Tour de Conisbrough – All Over the Town

Tour de Conisbrough – Glynn Rawle’s Photographs

Tour de Conisbrough – Men’s Race

Tour de Conisbrough – The Mill Piece

Tour de Conisbrough – Town Centre

Tour de Conisbrough – Woman’s Race

Tour de Conisbrough – Works of Art

Robert Henry Shepard

Denaby & Cadeby Miner’s Memorial Chapel





04 – April

08 – August

Denaby & Cadeby C.C.

Denaby & Cadeby C.C.

Denaby Main C.C.

Mexborough Montagu Cottage Hospital

Baptisms 1559 to 1579

1769 Colliery Materials Sale

1792 Robbery of Denaby Main

1796 Sale of Water Colour Mill

1805 – Marriage – York Herald

1816 – Housebreaking in Conisbrough

1820’s – Stealing Sheep and Death by Apoplexy

1835 – Manslaughter through Drunkenness

1839 – Sheep Story – Sheffield Independant

1842 – Royal Pardon

1845 – Another Fire at Conisbrough – Subscription for Fire Engine

1846 – New Fire Engine Causes Panic

1846 – Wilful and Malicious Damage

1847 – Grand Cricket Match – Sheffield Athenaeum v Conisbrough

1847 – New Organ for Conisbrough Parish Church

1848 – Education – Rev. H.Ellershaw

1849 – Quarry Measurement Challenged

1889 – Child Drowned in a Slop Tub

Crime and Courts

Escaped Out Of Gaol, William Colley, Horse-Stealer.


Denaby Census 1841

Conisborough Census 1841

Crime and Courts

Murder at Swinton.

The Late Murder at Swinton.

1849 – Horrid Charge – Transported for Life

1851 – Sale of Denaby

1851 – Sheep Stealing at Conisbrough


Denaby Census 1851

1852 – Child Drowned

1852 – Death of Lady Francis – Letters of Junius

1853 – Accident on the South Yorkshire Railway

1853 – Sale of Conisbrough Castle

1853 – Theft by 15 year old – 4 months Hard Labour

Industry and Commerce

To Brewers, Innkeepers & Others – Sale of Eagle & Child

Crime and Courts

Death From Lockjaw – Youth Committed to Assizes

1855 – An Old Wife and a Young Husband

1856 – Brutal Attack on Stationmaster

1856 – Missionary Gathering at Conisbrough

1856 – Stealing Soil

1857 – Attempt to blow up Manufactory at Conisbrough

1857 – Sale of the Priory

1857 – Suspected Murder

1858 – Incendary Fires near Conisbrough

1858 – Serious Accident at Conisbrough

1859 – Boy killed on a Railway

1859 – Stealing a bottle of Gin – Three months in Prison

1860 – The Incumbency of Mexborough

1860 – Shooting at Manufactory

1867 – Robbery at Conisbrough

1867 – Manslaughter at Conisbrough


Census Conisborough 1861

Census Denaby 1861

1861 – Discovery of 2 Skeletons at Conisbrough

1861 – Temperance Gathering and Turnip Taking

1862 – Wilful Trespassing and Release of Cattle

1862 – Trespassing for Game

1863 – Sheep Stealing – Case Dismissed

1864 – Sinking of Shaft at Denaby Main

1866 – Aggravated Assault on a Young Woman

1867 – Fatal Fight at Conisbrough

1867 – Frightful Accident to a Gentleman at Conisbrough Castle

1867 – Savage Assault on a Woman

1868 – Denaby Main Coal – Advertisement

1868 – Denaby Main – New Colliery – Company Registered

1868 – Slaughter of Sheep on the South Yorkshire Railway

Industry and Commerce

Two More Fatal Accidents at the Denaby Main Colliery

Fatal Accident at the Denaby Main Colliery

Accident at Denaby Main – Flinders, George

Pit Driver dies of Lockjaw – Laybury, Thomas

Miner’s Festival at Mexborough

Fatal Accident – Fall of Roof in Engine Plane – Nattrass, George & Hough, Joseph

Crime and Courts

Rushing into the Policeman’s Arms

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – Phipps, John

Fire at the Denaby Main colliery


Census 1871 Conisborough

Census 1871 Denaby

Census – Conisborough – High Street

Crime and Courts

Beer seizure – Extraordinary Revelations – Gallon small quantity


1871 – Fatal Result of Bird Nesting

Crime and Courts

Assaulting the Police

Industry and Commerce

Dawes, Richard – Fatal Accident at Denaby Colliery

James Jackson – Fatal Accident

Appleyard’s Superior Household Funiture (Advert)

1872 – A Warning to Juveniles

1872 – Action for the loss of an Eye

1872 – Assaulting the Police at Denaby

1872 – Breach of Contract

1872 – Colliery Tonnages

1872 – Frederick Raynor – 14 year old Horse Driver dies

1872 – Great Miners Demonstration at Mexbro’

1872 – Henry Jackson – Fall of Bind kills Byeworker

1872 – Mitchell, Robert – Shocking Accident – Cage in Motion

1872 – A Non-Unionist Assaulted by Society Men

1872 – The Homes of Colliers

1872 – Spalding, William – Corve runs over 14 Year old

1873 – Assault on a Police Constable

1873 – British Archaeoligical Congress – Visit to Conisbrough

1873 – British Archaeoligical Congress – Visit to Conisbrough (2)

1873 – Disturbance at Fox Inn – Who’s Master?

1873 – New Mines Regulation Act – Brisk Fires

1873 – New Mines Regulation Act – Carrying Lucifer Matches

1873 – Opening of Workman’s Institute at Denaby Main

1873 – Thunderstorm at Conisbrough

Industry and Commerce

Valuable Copyhold Houses and Freehold Building Land


Youth Struck by Lightning

Accident at Denaby – Internal & External Injuries

Advance of Cabinet Makers’ Wages celebrated by Cricket Match

Cannibalism in Conisbrough

Conisbrough Church Choir

Denaby Miners accept 10% Pay Reduction

Destruction of a Bridge by Fire

Fatal Accidents – Samuel Webster and Joseph Lucas

Fatal Railway Accident

Opening of a Mission Chapel by the Dean of York

Robbery with Violence at Conisbrough

Shocking Accident to a Collier

Shocking Cruelty to a Pony

Single Woman Found Drowned

St Ledger Day – from Sheffield

Wilful Damage by Children at Denaby

Yorkshire Rambles – from Tickhill to Conisbrough

Absenting Themselves from Work without Leave

Colliers Charged – Breach of Rules and Intimidation

Conisbrough Castle Grounds – Wilful Damage by playing Cricket

Fatal Railway Accident at Denaby

Hieroglyphics at Conisbrough Castle

Railway Accident or Typhoid Fever

Trade Secretary Committed

Wounding at Conisbrough – Murderous Assault by Colliers

The Sheffield and Hallamshire Loan and Investment Society

The Terrible Floods – Exciting Scenes at Conisbrough

The Terrible Floods – Great Loss of Life

Action by Denaby Main Colliers

Beerhouse License

Breaches of Colliery Rules

Conisbrough Man found Drowned in Rotherham Canal

Denaby Cricket 1876

Dispute at Denaby Main Colliery

Embezzlement by a Traveller

Great Demonstration of Colliers

Lockout of Yorkshire Glass Bottle Makers

Man found Drowned at Denaby

Miner’s Quarrel – Attacked with Saucepan

New Domesday Book


Child Burnt to Death at Denaby

Crime and Courts

Murderous Assault at Denaby Main

L. Calladine – Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

New Weslyan Chapel – Laying of Stones

Pleasing Testimonial

The Attempted Wife Murder at Rotherham

The Attempted Wife Murder at Rotherham (2)

Carnforth v Denaby Main

Concert at Denaby Main for Denaby C.C.

Sale of valuable Colliery Horses and Ponies

Stealing Tinned Rabbit – Perjury by Witness

South Yorkshire Coal Trade

Stealing a Gun

Struck in Face with Thick Cloth

Denaby Dispute – Meeting of Men

Denaby Dispute – Settlement

Disturbance by Women

Disturbances by Women & Breach of Contract

Excited Glass Blowers

Apr 10th – Riot at Denaby Main – Heavy Fines – Witness Assaulted

Apr 16th – Denaby Main Riots – Conclusion of Proceedings

Apr 30th – The Clumsy Thieves – A drake and a Duck

Apr 7th – Important Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock

Apr 9th – Denaby Riots – 122 summonses for Intimidation

May 19th – 9 months for Unlawful Assault

May 2nd – Sheffield Lit. & Philos.Society – Castle at Conisborough

June 15th – Tunnel Worker Dies

June 18th – Glass Bottle Makers in trouble

Bristers Vegetable Pills

Election of Conisbrough School Board

Denaby Sunday School

Suspicious drowning of Denaby Collier

Boy kicked in head by Runaway Horse

H. Hatton – Shocking Death of Boy at Denaby Main

Primitive Methodist Sabbath School Anniversary

Death of Mr William Goodlad

Serious Accident and Burglary at the Glass works

Violent Assault over Pigsty

Church Excursion to Roche Abbey

Cricket Matches in August and September

Church Visit to Wharncliffe Crags

Unlawful Wounding at Conisboro’

Conisboro Assault over Newspaper Supplement

Assault by a Collier

Assaults at Denaby

Black Sheep Assaulted

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main – Notice to Quit Houses


Opening of a New Wesleyan Chapel at Conisbrough

Crime and Courts

A Dangerous Practice


1878 – 27% Reduction in Pay

Assaulting a Policeman who Interfered

Colliery Accident – Edward Roddy

James Whittaker of Coinisboro’ Again

Suicide on Railway at Conisboro’

The Case for a Police Station at Conisboro’


Nine Year old Boy Burned to Death at Denaby.

Bowling a Turnip – Assault at Conisboro’

Conisboro’ School Board – Letter of Resignation

Drunk and Riotous at Conisboro’

Drunken Woman at Conisboro’

Mischievous Boys

Selling Beer without a Licence

Stealing Quick Wood at Conisboro’

Conisboro’ School Board – New School Mistress

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – William Harthill

Pocket Picking at Conisboro’ Station

Pocket Picking at Conisbro’ Station – The true story of the Recapture

Miners Meeting – 200 Men Present

Assault by Stones and Names at Conisboro’

Conisboro’ Cricket

Gambling at Conisboro’ on Good Friday

Good Friday

Heavy Punishment of Pickpockets

Strange Theft by Heartless Daughter

Threatening Language among Women at Conisboro’

Troublesome Customers at the Reresby Arms

University Students at Conisborough

Whooping Cough

Meeting at Denaby – Mr Rymer’s Accident

Absenting Himself from Service

Accidents at Denaby Main

Conisboro’ and Denaby Cricket

Meeting of Miners – Speaker falls down Stairs

Unrequited Hospitality

Damaging Grass at Conisboro’

Accident at Denaby Main

Discovery of Bones of Extinct Animals at Conisbrough.

Obtaining Two Shillings by False Pretences

The Feast

Great Meeting at Mexborough – Men given Notice

Cutting & Wounding by a Drunken Man at Denaby

Great Meeting of Miners from Denaby Main

Dispute Settled

Excursion of the Church of England Temperance Society

Temperance Society – American Speakers

Uncle Tom’s Cabin at the Methodist Church

Dispute – Circular from Miners

Dispute: Mass Meeting – Lock Out at Denaby

Dispute – State of Families and Businesses Sad

Dispute – Offer over a Whiskey Jug

Dispute – Police in Attendance at Colliery

Joseph ‘Salty’ Thompson – An Old Offender

Joseph ‘Salty’ Thompson – Rabbits

Local Honours at the Paris Exhibition – Kilner Brothers

The Working of the Game Laws

Throwing a Dog on a Fire at Denaby

Dispute – Workmen’s Circular

Dispute – Whisky Jug Discussions

Castle Football Club Paper Chase

Dispute – New Dispute over Check Weighman

Dispute – Dispute Settled for 5% – Another Dispute

Dispute – Dispute continues – Policemen at Pit

Dispute – Settlement of the Denaby Main Dispute.


1879 – Dispute Settled – Another 5% Reduction

1879 Outburst of Gas

The Denaby Main Miners and the Alleged Robbery of Coal.

Dispute – Tommy Tickets

Dispute – Strike Continues Distress Severe

Dispute – Dispute Settled 5% Reduction

Dispute – Opposition to Decision of Council.

Dispute – Letter to Public

Crime and Courts

Neglecting to Maintain His Wife.

Conviction of a Farmer for not Reporting ‘ Scab. ‘

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery Dispute.- Determined Opposition To The Decision Of The Council.

Settlement of the Denaby Main Colliery Dispute.

Dispute – Settlement of Denaby Dispute.


Parkwood Springs 5 Conisborough Castle 0

Disgraceful Public House Row – Alleged Cannibalism

Matrimonial Quarrel at Conisborough

Temperance Meeting

Threatening the Underviewer

Castle FC – Conisborough Castle v Exchange Brewery

Castle FC – Pamona v Conisborough Castle

Industry and Commerce

Forcible Ejectment of Miners at Denaby


Ivanhoe on the Football Nuisance

Crime and Courts

Poor Law Act at Conisbrough


Conisborough Castle FC – Conisbrough Castle  0 Parkwood Springs 3

Conisborough Castle FC – General Meeting and Challenge Cup

Band of Hope at Temperance Society

Commital for Three Months

Good Friday at Conisborough – 20,000 People Present

Good Friday Disorder – Alleged Assault

Good Friday Disorder – Refusing to Quit

Weslyan Sabbath School Anniversary

Miners Association 500 – Attend Public Tea

Conisborough Castle Football Club

Denaby Cricket Club

Juveniles Single Wicket Match

Permitting Drunkedness at Conisborough

Pitch & Toss Playing at Denaby – The Use of a Wife

Refusal to Quit – Serial Offender

Robbery from a Butcher’s Shop at Denaby

Conisborough CC – Mexborough 88 Conisborough 46

Conisborough CC – Conisbrough 92 for 5 Rawmarsh Church 29

Denaby Main – Kilnhurst 72 for 4 Denaby Main 53

Denaby Main – Denaby 15 Mexborough 101 – Poor Batting Display


Conisborough Cricket Engagements

Meeting of the Gas Company

Sale of Work and Fancy Articles – Lady Milton attends

Proposed Reduction of 10% – Mechanics Quit

Cricket – Conisborough C.C. – July 1879

Joseph Griffiths – Fell from Gangway

Kelly v Thompson – Runaway Boy

Proposed Reduction of Wages at Denaby Main Colliery

Row between Married Women at Denaby

Treat to Tenants

Crime and Courts

An Old Offender

Church of England Temperance Trip

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Crossing

Light v Darkness – Gas Lights on Station Road

Meeting of School Board – Candidates for New Clerk


The Melancholy Death of Mr. John Hudson – Coroner’s Inquest.

Industry and Commerce

Inquest Denaby.

Cricket – Denaby Main C.C.

Fatal Accident at Denaby Colliery

Miners Permanent Relief Fund

Pugilistic Waiter at Denaby

Alarming outbursts of gas at Denaby Main colliery.

