Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery -The New Pit.

Shops – Spring Fashions at Maria’s


Expect Yours Was A Holiday Christmas, But For them It was different

Silver Wedding – Mr and Mrs Mullins

England is Paradise Says U.S.A. Visitor

Whose Double Is This Girl? (picture & video)

Wedding – Beale & Moderate (picture)

Wedding – Cooper & Ball (picture)

Wedding – Hickson & Proctor (picture)

Wedding – Taylor & White (picture)

Industry and Commerce

They See How Their Local Paper is Run (pictures)

South Yorkshire Industrial Review – Showing Enterprise and Confidence.


Out of the Teapot (picture)

Conisbrough Pensioners enjoying their Christmas Party (picture)

Denaby W.R.V.S. Over 60’s Club’s New Year’s party (picture)

Hickleton Street Community Centre Old Time Dancing (picture)

Morley Place Junior School on BBC Television (picture)

Young Musicians in the Making . . . (picture)

Crime and Courts

Police Hunt Man Who Attacked 13-years-old Girl at Conisbrough


Denaby & Cadeby Cricket Team about 1913 (picture)

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Frickley Colliery 4 – United’s Two Holiday Goals

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Selby Town 1. – Denaby Pulled Back Too Soon


The Anniversary Waltz

British Junior Championships (picture)

Denaby Family Now a ‘League Of Nations’

Dancing Partners to Wed

Wedding – Conlon & O’Malley (picture)

Wedding – Harby & Lovell (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Shops – Buckley & Mee

Shops – Allen & Watson

Shops – Frigidaire Washeteria

Shops – G. & B. Blagden

Shops – G.S Coe & Son

Shops – J. E. Greathead & son

Shops – Keith’s Discount Store

Shops – North Cliff Motors

Shops – Photographic Bargains – E H Dickinsons

Shops – Radio Television Sales Service

Shopping in Conisbrough and Denaby

Pubs – The Red Lion

Presentation for Long Service (picture)

Retirement Celebration Dinner (picture)

Conisbrough Urban Councils Modernisation Plan

Development Inquiry – No Objectors Present


Denaby Salvation Army Annual Tea

Fullerton Hospital Gardner Retires

Japanese floral arrangement (picture)

Northcliffe High School Speech Day (picture)

Northcliffe High School Speech Day – Guest Speaker

They Met The Stars


Conisbrough Cricket Club Dinner-Dance

Denaby Utd – Hallam 0 Denaby 2 – Abandoned With Denaby on Top

Demaby Utd – Hatfield Main 0  Denaby 1 – Effort, Poise, From Denaby


Golden Wedding – Couple Met in Denaby Church Choir (picture)

Awards For Rescue Attempt (picture)

Former Conisbrough Woman Hits US Stage (picture)

Tom Hill Youth Club at Youth Drama Festival (picture)

We’re Rooting For “Boom Bang-A-Bang” (video)

Wedding – Cocksedge &Buttery (picture)

Wedding – Edmond & Kitchen (picture)

Wedding – Fawkes & Ward (picture)

Wedding – Hardman & McNicol

Wedding – Haywood & Goel

Wedding – Jones & Abel (picture)

Wedding – Jones & Peters

Wedding – Philips & Liversidge (picture)

Wedding – Poole & White (picture)

Five a Side Under 12 Finalists (picture)

Guides of the 33rd Rotherham (Conisbrough) Group (picture)

Songwriter and Mandolin Player (picture)

Industry and Commerce

It Tickles Their Fancy

Head Timekeeper Retires

Retirement Presentation


Gift to the Curate (picture)

Conisbrough Pageant

“Forgotten City” Claim At Conisbro’

Public Outcry Against Arcade


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Hatfield Main 2 – Denaby’s Defence Were Careless


Angler Leaps Fully Clothed Into Canal to Save Girl Of 11 (picture)

Golden Wedding – Mr & Mrs Goulding (picture)

Wedding- Martin & Jackson (picture)

