Cadeby, Conisbro’, And Denaby – Urban Powers


Fire at Conisborough Brickyard

Conisborough Cricket Club Annual Ball

Death of Father of Famous Footballer

Death of Mr George Kilner, Thornhill Lees

Death of Mr Swaby, of Denaby Main

Death of the Conisborough Town Cryer

Wanted, Everyone To Know – C.A. Cranidge, Bone-setter

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Traveller Beat a Railway Company

Silly Trick at Conisborough

How John Lost His Boots-  A Miner’s Little Adventure

Safe Robbery at Conisborough

Theft of Coal at Conisbro’

Conisborough Neighbours at Variance

Scene at New Conisborough – Wholesale Window Smashing


Denaby Parish Church – Denaby  4  Greasbro’ 1

Denaby Parish Church – Sandhill 0 Denaby P.C.3


Social Evening at Denaby Main.

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Medical Officer for Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries

Conisborough Parish Council – Dangerous Hill, Town Crier, Fire Brigade Bill

Crime and Courts

Horrible Cruelty to a Child – A Drunken Set

Unhappy Matrimonial Alliance

Cruelty to a Pit pony at Denaby Main

Denaby Scandal – Medical Man Amours – Sensational Evidence

Denaby Miners Theft.

Affairs at Conisbrough – Sergeant Brown Assaulted


Racing at the Junction Inn Grounds

A Conisborough Hero. (picture)

“A Gambling School” At Mexboro’.

Breach of Colliery Rules at The Denaby Main Colliery.

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Cadeby Main.

Brutal Attack on a Miner.

Conisboro’ Notes.

Cruelty To A Pony At Cadeby Main.

Dirty Talk at Conisborough

Fire at Conisbrough

Illegal Pawning At Conisborough

Serious Allegation Against The Police.

Wedding at Conisborough

Youthful Offenders at Conisboro’.


Serious Accident at a Farm at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Fatality At Denaby’ Main Colliery

Accidents at the Denaby Main Colliery

Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries Ltd – Debenture Stock Offer – Prospectus

Gruesome Topic. – Should Miners Cease Work When Fatality Occurs ?

Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries Ltd – Debenture Stock Offer


Conisbro’ School Board – Attendance Officer’s Salary – Irate Parent

Crime and Courts

Alleged Highway Robbery.


Denaby Parish Church 0 Birdwell 2 – Montagu Cup – A Scene.

Doncaster Rovers Reserve 2 Denaby Parish Church 1

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Conisborough.

Singular Fatal Accident at the Conisbro’ Glassworks.

Denaby Main Miners and the Compensation Act.

Lundhill Colliery History

The Denaby Main Rating Assessment

Breach of the Factory Acts

Denaby Rating Assessment Case – The Award.

Conisborough and Urban Powers.

Conisborough Rural District Election – Conservative Victory

Home Rule for Conisbrough – (Mexborough & Swinton Times Editorial)

Crime and Courts

Scene at New Conisborough

Being on Licensed Premises – A Trumpery Charge

Being on Licensed Premises – Summons Dismissed

The Gambling Mania.

Leniently Dealt With.

Robbing a Lodger at Denaby

An Assault at Conisborough


Doncaster Rovers’ Reserves 1. Denaby Parish Church 2 – South Yorkshire League Semi-Final


Death of a Child at Conisborough – Too Much Infants’ Preservative – Mother Censured.

Interesting Wedding at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Conisboro’ Parish Council – Fire Brigade – Mr Butcher Taken To Task. – Water & Post

Conisborough Parish Council


The Invasion of London – How Fox Inn Took Possession of the Greatest City ( photos & videos)

Conisborough Notes – Cricket, Football, Bicycle Mania, Miners Demonstration

Conisborough School Board – New Schools – Appeal To Parents – Urban Powers Question.

Crime and Courts

Objecting To Swine Fever Regulations.

“Running Down” Case at Denaby.

Serious Allegation against the Police.

Week End Drunks

Assaulting the Police

Highway Robbery with Violence


Denaby Parish Church 2 v Mexborough West End 1 – Cup Final

Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association.


Expedition From Conisbrough

Industry and Commerce

Kilner’s Jubilee

Conisborough and Urban District Powers – Final Day of the Inquiry.

Conisborough and Urban District Powers – County Council Inquiry.


Subscriptions deducted From Wages.