Breach of Rules at Denaby Main – Tobacco and Matches

Conisborough 1 Thornhill 4

Conisborough 5 Doncaster GNR 0 – Conisbro’ Challenge Cup

Conisborough School Board – New Schoolmistress – Sewing Success

Single Cricket Match – All England Player Defeated

Temperance Lecture – Beware of Pickpockets

Threatened Neighbour for withholding Sweep Money

Attack on Conisborough Glass Blowers – Full Story

Attack on Conisborough Glass Blowers – Magistrates Court

Charge against Conisborough Contractor – No Signalman

Breaking a Man’s Nose – Conisborough Glassblower

Conisborough 1 Lunar Rovers 2

Entertainment by 100 Children at the Board School

Missionary Sermons – Thorough Success

Pictorial Diorama at Denaby

Denaby Glittering Star C.C.

1880 – Request for the return of the 5% and 1000 Out of Work

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Miners – Excellent Repast – Request for 5%

Crime and Courts

An Unhappy Married Couple at Denaby

Important Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners. – The Five Percent Question

Alleged Theft by Farm Servants

An Alarming Epidemic of Measles at Denaby

Feb – Outbreak of Measles – Water at Denaby

The Hunt – An Accident with a Donkey at Conisborough

The Hunt – An Exciting Chase

The Trickery of a Birmingham Traveller – Trapped at Conisborough

Water Supply Startling Statements – Alleged deaths from Impure Water.

A Landlady and her Lodger at Denaby

Conisborough Castle Football Challenge Cup – Conisborough 1 Doncaster 0

Fatal Accident at Denaby – Jas. Morris

Service of Song at Conisborough – The Pilgrim Fathers

Denaby Glittering Star – Kilnhurst White Rose, Mexborough Red, White and Blue, Mexborough (seconds)

Conisborough Glassblowers causing an Affray

Cruelty to Horses on Good Griday

Felony by a Lodger at Denaby.

Glassblower Brothers in Trouble at Conisborough

Stealing corn at Conisborough.


Castle Cricket Club Concert

A Stack Set on Fire by a Lad at Conisborough.

Allen and another v Bamford

Castle Ruins attracts Visitors by Boat and Waggonette

Rent Dinner at Denaby – Speeches on Agriculture and Local Questions

Sale of Conisborough Windmill

The New Church, Cemetery and Reading Room at Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Shocking Fatality at Denaby Main – Joseph Stacey

An Aggravated Assault upon a Woman at Conisborough.

Conisborough Gas Company – Annual Meeting

Determined to Break his Neck

Irregularities in School Attendance at Conisbrough

Land and Property Sale

The Recent Application by the Denaby Main Colliery – The Economist

Denaby GS – Kilnhurst White Rose

Assaulting a Father at Conisborough Feast.

Conisborough Feast

Conisborough Fishmonger Drunk and Disorderly – No Appearance.

Conisborough Glassblower Drunk and Asleep in Hedge Bottom.

Disorderly and Refusing to Quit Licensed Premises at Denaby.

Insulted by a Beggar at Cadeby – Prison for 21 days

Miner’s Trip – Liverpool and New Brighton

School Board Election – Notice on Church and Chapel Doors

School Board Election – Result

Singular Adventure on a Steam Yacht.

The Claim for Wages by a Conisborough Farm Labourer.

Wesleyan Anniversary – Public Meeting and Children’s Games


Death of Mr Thomas Henry Simpson.

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Wall


Conisborough C.C. – Well beaten by Mexborough, July 1880

Denaby GS – Mexborough Red, White and Blue and Swinton

Accident at the Colliery – Run over by Tubs

Death of Oldest Inhabitant – The Man who escorted Sir Walter Scott

The Fraud by a Commercial Traveller – Leeds Assizes

13 Year Old Lamp Cleaner fatally burned at Denaby

Conisborough Floral and Horticultural Show.

Damaging Growing Grass

Sad Bathing Fatality at Conisborough

Stack Fire

Theft of Money by a Denaby Collier.


The Fatal Accident in Conisborough Tunnel.

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Glassblowers After Potatoes.

Denaby Main Colliery – Wages Reduction – Banksmen Strike

Mexborough Victoria v Conisborough – “off side” dispute

Murderous Assault at Station Hotel – Trial

Strike at Denaby Main Colliery

The 5% Question – the Sliding Scale – the Coming Prosperity.


Youthful Shepherdess – “Bo Peep” drove 20 Sheep to Sheffield

Industry and Commerce

Serious Accident at the Colliery


Conisborough School Board – Attendance Officer’s Salary

Floods – Serious Floods in the District.

Crime and Courts

Theft of Turnips at Conisborough.

Accident at Pit on Day of Marriage

Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Wood

Floods – Conisborough Works under Water

Floods – Narrow Escape from Drowning at Denaby.

Floods – The Colliery Flooded and the Railway Embankment in Danger.

Murderous Assault at Station Hotel

Neglecting to Maintain a Wife at Conisborough

Bastardy Case from Conisborough.

Conisborough Castle

Doncaster v Conisborough – Conisborough Beaten for First Time

Notorious Character from Conisborough.

Outrage on the Highway

Quarrel over a Knurr and Spell Match at Conisborough.

Dispute – 800 Men and Boys under Notice.

Dispute – 1000 Hands out of Work

Industry and Commerce

Dispute – Indignation – What is the Cause?

Dispute – State of Affairs at Denaby – 800 hands under notice.

Dispute – The Crisis at Denaby Main Colliery – What is the Cause?

Dispute – 800 men given notice

Assaulting the Denaby Policeman

06 June – Denaby Main Red Rose, Swinton Wild Violet, Thrybergh Park

Good Friday at Conisborough

Unfriendly Conisbroites

Unhappy Married Couple at Denaby

Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary.

1881 Black Sheep, Sliding Scales & Pony Drivers Strike

Singular Drowning Case – The Results of Spitting.


Shocking Accident on the Railway at Doncaster

W Rice Oxley Obtains Degree at Oxford


Water v Alcohol – Wesleyan Band of Hope

Census 1881 – High Street

Library and Reading Room by G.E. Swithenbank

Industry and Commerce

Dispute – Appeal for Support

Dispute – Letter from Buckingham Pope

Dispute – The 5% , Packing Pay and 3 Meetings

Dispute – The Railway’s Response

Dispute – Denaby Main Miners – The Men on Strike

Dispute – First – Meeting of the Men.

Dispute – Second Meeting of the Men

Dispute – Third Meeting of the Men


Conisborough v Swinton Albion – Kicked a Goal to win the Match

Industry and Commerce

Dispute – The Crisis at Denaby – Chuck ’em into t’Cut !

Horticultural and Cottage Gardeners Association.

Temperance Meeting.

The Storm

Dispute – Decision of the Council

Dispute – The Relief Fund – How Matters now Stand

Dispute – A ‘Scene’ at the Colliery

Dispute – Manager’s Desire to Settle Matters Reported

Dispute – Miners to Return to Work

Dispute – ‘Scene’ with Visitors

Industry and Commerce

Colliery Accidents – Henry Poxon and Maurice Dunn

The Fire Engine.


Conisborough Primitive Methodist Chapel Anniversary. (video)

Crime and Courts

Collier sent to Prison for Neglect of Family.

Conisborough Farm Labourer Assaulted.


Denaby Main C.C. – Election of Officers

Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale

Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale (2)

Drunkenness – P.C. takes Drunk in Wheelbarrow to Mexborough

Fatal Accident at the Colliery – 17 year old Thomas Dagnall

Shove Tuesday Football at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Colliery Accident. – Cage Conductor Broke


Conisborough Horticultural Gardeners Society.

Conisborough School Board – Staff and Salary Reduction

Crime and Courts

Assaulting a Miner and his Wife at Denaby.

Alleged Murderous Assault at Conisborough.

Alleged Murderous Attack upon a Farmer at Conisborough.

Brutal Treatment of a Pony

Conisborough 4 Eastwood 2

Conisborough Public Houses – Police Raids

Conisborough School Board

Drunk on Good Friday at Conisborough.

Football Dispute – Doncaster v Conisborough

Good Friday

Methodist Anniversary

Proposed Reduction in the Miners Wages

Publicans Charged

Riots at the Denaby Main Colliery – Grave Allegations against Company.

Season’s Fixtures

Season’s Fixtures

Serious Charges against Collier

Traction Engine on the Highway at Conisborough

Young Woman found Drowned in River

Dispute – Proposed Reduction In Wages At Denaby Main Colliery.

Dispute – Meeting with Manager

Denaby Main – Bethel Church 51 Denaby 57 for 6

Assaulting a Denaby Lad because he refused to sing.

Drunk on Licensed Premises

Kilner Brothers win Order of Merit

Lady Like Proceedings at Conisborough.

Conisborough CC – Conisborough 69 Aldwarke 50

Conisborough CC – Mexborough 66 Conisborough 38

Denaby Main – Mexborough 81 Denaby 101

Denaby Main – Thrybergh Park 63 Denaby 80

Denaby Main – Denaby 48 Attercliffe 32

Denaby Main – Denaby 168 v Doncaster White Star

Denaby Main – Denaby 89 Eastwood 24 – Rudkin 6 for 8

Denaby Library – Every neet


Good Friday – More Drunkeness

Lively Proceedings at Conisborough

Suicide of a Young Woman at Conisborough.

Conisborough CC – Kilnhurst 136 Conisborough 51

Conisborough CC – Greasborough 56 Conisborough 53 for 5

Denaby Main – Denaby 44 Parkgate 5

Denaby Main – Wath Oil Mills 39 for 5 Denaby 51

Pony Drivers Dispute – Pony Drivers Walk Out

Pony Drivers Dispute – Return to Work

Denaby Main C.C. – Mexborough, Eastwood View and Kilnhurst

Drunk and disorderly at Conisborough – “Taking the Village by Storm”

Garden Robberies at Conisborough.

More Glassblowers in Trouble

Neglecting to send Children to school

Perilous Position of 16 Miners at Denaby.

Pony Drivers Dispute – Pit Stopped

Pony Drivers Dispute – Singular Proceedings.

Riotous proceedings at Conisborough.

Sale of Contents of Castle Inn, Building Materials, Carts, Pony and Fowls

Sale of Growing Grass

Shocking Accident at Denaby – Joseph Morgan

The Sports

Wilful Damage of Gooseberry Trees at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Unlawfully Trespassing at Conisborough.

Conisborough Floral and Horticultural society

Damaging Mown Grass at Conisborough.

Application for an Ejectment Warrant against a Denaby Miner

Drunk and Assaulting the Police at Conisborough.

Fatal Colliery Accident – Michael Burke

Stealing apples from an Orchard at Conisborough.

Alleged Indecent Assault

Alleged Indecent Assault by a Certifed Colliery Manager at Denaby.

Conisbrough Parish Church Harvest Festival.

Denaby Miner’s Inquest – James Shelton

Denaby Red Rose

Furnishing of the Ministers House – Wesleyan Methodism at Conisborough.

Married Ladies Falling Out at Conisbrough.

Outrage upon a Young Girl at Denaby.

Mexborough Constable Assaulted by a Denaby Collier

Mexborough Red Rose v Denaby Red Rose.

Robbery of Eight Sheep at Conisbrough

York Assizes – The Alleged Criminal Assault

Caution to Owners of Cattle.

Conisborough News

Denaby Red Rose v Mexborough Red White and Blue

Drunk in Charge of a Horse

Narrow Escape of the Denaby Main Colliery Manager.

Temperance and Evangelistic services.


Conisborough Farmer and his Servant.

Conisborough Wesleyan Sunday School Annual Tea.

Denaby Colliers and the Game in the Wood.

Denaby “Corporal” attacked by Pony Drivers.

Parish Church Tea

Parish Church Tea

Whose was the Rabbit ?

Industry and Commerce

Sale of Rock House, Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Charges of Stealing Eight Sheep.

Disgraceful Proceedings in Conisborough Churchyard.

Farmer Assaults Servant at Conisborough

Followers of Bacchus

Infringement of the Highway Act at Conisborough

Married Woman “Lost” at Conisborough.

Mr Warburton on the Healthiness of Coal Mining

Travelling from Doncaster to Conisborough without a Ticket.


Presentation to Mr Arthur Simpson, of Conisborough.

Children’s Entertainment for Scripture Classes

Denaby Main C.C.

Drunk and Hell Fire

Parish Meeting

The Late Strike at Denaby – Claim for Goods Supplied

Whose was the Rabbit ?

Conisborough Castle on Good Friday

Denaby C.C. Concert

Concert – It Makes a Man Feel Like a Fool

Concert – Hark, Hark the Lark

Concert – Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town

An Unhappy Daughter.

Assault with Spade

Cheating the Railway

Conisborough Households in Dispute – Charges Made

Mexborough 160 v Conisborough

Sale of freehold property

The Double D’s.

The Wounded Pony

Wath Oil Mills 37 Denaby Main 56

Violent Denaby Miner

Conisborough Funeral Society

Conisborough Households in Dispute – The family row.

Dense Smoke

The Pawned Watch.

Alleged Robbery from a garden and the Colliery Thief

An Objectionable Traveller

Assaults and Violent Folk

Conisborough Feast

Conisborough Feast Time – Drunkards and fighters.

Go as you Please

On the Streets – Month in Wakefield

Sale of the Priory

An Early Tippler

Conisborough Show.

Is the Denaby Recreation Ground Private?

Sales of Castle Inn and Bone Mill

School Board – Primitive Methodist Charges and School Holidays

The Duke of Leeds Lodge of Oddfellows.

Visit of the Sheffield naturalists

The Bottle Works

Application for Licences – Conisborough and the Race Week

Conisborough Traction Engine Puffing.

Licensing Day – More beer for the Denaby men

Miners meeting at Denaby

Robbery in a Beanfield

Stabbing at a Farmer in Conisborough

Wesleyans Marry

The Police Station Begun.

Homeless in Conisborough

A Stray Sovereign

Crime and Courts

Denaby “Corporal” attacked by Pony Drivers.

Church Restoration – Bazaar at Doncaster Yesterday

The Man Killed at Denaby

Pony Whipping in Denaby

Wesleyan Entertainment

Conisborough Primitive Methodist Concert (videos)

Fatality in Denaby Main

Fatality in Denaby Main – John Barker

Conisborough Flower Show

Conisborough New Cemetery

Conisborough Police Station – Accepted Tender

Conisborough Police Station – Action against Contractor

Conisborough School Board – Christmas Holidays and Certificates

Conisborough’s New Railway station

Findings are stealing?

Heavily Penalty for Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby.

The Guardian of the Poor for Conisbro’


18 Year Old Girl Killed at Conisborough Station

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Priory, Near Doncaster.

14 Year Old boy run over by Corve – Thomas Morris

Industry and Commerce

Sad Death of a Keel Captain at Denaby.


