Another Burning Fatality at Denaby – Extraordinary Circumstances.

Burning Fatalities – Sad Case at Denaby.

Denaby Fire – Gramophone, Canaries, and Furniture Burnt.

The Sleep of Death – Unknown Suffocated In Lime Kiln

Industry and Commerce

Brian and Jackson’s Xmas Bazaar

Brocklesby’s Teas

Denaby Miner’s Fatal Injuries

Fatality at Silverwood Colliery – Miner Crushed To Death, 

Miners Buried At Denaby – Two Hours Without Help.

My Neck Is Broken – Denaby Miner’s Last Words.

Buried By Fall of Roof

The Denaby Strike – Claim Against the Miners’ Association.

Conisborough Fire Brigade.

Conisborough’s Hard Water – Proposals by the Colliery Company.


New School for Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Altered Birth Certificate

Broken Windows

Colliery Offences – Miners Fined at Doncaster

Discord, and a Piano

Drunks, Drunk and Disorderly.

Conisborough Lodger’s Assault.

Kicked a Policeman At Denaby

Trouble in a  Denaby hotel.


Conisborough Cricketers’ Ball.

Denaby and Cadeby United Cricket Club Annual Meeting

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Rotherham Town. 2

Denaby Utd – Sheffield United Res. 4 Denaby 1

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 3 Denaby 3

Denaby Utd – Chesterfield Reserves  3 Denaby 1 – Denaby Defeated at Chesterfield

Denaby Utd – Denaby’s Decline

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Gainsborough Trinity Reserves 4

Midland League Table January 25, 1909

Denaby Utd – Results


Interesting Personality – Man and Wife Both Expire Within A Few Hours.

Obituary – Mr. Joseph Appleyard.

Industry and Commerce

Buried for Two Hours – One Taken and the Other Left – Miner’s Neck broken

Danger In The Mine – Colliers Fined At Doncaster.

Conisboro’ and Denaby Roadmen Entertained – Dinner Last Night.

Conisboro’ Parish Council – Another Discussion on the Water Question.


Conisborough Objection.

Conisboro’ Musical Society – Performance of “The Ancient Mariner.”

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Arson Case

Travelling Without Tickets.

Pay Check Stolen At Denaby

Forcible Argument. – Conisborough Stationmaster’s Story of Assault.

Stationmaster Assaulted


Denaby Utd – Wednesday Reserve 1  Denaby  0 – Wednesday Reserve Beat Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2   Lincoln City 3 – Lincoln Just Beat Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Grimsby Reserves  2  Denaby 0 – Denaby’s Defeat at Grimsby

Midland League Table – February 26, 1909

Denaby Utd Results – February 1909

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Confectioner in Bankruptcy Court


Doncaster Rural District – Medical Officer’s Comprehensive Report.

Crime and Courts

A Dangerous Practice – Denaby Miners Fined

Offences In The Mine – A Pony Driver’s Brutality.

Runaway Lodger

Picking a Quarrel.

Using The Poker At Denaby


Rifle shooting – The Movement at Denaby – A Flourishing Club.

Denaby Utd – Leicester Fosse Reserves 2   Denaby 2 – Denaby’s Creditable Draw.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Chesterfield Reserve 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Leicester Fosse Reserve 1 – New Experience for Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Notts County Reserve 5 Denaby 0.

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results

Denaby Utd – Denaby 9  District XI  2 – E Sheldrake’s Benefit

Industry and Commerce

Another Pit Fatality – Miner Buried At Cadeby – Killed In Three Seconds.

Denaby Rating Appeal – House of Lords’ Judgment,


Conisboro’ Notes. -Good (?) Friday At Conisboro”

Conisbrough Notes – Water

Easter at Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Price of Revolting Cruelty.

Shocking Child Neglect – Filler Sent To Prison – Baby’s Death By “Slow Murder.”

Case Against Landlord Dismissed.


Prisoner Hunt -Exciting Escape – Found Hidden In A Drain Pipe.


