Denaby Main Co-operative Society

Conisborough Parish Council – Amazing Debate – Business and Motion – Committees

A Bus Scene at Denaby

A Miner’s Foolhardiness

A Modern Marvel – A Revolution in Sweet Stuff – “Sugar, Spice And All That’s Nice,”

Alarming Explosion of Gas at Conisborough – Denaby Main Hotel

Drunkenness at Christmas Time

Failure of a Conisbrough Grocer

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – John Bellis

Firth College Free Lectures

He Forgot about his Pipe

Sad attempted Suicide at Denaby – Laudanum is a Medicine

A Costly Spree

Obstructing the Highway at Conisbrough

Travelling without a ticket

Conisbrough and Consecration – The Archbishop’s Compromise

Alleged Cruelty to children

Careless Cadeby miners

Fatal Accident at Cadeby Main Colliery Yesterday – 15 Year Old Pony Driver

Horse Bolted and Injured a Man

Muzzling Order

New Hotel for Denaby just Completed


Result of a Jollification at Conisbrough

Unlawful Dog Franchise – Unmuzzled Dogs

Inhuman Parents

Unmuzzled Dogs

Conisborough Parish Council – Treasurer, Footpath, Fire Brigade, Water Supply

Sad Burning Fatality at Conisborough

Conisborough Musical Society.

Denaby Main Colliery – “Playing Days”

Denaby Notes – Swine Fever – Parish Election – New Workhouse

Denaby Pit Lads in Trouble

Free Travelling on M. S. And L. Railway

Friendly Societies Hospital Sunday at Conisborough – Annual Church Parade

Illegal Canine Franchise – Muzzling Order and Dog Owners

Inhuman Parents – On Remand Verdict

Ivanhoe Smoking Club.

New Hotel at Denaby – Denaby Main Hotel

Prize Fight at Denaby – Kilmartin v Dalton

Resignation of the Conisborough Weslayan Church Organist

Burial Board Committee – Consecration Again

Conisbrough and Consecration – Another Pitched Battle

The Terrible Accident at Cadeby Colliery – Inquest and Verdict

The Terrible Accident at Cadeby Colliery – Funeral (video)

South Yorkshire League Champions v Rest of League

Conisborough School Board

Breach of the Locomotive Act – Travelling at Rate of 3 1/2 m.p.h. (picture)

Conisborough Notes – Fire Engine – Dog Bite – Streetlight

Conisbrough Parish Council – Cemetery Lodge – Urban Council – Minnie Mow

Conisbrough Parish Council – New Fire Engine – Merryweather or Rose’s ? (pictures)

Mindless Miners

New Shop in Conisborough – Taylor, Hatter and Outfitter

Resignation of the Rev R.P.Roseveare

The Consecration Question at Conisborough

Tragedy at Denaby Main – Attempted Murder and Suicide

Without Muzzles – An Indignant Dog Owner

More Traction Engine Trouble

Dangerous Practice at Conisborough

An Unruly Railway Passenger at Conisborough Station

The Shocking Tragedy at Denaby Main – Verdict

Conisborough Cruelty to a Pit Pony

Conisborough Football Club – South Yorkshire League Champions

Conisborough Man goes to Pasteur for Treatment

Conisborough – School Board – Cases of Cruelty to Children

Costly “Bids For Fortune”

Damage to Growing Grass – A Timely Prosecution

Fatal Burning Case at Conisborough

Husband and Wife at Conisborough – A Pattern Pair

Sunday Afternoon through Denaby & Conisborough

the Fatal Accident at Cadeby colliery

The New Denaby Main Hotel – Proposed Rebuilding

The Shocking Tragedy at Denaby Main – Sensational Evidence

Conisborough notes – Village Feast, Demonstration, Botanical Rable – Trip to Scarborough

Conisborough Parish Council – The Chairman Indignant

Conisborough Parish Council – The Purchase of a Fire Engine – A Stormy Debate

Conisborough School Board – Notice of Meeting, Attendance, Wash House Building

Denaby Main Cricket v Kilnhurst, Houghton Main and Conisborough

Dangerous Offence at Cadeby Pit

Child Employed Contrary to Factory Act

Alleged Threats and Intimidation at Denaby.

