Conisborough Children

Church Street

Colliery Offices

The Poplars

Industry and Commerce

Doctor Williams Pink Pills for Pale People – Critical Condition of Conisbro’ Woman.


Slandered Denaby – Apology Tendered.

Crime and Courts

Trouble at the Alma Inn

Window Breaking at Denaby

Cruelty to a Denaby Pony


Billiards – Conisbrough v Denaby

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Montrose Works 0

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4  Montrose Works 0

Denaby Utd – Denaby 11 Kimberworth 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Aston Coal Coy 2

Denaby Utd – Denaby  2  Aston Coal Company 2

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Conisbro’ 1

Hatchard Cup – Division 1 Table – January 29, 1900

Conisborough St Peters – Hatchard Cup Division 1 – Results

Denaby Utd – Results – January 1900


Boer War – Teddy Gregory

Boer War – Tim Roper

Industry and Commerce

Failure of Conisborough Miller

Denaby Ash Pit Neglect


Parochial Tea at Conisbrough

Temperance Meeting at Denaby Main

News – Drowning Escape – Burning Fatality – Mental Disorder

The Supply of Beer to Under Age Children

Crime and Courts

Breaches of Colliery Rules.

Wilful Damage at Denaby


Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Conisbrough 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Swallownest 0


St Patrick’s Day Concert at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

College Students at a Coal Mine

The Position of Colliery Surfacemen.

Conisbro’ & Urban Powers. Opposition by Colliery Company

County Council Inquiry at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Contravening Bye-Laws.

Doncaster Police Cases

Alleged Shop Breaking.


Denaby Utd – Conisbrough 1 Denaby United 3

Denaby United Football Club – Benefit Concert

Denaby & Cadeby Main Cricket Club Smoking Concert

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society – Dividend 5 shillings in £

Urban Powers – 1 The Day’s Proceedings

Urban Powers – 2. Mr Holmes Evidence – The Water Supply

Urban Powers – 3 Something about the Rates

Urban Powers – 4. A Rural Councillor’s Evidence


Ambulance Work at Denaby Main

Birthday Club’s Trip to London – Dirty Dicks & Sam’s Folly

Crime and Courts

Denaby Labourer’s Responsibility

Breach of Colliery Rules – Dangerous Actions

Breach of Colliery Rules – Hanger On’s Orders


Denaby Utd – Swinton 1 Denaby 2

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Rotherham Town 0

Conisbro CC – Conisbrough 55 for 5 Hope Glass Works 18


News from a Denaby Soldier


Conisborough School Board – The Clerkship

Crime and Courts

Domestic Quarrels at Conisborough

Worst Village – 1. Mr Buckingham Pope in Witness Box

Worst Village – 2. Plaintiff’s Summing Up

Worst Village – 3. Defendant’s Summing Up

Worst Village – 4. Judge’s Summing Up and Verdict

Worst Village – Buckingham Pope v Eastern Morning & Hull News

Bashed with a Beer Bottle at Denaby

Serious Assault at Denaby

Denaby Football Club Dinner


Conisbro CC – Conisborough 28 Mitchell’s Main 117 for 7

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 47 Swinton 116

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 41 Houghton United 23

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 66 Denaby 107

Denaby Cricket Club Special Committee Meeting

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 39 Mexborough 77

Industry and Commerce

Cadeby, Conisborough, and Denaby – Urban District Recommended.

Conisborough Water Supply


Conisborough rejoices over Lord Roberts´s success at Pretoria

Crime and Courts

Disorderly Behaviour at New Conisbro

Gaming with Coins at Conisbro

Mafeking Spree at Conisborough

Not Giving Warning with Bicycle at Conisborough

Obscenity at Conisbro’

Shocking Case at Conisbrough – Acting as wife at 15 years of Age

A Strange Suicide of a Lad.

Robbery from the Person.


Conisbro CC – Old Albion Brewery 51 Conisborough 82

Conisbro CC – Hope Glass Works 124 for 4 Conisborough 123

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 138 for 7 Balby 70

Conisbro C C – Wombwell Main 160 for 5 Conisborough 84


Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough 84 for 4 Denaby 54

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 67 Rawmarsh 118 for 5

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 90 Wath Athletic 51

Conisbro CC – Mexborough 127 Conisborough 39


Denaby Girl killed at Cleethorpes

Industry and Commerce

E. Robinson Undertaker (advert)

Trip From Conisborough.


Choral Society on the Wane

Hospital Demonstration at Conisborough.

Pride of Conisborough Lodge

Indian Famine Fund Formed at Conisborough

Boer War – Letter from a Denaby Ambulance man

Boer War – Letter from Seat of War – Camp Fire Explodes

Boer War – Letter from Tim Roper, Denaby Footballer

Boer War – Reservist´s War Experiences – Lord Kitchener’s Orderly

Boer War – Return of a Denaby Reservist

Crime and Courts

Serious Assault on a Mexborough Woman.

