Alarm in a Tunnel

Trap Accident at Denaby Main.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-Operative Society – Dividend & State of the Roads

Denaby Main Miners – Wage Advance

Federated Institution of Mining Engineers – Visit to Denaby Main Colliery.

Doncaster Highway Board and Denaby Roads.

The Burial Question at Conisborough


Conisborough Wesleyan Sunday Schools.

Floods In The Mexbro’ District.

Prize Fight between Denaby Miners

Scene in a Mexborough Shop.

Crime and Courts

Sleeping When On Duty.


Another Distressing Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery – Severe Laceration

Accidents at Denaby Main Colliery – Fall of Coal & Fracture

Injured by Colliery Corves.

Shocking Accident to a Mexbro’ Miner.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main New Colliery

Meeting of the Denaby Main Miners

Miners’ Agitation – Meeting At Mexborough – Mr. Parrott States The Case For The Men.

Conisbro’ Burial Board.


Concert Proceeds for Mexbro’ Cottage Hospital.

Charity Concert at Conisborough.

The Great Gale – Don and Dearne Overflowed

Crime and Courts

Hackenthorpe Breach of Contract.

Unmuzzled Dogs.

Alleged Attack on a Conisbro’ Glassblower

Industry and Commerce

Telephone Connected

Colliery Fatality at Denaby Main.

Fatal Termination of Colliery Accident

Inquest at Mexborough.

Denaby Main Miners and The Situation.

Denaby Main New Pit.

Deputation Waits Upon Manager

A New Quarry at Denaby

Proposed Retford and Barnsley Railway.


Conisborough Musical Society

Crime and Courts

Bigamy Case

Prison for Desertion

Contravention of Special Rule 4

Cruelty to Ponies at Denaby.

Ill-Treatment of Ponies

Illegal Use of Pit Lamps

Scuffle in Cow House


Carbrook Cup- Semi Final – Carbrook Church 5 Conisbro’ 0


Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society.

Denaby Main Top Men

Denaby Main Topmen – Deputations

Affairs at Denaby Main.

Denaby Main Miners

Denaby Main New Colliery.

Unusual Visitor at Denaby Main Colliery

Conisbro’ Water Supply

Vestry Meeting at Conisborough – New Burial Site


Proposed New Church & Accident at Denaby Main.

Gala at Conisbro’

Unprecedented Crowds at Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Doing Damage at Denaby.

A Careless Miner

Breach of Colliery Rules

Taking Tobacco Pipe Down The Pit

Theft from a Farmer’s Cart


Accidents at Denaby Main Colliery.

Industry and Commerce

Fatally Crushed At Denaby Main Colliery

Dispute at Denaby Main

Yorkshire Coalowners & Local Wages Questions – Important Resolution.

Colliery Extensions

Sinking Halted by Water

“Missionary Work” in Explosives


A Ramble Round Mexborough – The Present and The Past.

Whitsuntide at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Quarrelsome Neighbours at Denaby

Wilful Damage at Denaby Main

Two Months for Stealing Trousers and Stockings


Funeral of Mr. Joseph Appleyard of Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Result of Carelessness At Denaby Main.

Sad Death of a Denaby Main Miner.

The New Colliery at Conisbro’.

Mr Pickard’s Reply

Mr. Pickard, M.P., and The Grievances At Denaby Main.

Denaby Main Miners – Settlement of Price List.

Denaby Main Miners and Their Work.

Conisbro’ Gas Company.


Hospital Saturday at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Drunk and Disorderly

Brutal Attack At Mexbro’ ” Feast.”


Wombwell Main  110 for 7   Denaby Main  55

Denaby Main 133 for 6 Wickersley Dnb

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main

Accident at Denaby Main

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Denaby Main Miners at Blackpool

The New Colliery Sinkings at Conisborough.

A New Bridge at Conisborough.

Projected Railway from Conisborough to Wrangbrook.

A Local Board ?

