Industry and Commerce

Kirby’s (advert)

Trackless Bill – Tramway Company’s Bold Scheme – Protection From Competition.

Trams to be abolished – Trackless Cars For Use – Company’s New Bill.

A Colliery Fatality.

Coal Dispute Loans – Guardians Win Test Case Against Miners – Company to Deduct Money.

Denaby Coal (Advert)

Conisborough Child Welfare Centre Opened – 100th in West Riding

Conisborough Council – A Rat Ridden District – “Shocking” Conditions

Health Of West Riding.

Rat-Infested Houses – Pied Piper Wanted At Denaby.


Conisborough Baptists to Stop Morning Services.

Crime and Courts

A Sharp Lesson -Six Months For Fraud On Guardians.

Art and Tragedy – The End of a Genius – Love and Death – Search for Fame.

Sadler’s Suicide – Conisbrough Man’s Grief for his Wife – Body in Dam


A Back in The Making – “Billy” McCracken’s Latest Deal,

Midland League Results – January 2nd

Midland League Results – January 7th

Midland League Results – January 15th

Denaby United’s New Stand

Young Denaby Defender for Hull City – Arthur Rodgers.

Midland League Results – January 21st

Midland League Table – January 25, 1929

Midland League Results – January 28th

Denaby Utd – Results to January 1929


Conisborough Baby’s Death

Five Year Old dies of Shock Following Scalds

Bandmaster’s Funeral Imposing Procession At Conisborough.

Denaby Colliery Official’s Sudden Death

Conisboro’ Man Missing.

Denaby and Cadeby ” Chief ” for Spain. (picture)

High Award For Denaby Pitman (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Children’s Playground on North Cliff Hills

Five-Shilling Journeys – Officials’ Allowances Opposed at Conisborough.


Church Worship – Listing of Services at 55 Chapels & Churches

Gloops Family Visit Denaby.

The Great Frost – Pit Stopped – Sewer Explosion – Skating – Bovril at the Pit – Street Lighting

Crime and Courts

Father’s Callous Desertion of Children


Denaby and Cadeby Cricket Programme

Denaby & Cadeby – Marked Reduction’ In Members’ Subscriptions.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Lincoln City 2 – Gallant But Disjointed, Battle With Prospective Champions.

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results – February 4, 1929

Denaby Utd – Notts County Res 0 Denaby 1 – Denaby Defeat Strong County Team.

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results – February 11th, 1929

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results – February 18th 1929

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results – February 25, 1929

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results – February 1929

Denaby Utd – Midland League Table – February 23rd


First Baby – Tragedy of Inexperience.

Accidental Death of Young Child

Child Fatally Scalded

Horse and Child – Little Denaby Boy Killed in Entry

Obituary – Mr Moses Soar – A Notable Musician (picture)

Obituary – Mr T. R. Booth – A Link with Old Conisboro’. (picture)

First Aid At 81.(picture)

Children’s Corner – Pretty Sketch (picture)

Industry and Commerce

An Ideal Holiday Picnic

New Era in Road Transport (picture)

Died After Operation – Sequel to Accident

A Denaby Presentation (picture)

Coal Boom – Brisk Trade in South Yorkshire – All Pits Busy.

Denaby Assistant Manager Appointed Manager At Maltby (picture)

Popular Mines Manager – Farewell Gifts at Denaby (picture)

Candidates for the Councils – South Yorkshire Urban and Rural Nominations – Urban Councils  

Local Election Results

The New Councillors – Men & Women Who Won First Victories (pictures)


A Denaby Puzzle – Who Are The Owners Of a Church ?

Denaby Man to Rangoon (picture)

Fire in Denaby Church.

Crime and Courts

Unemployed Organiser Fined.

Suicide Body Recovered from Don

Denaby Woman Assaulted – “Record” Black Eyes


Denaby Boxing Illness Hits Boxers

Denaby Boxing – Bert Priestley Back in Ring

Denaby Boxing – Objection To Referee – Principal Refuses to Box.

Denaby Boxing – Territorial Bouts at Denaby.

Major Leslie’s Cup Competition (picture)

Shooting Competition.