Denaby Glittering Star – Altofts, Doncaster White Rose & Star, Barnsley White Lily

Industry and Commerce

Trammer Killed at Denaby – Douglas Cox

12 – December 19th – Men given Notice – 25% Reduction demanded

Industry and Commerce

Meeting Of The Miners. – Miners Unanimously oppose Reduction

Dispute Cause – Meeting Of The Miners – Men unanimously oppose Reduction

Startling Conditions – Overcrowding and Infection

Conisboro’ Parish Church – Christmas and New Year Services

Conisboro’ Wesleyan Sunday School – Annual Tea and Soiree

Outbreak of Smallpox at Denaby

The Fruits of Leaving the Teetotal Band

Dispute Cause – Proposed Revision of Price at Denaby Main Colliery – Men given Notice

Dispute Week 1 – Meeting with W.H. Chambers

Industry and Commerce

Dispute Week 1 – Bringing Out the Tools

Dispute Week 1- The Strike Begins

Dispute Week 2 – Distress amongs Miners

Dispute Week 2 – Employers View – Colliery Guardian

Dispute Week 3 – Distress from Cold, Hunger and Disease

Dispute Week 3 – Impending Evictions – Outbreak of Smallpox

Dispute Week 3 – Letter from Pope – Delegation to meet

Dispute Week 3 – Unsuccessful Attempt To Settle The Difficulty

Dispute Week 4 – Meeting of Miners – Nothing more to add

Dispute Week 5 – Latest News

Dispute Week 5 – Miners Weeting – Distribution of Bread – Black Sheep – Small Pox

Setting Fire to a Stack

Denaby Collier Enjoying Himself

Denaby Miners and the Doncaster Corporation – Guildhall Refused

Entertainment for Cricket Club at Conisbrough

Highway offence

Dispute 06 – February 6th – More Smallpox Cases

Dispute 07 – February 13th – Dispute into Sixth Week

Dispute 09 – February 27th – Meeting & Calculation of Proposed Reduction

Denaby Utd – Lincoln 0 Denaby Utd 2

Doughty Denaby

Dispute – March 6th – Dispute now 2 Months – Attempt to Re Open Pit

Dispute – March 13th – Ejection Notices Issued

Dispute – March 13th – Meeting with Buckingham Pope

Dispute – March 20th – Application for Ejectment Orders

Dispute – March 20th – Alleged intimidation by Denaby Miners

Dispute – March 20th – Ejectment Orders

Dispute – March 27th – Expected Encampment Of Ejected Families

Dispute – March 27th – Alleged Intimidation at Denaby Main (2)

Industry and Commerce

Dispute – Alleged Intimidation at Denaby Main (1)

Interesting Presentation at Conisbrough – Mr Shutt

Dispute – April 3rd – Miners Meeting – Dispute with Mr Chappell

Dispute – April 10th – Ministers Distress

Dispute – April 10th – 50 Families Evicted

Dispute – April 17th – 700 Persons Turned Out

Dispute – April 17th – The Aftermath

Dispute – April 24th – Decision to Join Barnsley Association – Stormy Meeting

Dispute – April 24th – Denaby Curate relieves Distress

Dispute – April 24th – Great distress among the Miners

Dispute – April 24th – Meeting with Mr Chambers – Strangers to Start Work

Dispute – April 24th – Mr Chappell answers the Charges

Dispute – April 24th – Miners Demonstration at Brampton Bierlow

Dispute – May 1st – Arrival of New Workmen – Unprecedented Scenes

Dispute – May 1st – Exciting Scenes – Arrival of New Workmen

Dispute – May 8th – Great Distress amongst Families

Dispute – May 8th – No Black Sheep – More Distress

Dispute – May 8th – Question in the Commons

Dispute – May 8th – Sad Scene – More Evictions – The Encampment

Dispute – May 15th a – Arrival of New Workmen

Dispute – May 15th b – Looking after the new Workmen

Dispute – May 15th d – Summonses issued for Compelling

Dispute – May 15th e – Deputation Requested

Dispute – May 15th f – Rev T.J. Leslie – Barnsley Association

Dispute – May 15th g – Fresh Batch of Workmen

Dispute – May 15th c – Buckingham Pope in the Daily Telegraph and replies

Dispute – May 15th i – Mr Leslie and the Rotherham Bench

Dispute – May 22nd a – Delegation meets with Mr Pope

Dispute – May 22nd b – Refusal of Employers Terms

Dispute – May 22nd c – More Cornish Workmen

Dispute – May 22nd d – Scene on the River Don

Dispute – May 22nd d – An offer from Mr Pope

Dispute – May 22nd e – Address by Benjamin Pickard

Dispute – May 22nd f – House of Commons question

Dispute – May 22nd g – Probable Closing of the Colliery

Dispute – May 22nd h – The Men and the Proposed Closure

Dispute – May 22nd i – Reply from Mr Burt

Dispute – May 22nd j -Excitement At Denaby – More new Workmen

Dispute – May 22nd k – Rev T.J.Leslie’s Work Continues

Dispute – May 29th a – The Cornishmen go back

Dispute – May 29th b – Another Interview with the Manager

Dispute – May 29th c – Threatened Collapse Of Negotiations

Dispute – May – Correspondance – They all have a say

Denaby Mans Accident to his Skull

Doing Damage to a Wheat field

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisbrough

Game Trespass

Horses Astray

Keeping a Dog without a Licence

Novel Felony – Boy Drank Milk from Cow

Theft of Milk at Conisborough

Whit Monday Procession at Denaby

Dispute – June 5th – Decision to close Pit

Dispute – June 5th – Meeting of the Topmen

Dispute – June 12th – Alleged Intimidation

Dispute – June 12th – Sale of Pit Ponies

Dispute – June 12th – The Relief Fund for the Distressed Families at Denaby Main

Dispute – June 19th – Colliery still recruiting – Ponies out to Grass

Dispute – June 26th – Mexborough Feast – Arrival of new Workmen

Dispute – June 26th – Return of the Staffordshire Men

Conisbrough Assault on the Police

Conisborough Castle – Ecroyd Smith

Conisbrough Feast and its Visitors

Defrauding the Railway Company

Denaby Main Drunkenness

Dispute – July 3rd – New Terms offered by Men

Dispute – July 10th – Arrival of more Staffordshire Men

Dispute – July 10th – Commencement of Disturbances

Dispute – July 17th – Battle of Denaby Main – Desperate Fight – Revolver Shots

Dispute – July 17th – Retreat of the Staffordshire Men

Dispute – July 17th – Gathering of Denaby Main and Staffordshire Miners

Dispute – July 17th – More New Hands – Men Return to Work

Dispute – July 17th – The Disturbances At Denaby Main.

Dispute – July 17th – Rake & Pan system

Dispute – July 17th – Support for Grievances – House of Lord’s Condemnation

Dispute – July 24th – The Riotous Proceedings at Denaby Main

Dispute – July 24th – The Recent Riot at Denaby Main

Dispute – July 24th – Return to Work – History of the Lock Out

Dispute – July 31st – Pit slowly returning to Normal

Dispute – July 31st – The Great Distress of the Evicted Miners at Denaby

A Loving Couple

Alleged Attempted Murder at Sprotborough

Alleged Discovery of Dynamite at Denaby Main

Conisborough Flower Show


Horses Straying on the Highway

Staffordshire Man in Trouble at Denaby

Unprovoked and Cowardly Assault

Dispute – August 7 – Arrival Of Staffordshire Men

Dispute – August 14 – Meeting of the Denaby Main Miners – Mr Pickard on the situation

Dispute – August 14 – Mr Chappell Intervenes

Dispute – August 14 – Riots at Denaby Main

Dispute – August 28 – Mr Chappell and the Denaby Miners

Dispute – August 28 – Work at Another Colliery

Damaging Growing Grass

Denaby Main Sunday School Anniversary

Drunkenness – A Stranger Taken in – Drunk on the Highway

Game Trespass – 24 Previous Convictions

Strangers in Doncaster – “Knob sticks” in Trouble

Knocked Insensible Collecting Mushrooms – A Serious Mistake

Quarrels of Denaby Miners – Arguments with Strangers

Two Imposters get Hard Labour

Dispute – Mr Chappell and the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Miners Association

Dispute – Mr Pickard on the Situation – Miners Meeting at Mexborough

Embezzlement by Servant

Another Wanderer at Denaby

Conisborough Reading Room

Conisborough School Board – New Girl’s Mistress – Tenders for Partition Wall

Conisborough Wesleyan Chapel Anniversary

Cruelly Ill-Treating a Pony

Floods in South Yorkshire

Inquest at Clifton – Man on Horseback Dies

Man Shot at by a Boy Near Conisborough

Mischievous Boys at Denaby

Mr W. S. Shelley, Doncaster Liberal Candidate

Denaby Main – Mexborough Victoria 2 Denaby 5

Alleged Illegal Sale of Fireworks at Conisborough

Alleged Theft of a Tub at Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board – Apology from Liberal Chairman

Conservative Address by the Honourable A.E.G. Hardy – Disorderly Proceedings (picture)

Crowther’s Consulting Chemist

Curious Speech at Conisborough

Licence Offence at Conisborough

Meeting of the Denaby Main Miners last Night

Strike Imminent for Miners of Yorkshire

Unforgiving Neighbour

Crime and Courts

Alleged Theft of Coat – Carter sent to Assizes

The Alleged Brutal Assault at Barnburgh

A Horse Drowned in the Don

Conisborough School Board

Conisborough United Brass Band Entertainment (video)

Cowardly Assault on a Denaby Woman

Denaby Main Coal Company v Manchester, Sheffield & Lincs Railway – House of Lords

Drunk and Quarrelsome – A Foolish Trick

Striking a “black sheep” at Denaby Main

Tea and Concert at Old Denaby Mission Room (poem and video)

Valuable Freehold Properties for Sale in Conisborough


A Conisborough Obstruction Case

Annual Tea and Concert at the Wesleyan Chapel

Co-operative Conference at Denaby Main

Denaby Main Cricket Club Annual Meeting – Election of Officers

Important to Publicans

Kilner Bros Festivities at Conisbrough

Leaving a Horse and Horse

Master and Servant

Neglecting Parents at Conisborough

New Year’s Festivities at the Parish Church

The Denabyites Again

Crime and Courts

Extraordinary Conduct of a Policeman at Conisborough

Proposed New Church – Church Tea At Denaby Main.

Conisborough Clerk Charged With Embezzlement And Forgery.

Board School Children’s Concert (video)

Conisborough Gospel Temperance Mission.

Health of Rural Districts – Smallpox at Denaby – Water at Conisborough

Meeting of Denaby Main Miners – Sliding Scale – 6d Per Ton Rate

Sunday School Tea and Entertainment

Traction Engine without Name and Standing Too Long

W.H. Chambers Complains About the Police

Crime and Courts

Denaby Miners At Variance

Denaby Main and the Police – Letters

A Violent Vagrant

Adulterated Whiskey

An Uncorrigible Offender at Denaby Pit

Assault By An Ex-Police Officer

Careless Pony Driver – Valuable Pony Destryoed

Concert At Denaby

Concert to Relieve Distress at Conisboro’

Conisboro’ School Board.

Conisboroites at Variance

Cruelty To A Pony At Denaby Main

Dangerous Practice at Denaby Main

Lively Parish Meeting At Conisbro’ – Footpaths and Waywardens

Over-Watered Gin and Whisky

Permanent Relief Fund

Serious Offence At Denaby Main Colliery.

Denaby Main and the Police – W H Chambers

Parish Meeting at Conisborough – Stormy Proceedings

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Assault in a Mine

Breach of Colliery Rules

Conisborough Inhabitant’s Grievance

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Pit

Denaby Main Reading Room

Parish Meeting at Conisborough – Meeting that was Adjourned

Sad Case of Burning at Denaby Main

Shocking Accident at the Conisborough Glass Works

Selling Objectionable Prints

Exciting Chase after Poachers at Denaby

Conisbrough Visitors

The Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Shocking State of Depravity

The Traction Engine Nuisance Again

The Floods in Denaby and Conisborough – Thursday

The Floods in Denaby and Conisborough – Friday

The Floods in Denaby and Conisborough – Saturday

Denaby Main – Denaby Main 81 for 2 Thrybergh 52

Denaby Main – Tinsley 72 for 7 Denaby Main 64


Colliery Offences – Safety Lamp – Deputy Orders – Chaining Corves – Death of Pony

Conisboro’ Men At Wadworth Feast

Conisboro’ School Board – No Contest for New Board

Conisborough Cricket Team

Cruelty To Ponies At Denaby Colliery

Disorderly And Refusing To Quit

Police Court Civilities – Pigs Straying

Trinity Sunday and the Queen’s Anniversary

Wesleyan Anniversary At Conisboro’

Whitsuntide Festivities – Old Denaby

Mass meeting of Denaby Main Colliers – Pit Set Down by the Fillers

Assault in Denaby Pit

Conisborough School Board

Denaby Main Colliery Company v Protector Lamp and Lighting Company

Extraordinary Conduct of a Police Sergeant

Family Affairs at Conisborough

Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Dagnall

Flower Service at Conisborough

Opening of a New Library and Institute at Denaby Main

Property in the Market at Conisborough

Shop Lifter Surprised at Conisborough

Visit of 600 Botanists (picture)

Conisborough 133 v Attercliffe 23 for 2

Conisborough v Mexborough 169 for 7

Amusing Horse and Cart Case from Conisborough.

Determined Suicide at Conisborough

Fire at Denaby Main Colliery

Madman at Mexborough – Denaby Main Dataller Conveyed to Wadsley Asylum.

Suicide at Conisborough

The Denaby Institute – Means for Recreation and Amusement

Wilful Damage to Growing Peas by Youths

Crime and Courts

Murder of a Policeman – Neighbourhood Searched for Murderer (pictures)


Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Prosecution of 70 Fillers

Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Meetings Final Decision – Arbitration Desired

Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Important Meeting of Miners

Denaby Main Strikes and Lock outs – A Retrospect

Aggravated Assaults at Conisborough – A Woman Stabbed

Conisborough Constable Censured

Fatal Accident at Denaby – Thomas Green

Lecture at Conisborough – “How to get on in the world.”

Man Given a Lift and Steals Coat

Outbreak of Swine Fever at Denaby Main

Voters in the Rotherham Division – Another Overseer Fined

Industry and Commerce

Water Dispute at Conisborough – Holywell Spring

Crime and Courts

Murder of a Policeman – Search and Escape (pictures)

Murder of a Policeman – The Murder (picture)

Murder of a Policeman – Capture of Murphy at Kingstone Place (pictures)

Alleged Threats at Denaby

Breach of a Special Rule at Denaby Main Colliery

Breach of Colliery Rules – Boy’s Misdemeanors

Denaby Miners and “Rakes And Pans.”

Harvest Festivals at Denaby

Hawking without a Licence

Important to Publicans – Use of Measures at the ‘Eagle and Child’ and the ‘Station’

Non Payment of Poor Rates – Hard Lines

Parish Affairs – Streets in Utter Darkness

Recent Strike of Fillers at Denaby Main Colliery

Shocking Accident on the Railway at Denaby

Threatening a Woman at Denaby

Conisborough Ironstone.

Mischievous Trapper

Denaby Colliery Set Down Again

Serious Accident to a Boat Hauler

Accident with Elephants at Conisborough.

Chrysanthemum Show at Conisborough

Conisborough Castle – The Keep and Curtain Wall (picture)

Conisborough Castle – The Mason’s Marks

Denaby Main Miners and the Altofts Colliery Explosion

Kilnhurst 1 Denaby Main 2

Row About a Sixpence

Service of song

Conisborough – The Discovery of Iron Ore

Conisboro’ Board School Concert – Prize Pupil

Assault At Denaby Main

Assault On The Highway At Conisboro.

Charge Of Obstructing The Highway At Dalton Brook.

Denaby Main Institute – New Billiard Table

Ice Accident

The Fatal Accident At Denaby Main Colliery

Times Almanack 1887

Crime and Courts

Cruelty To Pit Ponies At Denaby Main – Four Killed and 12 Maimed in Last 6 Months

Extraordinary Foolhardiness At Denaby Pit.