Wedding- Whittington & Simpkins (Picture)

Wedding- Ashton & Muller (Picture)

Wedding – Harries & Wood – Groom from Cheshire

Wedding – Hall & Barker (picture)

Wedding – Poole & Kerry (picture)

Wedding – Mountford & Briggs (picture)

Wedding – Sykes & Roberts (Picture)

Wedding- Jones & Wadsworth (Picture)

Michael’s Poems (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Retirement from Cadeby Main Colliery

Pottery Chimney Felled 70 Years Ago

Jenkins Hits Crisps

Golf Course Plan for Conisbrough is Approved


All from Bits and Pieces (picture)

No Room at School Means 30 May Lose up to a Year’s Education


Denaby Utd – Norton Woodseats 0   Denaby 1 – Denaby win at Norton

Denaby Utd – Ossett Albion 3  Denaby 0 – Ossett Do Double          

Mike Prendergast, Potential ‘Star’

St. George’s Cup 1925-26

Yorkshire League Table – April 5, 1969

Conisbrough Club Take Up Challenge

Insight into archery at Conisbrough Castle W.M.C

Harold Sapey Is Denaby’s New Boss

Denaby Utd – Bridlington Town 4 Denaby 1 – United Suffer at the Seaside

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5, Thorne Colliery 1 – United Had Field Day


Bus and Tanker in Collision (picture)

Didn’t See Himself on Television Show (picture)

John is Top Shot (picture)

Wedding – Beardsley & Sewell (picture)

Wedding – Best & Genders (picture)

Wedding – Cooper & Beardsley (picture)

Wedding – Croft & Wainwright (picture)

Wedding- Day & Lindley

wedding – Geoffrey & Parkin (picture)

Wedding – Holden & Groves (picture)

Wedding – MaCaffery & Baxendale

Wedding – Bunting & Nicholls (picture)

Wedding- Noonan & Merrin (picture)

Wedding- Plumtree & Oliver

Wedding – Plumtree & Oliver (picture)

Wedding – Stafford & Wright (picture)

Wedding – Thompson & Ayres (picture)

Youth’s Prompt Mouth-To-Mouth Treatment Saves Great-Aunt’s Life

Industry and Commerce

What About Our Tennis?- Plea


Annual Tea

Catholic Church May Procession

St Alban’s Church May Procession (picture)

New Vicar And His Family (picture)

New Vicar visits Denaby (picture)

St. Alban’s Catholic Church May Procession (picture)

Diocesan Girls Friendly Society Rally

“How Green was My Valley?

School Governors Will Say ‘Thank You’ To Staff By Giving Them A Party.

Denaby Saint Alban School Weekend in London (picture)


Denaby United – Kiveton Park 2  Denaby 1- Farsley Celtic 2  Denaby 1 – No Title Hopes as Denaby Lose

Doncaster Division II League Winner’s

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3, Thackley 1 – Strong Victory For Denaby.

Montagu Cup History


Denaby Girl Will Taste Life In ‘Kibbutz’

Wedding – Fahy & Boldry (picture)

Wedding – Baxendale & Jackson (picture)

Wedding – Bowyer & Scott – Wedding of Conisbrough Cricketer

Wedding – Coupe & Till (picture)

Wedding – Haigh & Turner (picture)

Wedding – Staniforth & Hardy (picture)

Denaby Parish Church Girl Guides (picture)

Junior Champion at Her First Attempt (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Don’t Be Stumped – Have a Wig in Your Wardrobe

Conisbrough Civic Parade (picture)


Conisbrough Parish Church Spring Fair. (picture)

Parish Church’s Spring Fair

Conisbrough Hospital’s Garden Party.

Fancy Dress Competition.(picture)

Thumbing A Lift at Conisbrough Hospital’s Garden Party (picture)

Parish Church Garden Party

Fullerton Hospital Patients & Facilities

They Rightly Proud of Fullerton – Saga of a Hospital (pictures)

They’re Rightly Proud of Fullerton – Saga of a Hospital

They’re Rightly Proud of Fullerton -The Staff and Patients

Rowens Infants School Rose Queen

Old Denaby Church of England School Queen.

