Startling Conditions – Overcrowding and Infection

Conisboro’ Parish Church – Christmas and New Year Services

Conisboro’ Wesleyan Sunday School – Annual Tea and Soiree

Outbreak of Smallpox at Denaby

The Fruits of Leaving the Teetotal Band

Dispute Cause – Proposed Revision of Price at Denaby Main Colliery – Men given Notice

Dispute Week 1 – Meeting with W.H. Chambers

Industry and Commerce

Dispute Week 1 – Bringing Out the Tools

Dispute Week 1- The Strike Begins

Dispute Week 2 – Distress amongs Miners

Dispute Week 2 – Employers View – Colliery Guardian

Dispute Week 3 – Distress from Cold, Hunger and Disease

Dispute Week 3 – Impending Evictions – Outbreak of Smallpox

Dispute Week 3 – Letter from Pope – Delegation to meet

Dispute Week 3 – Unsuccessful Attempt To Settle The Difficulty

Dispute Week 4 – Meeting of Miners – Nothing more to add

Dispute Week 5 – Latest News

Dispute Week 5 – Miners Weeting – Distribution of Bread – Black Sheep – Small Pox

Setting Fire to a Stack

Denaby Collier Enjoying Himself

Denaby Miners and the Doncaster Corporation – Guildhall Refused

Entertainment for Cricket Club at Conisbrough

Highway offence

Dispute 06 – February 6th – More Smallpox Cases

Dispute 07 – February 13th – Dispute into Sixth Week

Dispute 09 – February 27th – Meeting & Calculation of Proposed Reduction

Denaby Utd – Lincoln 0 Denaby Utd 2

Doughty Denaby

Dispute – March 6th – Dispute now 2 Months – Attempt to Re Open Pit

Dispute – March 13th – Ejection Notices Issued

Dispute – March 13th – Meeting with Buckingham Pope

Dispute – March 20th – Application for Ejectment Orders

Dispute – March 20th – Alleged intimidation by Denaby Miners

Dispute – March 20th – Ejectment Orders

Dispute – March 27th – Expected Encampment Of Ejected Families

Dispute – March 27th – Alleged Intimidation at Denaby Main (2)

Industry and Commerce

Dispute – Alleged Intimidation at Denaby Main (1)