Trials With Huddersfield. (picture)

Midland League Results – March 4th 1929

Denaby Utd – Great Denaby Players

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4, Scarboro’ 3 – Denaby Back to Form in Entertaining Game

Midland League Results – March 11, 1929

Midland League Results – March 18, 1929 – Away Teams do Well

Denaby Utd – Grantham 0 Denaby United 3 – Denaby Render Excellent Account

Midland League Results – March 25, 1929 – York Player’s 50th Goal of Season

Midland League Table – March 25th 1929

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results – March 1929


Denaby Canal Rescue

Two Road Deaths – Conisboro’ Smash Victims.

Woman’s Courage Saves Neighbour In Flames.

Industry and Commerce

Fortunate Conisborough – Council’s Sound Financial Position.

To Be Strictly Non-Party – Conisbro’ Council’s New Chairman’s Promise.

“Too Many Lectures.“ – Councillor and Retiring Woman Chairman.


Conisborough Church Parade

Fullerton Hospital.

Ancient and Modern (picture)

Conisborough Middle School (picture)

The Last Steeplechase. (picture)

“Cupid and the Ogre”

Crime and Courts

“Big Entry ” Gang – Denaby “Tossing” School Raided.


Cricket Once More (picture)

Midland League Result – April 2, 1929 – Mansfield Town Increase Their Lead.

Denaby Utd – Frickley Colliery 3. Denaby 2

Montagu Cup. – Bolton 2, Conisboro’ 0 – Bolton Tactics Win – Luck of Cup Final Ties.

Midland League Results – April 8, 1929 – New Forward Does “Hat Trick.” – Player’s Leg Broken.

Denaby United’s Origin.

Midland League Results – April 15, 1929 – Frickley Check Potential Champions.

Midland League Results – April 22nd 1929 – Wombwell Lose Last Home Match.

Denaby Utd – Staveley 4, Denaby 2 – Good for Staveley.

Midland League Results – April 29th, 1929 – Mansfield Town Third Time Champions

Midland League Table – April 29, 1929

Denaby United Results


Broken Chain – Denaby Mining Student’s Death by Misadventure.

Denaby Boy’s Death – Thrown off his Bicycle.

Local News -Sheep Worrying At Conisbro’ – Conisbro’ Demonstration.

Youngest Voter

Industry and Commerce

Mr. T. Williams’ Claim For Labour (picture)

Rent Arrears Problem – Court Orders Ignored by Tenants.


Roman Catholics May Procession.

Denaby Church Players – “Our Bessie.”

Funeral Delay – Unfortunate Misunderstanding

May Festival at Denaby (picture)

Conisborough Old Folk’s Tea.

The New Middle School

Trains Obstructed – Miner-Ramblers’  Hooliganism At Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Home, Sweet Home – A Lively Evening at Denaby,

Conisboro’ Speedmen Fined.


Kenneth Bateson – 10 wickets for 27 runs (picture)

Denaby & Cadeby – Bolton 154 Denaby 96 for 4

Denaby Utd – . Denaby United 1, Staveley 3 – Football “Tail.” – Tickhill Square Setback

Midland League Table – Final

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 148  Scarborough  223


Fatal Speed – Young Denaby Motor-Cyclist Killed – Crashed Into Van.

“Golden Wedding ” at Conisboro’. (picture)

Obituary – Mr George Wilkie (picture)

Returning for Vacation (picture)

Industry and Commerce

A Transforming Station.

Distress at Denaby.

The Don Valley Declaration


Corpus Christi

New Middle School At Conisboro’ : The “Quad’ (picture)

Crime and Courts

A Troublesome Lodger.

An Unlucky Last Ride

Footballer’s Domestic Troubles.

Motor Cyclist’s Mistake.

Railway Trespass at Conisboro`.

Sequel to Conisborough Collision.

Too Shy To Come To Court.

Watered Milk – Vendor Fined but Not Blamed.

Body of Unknown Young Man Found in Field – Suicide By Poisoning

A Brutal Assault – Gaol for Denaby Man.

Election Echo – Councillor and Communist in Conflict


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 245 for 9 Rossington 246 for 3 – Checkmated By Rossington.

Denaby & Cadeby – Firbeck 129 Denaby 234 for 7 – Williams’s Century – Biggest Total And First Win.

