Denaby Baths Plan Hitch


Found Drowned – Conisbrough Man Who Went for a Walk

Old Denaby Sees the World – Thanks to Miss Ogley’s Enterprise (picture)

Wedding – Taylor & Taylor – Bride’s Name Unchanged (picture)

Gallant Sufferer – Denaby Loses Smiling Boy Cripple

Industry and Commerce

“Self – Service” at Denaby

Inland Dredgers – Local Crew Clearing Don at Conisbrough (picture)

Conisbrough Housing

Conisbrough Praise for “Their Back Room Boy”


Bellringers at Conisbrough Parish Church

Denaby Pit Heap is Pictured in Stained Glass Window

Puzzle of Old Conisbrough Etching (picture)

Denaby Over 60s Club Second Anniversary (picture)

Conisbrough Fellowship Players (picture)

Crime and Courts

Collision Sequel.

Conisbrough Chase – Youth Said to Have Been Caught Peeping in Window

Denaby Driver in Fog Mishap

Dogs to Die – Conisbrough Folk Afraid to Approach House

Sentence Revoked – Conisbrough Man to Pay £2 Instead

Conisbrough Men Charged – Alleged Theft from Railway Van


Denaby Utd –  Denaby 1  York City Reserves 0 – Grandstand Finish

Denaby Utd – Denaby1  Peterborough United  1 – Never Work Harder For Less Reward

Conisbrough Modern  3  Brampton Ellis Modern 1 – Conisbrough Qualify 

Denaby Utd – Denaby 7, Goole 1 – 2,000 See Biggest Victory of Season – Boardman Hat-Trick

Denaby Utd – Denaby 6  Boston United  0 – Now 10th in the Midland League

Tickhill Square on Saturday


Cigarette Fired Bed Of Dying Conisbrough Fitter

Conisbrough Road Crash – Bus Passengers Injured

Obituary – Doctor J. McArthur – Forty Years at Denaby

Obituary – Mr. S. Wilson – Cadeby Main Electrical Engineer (picture)

Obituary – Mrs H Brocklesby – Old Conisbrough Resident

Passing of a Denaby Hospital Worker – She Kept Her Promise

Bound For Australia – Conisbrough Man Sails This Month

Children’s Cornerites (pictures)

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Miner’s Death – Six Ribs Fractured In Pit

The Old Denaby Bridge


Striking Denaby Funeral Tribute – Dr. John McArthur

Tom Hill Youth Accept a Challenge

Crime and Courts

Denaby Doctor’s Collision – Fined in Accident Sequel

 Young Wife’s Suicide – Hanging Tragedy’ Husband’s Gruesome Discovery

Conisbrough Men on 53,400 Cigarettes Charge

Denaby Miner’s Theft – Said to be Earning Over £10 a Week


Good Boxing at Denaby

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3, Lincoln City Res. 1 – Goal-Shy Lincoln Difficult Proposition

Denaby versus Lincoln (Cartoon)

New Trophy   – Ivanhoe Cycling Club

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Doncaster Rovers Res. 3 – Winner Came 2 Minutes From End

Denaby Utd. – Denaby 2, Mansfield T. Res.1- Hard and Even Battle (picture)

From Aston Villa to Denaby United (picture)


Denaby Doctor Served Community

Last Letter Home Came Two Days after Word of Man’s Death (picture)

Conisbrough Man Director of Lancashire Works (picture)

Conisbrough Veteran Plans to be Centenarian (picture)

Denaby Emigrant Will Wed “Pen Pal” in U.S.A. (picture)

Dollar for Denaby —From an Old Fan in Ohio

In Liner’s Band – Self-Taught Conisbrough Musician (picture)

Wedding – Baines & Wilkes (picture)

Conisbrough Youth Council – Dual Membership Deprecated

Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre ” Aladdin.” (picture)


Mothers’ Union (picture)

Ivanhoe Film at Conisbrough

New Denaby “Head”

Old Denaby Ferry – “A Sore Point”

School Overcrowding – Conisbrough Hut Urgency

Crime and Courts

Heavy Sentence on Conisbrough Rail Thieves


Tom Hill Y.C. v Lord Conyers (cartoon)

Conisbrough Cricket Club Annual Dinner (picture)


Cadeby’s Head Weighman – Retiring After 31 Years Service

Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre Give “Aladdin”

Industry and Commerce

More Coal Queens – Area Final at Wath Next Month

Denaby Coal Queen (picture)

Isolation of Old Denaby – Creates Health Service Problem

Labour Candidate (picture)

Conisbrough Rent Increases


Balby Street School Queen

Conisbrough Feast at Sunset (picture)

Conisbrough Modern School – “The Pedlar”

Good Friday Feast – All the Fun of the Fair at Conisbro’

Poor Housing Prospects for Old Denaby


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Bradford P.A. Res 1 – Denaby 3 Bradford City Res 1 – Denaby Collect Another 3 Points