Conisbrough Notes – Eagle & Child Singers – Sunday School Festivals – Vicar’s Injury

Crime and Courts

Oiling a Colliery Brake At Denaby.

Alleged Unlawful Wounding of a Gamekeeper

Fracas at a Conisborough Inn.


Wath 67 Conisborough 66 – Narrow Win for Wath

Industry and Commerce

Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery.

Denaby Main Institute.


Fair at Conisborough Castle (picture)

The History Of Conisborough Castle – Sheffield Deacons Fraternal At Conisborough

Hospital Demonstration

Conisborough Notes – Lively Week End – Bicycle Fever

Progress at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Brutal Assault at Conisbrough

Case From Conisborough – Two Colliers Get Six Months Each.

Lively doings at Conisbrough


Conisbrough 14 Hickleton Main 41 for 2 – Feast Farce !

Conisbrough 36  Braithwell 32; Conisbrough 74  Wadworth 21

Wath 67 Conisborough 66

Industry and Commerce

Conisbro’ Parish Council – The Urban Powers Question


Temperance Mission at Denaby – Successful Sunday. Meetings

Burcroft Feast and Sport

Cadeby Feast

Conisborough Notes – Mr Chambers – School Board – Mushrooms – Typhoid – Urban Powers

Conisborough Notes – Organist – Nearly Struck by Lightning

Conisborough’s Water Problem – Dam in the Brook

Where is the Post Office?

Crime and Courts

A Separation Order.

After The Apples

Assault at Conisborough.

Riding In a Pit

Alleged Assault at Conisborough

Ructions At New Conisborough


Conisborough 25 Balby 26 for 5

Conisbrough 30   Swinton (2 wkts) 34

Presentation of the South Yorkshire Cup and Medals at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

Rating Assessment

Conisborough Parish Council – Cemetery – Sewage and River – Pinder and Pinder’s House – North Cliff Footpath


Conisborough Castle Fishing Club (video)

Conisborough – Advance Accepted – Baptist Chapel – New Resident – Loss of Engineman

Conisborough Notes – Three Horse Shoes Landlord – Mail Cart Drivers Suicide – School Board – Ghost – Doncaster Races

Conisbro’ School Board.

Technical Education at Denaby Main – Coal Mining Lecture.

Crime and Courts

Neglecting a Wife – Cowardly Assault

A Conisbro’ Militiaman.

A Paltry Case from Conisborough

Capture of Poachers Near Doncaster.

Poaching Offence at Cadeby

They were drunk

Suicide of a Mail Cart Driver at Conisbro’.

Alleged Theft of a Pony

Alleged Assault at Conisbro

An Assault at Conisborough

Riotous Scene at Conisbro’.


Parkgate United Reserves 2 Conisbro’ St. Peters 1


Accident to Boy

Wedding – Day & Piper

Industry and Commerce

Death of First Cadeby Mason

Wage Advance

Wage Advances


New Baptist Chapel

New Organist & Choirmaster

Conisborough Notes – Evening Classes – Baptist Chapel – Coloured Clay Pipes

Conisborough School Board – Caretaker’s Wages – Precept Needed

Crime and Courts

Singular Charge Against a Wife.

Month Hard Labour for Poaching


Conisborough Cricket Club – Use of Bad Language

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Thope Hesley 0 – Hatchard Cup


Sad Burning Fatality At New Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Doctor Williams Pink Pills for Pale People (Advert), (picture)


Conisbro’ School Board

Conisbrough Notes – Urban Powers, School Caretaker, Post Office Lamp, Lively New Conisbrough, Toothache Cure

Crime and Courts

A Conisborough Rent Case.

Conisborough Drinkers

Fire at Clifton

The Betting Bye-Law

Assaults on the Police.

More Assaults on the Police

Police Constables Assaulted.


Smoking Concert at Denaby Main (videos)


Cadeby Accident

Industry and Commerce

House Building

Another Pit Accident

The New Lamps for the Fire Engine


Organ Recital at Conisborough (videos)

Sick and Dividing Societies

Conisborough Notes – Marriage, Dances, Cricket, Football and Billiards

Conisbrough Notes – Races, Holly and Cliffs

First Class Certificates

Street Music at Conisborough


Conisborough Cricket Club Public Dance

Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers Res 2  Denaby United  2

Conisbrough St Peter’s 2 Thurnscoe 0 – Football in the Dark