Neighbours Quarrel at Denaby.

Domestic Trouble at Conisborough.

A Denaby Deserter

A Denaby Miner and His Watch

Abduction By A Miner

Conisborough Tipplers

Conisborough Tipplers

Obscene Language at Conisborough

Extraordinary Suicide – Pedlar jumps into River

Strange Suicide at Conisborough

Turnip Thefts at Conisborough

Fighting At New Conisborough.


Conisborough Cricket Club Sports

Conisborough Cricket Week.

Conisborough 55 Hickleton Main 53

Mixed Cricket at Conisborough – Ladies 82 Gentlemen 76

Novel Cricket Match – Starts at 2 a.m. !

Denaby & Cadeby – Wath, Rawmarsh, Swinton & Aldwarke Park

Conisborough CC – Braithwell, Hickleton and Rawmarsh

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Miners and the Wage Question


Conisborough Notes – Beautiful Village – Butcher buys a Refridgerator

Conisborough Notes – Urban District Appeal – Pitiless Rain – Indian Famine

Conisborough Notes – Park Road Sanitation

Crime and Courts

Family Trouble at Conisborough

A Trivial Case from Conisborough

“Banker” at Conisbrough

Card Playing at Conisborough

Conisborough Drunks

Denaby Drunks

Masterful Denaby Woman

Surety for a Denaby Man

The Denaby Abduction Case.

Fighting at Denaby

Alleged Assault at Denaby

Fighting at Denaby


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 59 Houghton United 37

Denaby Main 57 Conisborough 48 – Harrison’s Benefit

Conisborough C.C. – Wombwell, Balby and Swinton


Accident at Cadeby Main

Brave Policeman at Denaby Main

Wedding – Booth & Hempsal – Interesting Wedding at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Liberal Candidate Talks to Miners at Denaby Main


New Protestant Church at Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board – Tenders for New Schools

Tim Roper Returns

Crime and Courts

Disobeying the Orders of a Deputy


Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Rotherham  0 – Good Entry into Association League

Denaby & Cadeby – Rotherham 94 for 7 Denaby 90

Conisborough CC – Conisborough 33 for 8 Hickleton 102

Mexborough League – Final Table

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Wath 0 – Denaby dance round Wath

Denaby Utd – Worksop Town 3 Denaby 2 – Twice Winning but lose

Industry and Commerce

Bargains at Whitaker’s (advert)

Denaby Main Co-op – Centuries of Coal to be Mined in Yorkshire

Urban Powers


Wesleyan Bazar – “Worst Village” Libel

Crime and Courts

Yorkshire Fisheries Board – Important Prosecution

Burglary Epidemic

Impudent Robbery in Conisborough

Stealing Apples at Ravenfield.


Denaby & Cadeby Main United Cricket Club – Flourishing Condition

Denaby Utd – Swinton 2 Denaby 2 – Surprising Show at Swinton

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 United Reserve 3 – Denaby Outclassed at Home

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Wombwell 3 – Denaby Secure Couple of Points.

Sheffield Association League – October 26, 1900

Industry and Commerce

Proposed New Cooperative for Conisborough.

Conisborough Councillors at Variance – Abusive Language


Denaby Main Orchestral Society – Successful Concert

Shakespeare’s Church and the Fullerton’s of Thrybergh, and Denaby.

Crime and Courts

Denaby Man gave a Wrong Name

A Conisbrough Deserter

An Unruly Conisborough Miner

The Beer Victims.

Without Gun Licence at Denaby

Fighting at Mexborough


Denaby & Cadeby United Dinner – New Professional Engaged

Denaby Utd – Wath 1 Denaby 1 – Denaby Draw at Wath

Denaby Utd – Hunslet 1 Denaby 1

Denaby Utd – Sheffield Club 0 Denaby 5 – Dashing Display by Denaby

Crime and Courts

Quarrelsome Denaby Man


Letter from South Africa

Industry and Commerce

Proposed New Cooperative in Conisborough – Work Beginning

The New Schools. – A Heated Discussion.

The New Schools – Comment


Father Kavanagh and his Flock.

Crime and Courts

Alleged Persistent Cruelty at Denaby

Neglecting to Maintain a Wife at Denaby

Refusing to Quit the Denaby Main Hotel

Theft of a Purse at Conisbro’


Sheffield Association League Table – Dec 28, 1900

Denaby Utd – Thornhill 3 Denaby 0 – Denaby Defeated at Thornhill

Industry and Commerce

The people who lost their lives – Where they are buried

The People who lost their lives – Where they Lived