Breedon Reduces Course Record

Conisbrough Scheme for Crookhill Hall abandoned.

Death from industrial disease – Worked in Collieries since he was 18

Denaby Allotments Society (picture)

Denaby Child Scalded

Denaby Over 60’s Club (picture)

Excavation is Next Stage of Castle Renovation.

Four in One Celebration – Windle and Grindle Family (picture)

Ivanhoe Club will entertain 100 victims of Pit Accidents

Jailed for Attack in Denaby Club.

Newsboys at Pantomime with David Whitfield

Northcliffe WMC v Magnet, Mexborough Cup semi final

Pratt Family – New Members (pictures)

Results and Fixtures

Road Signs Effective at Denaby

Roy Ainscough, Denaby United Half Back

Students will be “seeing” and hearing French at Conisbrough.

Talks on Denaby Factory site.

Birthday – 21st – Trevor Hickson

Weddings (pictures)

Youth Injured in Ballroom Fracas.

Denaby Utd – Jan 04 – Denaby 0 Alfreton 6 – Powerless in Second Half.

Denaby Utd – Jan 11 – Denaby 1 Boston 3 – Defeated by Final Burst.

100 Cabbage Plants a Night are Just “Salad Days” for the Rabbits

Preparing for a Career in a Practical Manner at Conisbrough.

Appeal Ballot for Denaby United

Appeal Ballot for Denaby United

Boy Rescued from Collapsed “Den”

Brownie Octet (picture)

Civic Ball (pictures)

Conisbrough Boxer to represent the North.

Conisbrough Family Craze is collecting (picture)

Conisbrough Home ravaged by fire (pictures)

Conisbrough Outlines Development Plans.

Conisbrough Workshop Soon Takes Shape.

Cricket Knockout Talent Showcase

Death of a former Conisbrough Official.

Death of Mrs Ada Oldfield, Conisbrough.

Denaby Snooker Man in Yorkshire Final (picture)

Denaby United’s “Pull Together” Plea – New Secretary – Manager

Denaby’s oldest is 95 on Saturday.

Eagle and Child Host’s Silver Wedding Party

Feb 01 – Denaby 0 Stamford 5 – Hough Saves Two Penalties

Feb 08 – Stamford 3 Denaby 2 – Denaby Story “If Only”

First Show in the New Centre. (picture)

Food Fit for royalty on this Icelandic Trip !

Girl Guides & Rangers Events (pictures)

Golden Wedding – T E Sturdy

He holds Rhineland Middleweight Title (picture)

Intruder Attacked Girl Occupant in Conisbrough House (picture)

Ivanhoe and Breedon scored a great double.

Jul 11 – Hallam 141 Denaby 163 for 7 – Victory in Last Over.

Jul 25 – Denaby 187 for 3 Int Harvesters 143 for 8 – Bad Fielding cost Denaby Full points.

Jul 25 – Denaby 187 for 3 Int Harvesters 143 for 8 – Bad Fielding cost Denaby Full points.

Lorry Crashed Through Crossing Gates.

More Unwanted Gimcrackery. – Father’s Day

New “Reception” Room – It was “all their own.”

Northcliffe School Speech Day – welcomes the raising of school age.

Northcliffe W.M.C. – Finalists in Mexborough Challenge Cup (picture)

Photographic History for just a Shilling (picture)

Retired Conisbrough U D C Surveyor – Mr C Urch (picture)

Salvation Army Youth Club (picture)

Scouts and Guides Dance (picture)

The Frustrating Dilemma of Harry Hough.

Mar 28 – Denaby United 2 , Retford Town 3 – Unlucky Denaby.

Denaby United Funding – Pit Chiefs sounded over Extra Levy

21st Birthday – Tony Cartwright (picture)

50 Years in Mining – William Henry Thomas

50 Years in Mining – William Henry Thomas

Apr 4 – Gainsborough 6 Denaby 0 – Nothing goes well for Denaby.

