930

The Future – What About The Midland League? Problems in South Yorkshire.

Denaby Utd – Bradford Reserves 3 Denaby 1 – Good Show against strong Bradford team

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Lincoln Reserve 5.

Denaby Utd – Scunthorpe United  5  Denaby   1

Midland League Results – January 27, 1930

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Loughboro’ Corinthians 2.

A Conanby “Star” – Captain Who Carried Them Through (picture)

The Record? – 20lb Pike (picture)


Dog Causes Tragedy – Denaby Pillion Rider’s Fate at Maltby.

Fell under Dray – Conisbrough Policeman’s Son Killed – Child Eye Witness

Slipped Under Dray – Driver Exonerated at Inquest on Conisbro’ Child.

Obituary – Mr H.C. Taylor (picture)

Conisborough Boy’s Amazing Strength – Six-Inch Nails Bent

Industry and Commerce

Coal To Be Cheaper – Lower Carting Charges In Denaby And Cadeby.


Conisborough Ambulance Workers.

Crime and Courts

Denaby Man’s Wandering In The Early Hours

Boys Break Into School – Parents to Blame For Thefts, Say Bench.

Shopbreaking – Torn Coat as Evidence

Witness Warning

Wife Witness Missing

Alleged Blows at Hotel – Denaby Man Said to be in Critical Condition.

Denaby Man’s Assault – Struck Woman in Public House


Midland League Results – February 3, 1920

Denaby Secretary Cautioned – Christmas Day Incident

Conanby’s Schemer (picture)

Denaby Utd – Sheffield Utd Res. 4, Denaby 0. – United Reserves Too Good for Denaby.

‘Lal Barker’ – Brother of Jack

Resignation of Denaby United Secretary (picture)


Golden Wedding – Happy Conisboro’ Couple – Preached To Sheep & Turnips. (picture)

Mr. G.L. Robinson – A Notable Cricketer – To Be Buried In His Colours. (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Accident – Fatal Roof Fall.

An Exhibition of Miners’ Safety Lamps (picture)


Conisbro’s ” Bard “- The Rev. David Williams. – ” Dewi Mai.” (picture)

Conisbrough Bard in his Bardic Chair (picture)

Plan To Demolish Old Denaby Church.

Conisborough Arts and Crafts (picture)

Crime and Courts

A General Nuisance – Conisborough Man Bound Over

Denaby Hotel Dispute.

Hospital Depositions – Constable’s Action Criticised at Doncaster.


Denaby Utd – Lincoln City Res  6 Denaby 1 – Nasty Blow for Denaby. (picture)

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4  Shirebrook 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Bradford Reserves 2.

Denaby Chairman and Financial Secretary Resign.


Leading Local Events in 1930 – Achievements and Disappointments – Quarter 2