Fatal Accident – 14 Year Old Pony Driver – John Sheldon

1887 Denaby Main Great Fire

1887 Denaby Main Great Fire – The Aftermath

Industry and Commerce

Suffocated by Gas at Denaby Main – Edmund Wigley

Cruelty to Pit Ponies at Denaby – Heavy Fine for 12 Year Old

Aggravated Assault

Cruelty to Pit Ponies at Denaby – Father’s Charge

Another Serious Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Christmas Supper for Railwaymen

Conisborough Railway Station Broken Into

Death of Popular Conisborough Man


Serious Outbreak of Typhoid Fever

Sudden Death of a Denaby Collier

Taking Pipe and Matches Down the Pit

Theft of a Rug at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at the Denaby Main Colliery


Stack Fire


Denaby Main Institute.

The Outbreak of Typhoid

The Outbreak of Typhoid at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Alleged Swindling by a Book Canvasser

Queer Place for a Snooze.

Assault by a Woman at Denaby

Conisborough School Board

Conisbrough Case Discharged

Cruelty to a Pit Pony at Denaby

Fatal Accident At Denaby Main

Five Cases of Cruelty to Ponies in Denaby Main Colliery

Interesting to Miners – Alleged Theft of Tools at Denaby

Plate Layer Cut to Pieces – William Barrett

Severe Sentence on a Denaby Miner

Theft of a Waistcoat


Easter at Conisborough


Good Templary Demonstration at Conisborough

Mr B. J. Clarkson’s Confectionery Establishment at Conisborough.

Serious Accident to an Old Man at Denaby Main

To Be Let

What is “A Glass of beer?”

Yorkshire Collieries & Hull Coal Trade – Large Increase- Denaby Heads List

Card Playing at Denaby

Beacon Lights

Denaby Main Institute – Jubilee Celebration

Jubilee in the Mexborough District

Sensation on the Railway

South Yorkshire Collieries and the Hull Coal Trade

The Rev Peter McKenzie at Conisborough last night

Traction Engine Offence

Wilful Damage to a Haystack


Explosion Near Conisborough

Sad Case of Drowning at Conisborough

Strange Leap from a Window At Conisborough

Free Day at Denaby – Munificence of Colliery Company

Jubilee Festivities at Conisborough

Marriage of Miss Tankard, of Denaby, and Mr Brooke of Brampton Bierlow

Industry and Commerce

Fatal accident to 14 year old at Denaby Main Colliery

Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

An Illegal Lottery at Conisborough


Conisborough C.C. Results

Botanists Gathering & Friendly Societies Demonstration at Conisborough.

Excursion to Conisborough.

The Attempted Suicide at Denaby Main

Mexborough, Denaby and Manvers

Industry and Commerce

Joking at Denaby Pit

Parish Meeting – Water Question & Proposed New Magistrate – Lively Proceedings.


Flower Service at Conisborough Church (videos)

A Trip with The Conisborough Brass Band To Chatsworth.

Conisborough Castle

Crime and Courts

Catching a Hare at Denaby

Sad Suicide of a Conisborough Young Woman.


Denaby Main 85  Thrybergh Hall Colliery 51 

Industry and Commerce

Excursion to Liverpool


Denaby Churches – Annual Treat to Scarborough

The Forbidding of the Banns at Conisbro – Business Before Pleasure.

Forbidding the Bans – A Young Lady Takes a Dose of Poison.

The Recent Episode

Works at Conisborough Castle

Crime and Courts

A Strange Story of Matrimony at Mexborough

Destination of Two Children at Denaby – The Mother Elopes.

Offence Under Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act at Denaby


Rabbit Coursing Match at Conisborough


A Frightened Passenger

Narrow Escape Of Miners – Cage Dashed To Pieces

The Hexthorpe Disaster – Balby Inquest (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – A National Coverage (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – Verdict of Manslaughter (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – County Inquest – Company’s Liability. (picture)

Fashionable Wedding at Denaby Main


Wesleyan Chapel Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Alleged Theft at Denary.

Drunk and Ejected

” Moonlighting ” at Mexbro’.

Mushrooming at Denaby Main

Distressing Suicide Of An Old Man – Domestic Troubles

Impudent Robbery at Conisborough.


Conisborough C.C. Results

Mining Accident – John Silverwood and John Thomas Roebuck


Presentation at Denaby Main

Novel Wager – Colley’s Pig Powders and Their Worth

Strange Love Affair At Conisbro’ – Disappearance of Ex-Policeman.

Industry and Commerce

Mining Accident to Brothers at Denaby Main

The Fatal Accident at Denaby Main.

Colliery Accident at Denaby Main – Alarming and Singular Mishap.

Important Experiments with New Explosive at a Yorkshire Colliery

Sudden Death to Colliery Fitter

Denaby Main Miners and Restriction – Return of Mr Leslie


The Restoration of Conisborough Castle.

Ambulance Class to be Held

Denaby Main – 1st Ambulance Class

Formation of an Ambulance Class At Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Returning from Mexbro’ Market.

Suicide of a Woman at Conisborough

The Case of Suicide at Conisborough.


Conisborough 2 Mexborough 3 – Hallamshire Cup 2nd Round


Runaway Horse

Goat Sausages !

Library Action

Industry and Commerce

The Discovery of Iron Ore at Conisbro’.

Footpath Needed

In the Dark

Crime and Courts

Singular Love Affair from Denaby – Lodger Kissing the Landlady.

Garden Robberies at Denaby Main

Alleged Theft from a Publican at Conisbrough

Wholesale Robbery from a Factory At Conisbro’.


Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Chrysanthemum Show

Industry and Commerce

Destructive Fire At Denaby Main Colliery – Aftermath

Destructive Fire at Denaby Main Colliery

Past History of the Pit

Destructive Fire at Denaby Main Colliery – Reconstruction

Destructive Fire at Denaby Main Colliery – The Distress Fund.

Crime and Courts

New Mode of Dispersing Quarrelsome Neighbours

Deserter At Conisborough.

Serious Stack Fire at Conisborough