Back to Conisbrough to Teach (picture)

Bingo and One Armed Bandits – They’ll be the Ruin of the Country

Calling Brian in Swaziland

Canada to Conisbrough for an Anniversary. (picture)

Celebrations for Conisbrough Nurse

Chance of a Hat Trick for Conisbrough C.C. (pictures) – March 1964

Conisbrough Man weds in Hong Kong (picture)

Conisbrough Man weds in Hong Kong (picture)

Conisbrough Police Dance (pictures)

Denaby Planning Problem

Denaby United Funding – Branches Reply

Denaby United Funding – Branches Reply

Elected an Associate – George Peck

Hospital Comforts Fund Presentation at the ‘Drum’ (picture)

Mar 14 – Denaby 3 Loughborough 3 – United Gaining Confidence.

Mar 21 – Lockheed Leamington 4 Denaby 0 – Change in tactics cost them points.

Mar 28 – Boston 4 Denaby 1 – Denaby Squandered chances.

Mar 28 – Denaby United 2 , Retford Town 3 – Unlucky Denaby.

Mar 7 – Long Eaton 0 Denaby 0 – United Tactics Puzzled them.

Retirement after 42 years Service

Tent pitching at St Albans (picture)

Tribute to departing Teacher.

Weddings – Conisbrough (pictures)

Weddings – Denaby (pictures)

Industry and Commerce

Ald B.Roberts 30 years on County Council – Fine Record.

Transport memories

It’s a Beatle hat – but from 1900. (picture)

Aged Woman’s Fatal Fall

Ambulance Brigade awards at Conisbrough.

Apr 11 – Denaby 2 Arnold Town 3 – Lack of Method spelt Denaby’s Doom

Apr 11 – Matlock Town 3 Denaby 1 – Two Sent Off – Two Own Goals

Apr 18 – Scarbrough 2 Denaby 0 – Five – two – three Style Puzzles ‘Em

Apr 18 – “Shoestring” Denaby’s Fixture Pressure.

Apr 25 – Denaby 2 , Skegness Town 1 – Nothing to Cheer About.

Apr 25 – Worst Season – but Denaby Not Downhearted.

Apr 4 – Hough on “How I Deal with Penalties.”

Apr 4 – Spalding United 9 Denaby 2 – Not so One Sided at Spalding. – Vest gets 7

Celebrations for Conisbrough Nurse

Children Find 10 Years Gap in 10,000 Pennies

Conisbrough C.C. – All Rally Round to put Final Sparkle to Pavilion.

Conisbrough Ivanhoe on Road Race Trail Again.

Conisbrough naturalist is becoming a globetrotter – Iceland in June

Denaby Library is Vandals Target.

Distressing Bereavement at Conisbrough

Guides (picture)

He has Gained Masters Ticket.

King- Size “White Elephant” – unless he can Go Ahead.

Link with the Past – St Chad’s dismantled

Morley Street School at Conisbrough Castle (picture)

Northcliffe W.M.C. 3 St Alban’s 1 – All Denaby Cup Final (pictures)

Northcliffe W.M.C. Awards (picture)

Union View on Fuel Plan still Awaited.

Weddings – Conisbrough (pictures)

Weddings – Denaby (pictures)

Bat helps the Blind.

Bat helps the Blind.

Closer Look at Conisbrough

Conisbrough Boxer’s Success at Hull (picture)

Conisbrough Ivanhoe – Breedon through to Final

Consbrough C.C. – Brothers take 8 for 15

Denaby Ambulance Parade – Cadet Band

Denaby Ambulance Parade (pictures)

Denaby “Divi” Down

Denaby Jockey’s Weight Problems (picture)

Denaby Man’s Model Roundabout won Prize (picture)

Denaby St Albans F.C. (picture)

Denaby Teacher Retiring after 38 Years

Denaby United’s Future Discussed.

Denaby’s Comfortable win over Cortonwood

“Diamond Day” at Denaby (picture)

Five seconds Earth Tremor Rattles the Houses at Denaby.

Hard Hit Denaby United Lose Popular Manager. (picture)

High-speed packing machine at XL Crisp Factory

High Standard Set by Young Boxers at Denaby. (pictures)

May 02 – Denaby 1 Gainsborough 2 – Grierson Goal put life into Denaby.

May 09 – Denaby 6 Heanor Town 0 – Denaby Six Goal Shock.

