Christmas in Conisborough & Denaby

Denaby Cricket, Tennis, and Bowling Club Ball

Denaby Rush For  Wedlock. 

Industry and Commerce

Hull Coal Traffic.

Pits Stopped. – Some 900 Miners Idle through Defects and Water. 

Conisborough’s Fourth Park.

Conisborough’s Urban Ambition.


Christmas Events at Denaby

Crime and Courts

Set Court At Defiance. – Parents Ordered to Send Children to School.


Success of the Veteran – Money Match at Doncaster

Conisboro’ Hockey Club.

Conisboro’ Hockey Team – A Record of Victories (pictures)

Hockey – Conisbrough 6  Mexborough 1 – Fine Scoring Performance

Hockey – Conisborough 9 Swinton 4.

Industry and Commerce

Electricity & A Howitzer

The Mexboro’ Offer


Cinema – Globe Palace – The Eyes of Julie Deep

Cinema – Globe Palace (videos)

Cinema – Empire Palace – All of a Sudden Norma

Boy Scouts Rally

Cottage House Rent and Rates

Crime and Courts

Bigamy Charge.- Conisbro’ Man Arrested after Second “Wife’s” Funeral.

Gaol for Negligent Father

Dog Attacks Policeman – Conisborough Owner Fined  at Doncaster.

Failing To Register – Club Secretaries Fined


Denaby Utd – Wath Athletic 4 Denaby 0 – Denaby Go Down at Wath.


Canal Mystery Near Denaby Colliery.

Death of Caleb Kilner – Business Genius (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Urban Powers for Conisboro’


Conisbro’s Gun – Traction Engine Used To Haul It Round The Town.

Denaby’s Beauty Spot – Reply to Lady Mabel Smith

In Darkest Denaby – Lady Mabel Smith’s Sweeping Denunciation.

Crime and Courts

Two Bigamy Charges against Conisborough Miner

Aged Clergyman’s Loans.

At the Courts – Stealing a Horse Brush & Game Trespass

Four Conisbro’ Men Gaming

Unknown Man’s Suicide at Denaby.


Sport at Denaby Main

Denaby Institute v Mexborough Imp Club

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Freehold property for Sale.

Conisboro’ Gas Company

Rural Road Wages – Conisboro’ Labour Protest


Conisboro’ Vestry Meeting

Poverty of the Clergy.

113 Deaths From ’Flu.

Conisboro’ Fete – War Memorial Effort

Last, but Not Least.

Poor Denaby Miner (picture)

Cinderella – Pretty Operetta in Denaby

Crime and Courts

Denaby Assault – Loaded Rifle in Street Row

Married Woman’s Suicide.

Unknown Woman Found In Conisborough Canal.


Denaby to Apply for Admission to Midland League

Industry and Commerce

Conisboro’ Farm Fetches £5,000 at Doncaster Sale

Deep Seam Coal – Denaby Main’s £50,000 Scheme for Facilitating Output

Accident Causes A Denaby Main Set Down.

Denaby Coal

Orders against Miners For Strike Relief.

Urban Powers? New Tactics in Old Controversy at Conisbro’


Denaby Miners’ Levy for £3,500 War Memorial.

Crime and Courts

Conisboro’ Miner’s Assault – ‘Special’s’ Broken Nose


Soldier – In Memoriam – W.H.Bullock

Denaby and Cadeby 255 for 4  Doncaster Town 62

Midland League Application

Denaby & Cadeby 288 for 5  Frickley 91


Gallant Rescue – Denaby Miner’s Plucky Rescue.

Roadside Collision – Colliery Foreman’s Serious Injuries

Industry and Commerce

The Denaby Trouble – Dissatisfaction with Winding Arrangements.

The Conisboro’ Order for Urban Powers

Warmsworth Link


Parish Church Choir Outing


Denaby Relief Fund – Presentation to Officials.


Denaby & Cadeby – Plant Works 117 Denaby 120 for 5

Denaby & Cadeby C.C. – Whitsuntide Tour

Denaby United Elected to Midland League


Father Kavanagh – Denaby Catholics tribute to a Faithful Pastor

The Denaby Slander Action – Lady Mabel Sued

01. Trial Opens – Case for the Plaintiffs

02. Reporters Evidence

03. Architect’s Report – Good Water – Sweeter than Leeds

04. Mr Chambers in the Box

05. West Riding Medical Officer – In Accordance with By Laws

06. More Medical Evidence – Healthy Mining Village

07. A Denaby Mother of Nine and Final Prosecution Witnesses

08. The Case for the Defence – Lady Mabel’s Evidence

09. Dr Dunne – The Enteric (Typhoid) Epidemic

10. Architect – Worst Mining Village

11. Privvy Middens, Flies and Smells

12. Nurse Swallow’s Strong Word

13. Closing Addresses – Defendant

14. The Plaintiff’s Case

15. Summing Up and Verdict


At the Palace – Local V.C. Hero at Buckingham Palace

Denaby’s Heroes List – Record to be Proud Of


Denaby Cricket Week

Denaby United – Annual Meeting


Holiday Tragedy – Denaby Man Drowned at Matlock.