Interesting Presentation at Conisbrough – Mr Shutt

Dispute – April 3rd – Miners Meeting – Dispute with Mr Chappell

Dispute – April 10th – Ministers Distress

Dispute – April 10th – 50 Families Evicted

Dispute – April 17th – 700 Persons Turned Out

Dispute – April 17th – The Aftermath

Dispute – April 24th – Decision to Join Barnsley Association – Stormy Meeting

Dispute – April 24th – Denaby Curate relieves Distress

Dispute – April 24th – Great distress among the Miners

Dispute – April 24th – Meeting with Mr Chambers – Strangers to Start Work

Dispute – April 24th – Mr Chappell answers the Charges

Dispute – April 24th – Miners Demonstration at Brampton Bierlow

Dispute – May 1st – Arrival of New Workmen – Unprecedented Scenes

Dispute – May 1st – Exciting Scenes – Arrival of New Workmen

Dispute – May 8th – Great Distress amongst Families

Dispute – May 8th – No Black Sheep – More Distress

Dispute – May 8th – Question in the Commons

Dispute – May 8th – Sad Scene – More Evictions – The Encampment

Dispute – May 15th a – Arrival of New Workmen

Dispute – May 15th b – Looking after the new Workmen

Dispute – May 15th d – Summonses issued for Compelling

Dispute – May 15th e – Deputation Requested

Dispute – May 15th f – Rev T.J. Leslie – Barnsley Association

Dispute – May 15th g – Fresh Batch of Workmen

Dispute – May 15th c – Buckingham Pope in the Daily Telegraph and replies

Dispute – May 15th i – Mr Leslie and the Rotherham Bench

Dispute – May 22nd a – Delegation meets with Mr Pope

Dispute – May 22nd b – Refusal of Employers Terms

Dispute – May 22nd c – More Cornish Workmen

Dispute – May 22nd d – Scene on the River Don

Dispute – May 22nd d – An offer from Mr Pope

Dispute – May 22nd e – Address by Benjamin Pickard

Dispute – May 22nd f – House of Commons question

Dispute – May 22nd g – Probable Closing of the Colliery

Dispute – May 22nd h – The Men and the Proposed Closure

Dispute – May 22nd i – Reply from Mr Burt

Dispute – May 22nd j -Excitement At Denaby – More new Workmen

Dispute – May 22nd k – Rev T.J.Leslie’s Work Continues

Dispute – May 29th a – The Cornishmen go back

Dispute – May 29th b – Another Interview with the Manager

Dispute – May 29th c – Threatened Collapse Of Negotiations

Dispute – May – Correspondance – They all have a say

Denaby Mans Accident to his Skull

Doing Damage to a Wheat field

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisbrough

Game Trespass

Horses Astray

Keeping a Dog without a Licence

Novel Felony – Boy Drank Milk from Cow

Theft of Milk at Conisborough

Whit Monday Procession at Denaby

Dispute – June 5th – Decision to close Pit

Dispute – June 5th – Meeting of the Topmen

Dispute – June 12th – Alleged Intimidation

Dispute – June 12th – Sale of Pit Ponies

Dispute – June 12th – The Relief Fund for the Distressed Families at Denaby Main

Dispute – June 19th – Colliery still recruiting – Ponies out to Grass

Dispute – June 26th – Mexborough Feast – Arrival of new Workmen

Dispute – June 26th – Return of the Staffordshire Men

Conisbrough Assault on the Police

Conisborough Castle – Ecroyd Smith

Conisbrough Feast and its Visitors

Defrauding the Railway Company

Denaby Main Drunkenness

Dispute – July 3rd – New Terms offered by Men

Dispute – July 10th – Arrival of more Staffordshire Men

Dispute – July 10th – Commencement of Disturbances

Dispute – July 17th – Battle of Denaby Main – Desperate Fight – Revolver Shots

Dispute – July 17th – Retreat of the Staffordshire Men

Dispute – July 17th – Gathering of Denaby Main and Staffordshire Miners

Dispute – July 17th – More New Hands – Men Return to Work

Dispute – July 17th – The Disturbances At Denaby Main.

Dispute – July 17th – Rake & Pan system

Dispute – July 17th – Support for Grievances – House of Lord’s Condemnation

Dispute – July 24th – The Riotous Proceedings at Denaby Main

Dispute – July 24th – The Recent Riot at Denaby Main

Dispute – July 24th – Return to Work – History of the Lock Out

Dispute – July 31st – Pit slowly returning to Normal

Dispute – July 31st – The Great Distress of the Evicted Miners at Denaby

A Loving Couple

Alleged Attempted Murder at Sprotborough

Alleged Discovery of Dynamite at Denaby Main

Conisborough Flower Show


Horses Straying on the Highway

Staffordshire Man in Trouble at Denaby

Unprovoked and Cowardly Assault

Dispute – August 7 – Arrival Of Staffordshire Men

Dispute – August 14 – Meeting of the Denaby Main Miners – Mr Pickard on the situation

Dispute – August 14 – Mr Chappell Intervenes

Dispute – August 14 – Riots at Denaby Main

Dispute – August 28 – Mr Chappell and the Denaby Miners

Dispute – August 28 – Work at Another Colliery

Damaging Growing Grass

Denaby Main Sunday School Anniversary

Drunkenness – A Stranger Taken in – Drunk on the Highway

Game Trespass – 24 Previous Convictions

Strangers in Doncaster – “Knob sticks” in Trouble

Knocked Insensible Collecting Mushrooms – A Serious Mistake

Quarrels of Denaby Miners – Arguments with Strangers

Two Imposters get Hard Labour

Dispute – Mr Chappell and the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Miners Association

Dispute – Mr Pickard on the Situation – Miners Meeting at Mexborough

Embezzlement by Servant

Another Wanderer at Denaby

Conisborough Reading Room

Conisborough School Board – New Girl’s Mistress – Tenders for Partition Wall

Conisborough Wesleyan Chapel Anniversary

Cruelly Ill-Treating a Pony

Floods in South Yorkshire

Inquest at Clifton – Man on Horseback Dies

Man Shot at by a Boy Near Conisborough

Mischievous Boys at Denaby

Mr W. S. Shelley, Doncaster Liberal Candidate

Denaby Main – Mexborough Victoria 2 Denaby 5

Alleged Illegal Sale of Fireworks at Conisborough

Alleged Theft of a Tub at Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board – Apology from Liberal Chairman

Conservative Address by the Honourable A.E.G. Hardy – Disorderly Proceedings (picture)

Crowther’s Consulting Chemist

Curious Speech at Conisborough

Licence Offence at Conisborough

Meeting of the Denaby Main Miners last Night

Strike Imminent for Miners of Yorkshire

Unforgiving Neighbour

Crime and Courts

Alleged Theft of Coat – Carter sent to Assizes

The Alleged Brutal Assault at Barnburgh

A Horse Drowned in the Don

Conisborough School Board

Conisborough United Brass Band Entertainment (video)

Cowardly Assault on a Denaby Woman

Denaby Main Coal Company v Manchester, Sheffield & Lincs Railway – House of Lords

Drunk and Quarrelsome – A Foolish Trick

Striking a “black sheep” at Denaby Main

Tea and Concert at Old Denaby Mission Room (poem and video)

Valuable Freehold Properties for Sale in Conisborough