Midland League Final Table

National Junior Title – Tommy Joyce speeds up as his opponent slows down.

Road Danger at Conisbrough.

Soap Box Derby Thrills

Their Final Tribute

Time Running Out – Denaby United Ballots

To Play for Cardiff

Tom Hill Old Boy teams to the Top with Great Revival Form

Tom Hill Old Boys Receive Trophy (picture)

Trophy for Whit Walk.

Weddings (picture)

Whit Parade (pictures)

A Great Honour and a Great Responsibility

Cadeby Men to Pay a Tangible Tribute (picture)

Conisbrough Vicar on Teenage Hooliganism.

Date for Denaby Library.

Date for Denaby Library.

Denaby to Apply for Re-election.

Denaby Woman Found Gassed

Donation will be Optional.

Ella Payne Ill but Pianist will Continue

Firm Taking Over Denaby ICI site – Mining Supplies Ltd

“It’s a Small War” – First Musical is a School Triumph (picture)

Jun 20 – Shiregreen 94 v Denaby – Denaby on top at Shiregreen

Jun 27 – Denaby v Brodsworth 151 for 7 – Their First home Draw

Jun 6 – Denaby 129 for 4 Aston Hall 126 – One Handed Catch on the Boundary.

“Liquidating” the Rocks.

Pigeon Thefts hit Denaby Partnerships Racing Run.

Presentation at Denaby Main – Arthur Jolley (picture)

Still Top “Boy Tarzan” (picture)

Weddings – Conisbrough (pictures)

Weddings – Denaby (pictures)

Wood (picture)

Yorkshire Player at Conisbrough

Denaby Baths are Popular after “Face Lift” Scheme. (picture)

Boy Rescuer Repaid 12 Years Old Debt.

In the Family – NUM treasurer

School Sports – Ivanhoe

School Sports – St Albans

Station Road Summer Fair

Station Road Summer Fair

Three 13-Year-Olds Plan to Write History of the Two World Wars (picture)

Tragedy of Drinking by the Under 18’s.

Triumphant Holidaymakers of Denaby almost Scoop the Pool!

United to say Thanks to Miner Supporters.

Weddings – Denaby (pictures)

Woman J.P.for Conisbrough. (picture)


Weddings – Horne & Burrin – Peters & Carlin – King & Lockwood

Angling – Comrades Club Presentation (picture)

Angling – Denaby Main Hotel Awards (picture)

Carrol’s a Magazine Editor at 15

Children’s Efforts – “King Sized” Sale of Jumble (pictures)

Confident pledge by Denaby United’s New Manager.

Confident pledge by Denaby United’s New Manager.

Conisbrough 225 for 6 Denaby 223 for 8 – Big Hitting (picture)

Conisbrough Pavilion Opening.

Denaby globetrotter has a different idea about Travel

Denaby P.C.in Dog River Rescue (picture)

Ellershaw Youth and Welfare Gala (pictures)

Inquest on Denaby Pitman adjourned.

Pavilion is now Opened.

Retiring Official H Mee at Cadeby Colliery (picture)

Sorry there were ‘only 800’ Present

Supporters Club AGM – United’s Fateful Year

“Times” Walk men and women winners from Conisbrough (pictures)

Toolmaker Retires (picture)

Weddings (pictures)

Denaby Utd – Scarborough 4 Denaby 1 – Denaby Keeper Injured.

Denaby Signings.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Worksop 3 – Denaby still Unlucky

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Retford 4 – Denaby’s New Team has enough Skill.

Denaby & Cadeby – Rockingham 166 for 6 Denaby 162 for 6 – Rockingham beat Denaby.

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 70 for 0 Sheffield United 69 – 10 Wickets Win over United

Pathfinders at the Conisbrough Guides

Temporary Classrooms.

He was in D-Day Landings (picture)

New Heating System – Conisbrough Baptist Church

Pianist farewell Gift (picture)

Sep 12 – Denaby 1 Arnold 3 – Denaby Play Too Close

Sep 12 – Denaby 1 Ilkeston 1 – Denaby’s Second Point.

Sep 26 – Denaby 1 Sutton 1 – Denaby almost turned Tables on Sutton.