Gallant Denaby Miner – George A. Chadfield

Scout Winners and Great Jamboree


Conisborough Fete – A Rain-Spoilt Venture.

High Standard of Life         

Improvement in Roads

March Street & Holywell Lane Repair

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Contractor’s Waggons.

Dear Ride.

Fined For Street Betting and Sent To Gaol For Assault.

Domestic Servant Sent To Prison.


Cricket – Denaby District v Derbyshire (picture)

Denaby United – Prospects for the Season


Conisborough Lad Killed by Motor Van – Driver Exonerated

Denaby Celebrates Peace

Death of a Conisboro’ Worthy – W H Jones

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – Edmund Brown

Park and Playground – Denaby Collieries Company’s Proposal

Triple Alliance – No Appetite for General Strike – Local Situation

Denaby’s Happy Situation.

Conisborough Parish Council & Colliery Company.

Proposed Conisboro’ Park – Question of Right-of-Way.

Crime and Courts

Miner’s Trespass at Conisborough

Alleged Shopbreaking at Conisborough.


Denaby United – Beaten at Halifax, Compensation at Oakwell

The English Cup – Preliminary Round

Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers 3 Denaby 1 – Rovers Win with the Wind

Harrison Cup – Retained by Denaby Colliery

Denaby Utd – Castleford Town 3  Denaby United  1

Industry and Commerce

The Datum Ballot – Heavy Adverse Vote

Boys On Strike – Lightning Action That May Close Down Conisborough Works.

Conisboro’ Glass Works – A Return to Work


Conisboro’ Drum-Head Service – Lessons from Past – Vicar’s Eloquent Address.

Crime and Courts

An Old Offender from Denaby

West Riding Sessions – Shopbreaking – Prison for Miners

Unprovoked Assault


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Houghton Main Colliery  2 – Big Blow for Denaby

Denaby Main Cricket Club – Annual Meeting

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1  Chesterfield Mun 6 – Humiliating Experience

Denaby Utd – Denaby 0  Nottm Forest Res 2

Hockey – Conisbro’ Victoria 11 Woodlands 0 – Mixed Games.

Chantry – The New Denaby Skipper

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Colliery Official – Happy Gathering

Coal Strike Ended- Work Resumed Yesterday

Greater Conisbro’ – Fourth Application for Urban Powers.


Armistice Day – The Unknown Warrior – The Great Silence (videos)

Conisboro’ Local Heroes’ Fund – War Memorial

Crime and Courts

Three Months’ Imprisonment for Denaby Miners.


Denaby United to Continue.

New Signings at Denaby United

Denaby Utd – Denaby 6  Grimsby Town Res 2 – Denaby’s Surprising Win.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 6 Grimsby Town Reserve 2 – Denaby’s Bombshell


Brothers Run Down – Conisboro’ Man Killed

The Highway Tragedy at Thrybergh.

Industry and Commerce

Dencade Awarded £500 for Brixham Salvage

Good Sportsman Going

 The Glass Trade

Conisborough & Denaby Urban Powers – Opposition’s Last Stand – “As Visionary as the Milky Way.”

Ambitious Conisboro’ – Another Struggle to Secure Urban Powers.


Conisboro’ War Memorial – The Site

Crime and Courts

Ex Soldier on Charge of Drunk and Disorderly

Conisboro’ Affray – Alleged Attack on Irishmen

Conisboro’ Affray – Reference to Alleged Shooting


Denaby and Cadeby Club Annual Meeting

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4  Sheffield United Res 4 – Exciting Match at Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town  2  Denaby 1 – Big Crowd at Hampden Road

Denaby Utd – Nottingham Forest Res 7  Denaby 0 – Defeated Heavily

Dennaby Utd – Lincoln City 4 Denaby 0 – Lincoln Fortunate

Midland League – December 29, 1920

Denaby Utd – Results to December 31st, 2020

Dover United – William Henry Humphries