Fatal Accident – 14 Year Old Pony Driver – John Sheldon

1887 Denaby Main Great Fire – The Aftermath

Industry and Commerce

Suffocated by Gas at Denaby Main – Edmund Wigley

Cruelty to Pit Ponies at Denaby – Heavy Fine for 12 Year Old

Aggravated Assault

Cruelty to Pit Ponies at Denaby – Father’s Charge

Another Serious Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Christmas Supper for Railwaymen

Conisborough Railway Station Broken Into

Death of Popular Conisborough Man


Serious Outbreak of Typhoid Fever

Sudden Death of a Denaby Collier

Taking Pipe and Matches Down the Pit

Theft of a Rug at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at the Denaby Main Colliery


Stack Fire


Denaby Main Institute.

The Outbreak of Typhoid

The Outbreak of Typhoid at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Alleged Swindling by a Book Canvasser

Queer Place for a Snooze.

Assault by a Woman at Denaby

Conisborough School Board

Conisbrough Case Discharged

Cruelty to a Pit Pony at Denaby

Fatal Accident At Denaby Main

Five Cases of Cruelty to Ponies in Denaby Main Colliery

Interesting to Miners – Alleged Theft of Tools at Denaby

Plate Layer Cut to Pieces – William Barrett

Severe Sentence on a Denaby Miner

Theft of a Waistcoat

Crime and Courts

A Terrible Tragedy – Wife Murder at Wombwell

Wife Murder at Wombwell – Inquest


Easter at Conisborough


Good Templary Demonstration at Conisborough

Mr B. J. Clarkson’s Confectionery Establishment at Conisborough.

Serious Accident to an Old Man at Denaby Main

To Be Let

What is “A Glass of beer?”

Yorkshire Collieries & Hull Coal Trade – Large Increase- Denaby Heads List

Card Playing at Denaby

Beacon Lights

Denaby Main Institute – Jubilee Celebration

Jubilee in the Mexborough District

Sensation on the Railway

South Yorkshire Collieries and the Hull Coal Trade

The Rev Peter McKenzie at Conisborough last night

Traction Engine Offence

Wilful Damage to a Haystack

Crime and Courts

The Wombwell Tragedy. – Trial of Hazlehurst. – Wombwell’s Wild Beasts.


Explosion Near Conisborough

Sad Case of Drowning at Conisborough

Strange Leap from a Window At Conisborough

Free Day at Denaby – Munificence of Colliery Company

Jubilee Festivities at Conisborough

Death of Mrs G.M. Coates of Wath

Marriage of Miss Tankard, of Denaby, and Mr Brooke of Brampton Bierlow

Industry and Commerce

Fatal accident to 14 year old at Denaby Main Colliery

Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

An Illegal Lottery at Conisborough


Conisborough C.C. Results

Botanists Gathering & Friendly Societies Demonstration at Conisborough.

Excursion to Conisborough.

The Attempted Suicide at Denaby Main

Mexborough, Denaby and Manvers

Industry and Commerce

Joking at Denaby Pit

Parish Meeting – Water Question & Proposed New Magistrate – Lively Proceedings.


Flower Service at Conisborough Church (videos)

A Trip with The Conisborough Brass Band To Chatsworth.

Conisborough Castle

Crime and Courts

Catching a Hare at Denaby

Sad Suicide of a Conisborough Young Woman.


Denaby Main 85  Thrybergh Hall Colliery 51 


Presentation to Dr, Smith, Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

Excursion to Liverpool


Denaby Churches – Annual Treat to Scarborough

The Forbidding of the Banns at Conisbro – Business Before Pleasure.

Forbidding the Bans – A Young Lady Takes a Dose of Poison.

The Recent Episode

Works at Conisborough Castle

Crime and Courts

A Strange Story of Matrimony at Mexborough

Destination of Two Children at Denaby – The Mother Elopes.

Offence Under Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act at Denaby


Rabbit Coursing Match at Conisborough


A Frightened Passenger

Narrow Escape Of Miners – Cage Dashed To Pieces

The Hexthorpe Disaster – Balby Inquest (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – A National Coverage (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – Verdict of Manslaughter (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – County Inquest – Company’s Liability. (picture)

Fashionable Wedding at Denaby Main


Wesleyan Chapel Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Alleged Theft at Denary.

Drunk and Ejected

” Moonlighting ” at Mexbro’.

Mushrooming at Denaby Main

Distressing Suicide Of An Old Man – Domestic Troubles

Impudent Robbery at Conisborough.


Conisborough C.C. Results


Presentation at Denaby Main

Novel Wager – Colley’s Pig Powders and Their Worth

Strange Love Affair At Conisbro’ – Disappearance of Ex-Policeman.

Industry and Commerce

Mining Accident – John Silverwood & John Thomas Roebuck

Mining Accident to Brothers at Denaby Main

The Fatal Accident at Denaby Main.

Accident at Denaby Main

Colliery Accident at Denaby Main – Alarming and Singular Mishap.

Important Experiments with New Explosive at a Yorkshire Colliery

Sudden Death to Colliery Fitter

Denaby Main Miners and Restriction – Return of Mr Leslie


The Restoration of Conisborough Castle.

Ambulance Class to be Held

Denaby Main – 1st Ambulance Class

Formation of an Ambulance Class At Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Returning from Mexbro’ Market.

Suicide of a Woman at Conisborough

The Case of Suicide at Conisborough.


Conisborough 2 Mexborough 3 – Hallamshire Cup 2nd Round


Runaway Horse

Goat Sausages !

Library Action

Industry and Commerce

The Discovery of Iron Ore at Conisbro’.

Footpath Needed

In the Dark

Crime and Courts

Singular Love Affair from Denaby – Lodger Kissing the Landlady.

Garden Robberies at Denaby Main

Alleged Theft from a Publican at Conisbrough

Wholesale Robbery from a Factory At Conisbro’.


Denaby Main Great Fire

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Chrysanthemum Show

Industry and Commerce

Destructive Fire At Denaby Main Colliery – Aftermath

Destructive Fire at Denaby Main Colliery

Past History of the Pit

Destructive Fire at Denaby Main Colliery – Reconstruction

Destructive Fire at Denaby Main Colliery – The Distress Fund.

Crime and Courts

New Mode of Dispersing Quarrelsome Neighbours

Deserter At Conisborough.

Serious Stack Fire at Conisborough


Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Humphries

Industry and Commerce

Sad Fatality – William Troupe

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – Current Status

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – The 11 Entombed Men During The Fire

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – The Relief Fund.

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – Sketch of the Ruins from the River (picture)

Mass Meeting of Denaby Miners – Mr. W. Parrott and Miners’ Organisations.

Railway Servants’ Dinner at Conisborough


Denaby Main Infant School Concert

Crime and Courts

Brutal Assault on Conisborough Woman.

Denaby Miners and Relief – “Beggar” In Trouble.

Dishonest Lodger – Six Months Hard Labour for Watch & Trousers

Fracas by Glass Blowers at Conisborough.


Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Present For a Cats Mistress

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery

Resumption of Work at Denaby Main Colliery

Doncaster By Election – The Poll Results

Doncaster By Election – Feeling Runs High

Doncaster By Election – Polling

Doncaster By Election – Utter Rout Of The Separatists. (picture)

“After Many Days.”

Crime and Courts

Disorderly Home Ruler at Mexboro’.

The Conisboro’ Goat Sausage Libel

Stealing Coal at Denaby

Disturbances at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

New Invention – Automatic Barrel Tilter

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – John Humphreys

Dangers of Mining

The Glass Bottle Industry – Present Condition and Prospects (pictures)


Confirmation Service

Good Friday at Conisborough

Conisborough Notes – Election, Vicar’s Rebuke, Promenade

Conisborough Notes – Weather, Billiard Rooms, Boycotts, Foundry, Confirmations

Crime and Courts

Alleged Robberies at Bolton

Theft at Conisbrough


Presentation to Mr. W. H. Chambers, At Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Ambulance Work at Denaby Main.

South Yorkshire Collieries and The Hull Coal Trade.

Mr. Parrott Attacks Mr. Parker Rhodes.


Conisborough Notes – Small Pox – Conisborough Works

Good Friday Demonstration at Conisborough

Conisborough  Notes – Easter – Spring – School Concert

Conisborough Notes – Good Friday – Smallpox – April Showers – Conservative Club

Conisborough Notes – New Pit near Conisborough – Kilner’s Dinner – Romance of Conisborough – Priory Sale

Crime and Courts

Desertion of a Wife at Conisborough

Faithless Husband – Summoned for Wife Desertion. End of Conisborough Romance.

“Rabbitting” at Denaby


Denaby Main 146 Brightside Wellington 12 for 2

Conisborough  United Star 2  Conisborough  Town 1

Industry and Commerce

The Denaby Main Extension. – Opening Out Another Coalfield.

Congratulatory Dinner At Conisboro’.


Denaby Main Cricket Club Concert – “The Musical Emigrants’ (videos)

Notes from Conisbro’ – Whitsuntide at the Castle

Conisbro’ Notes – “Tossing” – Women Insulted – Dangerous ‘Lark’ – Impudent Youths

The Banks of the Dearne and Dun

The Prize-Fighting Craze – Stubborn Battle Between Denaby Miners.

Crime and Courts

Another Neighbours Quarrel from Conisborough

Breach of Colliery Rule

Brutal Pony Driver

Conisborough Policeman and His Suit Of Clothes.

Drunk and Disorderly

Gambling at Denaby

The Difficulties of a Cyclist

The Wrong Tribunal – Breaking Windows

Using Threats to the Manager at Conisbro’ – A Violent Fellow


Aldwarke Park  36  Denaby Main 79 – Good Denaby Bowling

Denaby Main 98 for 6 Meadow Hall 32 – Smith Eight More Wickets

Mexborough 64  Denaby Main 93 for 6 – Last Meet Four Years Ago


Serious Trap Accident at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

A New Industry for Denaby

Best Station between Doncaster and Manchester

Conisborough Gas Company Dividend


Conisborough Notes – Foresters Procession – Feast Play Day – Concertina Band

Excursionists at Conisborough

Linnaean Botanical Society Visit Again

Railway Employees in Pig Hunt

Crime and Courts

What He Got For “Peaching.” – The Accident in a Conisborough’ Quarry.

Wilful Damage at a Conisbro’ Quarry.


Invitation from Bramall Lane Committee

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire Collieries and the Hull Coal Trade.

Scarborough Treat


Conisbrough Notes – Holiday Time – Billiard Tables – Concertina or Brass Band

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Collier and his Topcoat

A Smoky Traction Engine

A Teetotaller Summoned For Being Drunk

 Gaming With Cards at Denaby Main

Trespassing at Denaby

Wilful Damage at Denaby


Phenomenal Bowling Averages


Narrow Escape from Drowning at Mexborough.

Wedding – Morley & Appleyard

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main.


Conisborough Castle

A Lunatic at Large at Mexbro’

Crime and Courts

A Wife Summoned for Threatening her Husband.

Advised to Behave like Human Being.

Connubial Infelicity at Mexbro’.

A Smoky Traction Engine at Conisborough – The “Difficulties” Of An Engineer

Damaging the Denaby Main School.

Expensive Mushrooms at Conisbro’

Rival Butchers at Conisbro’


Meadow Hall  78    Denaby Main 45

Thrybergh Hall Colliery 44  Denaby 88


Wife found Dead in Bed

Industry and Commerce

Sad Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery.

Doncaster and District. – The Doncaster Coalfield.

Meeting of Miners – 10% advance – Mr. Cowley “Kicks Off.” (picture)


Notes from Conisborough – Doncaster Races – New Station Buildings – Concertina Band – Dancing Classes – Vicars holiday – Harvest

Crime and Courts

Adulterated Milk.

Alleged Strange Conduct of an Ex-Police Inspector.

Wilful Damage to a Fence.


Wath 6  Conisborough Town 1

Conisborough Town 4 Eastwood 7

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery Notices

Miners Wages – Firm Attitude of The Men – Pits Set Down

Pit Sinking Operations at Conisborough

An Explosives Licence.

Burial Error

Conisboro’ Urban District


What Conisbrough people are saying ?

Crime and Courts

Damaging Conisborough Castle.

Much Ado About Nothing at Conisborough

Wilful Damage to Fence

Coal Stealing at Denaby


Sheffield and Hallamshire Challenge Cup ties

Conisborough 2 Wombwell Temperance 1


Man Reported Killed at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

10% Advance Given

Denaby Miners’ Presentation.

Mass Meeting of Denaby Miners.

Powder Manufactory for Denaby.

The New Conisborough Railway


Chrysanthemum show at Conisborough

Floods Near Mexbro’

The Gale in the Don Valley.

Crime and Courts

A Conisborough Divorce Case

Drunk and Refusing to Quit at Conisborough

Drunkenness at Conisborough

School Attendance Case from Conisborough


Narrow Escape from Drowning At Conisbro’

Serious Accident at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

An Invention at Conisbro’.


Conisboro’ United Brass Band Concert. (videos)

Conisborough Notes – The Church Organ

The Conisborough Conservatives and the Late Election

Board School Concert at Conisborough

Conisborough Notes – Cannonball

Crime and Courts

More Stack Fires at Conisborough – Supposed Incendiarism

Theft of Coal


Wombwell Temperance  3 Denaby 4

Conisborough Rovers 6 Rotherham Baptists 2



Death of Mr Thomas Colley of Conisborough

Obituary – Mr Joseph Hill

Industry and Commerce

Breach of Colliery Rules

Colliery Offences at Denaby.

Disputes at Denaby Main Colliery – Mr. Pickard, M.P., at Mexborough


Conisborough Parish Church Annual Parochial Tea (videos)

Vicars at Conisbro’

Notes from Conisbro’ – Footpaths – Guardsman – Sinking Operations – Mosquitoes

Crime and Courts

Alleged Felony at Conisbro’ – A Singular Theft.


Kilnhurst Challenge Cup – Mexborough 9 Denaby 0

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery – New Shaft

Desperate Encounters at Denaby Main.

Desperate Prize Fight at Denaby.


Entertainment at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

A Fiendishly Cruel Pit Lad.

Gross Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Pit.

Serious Outbreak of Swine Fever.

Assault at Denaby Main


Monk Bretton 0  Denaby  8


Mysterious Death on Railway At Conisborouoh – Sad End of Mexborough Apprentice  .

Sad Death of a Conisborough Woman – The Employment of Mid Wives.

Industry and Commerce

The New Colliery at Conisborough.

New Colliery – from Sylvan Scenery to Industrial Dirt & Grime


Elopement from Conisborough

Spiritualistic Appearances at Denaby Main

The Denaby Main “Ghost” – Singular Explanation

Crime and Courts

Painful Domestic Story at Mexborough

Theft of Heifers at Conisbro

Assault at Conisbro’

Unprovoked Assault upon a Tradesman


Child Drowned In Slop Tub At Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Co-Operative Conference At Denaby Main – The Dividend Question.

The South Yorkshire Coalfield – Pits of the Future.

The Development of Conisbro’


Good Friday at Conisbro’

“Long Night” at Conisborough

Notes from Conisbro – Good Friday Prep – Quadrille Dance – Reynard’s Concert

Crime and Courts

His Wife in Drink.


Denaby Main Cricket Club – videos – Bowton’s Yard – Annie Laurie

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery -The New Pit.

Meeting of Miners

Threatened Strike At Denaby Main – Trouble With The Pony Drivers.

Flameless Explosive Works at Denaby.

Conisborough Conservative Association.

Crime and Courts

A Rash Pit Lad.

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby.