What Did I Tell You!’’- Iron Hague Champion (picture)

Denaby Utd – Barnsley Reserve  0  Denaby 0

Denaby Utd – Denaby United 3 Hull City Reserve 0

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Grimsby Reserve 1 – Denaby’s Good Wind Up

Denaby Results 1908/09

Midland League – Final Table

Industry and Commerce

Alarming Accident – Engine Turns a Somersault – Driver & Fireman’s Miraculous Escape

Exports Increasing Denaby & Cadeby Again to the Front.

Lost His Leg in the Pit.

Miner Hero – Bravery Recognised – Edward Medal Awarded.

Remarkable Innovation at Denaby.


Denaby Vicar’s Departure.

Conisbro’ Isolation Hospital.

Crime and Courts

Beer for the Children

Cruel Step-Mother – Girl Beaten With Walking-Stick – ” Worst Case Ever”

 “Another Injustice to Ireland.”

Careless Denaby Miners 

Careless Miners Fined.

Pit Pony Cruelly Ill-Treated

Street Betting At Denaby.

Unjust Weights and Measures

Conisbro’ Tragedy – Family Imperilled – Out of Work Miner’s Suicide.

Village Tragedy – Eight Children Narrowly Escape Death – Father’s Suicide House Filled With Gas.

Collier’s Musical Tastes Speedily Vanish.

Conisborough Football Club Shirts – Curious Charge of Theft

Denaby Shopbreaker Punished

Mexbro’ Man’s Candid Admission

Stole The Insurance Money.

Assaulting a Constable.


Denaby  169  South Kirkby 170 for 8

Denaby 78 for 4 Wombwell 75

Monk Bretton 106 for 6 Denaby 105

Denaby Utd – Denaby United  1  Wednesday reserve  0 – Denaby Win Again.

Story of the Season.

Mexborough and Denaby Captures.


Missing Denaby Youth – Has He Wandered to Worksop.


Conisborough Church Needs.

Review of S.P.C.C. Work

Crime and Courts

The Climax at Mexborough – Alleged Persistent Cruelty

Matches in The Mine

Surprised Prisoner.

An Undesirable Customer at Conisborough

Sequel to Finding Fresh Lodgings.


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 129   Swinton 62 – Homesters Win Easily

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 246 for 7   Hoyland Silkstone 127 – Denaby Doing Well.

Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main  127   Denaby & Cadeby 131 for 6 – Denaby’s Recovery.

Industry and Commerce

Bosdin J. Clarkson (Advert)

Valuable, Freehold and Copyhold Property at Conisborough

Cadeby Pit Boy Crushed To Death

Miners’ Dangers – Fatalities in Mexborough District.

Two Colliers Killed –  Ex-Soldier’s Neck Broken at Denaby.

Conisbro’ Man’s Bravery – A Well-Deserved Decoration. (picture)

Denaby Hero and The King – Received by His Majesty – A Hearty Handshake.


Conisbro’ Isolation Hospital.

Hospital Sunday at Conisborough.

Conisborough Agricultural Society’s Annual Show

Crime and Courts

Footballer and Girl – A Denaby Application.

Alleged Serious Offence At Denaby.

Collier’s Offence In The Pit.

Workmen Play Truant

Brutal Denaby Housekeeper.


Denaby and Cadeby – Denaby 216 for 5 Rawmarsh 86

Mexborough League Championship – July 31 (and the Iron Hague Match)

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough – Sale of Freehold and Copyhold Property

Fish Fryers and Grocers (Advert)

Platelayer Loses An Arm – Mexborough Railwayman’s Death

Crime and Courts

Colliery Official and His Wife.

Cruel Denaby Pitman

Hard Swearing At Doncaster

Sad Story of Drink and Its Effect.

Too Fond Of Work.

Trespassing in Wood – No Right of Road.

Youthful Conisborough Offenders Caught.

Denaby Collier’s Escapade

Stole Three Geese

Denaby Woman Assaulted

Too Hasty.


Denaby United Prospects

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 202 for 2 Stairfoot 49 – A Century-Maker.


Distressing Affair at Doncaster – Lady Fatally Injured – Danger of Unlighted Waggons.


Archbishop at Denaby – Address to Working Men (picture)

Conisborough Hospital Board.