Sep 26 – Three Denaby Players to keep your Eye on.

Sep 5 – Long Eaton 5 Denaby 5 – Denaby lost Four Goal Lead.

Some ‘pop groups’ are ‘half timers’

Title for the Sixth Time – Conanby Dancing Couple

Weddings – Conisbrough (pictures)

Weddings – Denaby (pictures)


Mr Conisbrough is now Mr Sheffield

Denaby 1 Lockheed Leamington 2 – Denaby’s fifth defeat.

Denaby 1 Arnold 3 – Denaby Play Too Close

Bourne 5 Denaby 2 – United Were First to Net.

Temporary Classrooms.

£20,000 Damage in Crisps Works Fire

Assault at Conisbrough

Breedon to Compete in 100 Mile Time Trial.

Conisbrough Baptist Church (pictures)

Conisbrough Family in Australia

Conisbrough Ivanhoe Angling.

Conisbrough Walker’s Debut

Coroner Disturbed over Doctors Delayed Visit to Denaby Miner.

Denaby Driver Killed

Denaby Man Broke Bets Office Window.

Denaby Under 18 Team Potential League Club Trialists – Tom Hill boys full of promise

Denaby United Team (picture)

Deputy Rescued in Pit after 5 hours

Diamond Wedding at Conisbrough (picture)

Old People’s Handicraft Exhibition (pictures)

Physio moves to Rovers

Red Lion Angling Section Presentation

Sister will be his Pacemaker.

St Helen’s post for Denaby man.

Tom Hill Youth Club visit the Palace of Varieties (pictures)

Weddings – Conisbrough (pictures)

Weddings – Denaby (pictures)

Wesley Methodist Church Choir includes Three Generations from One Family

Denaby Utd – Stamford 3 Denaby United 0 – Plucky United, Lacked Skill.

Denaby Utd – Matlock Town 6 Denaby United 1 – Prospect Very Gloomy.

Denaby Utd – Denaby’s Position Needs Drastic Action – 16 Matches Without a Win

Sunday Evening High School Play.

Conisbrough Chrysanthemum Society Show (picture)

Conisbrough and District Homing Society Prize winners

Conisbrough Trainee Teacher is Playing on Belgium Tour.

Conisbrough Trainee Teacher is Playing on Belgium Tour.

Council Clerk is to leave Conisbrough – Mr R F Edwardson

Deaf Son of a Paraplegic Gains Medals (picture)

He came in Search of Old Conisbrough.

He Enjoyed His Trip to the States at 82

Jumble Sale Proceeds for Hesley Hall (picture)

Limestone Fissures or Mining? – The Council Proposed to Find Out.

Mona W.M.C. is a Big Asset to Conisbrough

National Savings Group Secretary (picture)

St Andrew’s Christmas Fayre (picture)

The Proposal (picture)

Tom Hill Youth Club – Halloween Dance – Sale of Work – Social (pictures)

Weddings – Conisbrough (pictures)

Weddings – Denaby (pictures)

Denaby Utd – Heanor Town 1 Denaby 1 – Heartening for Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Gainsborough Trinity 7 – High Hopes Dashed

Denaby Utd – Goole Town 3 Denaby 2 – This Game will hearten the United.

Denaby Utd – Retford Town 7 Denaby 0 – Poor Display

Conisbrough Trainee Teacher is Playing on Belgium Tour.

Conisbrough Clerk is chosen

Council Clerk is to leave Conisbrough – Mr R F Edwardson

Cadeby Main Treat – Tea at the Welfare (picture)

Cattle released from Fire Threat.

Denaby Ambulance Cadets – 600 Hours Service Devoted to Elderly

Denaby Celebrates Mining Centenary.

Ellershaw Y.C. Nativity Play (picture)

Golden Wedding at the Castle Club (picture)

Northcliffe school’s ‘Brer Rabbit’ (picture)

Vandals Ruin Christmas Joy at Denaby School.


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Scarborough 7 – Prelude to Cup Tie Form.

Denaby Utd – Worksop Town 6 Denaby 3 – Attack Holds High Promise.


Denaby Utd – Denaby Appoint a New Team Manager.