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Ransome & Marles 0 ; Denaby 5 Grantham 1 – Now Seventh in the Midland League

Swinton Athletic Juniors v Tom Hill Youth Club (Cartoon)

Denaby v Braford P.A. Res (cartoon)


Conisbrough Guild Member Makes Rug at 77

Conisbrough Man Assistant Manager at Famous Hotel (picture)

Tom Hill Youth Centre Play (picture)

Industry and Commerce

CO-OP Progress at Denaby – Half-Year’s Sales Over £100,000

Denaby Pit Presentation

Long Service at Denaby Factory Recognised

Denaby I.C.I. Presentation

Conisbrough Savings Jump £20,000 to £107,000 in Year

Election Result (pictures)

Conisbrough War Memorial Violated by Vandals


Sherlock Holmes Style (picture)

Conisbrough Ivanhoe W.M.C. Presentation Night

Ivanhoe Club have a Case for Three Cups, So …….

Old Denaby School Queen (picture)


Denaby United Football Club’s Annual Dinner (picture)


Denaby Widow’s Fall – After Running from Hospital

Denaby Drowning Victim Had Fallen Into Canal Before

Wedding – Townsend & Wilburn (picture)

Industry and Commerce

N.C.B. Notices – 20 Of Denaby Clerical Staff Declared Redundant


At the Fun Fayre (picture)

Whit Monday Sunday School Queen – New (picture)

New Curate For Denaby Main (picture)

Conisbrough Whit “Sing “

Conisbrough Fun Fair – Opened by Lady Mabel Smith

Whit Monday Sunday School Queen – Retiring (picture)

Honours for Denaby Men

S.J.A.B. Honours for Denaby First-Aiders

Daily Mirror Live Letters

Bees in Possession After 11 Hours

Twelve Denaby Scholars are Going to Town

Village Protests Against Plan to Cut School Staff

Visit of Fairy Godmother

Crime and Courts

Denaby Builder Fined – Timber Control Offence

Boy (15) Climbed War Memorial – On Probation for Conduct at Conisbro’

“I Hung Wreaths on War Memorial” – Boy Confesses


Denaby & Cadeby 1913 (picture)

Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main  89  Denaby 117 – Denaby Still 100%

Denaby & Cadeby – Hallam 154 Denaby 155 for 4


A Conisbrough Diamond Wedding in Kent (picture)

Crippled Cadeby Miner’s Work Adorns Cathedral (picture)

Dutch Trio at Conisbrough – “Hitched” Their Way Here

Sad Conisbrough Story of Six Wild Ducklings

Wedding – Howard & Mee – Former Mexborough Teacher – Rotherham bride

Conisbrough Co-Operative Youth Club Garden Party

Leap-Frogging Wolf Cubs (picture)

Ready For Germany – Denaby Youth Party Hear Pre-Visit Tips

Young Denaby Envoys to Germany

Industry and Commerce

Bravery Award (picture)

Denaby Pit – Introduction of Samson Stripper – Output Boost

They May Be Miners M.P. In The Future

Change of Site For New Infants’ School at Conisbro’

Conisbrough Points System.

One Teacher for Old Denaby – Don Valley Executive Decision


From Holland to Denaby

Prize Babies (picture)

Conisbrough Dance Classes “Cheap Evenings Out “

Conisbrough Nears Target

Conisbrough’s Third Music Festival

Denaby Flower Queen- Yesterday’s School Ceremony

Evening Institute Arts and Crafts Exhibition (picture)

Students Up In Arms – Seething” after Dance Class Comments (picture)

To France Again – Another Conisbrough Excursion


Denaby Gate stays at 1/–

Denaby and Cadeby – Swinton (Cartoon)

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 115 for 4 Swinton 114 – Denaby Strengthen Hold

South Riding League– July 22, 1950

Denaby Utd – Manager Welcomes New Players (picture)

No Domestic Science Mistress – Conisbrough’s Country-wide Search.


Denaby and Cadeby Athletic Club Presentation (picture)

Wedding – Nicholson & Mills (picture)

Wedding – Oakley & Davies (picture)

Champion Cricket Ball Thrower (picture)

Early Morning Denaby Welcome for 12 Germans

Germans in Successful Denaby Youth Sports

Industry and Commerce

Cadeby Pit Presentations

Coast Bound and Coal Bound (pictures)

Denaby and Cadeby Officials’ Club Triple Presentation (picture)


Conisbrough’s “Gothic” Nightmare

Conisbrough W.M.C.’s Combined Trip (picture)

Waiting at the Station

Biggest Little Circus – Peeps Behind the Scenes at Conisbrough

Conisbrough Show – Best Groomed Horse

Conisbrough Show Crowds (picture)

Denaby Bids Farewell – Church Folk Say Goodbye to Dutch Guests

Dutch Visitors to Mexborough (picture)

Wonderful Day at Conisbrough – 3,000 at Show !