Denaby & Cadeby – Mexboro’ 134 for 7   Denaby 127 – Cheap Wickets For Day.

Midland League Fixtures


A Cooler By The Way.(picture)

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Pit Death.

Pit Roof Fall – Heroic Efforts to Rescue Entombed Miner

Conisborough U.D. Council.


The Bandsmen’s Race. (picture)

Conisbro’ Hospital Sunday – Hostel for Sick Mothers – Signs Of Progress.

Denaby Hospital Sunday – The Motorists’ Dues.

Denaby Main Hospital Demonstration – Mile Parade

Crime and Courts

“Dangerous Driving” Summons Dismissed.

Disorderly Denaby Men.

House-Owner Living in a Railway Coach.

In The Cornfields.

Local Court Cases

Local Court Cases

Conisborough Bathroom Tragedy

Conisborough Cemetery Incident – Alleged Savage Attack on Woman


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 176  Rawmarsh  75 – Reg.Probert in Form

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby  113  Bentley  115 for 5 – Bower and Chambers Busy at Denaby.

Denaby & Cadeby – Doncaster 128  Denaby 99

Denaby & Cadeby – Collegiate 140 for 7 Denaby 260 for 6


Runaway Van – Collision with ‘Bus at Denaby.

No Ambulance In Village –  Conisborough Lags Behind – Road Peril.

Married 50 Years – Man Who Started Work When Seven Years Old.

Birley Spa. – Conisboro’ Man’s Purchase.

Industry and Commerce

Pensions For Miners

Fat Works Fire – Conisboro Blaze.

Council Houses.

Houses by Direct Labour – Conisborough’s Loan For £23,200.


Denaby Churchman’s Post.

Crime and Courts

Denaby Woman and Baby.

In the Courts

Licensing Summonses – Case Against Conisborough Man Dismissed.

Brain Storm Suicide – Man Who Dreaded Water Drowned.

Shop Thefts “Confession.” – Watch Clue to Year-Old Doncaster Mystery.

Cemetery Scene – Conisborough Miner sent to Prison for Brutal Assault


A Conisboro’ Colt (picture)

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 159  Mexborough 193 for 9

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 74 for 2 Swinton 207 for 2

Denaby & Cadeby – Swinton 97 Denaby 101 For 6

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Wath Athletic 1 – Wath Break A Run.

A Tennis Champion (picture)

Denaby & Cadeby – Scarborough 185 for 7  Denaby 227

Yorkshire Council – Final Table

Yorkshire Council – Final Table

Denaby Utd – Denaby 7, Staveley 1 – Sparkling Display Against Staveley


Denaby Girl Killed – Road Perils for Children. – Teachers’ Help Asked

Boy’s Amazing Escape – Unhurt After Being Run Over by Bus at Denaby.

Conisborough Farm Fire (picture)

Conisbro’ Grinder Injured.

Girl Killed on Same Road.

A Study in Expressions

New Children’s Playground at Conisborough Crags (pictures)

Industry and Commerce

Better Era For Miners – What Welfare Work Has Done – Conisbro’ Gift.

Conisbro’ “Snobs.” – Woman Councillor’s Caustic Comment.


Church Extension at Conisborough (pictures)

Denaby Memorial Park Scheme.

Shadows of Mining Village Life (picture)

St Alban’s School Swimming Champions (picture)

Crime and Courts

Wheel and Woe.

A Conisborough Feud.

A Conisborough Nuisance.

Denaby Miner’s Assault


Denaby Bouts.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1  Barnsley Reserves 5

Homing Pigeon – Denaby Society’s Last Young Bird Race.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Mansfield Town 3

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3  Notts County Res. 2 – United’s Changes Bring Improved Form.

Denaby Utd – Mansfield Town 4  Denaby 2 – Give the Champions Good Game.

Denaby Utd – Wombwell 5  Denaby 1 –  Unusual Experience For Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Wombwell 5 – Wombwell’s Turn – Unhappy Day For Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Wath Athletic 1  Denaby 3


Wedding – Burton – Ogilwy – Arch of Axes – Firemen at Wedding of Colleague.

