Sad Drowning Case – Going to Skate and Falling into the Canal

Dinner to Work people

The Cooper Musical Family

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-Operative Society.

Colliers and their Earnings

Denaby leads Collieries in 1890

The Cadeby Colliery.

Local Trade in 1890

The Burial Question at Conisbro’ – Lively Proceedings.

The Conisborough Burial Ground.

The Sanitary State of Conisbro’


Conisbro’ Parish Church Annual Tea

Ecclesiastical Affairs at Denaby Main

Census 1891 – Conisborough Church Street

The Distress at Mexbro’, Denaby and Conisbro’.

Crime and Courts

Larceny at Mexbro’.


Accident in the Hunting Field

Industry and Commerce

The Burial Question at Conisborough

The New Medical Officer.

Crime and Courts

A Satisfactory Settlement.

An Untruthful Parent at Denaby.

Man and Wife From Denaby

Drunk or a Fit.

Drunkenness at Denaby, Swinton & West Melton

Drunkenness at Wath, Denaby & Kilnhurst

Drunks at Kilnhurst, Denaby, Wath & Swinton

Brutal Assault at Conisborough – Saturating Wife With Paraffin – Red-Hot Poker Applied.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Flour Mills.

Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 1 – Preparation & Mr Witty

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 2  – Underground – Arteries – Refuge – Endless Rope & Ventilation

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 3 – Spontaneous Combustion, Pit Ponies, Mice & Output

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 4 – Dangers, Careful Dick & Narrow Escape

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 5 – Return – Fine Dust, Cupolo shaft, Mid-Summer to Mid Winter

Editorial – Local Government for Conisborough ?

Local Government at Conisborough – Proposal to Form Local Board.

The Coming Census.



Scarcity of Water at Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Labourers and their “Drops.”

Firing of a Gun on the Highway at Conisborough


A Pitch In of Mexborough Buses

Industry and Commerce

 Denaby Main Co-operative Society

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Action Against the Yorkshire Miners Permanent Relief Fund – lmportant to Injured Miners.

Alarming Cage Accident at Denaby Main.

Chapter of Accidents at Mexbro’ Montagu

New Pit at Cadeby

St. John Ambulance Association – Denaby Main Colliery Class.



Concert at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Joke

Dog without a Licence at Denaby

The Dog or the Muzzle ?

The Hard Swearing Case from Conisborough

Threats at Conisborough

A Conflict of Evidence.


The Late Sergeant

Industry and Commerce

A Disobedient Young Collier.

Prize Fight by Denaby Colliers.

The New Waywarden


Wesleyan Methodism at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

A Disorderly Wedding Guest at Conisborough

A Driver and the Cyclists at Conisborough

Disorderly at a Conisborough Inn

Gambling at Conisborough

A Defaulting Barge Man

Singular Conduct at Conisborough


Serious Accident at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

The Development of Cadeby “Rattles”

Conisbro’ Gas Works.


Botanists at Conisbro’.

The Serious Flood in the Doncaster District.

Visit of the Price and Princess of Wales to South Yorkshire

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Miner on a Spree

Imposing on a Conisborough Innkeeper

Serious Charge

Murderous Assault at Conisborough


Batted Through Innings – Not Out 0 !


Infant Death from Asphyxia

Scene with a Traction Engine – Boy Killed.

Serious Accident to a Boy

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Youth Suffocated at the Orgrave colliery.

Fatal Termination to Colliery Accident

Breach of Colliery Special Rule 4 – Peggy Marks

Breach of Colliery Special Rule 4  – Throwing a Beesom

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Denaby.


Hospital Demonstration

Hospital Sunday at Conisbrough – Successful Gathering

Crime and Courts

A Miner and His Debts – Censure by the Judge.

Alleged Breach Of The Licensing Act -. Hard Swearing.

Claim for Damages at Conisborough – Injunction Granted.

Assaulting a Cyclist at Conisborough


Drowned While Bathing At Denaby.

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main

Fatal Result of Stopping to Drink at Conisborough

Fatality to a Married Woman at Conisborough.

Remarkable Occurrence at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire Collieries and The Hull Coal Trade – August 14, 1891


A Wesleyan Chapel For Denaby Main.

Primitive Methodist Minister – Rev. John Gair

Crime and Courts

Negligent Driving At Mexborough.

Serious Charge Against a Conisborough Gentleman.

Serious Charge against a Gentleman at Driffield.

Serious Charge against a Travelling Photographer – Rape on a Conisborough Girl.

Walking Without Legs at Conisbro’

Buying a Prisoner’s Confession.

Assault At Denaby.


Desperate Prize Fight at Denaby Main – 63 Rounds Fought.


Alarming Bus Accident

The Result of Playing Truant from Sunday School.

Industry and Commerce

Colliery Offences at Denaby

Colliery Offences

The South Yorkshire Coalfield.

The Home Rule Question at Conisbro’ – An Appeal to the Highway Board


Denaby Main Church Sunday School Festival.

Crime and Courts

Refusing to Quit at Denaby Main

Alleged Thefts by Boys.

Stealing a Motty at Denaby Main Colliery


Fire at Ferry Farm

Narrow Escape

Industry and Commerce

Co-operative Conference – 1. Chairman’s Remarks

Co-operative Conference – 2. Webb’s Paper

Co-operative Conference – 3. Delegates Comments

Notes From Conisborough – The Co-operative Conference

“Why Should Conisborough Wait.”


“Strafforth Sands.”

Crime and Courts

A Dog Scene at Conisborough.

Drunk, Disorderly & Obscene Language

Horse Astray at Denaby.

Obscene Language at Mexborough

Reckless Conduct of Youths on the Railway

Prosecution by the Denaby Main Colliery Company – A Severe Penalty.

Theft of Denaby Main Coal

Brutal Attack on Brothers – Scene after Marionette Show – Exemplary Punishment.


Colliery Offence from Denaby Main


Burning Fatality at Denaby Main.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Co-Operative Society – Annual Tea and Meeting.

Notes from Conisborough – Cadeby Colliery Sinking Apace

Notes From Conisborough – Colliery Cottages

Notes From Conisborough – Kilner Brothers

Notes from Conisborough. Local Government


Conisborough Chrysanthemum Society – Seventh Annual Exhibition.

Notes From Conisborough – Chrysanthemums & Crags

Notes From Conisborough – Good Wages and Packmen

Crime and Courts

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Denaby

Conisborough Innkeeper in Trouble.

Notes From Conisborough – False Swearing & Outrageous Assaults

Traction Engine Owner Fined.

Conisborough Assault Case

Double Assault at Denaby

Poker Assault at Denaby


Conisborough Town Football Club – Presentation to the Treasurer

Conisbrough Town  4 Swinton Wanderers  4 

Industry and Commerce

Suffocated At The Powder Works At Denaby – A Dangerous Occupation.


Conisborough School Board

Lecture on Vaccination at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

A Conisbrough Youth and his Employer

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisborough

Drunk at Denaby

Drunken Freak At Denaby – Beer, Port & Rum – Tale of Two Ducks

Gambling at Conisborough

Negligent Miner at Denaby.


Conisborough Domestic Servant in Trouble.

Another Row at Denaby.


Conisborough Town 9 Hexthorpe Wanderers 1

Soldier – Ramsey J.W. – Wounded in 22 Places (picture)