Local Court Cases – May 14th 1889

Local Court Cases – May 20th 1889

Local Court Cases &new – May 27th, 1889


Denaby Main 46  White Lane 74 – Local Cricket Scores

Denaby Main – Denaby 54  Neepsend 60 for 4

Denaby Main – Kimberworth 60 Denaby Main 33


Local News – Singular Adventure of a Child – Novel Couch at Mexbro’

Industry and Commerce

Accidents at Denaby Main Colliery.

Denaby Main Topmen and Their Wages.

New Colliery.

Pit Boy’s Strike

Pony Drivers & Pit Boys Strike

The Dispute at Denaby Main.

The New Colliery at Conisborough.


Floral Festival at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

A Traction Engine Nuisance at Conisbro’.

Disobeying Orders in a Colliery.

Robbing the Gooseberry Trees.

Cowardly Assault on a Woman.


Fatal Fall from a Haystack.

The Drowning Case At Mexbro’

Industry and Commerce

Valuable Freeholds to be Sold by Auction

A Mexbro’ Collier ” Buried Alive.”

Dispute At Denaby Main Colliery – Meeting Of Miners.

 Meeting Of Denaby Main Miners.

The New Colliery at Conisborough.


Botanists at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

A Mischievous Youth.

Slandering A Doncaster Farmer,

Too Many Horses

Stealing a Duck at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Branch of The Permanent Relief Fund.

Denaby Main Colliery Extension.

Miners’ Wages – Top Men at Denaby

The Denaby Main Miners.

Crime and Courts

A Family Squabble at Conisbro’.

A Squabble at Denaby.

Local Court Cases


Tinsley Park 88 Denaby Main 83


Fire at the Star Hotel

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main and the Miners’ Permanent Relief Fund.

The New Pit at Conisborough.


A New Cottage Hospital

Notes from Conisborough – Bill Posting – Cadeby Rattles

Saint Leger Week

Crime and Courts

Disgraceful Row at Denaby.

Local Court Cases

Theft of Turnips at Denaby


Sad Death of a Conisbro’ Constable.

Industry and Commerce

Joiner dies at Denaby Main – Charles Clarke

Terrible Accident to a Man At Denaby.

The Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery.

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Extension of The South Yorkshire Coalfield – A Prospective View

Parish Meeting at Conisborough – Proposed Formation Of A Burial Board.

Crime and Courts

Breach of the Mines Act.

Foot Racing At Denaby.

Stealing Cigars


Calves Smothered at Denaby.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main and Manvers Main “Top” Men.

Denaby Main Topmen.

Meeting at Mexbro’ – Mr. Pickard and His Detractors

New Colliery in Business

Proposed New Line From Wath to Conisboro’

Conisborough Burial Board.

Parish Meeting at Conisborough.


Conisborough Chrysanthemum Show – Opening By Lady Auckland.

Lighting Up Conisbro’

Crime and Courts

Quarrelsome Neighbours at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

Conisbro’ Co-Operative Society.

Colliery Extensions – Cadeby   

Denaby Main and Manvers Main Topmen

Denaby Main Topmen Advance

Riding on an Underground Road.

Trade in the Mexborough Area in 1889

Conisbro’ Burial Board.


An Evening with the Children at Denaby

Seasonal Generosity

Crime and Courts

Matrimonial Failure at Conisbro’.

A Conisborough Butcher and his Dog

An Ingenious Defence

A Dishonest Lodger.

Stealing Horse Corn.

Assault at Wath


Alarm in a Tunnel

Trap Accident at Denaby Main.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-Operative Society – Dividend & State of the Roads

Denaby Main Miners – Wage Advance

Federated Institution of Mining Engineers – Visit to Denaby Main Colliery.

Doncaster Highway Board and Denaby Roads.

The Burial Question at Conisborough


Conisborough Wesleyan Sunday Schools.

Floods In The Mexbro’ District.

Prize Fight between Denaby Miners

Scene in a Mexborough Shop.

Crime and Courts

Sleeping When On Duty.


Another Distressing Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery – Severe Laceration

Accidents at Denaby Main Colliery – Fall of Coal & Fracture

Injured by Colliery Corves.

Shocking Accident to a Mexbro’ Miner.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main New Colliery

Meeting of the Denaby Main Miners

Miners’ Agitation – Meeting At Mexborough – Mr. Parrott States The Case For The Men.

Conisbro’ Burial Board.


Concert Proceeds for Mexbro’ Cottage Hospital.

Charity Concert at Conisborough.

The Great Gale – Don and Dearne Overflowed

Crime and Courts

Hackenthorpe Breach of Contract.

Unmuzzled Dogs.

Alleged Attack on a Conisbro’ Glassblower

Industry and Commerce

Telephone Connected

Colliery Fatality at Denaby Main.

Fatal Termination of Colliery Accident

Inquest at Mexborough.

Denaby Main Miners and The Situation.

Denaby Main New Pit.

Deputation Waits Upon Manager

A New Quarry at Denaby

Proposed Retford and Barnsley Railway.


Conisborough Musical Society

Crime and Courts

Bigamy Case

Prison for Desertion

Contravention of Special Rule 4

Cruelty to Ponies at Denaby.

Ill-Treatment of Ponies

Illegal Use of Pit Lamps

Scuffle in Cow House


Carbrook Cup- Semi Final – Carbrook Church 5 Conisbro’ 0


Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society.

Denaby Main Top Men

Denaby Main Topmen – Deputations

Affairs at Denaby Main.

Denaby Main Miners

Denaby Main New Colliery.

Unusual Visitor at Denaby Main Colliery

Conisbro’ Water Supply

Vestry Meeting at Conisborough – New Burial Site


Proposed New Church & Accident at Denaby Main.

Gala at Conisbro’

Unprecedented Crowds at Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Doing Damage at Denaby.

A Careless Miner

Breach of Colliery Rules

Taking Tobacco Pipe Down The Pit

Theft from a Farmer’s Cart


Accidents at Denaby Main Colliery.

Industry and Commerce

Fatally Crushed At Denaby Main Colliery

Dispute at Denaby Main

Yorkshire Coalowners & Local Wages Questions – Important Resolution.

Colliery Extensions

Sinking Halted by Water

“Missionary Work” in Explosives


A Ramble Round Mexborough – The Present and The Past.

Whitsuntide at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Quarrelsome Neighbours at Denaby

Wilful Damage at Denaby Main

Two Months for Stealing Trousers and Stockings


Funeral of Mr. Joseph Appleyard of Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Result of Carelessness At Denaby Main.

Sad Death of a Denaby Main Miner.

The New Colliery at Conisbro’.

Mr Pickard’s Reply

Mr. Pickard, M.P., and The Grievances At Denaby Main.

Denaby Main Miners – Settlement of Price List.

Denaby Main Miners and Their Work.

Conisbro’ Gas Company.


Hospital Saturday at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Drunk and Disorderly

Brutal Attack At Mexbro’ ” Feast.”


Wombwell Main  110 for 7   Denaby Main  55

Denaby Main 133 for 6 Wickersley Dnb

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main

Accident at Denaby Main

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Denaby Main Miners at Blackpool

The New Colliery Sinkings at Conisborough.

A New Bridge at Conisborough.

Projected Railway from Conisborough to Wrangbrook.

A Local Board ?

Conservative Demonstration at Conisborough – Speech by The Hon. H. W. Fitzwilliam.

Politics at Conisborough


Religious Requirements at Denaby Main.

Conisborough Picnic Society.

Cure for Sparrows

Local and General Notes – Conisborough as it is.

Crime and Courts

Drunk at Denaby

A Suspicious Character at Conisborough

Cruelty to Pit Ponies At Denaby.

Drunks at Denaby & West Melton

Drunks, Gambling & Muzzling

Playing at “Bank” at Denaby

Scene at Mexborough Feast


Prize fight at Mexborough

Single v Married at the Conservative Demonstration


Conisborough Notes- Church – Boating Trips – Castle Grounds – Blackpool Day

Conisborough Notes – Picnic Society – Fire Brigade – Excursionists – Church

Crime and Courts

Attempted Murder and Suicide – A Terrible Tragedy at Conisbro’. –

Attempted Murder and Suicide – Critical Condition of The Wounded Woman.

Attempted Murder and Suicide – Watching The Woman Escape.

Attempted Murder and Suicide – Important Witness

The Conisborough Tragedy

Notes and Comments – Tragedies at Bolton & Conisborough

The Conisborough Tragedy – Death of The Woman

The Conisborough Tragedy – Inquest and Verdict

The Conisborough Tragedy – Sketch of the House (picture)

Dr Hills and Vaccination

A Peculiar Sleeping Place.

A Lively Drunk at Conisborough

Alleged Wilful Damage at Conisborough

Conisborough Youths in Trouble

Cruelty to Pit Ponies at Denaby

Gambling at Conisborough

Strange Behaviour at Conisborough


A Farm Labourer Choked.

Found Drowned At Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

The Colliery Sinking At Cadeby

Resignation of Dr. Hills.

Dr Hills’ Resignation

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Dog Owner Fined

Breach Colliery Rules.

Breach of Colliery Rules.

Caught at Conisbrough

Gambling at Conisbro.’ – Hard Swearing.

Using the Knuckle Duster


Wath 8 goal Conisbro’ 0 goal


Singular Accident to a Conisborough Lady

An Octogenarian at Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society.

New Colliery – Fossilized Palm Tree

Appointment of Vaccination Officer for Conisboro’ District. – Lively Proceedings.

 Proposed Local Board for Conisborough.

Vaccination Question at Denaby Main. – Indignation Meeting – Petition Local Government Board.


Montagu Cottage Hospital.

Conisbrough News – Accident & Tourists

Furious Fat Beast

Limbs Broken & Lives Lost !

Crime and Courts

 A Violent Man at Cortonwood.


Big Catch at Whitham


The Inquests at Cadeby – John Bell

The Inquests at Cadeby – John Camm

Death of Sergeant Simpson, of Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

Sale of Building Material

The Guardians and the Denaby Vaccination Offices.


Denaby Main Institute Brass Band Concert. (videos)

A Chapter of Accidents – The Fog in the Don Valley – Sad Drowning Fatalities

Dangerous Place

Snowstorms all Over the Country – Conisborough Mail Cart Problems

The Fog at Mexborough.

Men Drowned in Fog At Conisborough – Curious Coincidence.

Crime and Courts

Constable’s Mastication Disturbed.

Serious Offence at Denaby Main Colliery.

Theft at Conisborough.


Carbrook Cup – Conisborough Town 6 Rotherwood Rovers  0

Industry and Commerce

Mining Students visit to Cadeby

The New Colliery Sinkings at Cadeby.

The Storage of Explosives at Denaby.

Conisbrough Burial Board – A suggestion

Conisbrough Burial Board – Oh Dear !


Dangers in Conisborough

Prize Fights at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Miner fined for a Breach of Rule

A Mysterious Denaby Pit Boy

Carelessness in Mines – Narrow Escape at Denaby.

Cruelty by Pit Lads – How Ponies Are Ill Treated Underground


Sad Drowning Case – Going to Skate and Falling into the Canal

Dinner to Work people

The Cooper Musical Family

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-Operative Society.

Colliers and their Earnings

Denaby leads Collieries in 1890

The Cadeby Colliery.

Local Trade in 1890

The Burial Question at Conisbro’ – Lively Proceedings.

The Conisborough Burial Ground.

The Sanitary State of Conisbro’


Conisbro’ Parish Church Annual Tea

Ecclesiastical Affairs at Denaby Main

Census 1891 – Conisborough Church Street

The Distress at Mexbro’, Denaby and Conisbro’.

Crime and Courts

Larceny at Mexbro’.


Accident in the Hunting Field

Industry and Commerce

The Burial Question at Conisborough

The New Medical Officer.

Crime and Courts

A Satisfactory Settlement.

An Untruthful Parent at Denaby.

Man and Wife From Denaby

Drunk or a Fit.

Drunkenness at Denaby, Swinton & West Melton

Drunkenness at Wath, Denaby & Kilnhurst

Drunks at Kilnhurst, Denaby, Wath & Swinton

Brutal Assault at Conisborough – Saturating Wife With Paraffin – Red-Hot Poker Applied.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Flour Mills.

Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 1 – Preparation & Mr Witty

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 2  – Underground – Arteries – Refuge – Endless Rope & Ventilation

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 3 – Spontaneous Combustion, Pit Ponies, Mice & Output

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 4 – Dangers, Careful Dick & Narrow Escape

Denaby Main Mine Visit – Part 5 – Return – Fine Dust, Cupolo shaft, Mid-Summer to Mid Winter

Editorial – Local Government for Conisborough ?

Local Government at Conisborough – Proposal to Form Local Board.

The Coming Census.



Scarcity of Water at Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Labourers and their “Drops.”

Firing of a Gun on the Highway at Conisborough


A Pitch In of Mexborough Buses

Industry and Commerce

 Denaby Main Co-operative Society

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Action Against the Yorkshire Miners Permanent Relief Fund – lmportant to Injured Miners.

Alarming Cage Accident at Denaby Main.

Chapter of Accidents at Mexbro’ Montagu

New Pit at Cadeby

St. John Ambulance Association – Denaby Main Colliery Class.



Concert at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Joke

Dog without a Licence at Denaby

The Dog or the Muzzle ?

The Hard Swearing Case from Conisborough

Threats at Conisborough

A Conflict of Evidence.


The Late Sergeant

Industry and Commerce

A Disobedient Young Collier.

Prize Fight by Denaby Colliers.

The New Waywarden


Wesleyan Methodism at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

A Disorderly Wedding Guest at Conisborough

A Driver and the Cyclists at Conisborough

Disorderly at a Conisborough Inn

Gambling at Conisborough

A Defaulting Barge Man

Singular Conduct at Conisborough


Serious Accident at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

The Development of Cadeby “Rattles”

Conisbro’ Gas Works.


Botanists at Conisbro’.

The Serious Flood in the Doncaster District.

Visit of the Price and Princess of Wales to South Yorkshire

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Miner on a Spree

Imposing on a Conisborough Innkeeper

Serious Charge

Murderous Assault at Conisborough


Batted Through Innings – Not Out 0 !


Infant Death from Asphyxia

Scene with a Traction Engine – Boy Killed.

Serious Accident to a Boy

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Youth Suffocated at the Orgrave colliery.

Fatal Termination to Colliery Accident

Breach of Colliery Special Rule 4 – Peggy Marks

Breach of Colliery Special Rule 4  – Throwing a Beesom

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Denaby.


Hospital Demonstration

Hospital Sunday at Conisbrough – Successful Gathering

Crime and Courts

A Miner and His Debts – Censure by the Judge.

Alleged Breach Of The Licensing Act -. Hard Swearing.

Claim for Damages at Conisborough – Injunction Granted.

Assaulting a Cyclist at Conisborough


Drowned While Bathing At Denaby.

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main

Fatal Result of Stopping to Drink at Conisborough

Fatality to a Married Woman at Conisborough.

Remarkable Occurrence at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire Collieries and The Hull Coal Trade – August 14, 1891


A Wesleyan Chapel For Denaby Main.

Primitive Methodist Minister – Rev. John Gair

Crime and Courts

Negligent Driving At Mexborough.

Serious Charge Against a Conisborough Gentleman.

Serious Charge against a Gentleman at Driffield.

Serious Charge against a Travelling Photographer – Rape on a Conisborough Girl.

Walking Without Legs at Conisbro’

Buying a Prisoner’s Confession.

Assault At Denaby.


Desperate Prize Fight at Denaby Main – 63 Rounds Fought.


Alarming Bus Accident

The Result of Playing Truant from Sunday School.