Conservative Demonstration at Conisborough – Speech by The Hon. H. W. Fitzwilliam.

Politics at Conisborough


Religious Requirements at Denaby Main.

Conisborough Picnic Society.

Cure for Sparrows

Local and General Notes – Conisborough as it is.

Crime and Courts

Drunk at Denaby

A Suspicious Character at Conisborough

Cruelty to Pit Ponies At Denaby.

Drunks at Denaby & West Melton

Drunks, Gambling & Muzzling

Playing at “Bank” at Denaby

Scene at Mexborough Feast


Prize fight at Mexborough

Single v Married at the Conservative Demonstration


Conisborough Notes- Church – Boating Trips – Castle Grounds – Blackpool Day

Conisborough Notes – Picnic Society – Fire Brigade – Excursionists – Church

Crime and Courts

Attempted Murder and Suicide – A Terrible Tragedy at Conisbro’. –

Attempted Murder and Suicide – Critical Condition of The Wounded Woman.

Attempted Murder and Suicide – Watching The Woman Escape.

Attempted Murder and Suicide – Important Witness

The Conisborough Tragedy

Notes and Comments – Tragedies at Bolton & Conisborough

The Conisborough Tragedy – Death of The Woman

The Conisborough Tragedy – Inquest and Verdict

The Conisborough Tragedy – Sketch of the House (picture)

Dr Hills and Vaccination

A Peculiar Sleeping Place.

A Lively Drunk at Conisborough

Alleged Wilful Damage at Conisborough

Conisborough Youths in Trouble

Cruelty to Pit Ponies at Denaby

Gambling at Conisborough

Strange Behaviour at Conisborough


A Farm Labourer Choked.

Found Drowned At Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

The Colliery Sinking At Cadeby

Resignation of Dr. Hills.

Dr Hills’ Resignation

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Dog Owner Fined

Breach Colliery Rules.

Breach of Colliery Rules.

Caught at Conisbrough

Gambling at Conisbro.’ – Hard Swearing.

Using the Knuckle Duster


Wath 8 goal Conisbro’ 0 goal


Singular Accident to a Conisborough Lady

An Octogenarian at Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society.

New Colliery – Fossilized Palm Tree

Appointment of Vaccination Officer for Conisboro’ District. – Lively Proceedings.

 Proposed Local Board for Conisborough.

Vaccination Question at Denaby Main. – Indignation Meeting – Petition Local Government Board.


Montagu Cottage Hospital.

Conisbrough News – Accident & Tourists

Furious Fat Beast

Limbs Broken & Lives Lost !

Crime and Courts

 A Violent Man at Cortonwood.


Big Catch at Whitham


The Inquests at Cadeby – John Bell

The Inquests at Cadeby – John Camm

Death of Sergeant Simpson, of Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

Sale of Building Material

The Guardians and the Denaby Vaccination Offices.


Denaby Main Institute Brass Band Concert. (videos)

A Chapter of Accidents – The Fog in the Don Valley – Sad Drowning Fatalities

Dangerous Place

Snowstorms all Over the Country – Conisborough Mail Cart Problems

The Fog at Mexborough.

Men Drowned in Fog At Conisborough – Curious Coincidence.

Crime and Courts

Constable’s Mastication Disturbed.

Serious Offence at Denaby Main Colliery.

Theft at Conisborough.


Carbrook Cup – Conisborough Town 6 Rotherwood Rovers  0

Industry and Commerce

Mining Students visit to Cadeby

The New Colliery Sinkings at Cadeby.

The Storage of Explosives at Denaby.

Conisbrough Burial Board – A suggestion

Conisbrough Burial Board – Oh Dear !


Dangers in Conisborough

Prize Fights at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Miner fined for a Breach of Rule

A Mysterious Denaby Pit Boy

Carelessness in Mines – Narrow Escape at Denaby.

Cruelty by Pit Lads – How Ponies Are Ill Treated Underground