First Estate Of New Denaby.

Wheatley Street – The Key To No. 43 (picture)

46th Rotherham (Denaby) Pack


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 92 all out S.P.T. 93 for 8

League Clubs Snap Up Six From Conisbro’ Boys’ Club

Seventy– three Years of Montagu Cup History

Cricket Results – June 21, 1969 – Waited For Pitch To Dry, Down It Came Again.

Cricket Results – June 28, 1969


19 Year Old Died In Motorcycle Accident.

Wedding Harrop & Jenkinson (picture)

Wedding- Clark & Hare (picture)

Wedding – Walker & Pattison (picture)

Wedding- Baxendale & Jackson (picture)

Wedding- Burdett & Kay.(picture)

Wedding- Davies & Sharples

Wedding – Fletcher & Atkins

Wedding- Halifax & Hull (picture)

Wedding- Meek & Barker (picture)

Wedding – MacDonald & Saxton – Party Flew From the Hebrides (picture)

Conisbrough Girl Sets Up National Javelin Record (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Conisbrough Firm Are Dollar Earners.

Youngest Councillor at Conisbro’ (picture)


Conisbrough G.F.S Rose Queen.

Dress Rehersal For School Open Day. (picture)

Conisbrough Urban Council Swimming Gala (picture)

Denaby Baths Swimming Gala (picture)

The Skirl Of The Pipes Will Echo Down The Denaby Glens.

Conisbrough Northcliffe High School – Music In The Air.

Ivanhoe School Fair – Roaring Trade At The Jumble Stall. (picture)

Sports At Northcliffe High School. (picture)

Race At Denaby Baths.

Small Frame But A Big, Big Heart.


Around the Yorkshire Council Fields – July 19, 1969

100 Years’ Cricket


All The Fun Of The Fair.

Prizewinners In The Miss Whitby Contest. (picture)

2 Years In Germany.

Holidaying In The Arctic Circle At Age Of Eighty Six.

Arranging A Theme On Health (picture)

Backyard Giant in Firbeck Street (picture)

Wedding- Tillotson & Walton.

Wedding- Davies & McSeveney.

Wedding- Ashurst & Bailey (picture)

Wedding- Ashurst & Bailey (picture)

Wedding- Booth & Race.

Wedding- Booth & Race.(picture)

Wedding- Cresswell & Gordon.

Wedding- Ellmer & Sidney (picture)

Wedding- Hanson & Hanson (picture)

Wedding- Kelly & Knight.(picture)

Wedding- Knight & Howarth.

Wedding- Mark & Nightingale (picture)

Wedding- Ogley & Wright. (picture)

Wedding- Tyas & Foster (picture)

Wedding- Wilkinson & Bartlett.(picture)

Conisbro’ Boy Poet Auditioned For TV.

Industry and Commerce

Doncaster Road Service Station (picture)

Derailment Of Several Coal Trucks (picture)


Conisbrough Mission Church’s Display.

Denaby St. Alban’s Garden Party.

Fun At The Garden Party. (picture)

Conisbrough Meals on Wheels – Lucky Straws.

St Alban’s Garden Party (picture)

Spinning The Wheel Of Fortune.

Arranging Their Missionary Theme.

Conisbrough Station Hotel’s Angling Club Prize Winners.

Another Find For Local Students.


Denaby United Team Photo (picture)

Angling Club Dinner & Presentation. (picture)

Getting Ready For The Sports.

World Archery Championships (picture)

“Join Us” Call By Denaby Team.

Denaby Welfare Angling Club’s Dinner.

Filming In Denaby.


Calling In a Petition.

Wedding- Morley & Jamieson (picture)

Wedding- Ward & Eastell (picture)

Wedding- Martin & Scoshorne (picture)

Wedding- Hare & O’Hara (picture)

Wedding- Foreman & Davis.(picture)

Wedding- Scales & Hubery.