Industry and Commerce

Colliery Offences at Denaby

Colliery Offences

The South Yorkshire Coalfield.

The Home Rule Question at Conisbro’ – An Appeal to the Highway Board


Denaby Main Church Sunday School Festival.

Crime and Courts

Refusing to Quit at Denaby Main

Alleged Thefts by Boys.

Stealing a Motty at Denaby Main Colliery


Fire at Ferry Farm

Narrow Escape

Industry and Commerce

Co-operative Conference – 1. Chairman’s Remarks

Co-operative Conference – 2. Webb’s Paper

Co-operative Conference – 3. Delegates Comments

Notes From Conisborough – The Co-operative Conference

“Why Should Conisborough Wait.”


“Strafforth Sands.”

Crime and Courts

A Dog Scene at Conisborough.

Drunk, Disorderly & Obscene Language

Horse Astray at Denaby.

Obscene Language at Mexborough

Reckless Conduct of Youths on the Railway

Prosecution by the Denaby Main Colliery Company – A Severe Penalty.

Theft of Denaby Main Coal

Brutal Attack on Brothers – Scene after Marionette Show – Exemplary Punishment.


Colliery Offence from Denaby Main


Burning Fatality at Denaby Main.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Co-Operative Society – Annual Tea and Meeting.

Notes from Conisborough – Cadeby Colliery Sinking Apace

Notes From Conisborough – Colliery Cottages

Notes From Conisborough – Kilner Brothers

Notes from Conisborough. Local Government


Conisborough Chrysanthemum Society – Seventh Annual Exhibition.

Notes From Conisborough – Chrysanthemums & Crags

Notes From Conisborough – Good Wages and Packmen

Crime and Courts

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Denaby

Conisborough Innkeeper in Trouble.

Notes From Conisborough – False Swearing & Outrageous Assaults

Traction Engine Owner Fined.

Conisborough Assault Case

Double Assault at Denaby

Poker Assault at Denaby


Conisborough Town Football Club – Presentation to the Treasurer

Conisbrough Town  4 Swinton Wanderers  4 

Industry and Commerce

Suffocated At The Powder Works At Denaby – A Dangerous Occupation.


Conisborough School Board

Lecture on Vaccination at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

A Conisbrough Youth and his Employer

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisborough

Drunk at Denaby

Drunken Freak At Denaby – Beer, Port & Rum – Tale of Two Ducks

Gambling at Conisborough

Negligent Miner at Denaby.


Conisborough Domestic Servant in Trouble.

Another Row at Denaby.


Conisborough Town 9 Hexthorpe Wanderers 1

Soldier – Ramsey J.W. – Wounded in 22 Places (picture)

Industry and Commerce

Supper at Conisborough

Meeting of Parishioners – A Recommendation.


Peace and Prosperity to the Inhabitants of Denaby Main

Death of Duke of Clarence and Avondale

Death of Duke of Clarence – District Sympathy

Historical Diary – 01 January Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 02 February Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 03 March Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 04 April Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 05 May Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 06 June Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 07 July Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 08 August Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 09 September Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 10 October Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 11 November Anniversaries

Historical Diary – 12 December Anniversaries

Don and Dearne Valley Directory

Crime and Courts

Drunk and Disorderly

Drunkenness at Denaby

Sad Case of Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

Breaking a Man’s Jaw at Mexborough


Conisborough Town 2 Gainsborough Trinity Reserve 3

Rawmarsh Parish Church 5  Denaby 3 – Conisborough Town 1  Hexthorpe 1


Paraffin Lamp Explosion – Woman Killed – Son Injured.

Accidents from Paraffin Lamps

Explosion of Paraffin Lamp at Denaby – Woman Killed – Son Injured.

Serious Accident at Old Denaby

Mr Ogley’s Coming of Age

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery – Description of Workings

Denaby Main Colliery – Seams Worked


Cantata at Denaby Main.

Denaby Main – A Miner’s Paradise

Crime and Courts

Wife Assault at Denaby

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisborough

The Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

Missing Cakes at a Conisborough Confectioner Establishment

Assault at Denaby Main Colliery

Breaking a Man’s Jaw at Mexborough


Gainsborough Trinity Reserve  2 Conisborough 1

Sheffield and Hallamshire Minor Cup – Conisborough Disqualified.

Industry and Commerce

The Crisis in the Coal Trade – Mexborough District

Denaby & Conisborough Highways – Further Complaints – Colliery Company’s Liability.


The Vicar is to Leave

Good Friday Expectations

Crime and Courts

Another Case from Denaby Main.

Breach of Colliery Rules

How the Collier “Touched” the Pony.

Stopping Denaby Pit for a Lark

Stealing Coal at Denaby Main – A Costly Lump.


Conisborough Football Club

Sheffield & Hallamshire F. A. – Result of the Conisborough Case

Industry and Commerce

South Yorkshire and the Hull Coal Trade – The Miners’ “Stop” Week

Burial Board & Self Government


Altered Townships

“Dry” after the Play at Conisborough

The Easter Week End – The Weather

Crime and Courts

A Dangerous Freak on the Railway at Conisborough

Alleged Breach of the Licensing Act at Conisborough – Hard Swearing

Breach of Rules at Denaby Main Colliery

Breach of the Weights and Measures Act at Conisborough

Drunk and Disorderly at Mexborough & Conisborough

Drunk and in Danger at Denaby.

Drunk at Mexborough and Conisborough

“Good Friday” at Conisborough

Making an Affray at Denaby

A Determined Fight at Conisborough

Miners’ Quarrel at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Mexborough Local Board – The Small Pox Epidemic


Presentations to the Vicar of Conisborough

Small-Pox at Denaby.

Small-Pox Epidemic at Denaby Main

The Small-Pox Epidemic.

Crime and Courts

Wife Assault at Denaby

An Expensive Fight at Denaby

Conisborough School Cases

Damage at Denaby

Damaging a Fence at Denaby

Denaby Man Injured at Doncaster


Gambling at Conisborough

Nowhere to Go

Public House Row at Denaby

Sensational Unrehearsed Performance at Conisborough.

A Young Thief at Denaby

Theft of Money at Denaby

Alleged Assault at Conisborough

Alleged Assault at Denaby Colliery

Alleged Cowardly Attack on a Sister at Conisborough

An Assault at Denaby.

Assault at Conisborough

Brutal Assault on a Young Lady At Kilnhurst – Details of Outrage

Brutal Assault on a Young Lady At Kilnhurst – Local Tradesman Arrested


Clifton  40  Conisborough  24

Kimberworth  96 Denaby  68                  


Sad Death at Denaby Main Powder Works.

Industry and Commerce

Death of a Powder Worker at Denaby.

Sad Death at Denaby Main Powder Works.

The Development of the Railways


Change in Clergy

Rev. J. G. Wood Farewell Sermon at Conisborough.

Mexborough Feast

Small-Pox At Denaby

Smallpox at Mexborough and Denaby

The Small-Pox Epidemic at Denaby and Mexbro’.

Whitsuntide at Conisborough.

Whitsuntide Festivities

Crime and Courts

Relations at Loggerheads – Conflicting Testimony

Disorderly and Refusing to Quit at Denaby




Gaming At Denaby.

Unmuzzled Dogs

Wilful Damage at Conisborough

A Scene in the Conisbrough Theatre

Alleged Assault on a Landlady at Denaby

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt Before the Magistrates – Committed For Trial


Denaby Main  89  Wath  37


Accident at Conisborough Station

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main.

Miner’s Demonstration

New Explosive Magazine at Denaby.


Small Pox in Denaby

Crime and Courts

A Father’s Difficulty.

Alleged Assault and Threats at Conisborough

Boys Throwing Stones

Contradictory Evidence

Damaging Mowing Grass at Denaby.

Drunk and Disorderly at Conisbrough

Drunkenness at Conisborough.

Theft by a Housekeeper at Conisborough

Alleged Robbery at Denaby – Conisborough Miner Committed For Trial.

Alleged Theft at Denaby

Larceny by a Bailee at Conisbrough

Assault at Denaby

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt’s Trial – 1. Severe Criticism

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt’s Trial – 2. The Prosecuting Barrister’s Address

The Kilnhurst Outrage – Hewitt’s Trial – 3. The Evidence

Industry and Commerce

Shocking Fatality at the Conisborough Glassworks

Hull Coal Trade – Falling Off of the Traffic.

New Cadeby Colliery

Medical Officer’s Report

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Miner Fined for Taking Matches into the Pit.

A Foolish Act.

A Superior Pit Pony at Denaby Main

Conisborough Case Dismissed

Conisbrough Landlord and his Servants.

Cruelty to a Pit Pony at Denaby

Disobedient Miners at Denaby

The Result of a Peep Through a Window at Conisborough.

Trespassing on the M.S. and L. Railway

Young Man Tired of Life – The Inquest.

Alleged Robbery at Denaby – Miner Committed For Trial.

Alleged Robbery from the Person at Denaby

Dastardly Outrage by Thieves near Mexborough.

The Theft and Assault at Harlington.

Theft of a Watch and Chain at Conisborough.

Theft of Bottles of Beer at Conisborough

Scene on the Wedding Day at Conisborough


Conisborough 106 Denaby Main 54 for 5

Conisboro’ 95 Swinton 86

Prize Fight Near Mexborough.

Industry and Commerce

A Warning to Miners.

Cadeby Moving Forward

Junction Line at Wrangbrook

Mining Intelligence – Colliery Operations in the Mexborough District

Conisborough’s New Cemetery.

The Lighting Question – Ratepayers Meeting -Lively Proceedings


Sacred Concert at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

A Cobbler in Trouble

Aggravated Assault

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Denaby Main


Fighting – A Family Affair – Drunk

Grave Charge against a Labourer.

Mining Breaches of Rules

A Strange Story from Conisborough

Alleged Theft of a Watch at Conisborough

Robbery by a Lodger at Conisborough


Local Cricket – September 02nd, 1892

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery Last Night.

Fatalities at Houghton Main, Manvers Main & Denaby Main

The Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Powder Magazine


Serious Floods.

Crime and Courts

Assaulting his Wife

Breach of Colliery Rules

Claim for Damages Caused by a Ferret

Kicking a House Door In

Singular Claim

The Drunken List

Trespassing in Pursuit of Game


Warrant for Engine Driver

All Through a Dog

Alleged Brutal Wife Assault at Conisborough

Street Scene at Conisborough – “Big Sticks” and “Hair Pulling.”


Retford Town 5 Conisborough 1

Conisbrough Cricket Club – Annual General Meeting

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society

Sad Death of a Miner

Cadeby Colliery – Rapid Development

South Yorkshire Collieries and the Hull Coal Trade


The Living of Conisborough

The Living of Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Drunk and Disorderly.

Ejectment Order

Gross Cruelty to a Horse at Conisborough

Lucifer Matches

Not His Fault; but He Had To Pay

Recklessness in a Coal Mine

Taking a Pipe into the Denaby Pit

A Conisborough Girl and a Neighbours Cash Box

Only a Lark and Its Consequences

Industry and Commerce

Commercial Trade in 1892

Fatal Accident at Cadeby


Conisborough Cemetery Chapel

The New Cemetery at Conisboro’ – The First Interment

Historical Diaries – 01 January Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 02 – February Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 03 – March Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 04 – April Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 05 – May Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 06 June Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 07 July Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 08 – August Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 09 – September Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 10 – October Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 11 – November Anniversaries

Historical Diaries – 12 – December Anniversaries

Crime and Courts

Child Murder at Mexborough.

A Scene At Conisbro’ Station.

Child in Canal – Open Verdict

Drunk & Disorderly & Bad Language

Sleeping Out

“Would Knock His Brains Out”


Mr. John Dixon

Industry and Commerce

District Trade in 1892


Conisborough School Board – Attendance – New Teachers – New Desks

Crime and Courts

Breaking Rules at Denaby Main

Christmas Festivities

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 06 January 1893

Refusing to Quit

Industry and Commerce

Scenes at Denaby Main Colliery – Arrival of Military and Magistrates – Alarming Rumours.

Crime and Courts

Alleged Sale of Intoxicants Without License at New Conisbrough


Keeping a Dog without a License

Using a Gun without a License at Conisborough

Stealing 10 shillings at New Denaby

Fighting At Denaby


Accident – Fall of Stone

Industry and Commerce

Sad Death of a Denaby Miner

A Disastrous Year in the Coal Mines

Taking Matches into Denaby Pit


Denaby Main Sick  and Dividing

Visit of Miss Fannie Sellers

Crime and Courts

A Lively Scene

Serious Assault at Denaby Main.


Attendance Cases

Conisborough Notes – Vicar – School Board – Station Inn

Conisbro’ School Board.

Crime and Courts

A Complicated Case Of Assault

A Jealous Husband at Conisborough.

Wife Desertion

A Careless Cyclist

Drunken Driver at Denaby – Serious Consequences


A Young Thief at Conisbro’

Alleged Serious Assault at Denaby – Prisoner Committed For Trial.

The Denaby Main Assault Case.

A Traction Engine Drivers Difficulties

Industry and Commerce

Strike at Denaby Main Colliery.

Denaby Main Co-operative Society

Conisborough Parish Council – Amazing Debate – Business and Motion – Committees

A Bus Scene at Denaby

A Miner’s Foolhardiness

A Modern Marvel – A Revolution in Sweet Stuff – “Sugar, Spice And All That’s Nice,”

Alarming Explosion of Gas at Conisborough – Denaby Main Hotel

Drunkenness at Christmas Time

Failure of a Conisbrough Grocer

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – John Bellis

Firth College Free Lectures

He Forgot about his Pipe

Sad attempted Suicide at Denaby – Laudanum is a Medicine

A Costly Spree

Obstructing the Highway at Conisbrough

Travelling without a ticket

Conisbrough and Consecration – The Archbishop’s Compromise

Alleged Cruelty to children

Careless Cadeby miners

Fatal Accident at Cadeby Main Colliery Yesterday – 15 Year Old Pony Driver

Horse Bolted and Injured a Man

Muzzling Order

New Hotel for Denaby just Completed


Result of a Jollification at Conisbrough

Unlawful Dog Franchise – Unmuzzled Dogs

Inhuman Parents

Unmuzzled Dogs

Conisborough Parish Council – Treasurer, Footpath, Fire Brigade, Water Supply

Sad Burning Fatality at Conisborough

Conisborough Musical Society.

Denaby Main Colliery – “Playing Days”

Denaby Notes – Swine Fever – Parish Election – New Workhouse

Denaby Pit Lads in Trouble

Free Travelling on M. S. And L. Railway

Friendly Societies Hospital Sunday at Conisborough – Annual Church Parade

Illegal Canine Franchise – Muzzling Order and Dog Owners

Inhuman Parents – On Remand Verdict

Ivanhoe Smoking Club.