Ambulance Awards – Lady Yarborough & Denaby Colliery Corps – What Denaby Wants.

Denaby Ambulance Competitions.

Denaby Notes – Cadet Corps – School News

Teachers’ Difficulties.

Crime and Courts

Denabys Father’s Anger – Assaulted Daughter’s Sweetheart – Too Young For Courting At 15.

Tears in the Dock. – Conisborough Woman’s Besetting Sin.

Travelled Under The Seat.


Conisboro’ Parish Church Football Team (picture)

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Leicester Fosse Reserve 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Doncaster Rovers 0 – Rovers’ Poor Form at Denaby.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Sheffield United Res 3 – Uniteds at Denaby.

Midland League Table

Industry and Commerce

Killed at the Pit – Inquiry into Death of Two Denaby Men.

Two Miners Killed – Runaway Corves at Cadeby.

Hull Coal Traffic – September the Best Month of the Year.

Crime and Courts

Denaby Couple At Variance.

Cyclist Recovers Damages.

Dangerous Practice at Cadeby Pit

Mexbro’ Youth’s Offences.

Rag Gatherer’s Theft.

Adventure in The Yard – Doncaster Collier’s Story of Assault.


Mexborough and Denaby Clubs’ Annual Shoots,

Denaby Utd – Worksop 1 Denaby 2 – Worksop’s First Home Defeat

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Gainsbro Trinty Res. 3.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5  York City 1 – Denaby’s Splendid Victory.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Rotherham Town 0 – Rotherham Town Defeated

Midland League Table – Monday 25 October 1909

Denaby Utd – Nottingham Forest Res 2  Denaby 2 – Spirited Game at Nottingham.

Denaby Utd – Midland League Results – October 1909


Child Poisoned at Denaby

Fire at the “Star” Inn – Serving Girl Suffocated (pictures)

Unavailing Heroism – Efforts at Conisbro’ Fire – The Story at the Inquest.

Industry and Commerce

Cadeby Calamity – Graphic Story of Survivors – Discrepancies in Evidence.

Mr. C. W. Whitworth Down A Mine.


Conisborough Isolation Hospital.

Crime and Courts

Not Fit For Pigs – Pestilential Home – Shocking Neglect of Child.

Colliery Offences

Youths Break a Shop Window at Denaby.

Boys and Cigarettes – Thefts from Automatic Machine

Conisborough Disturbance – Police Sergeant Assisted By Crowd.

Denaby Man Seriously Injured – Alleged Assault with Earthenware Vessel

Lively Station Scene – Officials Assaulted At Conisborough

Pugilist and Police – Brutal Assaults at Conisborough.


Denaby Utd – Sheffield Utd Res 0 Denaby 1 – Denaby’s Notable Victory.

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 1  Denaby  1 – To Try Again !

Denaby Utd – Rotherham County 2  Denaby 1 – Rotherham County’s Fine Form.

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 1 Denaby 0 – English Cup Re-Play.

Denaby Utd – Bradford P.A. Res 6  Denaby United 1 – Easy Victory for Bradford Reserves.

Denaby Utd – Results – Nov 27

Midland League Table – November 27, 1909

Denaby Utd – Rotherham Town 1  Denaby 1- Poor Game at Rotherham.


Fifty Years Wedded Life – Worthy Couple – Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Appleyard (picture)

Death of Dr. F.G. Twigg – Clever Surgeon Succumbs To Pneumonia. (picture)

A Village in Mourning – Denaby’s Farewell to “The Doctor.”


National Service League at Denaby

Concert at Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Collier’s Fiendish Action.

Conisbro’ Collier Attempts Suicide.

Enforced Sobriety – Habitual Drunkard Sent to a Home

How Miners Risk Life – Allegations at Doncaster Police Court

Struck With a Jug – Denaby Man’s Head Cut Open – Miner Sent For Trial.


Conisborough Cricket Club

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Nottingham Forest Reserve 4 – Tufnell hat-trick

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Shiregreen 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1. Bradford Reserve 3

Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 2  Denaby 1 – Mexborough’s Merry Xmas.

Midland League Table – December 27, 1909

Denaby United Results – December, 1909