Breach of Special Rule at Denaby Main

Coal Stealing at Denaby Main

Conisborough Hospital Sunday – Damp Day Damages the Undertaking

Conisborough School Board – Attendance – Scarlet Fever – Inspectors Report

Costly Amusement at Denaby

Lively Scene in the Region of Conisborough Castle

School Board Election

Ungrateful Denaby Main Miners

Conisborough Parish Council – The Question of Charities

Conisborough Parish Council – Allotments

Conisborough Parish Council – Water Supply

Conisborough Parish Council – Accounts – Election Expenses

Conisborough Parish Council – Fire Engine – Urban Powers

“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (re-trial)

Assault at Conisborough

Conisborough Farmer Summoned – The Muzzling Order

Conisborough Notes – Choir Trip – Infant School Treat – Sunday School Excursion

Conisborough School Board – Chairman Dispute

Conisborough School Board – Letter

Denaby Veteran Summoned

Important Colliery Prosecution from Denaby Main.

Ladies Cricket Match – Conisbrough 17 Braithwell 13

More Colliery Prosecutions – Negligence – “Back Stay” Rule – Illegal Practice

Mushrooming Expedition at Conisborough

Terrific Storm at New Conisborough.

“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (adjourned)

Woman’s Privilege

Workmen’s Supper – Ashfield Fire and Clay Works

Denaby Main – Denaby 103 for 5 Doncaster WE 42 – Cannot Play for Nuts or Toffee

Denaby Main – They Couldn’t Play for Toffee if They Tried ! (poem)

Crime and Courts

Threats of “Murder and Sudden Death” at Denaby.

Hull Engineers and Naval Architects – Visit to Denaby and Cadeby Collieries

Conisborough Fire Brigade – The New Fire Engine

Conisbrough Notes – Conisbrough United Brass Band – Gas Explosion – Machine Accident

Conisborough Notes – Water Scheme – Road to Doncaster Races – Workmen’s Dinner

A Pit Lad’s Cruelty to a Pony

Affray in a Train at Conisborough

Alleged Assault on a Denaby Miner’s Wife

Application Case from Denaby

Excellent Character Ruined at Denaby Main – A Repentant Thief

Important Case – A Dishonest Contractor at Denaby Main

More drunks at New Conisborough and Denaby

Matrimonial Bliss – A Violent Fellow at Conisborough.

Serious Charge – A Successful Alibi from Conisborough

Wedding – Denaby Young Lady Marries Leeds Manufacturer

Conisborough Parish Council – New Fire Engine Accepted – Water – Street Lighting

Assault at Conisborough

Bosdin’s Toffee

Conisborough Policeman Violently Assaulted

Conisbrough Cricket Club – AGM – New Secretary

Denaby Mine Infringement

Denaby Notes – Convalescent – Wakefield – Miner in Trouble – Daring Robbery of Cattle

Indecent Exposure at Conisborough

Serious Accident – Denaby Main Colliery – Two Men in Hospital

Serious Accident – Fatality

Theft of a Piece of Wood


Dispute – Top Men Hold Meeting

Dispute – Meeting of Miners – Demands and Reply

Dispute – Imminent Strike

Dispute – No Settlement – 2000 Men Leave Work – Largest Pit in Yorkshire Idle

Dispute – Meeting of the Surface Workmen

Dispute – Miners Attitude – Mr Pickard Condemns Surface Men’s Union

Conisbrough Conservative Association – Celebration of Mr Fison’s Return

A Peculiar Charge – No Name on Cart

Conisborough Miner Short of Coal

Parish Council – Merryweather – Gas Lighting – Water Scheme – District Council

Conisborough School Board – Widow’s Special Friend

Damaging a Lock at Conisborough

Drunk at Denaby – Landlord of the New Denaby Main Hotel Summoned

Fire at Conisborough

Injured Innocents at Denaby

Inquest on Blacksmith at Denaby Main

Robbery in High Street

Theft of Timber at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Cadeby Main


Dispute – Denaby Strike – No Settlement Yet – Attempts at Negotiation Futile

Dispute – Strike at Denaby – Negotiations Abandoned – Firm to the Bitter End

Dispute – Denaby Strike – Men Still Out – Friction Between Men

Dispute – Settlement Arrived at – Appeal to Underground Workmen

Dispute – Another Strike Threatened – Men Still Out Of Work

Former Strikes at Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board – Gas Stoves for Heating

Denaby Main Parish Council – Lighting – Allotments – Urban Powers

Dispute as to a Thrashing Machine at Conisborough

Drunks – Two thirds from Conisborough

Family Feud at Conisborough

Queen’s Bounty for Triplets

Sad Accident to a Denaby Youth – Dangerous Toys

Stealing Coal – Collier in Custody for Seven Days

The Denaby Main Strike

The Late Denaby Strike and a Denaby Miner and his Creditors

The State of Ivanhoe Land

Young Thieves at Denaby