New Hotel at Denaby – Denaby Main Hotel

Prize Fight at Denaby – Kilmartin v Dalton

Resignation of the Conisborough Weslayan Church Organist

Burial Board Committee – Consecration Again

Conisbrough and Consecration – Another Pitched Battle

The Terrible Accident at Cadeby Colliery – Inquest and Verdict

The Terrible Accident at Cadeby Colliery – Funeral (video)

South Yorkshire League Champions v Rest of League

Conisborough School Board

Breach of the Locomotive Act – Travelling at Rate of 3 1/2 m.p.h. (picture)

Conisborough Notes – Fire Engine – Dog Bite – Streetlight

Conisbrough Parish Council – Cemetery Lodge – Urban Council – Minnie Mow

Conisbrough Parish Council – New Fire Engine – Merryweather or Rose’s ? (pictures)

Mindless Miners

New Shop in Conisborough – Taylor, Hatter and Outfitter

Resignation of the Rev R.P.Roseveare

The Consecration Question at Conisborough

Tragedy at Denaby Main – Attempted Murder and Suicide

Without Muzzles – An Indignant Dog Owner

More Traction Engine Trouble

Dangerous Practice at Conisborough

An Unruly Railway Passenger at Conisborough Station

The Shocking Tragedy at Denaby Main – Verdict

Conisborough Cruelty to a Pit Pony

Conisborough Football Club – South Yorkshire League Champions

Conisborough Man goes to Pasteur for Treatment

Conisborough – School Board – Cases of Cruelty to Children

Costly “Bids For Fortune”

Damage to Growing Grass – A Timely Prosecution

Fatal Burning Case at Conisborough

Husband and Wife at Conisborough – A Pattern Pair

Sunday Afternoon through Denaby & Conisborough

the Fatal Accident at Cadeby colliery

The New Denaby Main Hotel – Proposed Rebuilding

The Shocking Tragedy at Denaby Main – Sensational Evidence

Conisborough notes – Village Feast, Demonstration, Botanical Rable – Trip to Scarborough

Conisborough Parish Council – The Chairman Indignant

Conisborough Parish Council – The Purchase of a Fire Engine – A Stormy Debate

Conisborough School Board – Notice of Meeting, Attendance, Wash House Building

Denaby Main Cricket v Kilnhurst, Houghton Main and Conisborough

Dangerous Offence at Cadeby Pit

Child Employed Contrary to Factory Act

Alleged Threats and Intimidation at Denaby.

Breach of Special Rule at Denaby Main

Coal Stealing at Denaby Main

Conisborough Hospital Sunday – Damp Day Damages the Undertaking

Conisborough School Board – Attendance – Scarlet Fever – Inspectors Report

Costly Amusement at Denaby

Lively Scene in the Region of Conisborough Castle

School Board Election

Ungrateful Denaby Main Miners

Conisborough Parish Council – The Question of Charities

Conisborough Parish Council – Allotments

Conisborough Parish Council – Water Supply

Conisborough Parish Council – Accounts – Election Expenses

Conisborough Parish Council – Fire Engine – Urban Powers

“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (re-trial)

Assault at Conisborough

Conisborough Farmer Summoned – The Muzzling Order

Conisborough Notes – Choir Trip – Infant School Treat – Sunday School Excursion

Conisborough School Board – Chairman Dispute

Conisborough School Board – Letter

Denaby Veteran Summoned

Important Colliery Prosecution from Denaby Main.

Ladies Cricket Match – Conisbrough 17 Braithwell 13

More Colliery Prosecutions – Negligence – “Back Stay” Rule – Illegal Practice

Mushrooming Expedition at Conisborough

Terrific Storm at New Conisborough.

“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (adjourned)

Woman’s Privilege

Workmen’s Supper – Ashfield Fire and Clay Works

Denaby Main – Denaby 103 for 5 Doncaster WE 42 – Cannot Play for Nuts or Toffee

Denaby Main – They Couldn’t Play for Toffee if They Tried ! (poem)

Crime and Courts

Threats of “Murder and Sudden Death” at Denaby.

Hull Engineers and Naval Architects – Visit to Denaby and Cadeby Collieries

Conisborough Fire Brigade – The New Fire Engine

Conisbrough Notes – Conisbrough United Brass Band – Gas Explosion – Machine Accident

Conisborough Notes – Water Scheme – Road to Doncaster Races – Workmen’s Dinner

A Pit Lad’s Cruelty to a Pony

Affray in a Train at Conisborough

Alleged Assault on a Denaby Miner’s Wife

Application Case from Denaby

Excellent Character Ruined at Denaby Main – A Repentant Thief

Important Case – A Dishonest Contractor at Denaby Main

More drunks at New Conisborough and Denaby

Matrimonial Bliss – A Violent Fellow at Conisborough.

Serious Charge – A Successful Alibi from Conisborough

Wedding – Denaby Young Lady Marries Leeds Manufacturer

Conisborough Parish Council – New Fire Engine Accepted – Water – Street Lighting

Assault at Conisborough

Bosdin’s Toffee

Conisborough Policeman Violently Assaulted

Conisbrough Cricket Club – AGM – New Secretary

Denaby Mine Infringement

Denaby Notes – Convalescent – Wakefield – Miner in Trouble – Daring Robbery of Cattle

Indecent Exposure at Conisborough

Serious Accident – Denaby Main Colliery – Two Men in Hospital

Serious Accident – Fatality

Theft of a Piece of Wood


Dispute – Top Men Hold Meeting

Dispute – Meeting of Miners – Demands and Reply

Dispute – Imminent Strike

Dispute – No Settlement – 2000 Men Leave Work – Largest Pit in Yorkshire Idle

Dispute – Meeting of the Surface Workmen

Dispute – Miners Attitude – Mr Pickard Condemns Surface Men’s Union

Conisbrough Conservative Association – Celebration of Mr Fison’s Return

A Peculiar Charge – No Name on Cart

Conisborough Miner Short of Coal

Parish Council – Merryweather – Gas Lighting – Water Scheme – District Council

Conisborough School Board – Widow’s Special Friend

Damaging a Lock at Conisborough

Drunk at Denaby – Landlord of the New Denaby Main Hotel Summoned

Fire at Conisborough

Injured Innocents at Denaby

Inquest on Blacksmith at Denaby Main

Robbery in High Street

Theft of Timber at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Cadeby Main


Dispute – Denaby Strike – No Settlement Yet – Attempts at Negotiation Futile

Dispute – Strike at Denaby – Negotiations Abandoned – Firm to the Bitter End

Dispute – Denaby Strike – Men Still Out – Friction Between Men

Dispute – Settlement Arrived at – Appeal to Underground Workmen

Dispute – Another Strike Threatened – Men Still Out Of Work

Former Strikes at Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board – Gas Stoves for Heating

Denaby Main Parish Council – Lighting – Allotments – Urban Powers

Dispute as to a Thrashing Machine at Conisborough

Drunks – Two thirds from Conisborough

Family Feud at Conisborough

Queen’s Bounty for Triplets

Sad Accident to a Denaby Youth – Dangerous Toys

Stealing Coal – Collier in Custody for Seven Days

The Denaby Main Strike

The Late Denaby Strike and a Denaby Miner and his Creditors

The State of Ivanhoe Land

Young Thieves at Denaby

Conisborough Parish Council – Lively Meeting – Burial Board – Post Office

A Violent Miner

Bad Night for Day

Brutal Assault at Conisborough

Conisborough Cricket Club Annual Ball

Conisborough Town Football Club Concert (videos)

Conisborough Young Men fined for Kissing and Annoying Railway Passengers

Dangerous Cartload

He was Fond of his Cat

Missionary Meeting at Denaby Main

Shameful Neglect of Children

Stopping the Toy at Denaby

Bad Night for Day – Where the Rugs Went to

A Denaby Tradesman’s Complaint

Conisborough Notes – Dancing and the Funeral

Conisborough Parish Council – Gas and Dole

Dogs Not ‘Collared’

Funeral of Husband and Wife at Conisborough

Primitive Methodism At Denaby Main – Sale of Work

They Were All Drunk

Traction Engine – Where Was The Third Man?

Conisborough F C – The Boys Of The Castle Town.

Conisborough F C – Conisborough 2 Thornhill United 0

Breach of Rules at Cadeby Main – Lamp Keeper Prosecuted

Entertainment at the Wesleyan Church (videos)

Advertisement – Nicholson Bros – Maltsters & Brewers

Advertisement – W.J. Ward – Chemist & Druggist

Ambulance Work at Conisborough

Barnsley St Peters Reserve 4 Conisborough 1

Brutal Assault at Conisborough

Conisborough Gentlemen in Little Bytham Train Crash (picture)

Conisborough Notes – Footpaths – Infirmary Sunday – Church Institute

Conisborough Parish – Gas, Electric & Fire – Local Registrar – Allotments – Footpaths

Death of Mr J Cranidge, of Old Denaby – Famous Bonesetter

Parochial Tea And Entertainment At Conisborough (video and song)

Remarkable Case From Denaby – Thirty-Four Pawn Tickets – Severe Sentence

Conisborough School Board – Lively Proceedings

Fancy Dress Ball At Conisborough – Brilliant Gathering For Charity’s Sake

Outbreak of Swine Fever at Denaby Main

Postal Arrangements At Conisborough

Teaching Boys To Gamble – Charge Against a Conisborough Shopkeeper

The New Offices of the Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries Ltd (pictures)

Wedding – Miss Sarah Emily Sharp and Mr John Bateson

Wesleyan Chapel Lecture – Life and Saying of the late Rev. Peter Mackenzie (picture)

Conisborough PC – Postal Reforms – Charities – New Fire Engine

Conisborough PC – ‘Last scene of all – That ends this strange eventful history,’


Conisborough 1 North Staveley 0 – Charity Cup Final

Hurrah For The Castle Boys ! (poem)

Conisborough Town 3 Eastwood Mission 0 – Rough & Tumble, Kick and Rush

An Indignant Defendant from Conisborough

Cadeby Grounded while Leaving Cronstadt

Conisborough Town 3 v Eastwood Mission 0 – Rough & Tumble, Kick & Rush

Conisborough Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary

Conisbrough Parish Council – Scavenging Again – Urban Powers

Distinguished Honour for a Conisborough Musician

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main

Fatal Accident to a Mexborough Miner

Lecture on Rev Peter McKenzie (picture)

Photographing Conisbrough Fire Brigade

Robberies at the Denaby Main Post Office – Young Men Involved

Denaby Main – Kilnhurst 68 for 5 Denaby Main 62

Denaby Main – Denaby Main 108 Hexthorpe 72 for 6

After Game At Denaby.

Alleged Criminal Assault At Consiborough – Trial at Doncaster

Alleged Criminal Assault At Consiborough – Prisoner Remanded

Conisborough Church Sunday School Collections

Consiborough Doles And Charities

Consiborough Hospital Sunday

Consiborough Wesleyan Chapel – Cleethorpes on Whit Monday

Denaby Main Church – The Micklefield Disaster

Inquest At Denaby Main of Teenager’s Railway Death at Accommodation Crossing

Kicking A Pit Pony

Mrs Hoyle – Active Supporter of Montagu Cottage Hospital and G.F.S. dies aged 32

Outbreak of Typhoid Fever at Denaby.

Presentation to Enginewright at Denaby Main.

Resignation of The Rev. R. P. Roseveare Of Denaby Main – Living at Great Snoring

Streets to be Re Named

Whitsuntide At Denaby Main

A Neighbours Feud

Accident At Denaby Main Colliery – Fatal Result 15 Year Old

Another Alleged Assault

Alleged Assault At Conisborough.

Alleged Cruelty To A Wife

Assault At Hilltop

Conisborough Parish Ratepayers Meeting – Urban Powers

Conisborough Parish – Allotments – Urban Powers – Footpaths – Fireman’s Clothes

Conisborough Wesleyan Choir – Choir and Organist

Death From Typhoid Fever At Denaby Main

Death Of Two Denaby Screenmen

Denaby Main Church – A Minister Appointed

Fighting At Conisborough

Illegal Pawning of a Handkerchief at Denaby.

Runaway Horse At Conisborough

The Curacy Of Denaby

Threat To Murder a Wife At Denaby

Twenty Shillings In The Pound And Interest.

Conisborough Wesleyan Choir – New Organist

Woman Refused Ticket and Told to Wait for Next Train

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 50 Rawmarsh 83 – Crummack’s Excellent Bowling

Accident at Cadeby Main Colliery

Assault at Conisborough – Brother in Law

Assault at Conisborough – Husband

Conisborough F.C. – A Coming Club

Conisborough Notes – New Conisborough – ‘Salty’ Thompson – Fruit Thieves – Wine

Conisbrough Administration Order.

Conisbrough Application to Sell Bottled Beer Granted

Cricket Match and Dinner at Denaby Main

Deserting His Wife at Conisborough

Fatal Accident at Conisborough – Rusty Nail

Good News From Cadeby Main Colliery – The Barnsley Bed Reached at Last

Alteration to Three Horse Shoes Inn

Assault at Denaby by Bricks and Stones

Breach of the Vaccination Act

Breaking Colliery Rules – Endangering Lives at Denaby Main

Breaking Colliery Rules – Lamp Testing – Pipe in Pocket – Fixing Backstay

Breaking Colliery Rules – Silly Conduct of a Driver

Breaking Rules at Cadeby Main Colliery

Brutal Treatment of a Dog at Conisborough

Coal Trade with Hull – Denaby Main Greater than whole of West Yorkshire

Conisbrough Parish Council – Public Road – Fire Equipment

Denaby Main Primitive Methodist Chapel – Harvest Festival

Drowned at Conisborough

Drunkeness – Seven Cases from Conisborough

Employers and Workmen’s Act

Impudent Theft of Mushrooms

Matrimonial Troubles at Conisborough

No Light at Conisborough – Mate in Front with Lamp

Rough Assault on Farmer by Trespassers

Six Year Old Conisborough Boy Drowned at Mexborough

Stealing Cultivated Mushrooms at Conisborough

Sudden Death at Conisborough

Sudden Death in Denaby Main Pit

Accident to the Royal Mail at Conisborough

Alleged Assault at Conisborough.

Alleged Threatening with a Gun

Breach of Colliery Rules – Death of a Pony

Breach of the Explosives Act – Sale and Display of Fireworks

Conisborough Notes – New Baptist Church and Footpaths

Conisborough Wesleyan Foreign Mission

Cooperative Tea and Concert at Conisborough

Dangerous Conduct at Denaby

Daring Burglary at Denaby Main

Denaby and Cadeby Main United Cricket Club – Annual Dinner

Fatal Accident to 13 year Old at Denaby Main – Inquest

Fatal Accident to 13 Year Old at Denaby Main

He Had Been After the Rabbits

Hoyland Rock 5 Conisborough 3 – Playing in Low Shoes

Liberal Tea, Meeting and Music at Conisborough

Lively Defendant from Denaby

Magic Lantern Lecture – Parochial Mission of the Jews

Miner’s Midnight Movements at Conisborough

Non Payment of Rates – Adjourned

Pit Lad’s Carelessness of Danger

Conisborough Drowning Case Inquest – False Rumours

Accident at Cadeby Main Colliery.

Alleged Wounding at Conisborough.

Assault at Conisborough.

Breach of Colliery Rules

Colliery Rules – Disobedience at Denaby

Conisborough and Denaby Notes – Manager ill – Cinderella Dance – Musical Society

Conisborough Notes – Musical Society – Castle Street – Church News

Conisborough Notes – Preacher’s Accident – Street Names – Fire Brigade’s First Fire

Death of Manager of Denaby Co-Operative Stores.

Fatal Accident at Conisborough – Railwayman’s Crowbar

Gambling at Conisborough.

Kind Act at Conisborough

Lecture on History of Alphabet at Conisborough

Liberal Tea and Meeting at Conisborough

Painful Death of Denaby Schoolboy.

Rev Father Kavanagh on the Denaby Main Institute

Wife Assault.

Assaulting a Denaby Publican

Visit to Cadeby Main – The Largest Colliery In Yorkshire – Pit Top Inspection

Conisborough Wesleyan Bazaar

Conisborough Wounding Case – Six Months Hard Labour

Dangers of Disobedience – Breach of Colliery Rules

Dangers of Disobedience – Extraordinary charges

Ride On An Underground Road.