Wedding – Foster & Bates – Much Married (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries – Annual Report

A Conisboro’ Playground.- Effect on Sunday Schools: Council Action Awaited.

Children’s Playground – “Unclimbable” Fence.

Conisborough’s Plight – Two Alternatives to Rate Increase of 9d. In £.


Denaby Parish Church Debt

Commander’s Farewell – Praise of K.0.Y.L.I. Men

Conisborough Old Folk’s Tea.

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Inquest.

Dole Fraud – Denaby Man’s False Statements – Unprofitable Lodgers

Conisborough Poaching Fine

Intoxicants “On Strap.” – Conisborough Licensee Summoned.

“Not British” – Police Action Criticised By Solicitor – Beer On Credit.

Orchard Raiders at Conisboro’

Conisborough Man’s Suicide on Allotment.

Miner’s Wages and Pension – Recorder Puzzled by a Distinction.


Denaby Contests. – Primo Carnera watches Football

Denaby Utd – Wath Athletic 1, Denaby United 3 – Wath’s Bad Luck In Tussle With Denaby.

Denaby Bowls Experts.

Denaby Utd – Loughborough 2 Denaby 0 – Goalkeeper’s Fine Work.

Denaby United 2  Scarborough 0

Midland League Results – October 14, 1929

Denaby Utd – Worksop 3 Denaby United 1 – Denaby Unlucky

Midland league – October 25, 1929

Midland League Results – October 28, 1929


50 Years Married – Conisbrough Couples Advice (picture)

A Clever Motor Signalling Device (picture)

Missing From Conisboro’.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Pit Fatality – Youth’s Death Caused by Breaking Rule.

Coalfields Distress Fund – 900 Applicants for £300 Grant to Conisborough.

Welfare Trustees’ Offer of Baths.


Smiles and Self-Help (picture)

Armistice Day – Solemn Ceremonies – Silence Amid Storm.

New Morley Place Headmaster

The Conisboro’ Ceremony (picture)

Crime and Courts

Children’s Food Alleged to Have Been Stolen by Conisborough Father.

“Fearful Record.” Conisboro’, Goldthorpe & Thurnscoe Poachers Heavily Fined.

Plasterer’s Compensation Claim.

Touchy About Their Characters

Domestic Troubles – Conisboro Man’s Strange Suicide Attempt

Found in the Don – Conisborough Haulage Hand’s Sad Death.

Shop Robbery – Sheffield and Denaby  Men Charged at Bakewell.

Policeman “Got Him” on Eight Occasions


How South Yorkshiremen Won The V.C. – Great War Deeds of Derring-Do.


Midland League Results – November 4, 1929

Denaby & Cadeby  Presentations.

Schools Soccer.

Midland League Results – November 11, 1929

Denaby Utd – Rotherham Utd Res 2 Denaby 3 – Sheffield Senior Cup.

A Contrast – Middle School Boys – Conisbrough Welfare

Denaby’s Gates.

Boxing at Denaby

Midland League Results – November 18, 1929

Burdened By Rates – Complaints at Meeting of the Denaby Cricket Club.

Midland League Results – November 25, 1929

Midland League Table – November 29, 1929


A Mishap By The Way (picture)

Found Drowned – Elderly Denaby Miner Found in Bolton Floods

Conisboro’ Couple – Golden Wedding Anniversary (picture)

Mr W. B. Wells – Former Chairman of Conisboro’ U.C. (picture)

Gloops Concert Party – Happy Gathering of 1,200 at Denaby.

Looking For Santa Claus.

Industry and Commerce

Family Insurance – Denaby Claim Paid

Fatal Accident at Yorkshire Main – Conisborough Man’s Escape.

Denaby Main Fund.

Royal Rockingham – History of Yorkshire’s Only Porcelain Pottery

Trade Review – Don and Dearne Valleys.

Crime and Courts


Unprovoked Assault.


Boxing at Denaby

From Denaby to the Wolves

Midland League Results – December 2, 1929

Midland League Results – December 9th, 1929

Midland League Results – December 16th, 1929

Hard Hitting At Denaby.

Midland League Results – December 23rd 1929

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Athletic 1, Denaby United 2. – Deserved Winners

Midland League Results – December 30th 1929