Diamond Wedding.

Wedding- Hare & Tyas.

Wedding- Hornung & Askey (picture)

Wedding- Jones & Ward (picture)

Happily Playing In The Sandpit. (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Ringing Up The Price Of A Sale (picture)

At 73 He Didn’t Want To Retire.

Deadlock Continues In Cadeby Strike.

Protection of Life from Fire Certificate (picture)


Planning The Denaby Main Revolution.

Research Brings Nursery School Boost To Area (pictures)


Setting Out To Compete In a 260 Mile Rally (picture)

Donkey Derby- Ellershaw Road Recreation Ground.

Denaby Utd – Bridlington Town 0 Denaby 2 – Promising Start To The Season

Miner’s Son, Alan Sunderland, Has Signed For The Wolves. (picture)


Fanny Hoskins 100th Birthday Celebration

Man Flies To Bermuda To Become A Chef.

Wedding- Appleton & Robinson.

Wedding- Barber & Reading.

Wedding – Enfield & Colleridge (picture)

Wedding– Luke & Foweather (picture)

Wedding – Richardson & Drury (picture)

Wedding – Sanderson & Lyon (picture)

Helping Her New Friends

Industry and Commerce

75,000 Tons Lost So Far Throughout Cadeby Pit Strike

Serious Effects of The Strike


Conisbrough Wesley Methodist Church Play Group Wig Party (picture)

Changing Face of Don and Dearne

Changing Face of Don and Dearne – Recent Developments


Denaby United 2   Heeley Amateurs 0

Angling Contest- East Africa.

Denaby Utd – Wombwell 1 Denaby 1 – Draw Was Fair Result.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Thackley  0 – Penalty Says Denaby’s Bacon


21st birthday – Anne & Robert Marshall (picture)

Golden Wedding – Mr & Mrs Inman (picture)

Miss Doncaster Rover Finalist (picture)

Wedding – Davies & Clarke (picture)

Wedding – Goodinson & Mosley (picture)

Wedding – Hill & Winfield (picture)

Wedding –Mason & Greenfield (picture)

Wedding – McGowan & Turner (picture)

Wedding – Wake & Hammond (picture)

Wedding – Wyatt & Harrop (picture)

Paul 9, Pens Eight Lines of Prize Winning Verse

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Colliery Pensioners Tea (picture)


Changing Face Of All Saints

Conisbrough Baptist Church Christmas Fayre

Conisbrough Castle – Visit & Research

Girl Guides Blankets for Conisbrough Hospital (picture)

Exchange Project an Educational Breakthrough

How to Get The Ship in The Bottle (picture)

New York Professor at Morley Place (picture)

Rossington Street P.T.A. Christmas Fayre (picture)

Three Ships in One Bottle (picture)


Denaby Utd – Denaby 3, Bridlington Trinity 0 – Bridlington Had No Real Answer

Denaby Utd – Denaby 6, Anfield Plain 3 – Scent of Wembley Inspired Denaby

Stephen Gives up Studies to Play for Rotherham (picture)

A Look into the Past

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3, Frecheville 1- Division 1 ‘Toppers’

Denaby Utd – Should Go Places in New Competition Denaby United 4, Hull Brunswick 0


From Daylands Ave. To Canada

Wedding – Auty & White (picture)

Wedding – Denman & Stocks (picture)

Wedding – Mangham & Hinchcliffe (picture)

Wedding – Reynolds & Scott (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Co-Op Closures K.O. Denaby Store


Denaby Rossington Street School Nativity (picture)

Where the Reresby Name at Denaby Comes From

Wives Played Soccer To Help Striking Mining Husbands (picture)


Yorkshire League Table – December 13th 1969

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Frecheville 3 – Frecheville Turn Tables Over ‘Toppers’

Conisbrough and Denaby Fanciers


Wedding- Hallam & Cliffe (picture)

The “Backroom Ladies”. (picture)