George Allen’s Benefit (picture)

Denaby Boy For Wolves (picture)


At Young Heroes Grave – Conisbrough Parents Normandy Pilgrimage


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 186 for 7, Thorncliffe 187 for 2 – Thorncliffe Shock Denaby

Ellis’s Eight In A Day (picture)

Yorkshire Council Table

Denaby & Cadeby – Hallam 190  Denaby 196 for 5 – Spirited Denaby

Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough 177 Denaby 178 for 3 – Ellis’s 79

Denaby & Cadeby – Wath 169 for 7  Denaby 142 for 8 – Wath Hold Denaby to Draw

Denaby United Signings – Jack Williams Back From Leeds (picture)

“Scouts ” At Denaby

Denaby United Team (picture)

Denaby United – Denaby 0 Scarborough 1- Lose Opening Match before 2,500


Bolt From The Blue – Runaway Horse Creates Stir at Conisbrough

Fire Hero’s Jubilee

Back to Austerity – Because Living is Cheaper!      

Conisbro’s Two Australians

Wedding – Bates & Law – Denaby Utd. Forward Married at Swinton

Wedding – Peck & Greaves (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Big Advance at Cadeby – Haulage Line Ready – Diesel-Drawn Trains

Conisbrough Critics (picture)

Critics Answered On Conisbrough War Memorial Issue


Denaby Church Jubilee Programme

Denaby Main Parish Church Jubilee (picture)

German Rang Conisbrough’s Once “Invasion” Bells

Jubilee Reminiscences – Bishop of Oxford Re-Visits Denaby

New Standard Carried to Victory at Conisbrough

Bomber Ace’s Appeal – Backs Conisbrough and Denaby Memorial Fund

Brownies at Drumhead Service (picture)

Drumhead Service (picture)

War Memorial Appeal (picture)

Crime and Courts

Conisbrough Woman On Bigamy Charge

Dear Denaby “Find”


Conisbrough Evening League Champions in 38 minutes

Conisbro’ Player for Hillsborough (picture)

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Gainsborough Trinity 1 – Given the Run-Around

Denaby & Cadeby – Rotherham 154 for 2 Denaby 77 – Yorkshire Council Final

Denaby & Cadeby – Yorkshire Council Final (cartoon

Mexborough Evening League Finalists

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Grantham 0 – The Old Workmanlike United

Denaby Utd – Parkgate Welfare 2 Denaby 0 – United out of English Cup


2,000 “Dropped a Card” to Conisbrough Collector

Conisbrough Collector of Picture Post Cards (picture)

Man in ‘Times’ Square – Wilf Jackson

Wedding – Gill & Downing (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Mannequins Model for Baths Hall Parade

Conisbrough Native Escaped Creswell disaster

Save My Pal First

Not Enough Houses – Conisbrough 1951 Allocation Only 40


Conisbro’ Hospital’s Future

Mothers’ Union Teatime in Conisbrough Church Hall (picture)

Local News – Denaby Post Office, Bus Service, Flags, Factory Site in Elm Green Lane

School Visit to Printing Works (picture)

The Property Market – Conisbrough

Theory and Practice – Conisbrough Visit for Bolton Girls

Crime and Courts

Worried Over Health – Denaby Man drowned Himself in Don


Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Doncaster Rovers Res. 0 – Denaby Underlined Their Sparkle

Denaby United v Doncaster Rovers Reserves (cartoon)

Scouts “LEG PULL” (picture)


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Notts Forest Res. 1 – Full Value Football


Exploding Tin had the Last Word at Denaby

Trapped Girl’s Mill Ordeal

Golden Weddings – Mr & Mrs Guest & Mr & Mrs Clarkson (picture)

Cutting From Malaya Brought News of Son (picture)

Out In Korea – Conisbrough Gunner Moving to the Front

Industry and Commerce

Judge regrets Coal Board’s attitude

Craggs, Castle and Priory – Conisbrough Schools’ New Names ?


Remembrance Music – Organist Refutes Criticism (videos)

Conisbrough Angler’s Trout (picture)

Measles Epidemic Affects Schools

Scarboro to Conisbro’ Trip Took 16 Years

Yorkshire Rivers Rise Higher – Some Roads Flooded – River Don

Conisbro’s “Hamelin” – Field Mice Move In the Oval


Denaby Utd. – York City Reserves 4  Denaby 2 – Out of Luck


Bomb Killed Denaby Man

Wedding – Grindle & Cooper (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Absentees Kept Pits Closed – 50,000 Took An Extra Day

Many Records Set Up

One Shaft for Coal from Two Pits


Sunday Schools Carol Service (picture)

“The Butterfly Queen,” at Epworth Hall,

“Dickon” In Trouble (picture)

Scouts., Guides & Brownies at Epworth Hall. (picture)


Man in ‘Times’ Square – Fred Truelove

Deep in the Winter’s Snow – Denaby – Parkgate (cartoon)

Man in ‘Times’ Square – Bill Cartwright

Miners Pay For Denaby Future