The Shocking Fatality of a 13 year old at Denaby Main Colliery

The Usual List.

Visit to Cadeby Main – The Largest Colliery In Yorkshire – Underground

Gambling in a “Chip” Shop.

Burning Fatality at New Conisborough

Conisborough Parish – Street Naming – Kilner’s buildings – Postal Facilities – Fire Brigade

Denaby Main Orchestral Society – Concert at Denaby Main

False Pretences at Cadeby Colliery

Girl’s Extraordinary Story

Horse Drowned

Kicking a Pony

Larceny at Conisborough

Rabbit Catcher Caught

Sharp Practice at Denaby

Some Costly Rabbits at Barmboro’

Theft of Bottled Beer and Stout at Denaby.

Unsafe Lamp at Denaby.

Wife Maintenance


Conisborough Notes – Christmas Eve in Conisborough – Cricket Club Ball

Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

Conisborough Parish Council – Footpaths, Street Names and Bridges

Conisborough School Board – Teacher Appointment – New School – Temperance

Cruelty to a Pit Pony

Dinner and Social At Denaby – Cadeby Main 1 Denaby Main 0

Entertainment at Conisborough.

Floods in the Don and Dearne Valleys

Service of Song at Conisborough

Silly Youth – A Pony Incident

Silly Youth – About a Drag

Topmen’s Meeting at Conisborough

Wounding Unlawfully at Conisborough.


Fatality on The Railway at Denaby

Alleged Sale of A Wife for a Gallon of Beer

Conisborough Parish Council – Street Lighting and Holywell Spring

Conisborough Parish Council – The State of the Roads

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby Main

Dangerous Offence.

Denaby Parish Church – Denaby 6 Kilnhurst 3; Denaby 1 Carr 0; Denaby 7 Greasbro 1

Diamond Jubilee

Music Hall Artistes in Conflict at Denaby

Scene at the Denaby Main Hotel

Industry and Commerce

Terrible Death of a Youth At Cadeby Main Colliery


The Church and the Castle and Flowers

A Warm Afternoon at Conisborough

Ambulance Classes at Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board

Damaging Fences at Conisborough

Denaby and Cadeby Main United Cricket club.

Denaby Main Institute – Interesting Statements.

Denaby Main Wesleyan Band of Hope.

Drinking During Prohibited Hours

Fatality at Cadeby Main

Headmistress leaving School

Kilner Bros Outing (picture)

Obstructing the Highway at Conisborough

The Water Question at Conisborough

The Water Supply at Conisborough – Editorial Comment

Industry and Commerce

Accident at Denaby Main

Denaby Main – Aldwarke Park 94 for 4 Denaby Main 93


Corpse Burnt at The Wakes


New Organ

Grand Concert at Denaby Main by Orchestral Society (videos)

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Case – Hire of Traction Engine

Damaging Fences at Conisborough

Daring Burglary at Hilltop – The Thief up A Chimney

Travelling Without a Ticket

Assaulting a Sister at Conisborough

Pulling Hair at Conisborough

Savage Assault at Denaby


Mexborough and District League – Conisborough 45 Swinton 46 for 8

Industry and Commerce

Pit Lads Strike – Refusal to Work – Meeting with Mr Wright

Pit Lads Strike – Interview with Mr Parrott

Pit Lads Strike – Sunday Afternoon Meeting

Pit Lads Strike – At the Police Court


Denaby and the Diamond Jubilee

Jubilee celebrations at Denaby and Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Cadeby

Conisborough Parish Council


A New Church for Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board

Conisborough School Board – Land at Last

Denaby Main Technical Class

Crime and Courts

Naughty Talk at Conisborough Station

Wilful Damage to Fences at Conisborough

Assault at Conisborough

Assaulting a Constable


Conisborough C.C. – Conisborough 61  Wentworth  41

Conisbrough C.C. – Conisborough 94  Mexborough 83

Denaby Main – Denaby 43 Kilnhurst 44 for 4

Denaby Main – Denaby 64 for 2  Greasborough 62


Accident at Denaby Main

Colliery Workmen’s Trip to Hull

Diamond Jubilee in Conisborough

Children’s Diamond Jubilee Cot

Conisborough Notes – New School – Urban Powers – Hospital – Temperance – Jubilee

Denaby Main Cottage Hospital.

Visitors at Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Parish Council – Registrar – Ash Pits – Pipe in Spring – Causeway – Burials

Road Extension at Denaby Main.

Water Supply of Denaby


Conisborough Church Flower Festival

Denaby Main Wesleyan Sunday School.

Flower Services at Cadeby

Denaby Main Institute.

Reresby Arms Concert Room, Denaby

Children’s Diamond Jubilee Cot fund

Denaby Main Institute – Omission

Proposed Cottage Hospital for Denaby Main.

Teachers Picnic to Roche Abbey

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Maintenance  Application.

Drunks and Assaults


Conisborough 51 Mexborough 52 for 7

Mexborough 175 for 6  Conisborough 57

Denaby Miner Sent To Prison.

Larceny at Conisborough

An Assault at the New Hotel

Assault at Conisborough

Assault at Conisborough


Trap Accident at Conisborough

Sad Drowning Fatality at New Conisborough.

Garden Party at Conisborough.

Success of a New Conisborough Musician

Industry and Commerce

Breaches of Colliery Rules At Denaby

Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Trips

Denaby Excursions – Liverpool & Hull

Fatality Important Test Case over Boy’s Death at the Mine

Conisborough Parish Council – Water Famine – Allotments – Barbed Wire -Bridge


Denaby Main Wesleyan Anniversary (videos)

Roman Catholic Church for Denaby Main – Foundation-Stone Laying.

Denaby Main Orchestral Society at Sprotborough Hall (videos)

Conisborough School Board – Examinations – Cleaning – Inspector

Conisborough School Board – Land – Deaf & Dumb

Robbing Somnolent Cyclist


Death from Injuries at Denaby

St Leger Day and Denaby Crossing

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough and Urban Powers

Colliery Trade


Vicar of Conisborough to go to Pocklington

Crime and Courts

Heartless Cruelty to a Child at Conisborough

A Violent Girl at Conisbro’.

Cruelty to A Horse

Game Trespass at Melton.

Police Seizure of Rabbits

Scene at Conisbro’.

The Usual List

Saturday Night Row at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Sad Fatality at Denaby Main

The Prosecution of Denaby Main Miners

Denaby Explosive Works – Company to be Voluntarily Wound Up

Parish Council – Spring, Railway Bridge, Alottments, Fire Brigade


Roman Catholic Church Foundation Stone Laid by Bishop

The New Vicar of Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

A Dangerous Dog

Action for Detained Goods

Thrown From Horse – Alleged Fatal Result of a Lark

Thrown From a Horse at Denaby Main

Traction Engine Danger

Woman Commits Suicide at Conisborough

House Robbery at Conisborough

Theft From A Miner.

Curious Case From Cadeby – Fighting Underground


Burning Fatality at Denaby

Concert at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Negligent “Corporal” At Denaby.


Conisborough School Board.

Crime and Courts

Cases of Drunkenness.

The Firework Nuisance

Conisborough Assault Case


Conisborough Cricket Club’s Annual Dinner

Denaby Parish Church 6 Newhill 2 – One Sided Game

Rotherham Church Inst 5 Denaby Parish Church 2 – Player’s Leg Broken.

Industry and Commerce

The Butchers Christmas Show – Christmas beef

Stoppage – Reply to “Trade Union Tyranny” -Mr. Holmes

Stoppage – Task Accomplished In Record Time – Remarkable Engineering Feat

Stoppage – Breakage of Winding Rope Shaft at Denaby Main

Stoppage – Incident at Denaby Colliery – W.H. Chambers

Conisborough Parish Council – Water Supply – Footpaths – Urban Powers.


Induction of The New Vicar Of Conisboro’ By The Archbishop Of York.

Organ Opening at Conisborough Wesleyan Chapel

Proposed New Church – Donations from Archbishop

Tithe Rent Charges in The Conisborough District – Sale in  London

Crime and Courts

Conisbro’ Butcher and His “Domestic Life.”

Inquest on Female Infant At Conisborough

Traction Engine Difficulties at Conisborough

Violent Prisoner


Cadeby, Conisbro’, And Denaby – Urban Powers


Fire at Conisborough Brickyard

Conisborough Cricket Club Annual Ball

Death of Father of Famous Footballer

Death of Mr George Kilner, Thornhill Lees

Death of Mr Swaby, of Denaby Main

Death of the Conisborough Town Cryer

Wanted, Everyone To Know – C.A. Cranidge, Bone-setter

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Traveller Beat a Railway Company

Silly Trick at Conisborough

How John Lost His Boots-  A Miner’s Little Adventure

Safe Robbery at Conisborough

Theft of Coal at Conisbro’

Conisborough Neighbours at Variance

Scene at New Conisborough – Wholesale Window Smashing


Denaby Parish Church – Denaby  4  Greasbro’ 1

Denaby Parish Church – Sandhill 0 Denaby P.C.3


Social Evening at Denaby Main.

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Medical Officer for Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries

Conisborough Parish Council – Dangerous Hill, Town Crier, Fire Brigade Bill

Crime and Courts

Horrible Cruelty to a Child – A Drunken Set

Unhappy Matrimonial Alliance

Cruelty to a Pit pony at Denaby Main

Denaby Scandal – Medical Man Amours – Sensational Evidence

Denaby Miners Theft.

Affairs at Conisbrough – Sergeant Brown Assaulted


Racing at the Junction Inn Grounds

A Conisborough Hero. (picture)

“A Gambling School” At Mexboro’.

Breach of Colliery Rules at The Denaby Main Colliery.

Breaches of Colliery Rules at Cadeby Main.

Brutal Attack on a Miner.

Conisboro’ Notes.

Cruelty To A Pony At Cadeby Main.

Dirty Talk at Conisborough

Fire at Conisbrough

Illegal Pawning At Conisborough

Serious Allegation Against The Police.

Wedding at Conisborough

Youthful Offenders at Conisboro’.


Serious Accident at a Farm at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Fatality At Denaby’ Main Colliery

Accidents at the Denaby Main Colliery

Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries Ltd – Debenture Stock Offer – Prospectus

Gruesome Topic. – Should Miners Cease Work When Fatality Occurs ?

Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries Ltd – Debenture Stock Offer


Conisbro’ School Board – Attendance Officer’s Salary – Irate Parent

Crime and Courts

Alleged Highway Robbery.


Denaby Parish Church 0 Birdwell 2 – Montagu Cup – A Scene.

Doncaster Rovers Reserve 2 Denaby Parish Church 1

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Conisborough.

Singular Fatal Accident at the Conisbro’ Glassworks.

Denaby Main Miners and the Compensation Act.

Lundhill Colliery History

The Denaby Main Rating Assessment

Breach of the Factory Acts

Denaby Rating Assessment Case – The Award.

Conisborough and Urban Powers.

Conisborough Rural District Election – Conservative Victory

Home Rule for Conisbrough – (Mexborough & Swinton Times Editorial)

Crime and Courts

Scene at New Conisborough

Being on Licensed Premises – A Trumpery Charge

Being on Licensed Premises – Summons Dismissed

The Gambling Mania.

Leniently Dealt With.

Robbing a Lodger at Denaby

An Assault at Conisborough


Doncaster Rovers’ Reserves 1. Denaby Parish Church 2 – South Yorkshire League Semi-Final


Death of a Child at Conisborough – Too Much Infants’ Preservative – Mother Censured.

Interesting Wedding at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Conisboro’ Parish Council – Fire Brigade – Mr Butcher Taken To Task. – Water & Post

Conisborough Parish Council


The Invasion of London – How Fox Inn Took Possession of the Greatest City ( photos & videos)

Conisborough Notes – Cricket, Football, Bicycle Mania, Miners Demonstration

Conisborough Notes – Miners 10% Advance – Parish Council Meeting

Conisborough School Board – New Schools – Appeal To Parents – Urban Powers Question.

Crime and Courts

Objecting To Swine Fever Regulations.

“Running Down” Case at Denaby.

Serious Allegation against the Police.

Week End Drunks

Assaulting the Police

Highway Robbery with Violence


Denaby Parish Church 2 v Mexborough West End 1 – Cup Final

Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association.


Expedition From Conisbrough

Industry and Commerce

Kilner’s Jubilee

Conisborough and Urban District Powers – Final Day of the Inquiry.

Conisborough and Urban District Powers – County Council Inquiry.


Subscriptions deducted From Wages.

Conisbrough Notes – Eagle & Child Singers – Sunday School Festivals – Vicar’s Injury

Crime and Courts

Oiling a Colliery Brake At Denaby.

Alleged Unlawful Wounding of a Gamekeeper

Fracas at a Conisborough Inn.


Wath 67 Conisborough 66 – Narrow Win for Wath

Industry and Commerce

Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery.

Denaby Main Institute.


Fair at Conisborough Castle (picture)

The History Of Conisborough Castle – Sheffield Deacons Fraternal At Conisborough

Hospital Demonstration

Conisborough Notes – Lively Week End – Bicycle Fever

Progress at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Brutal Assault at Conisbrough

Case From Conisborough – Two Colliers Get Six Months Each.

Lively doings at Conisbrough


Conisbrough 14 Hickleton Main 41 for 2 – Feast Farce !

Conisbrough 36  Braithwell 32; Conisbrough 74  Wadworth 21

Wath 67 Conisborough 66

Industry and Commerce

Conisbro’ Parish Council – The Urban Powers Question


Temperance Mission at Denaby – Successful Sunday. Meetings

Burcroft Feast and Sport

Cadeby Feast

Conisborough Notes – Mr Chambers – School Board – Mushrooms – Typhoid – Urban Powers

Conisborough Notes – Organist – Nearly Struck by Lightning

Conisborough’s Water Problem – Dam in the Brook

Where is the Post Office?

Crime and Courts

A Separation Order.

After The Apples

Assault at Conisborough.

Riding In a Pit

Alleged Assault at Conisborough

Ructions At New Conisborough


Conisborough 25 Balby 26 for 5

Conisbrough 30   Swinton (2 wkts) 34

Presentation of the South Yorkshire Cup and Medals at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

Rating Assessment

Conisborough Parish Council – Sewage and River – Pinder and Pinder’s House – North Cliff Footpath


Conisborough Castle Fishing Club (video)

Conisborough – Advance Accepted – Baptist Chapel – New Resident – Loss of Engineman

Conisborough Notes – Three Horse Shoes Landlord – Mail Cart Drivers Suicide – School Board – Ghost – Doncaster Races

Conisbro’ School Board.

Technical Education at Denaby Main – Coal Mining Lecture.

Crime and Courts

Neglecting a Wife – Cowardly Assault

A Conisbro’ Militiaman.

A Paltry Case from Conisborough

Capture of Poachers Near Doncaster.

Poaching Offence at Cadeby

They were drunk

Suicide of a Mail Cart Driver at Conisbro’.

Alleged Theft of a Pony

Alleged Assault at Conisbro

An Assault at Conisborough

Riotous Scene at Conisbro’.


Parkgate United Reserves 2 Conisbro’ St. Peters 1


Accident to Boy

Wedding – Day & Piper

Industry and Commerce

Death of First Cadeby Mason

Wage Advance

Wage Advances


New Baptist Chapel

New Organist & Choirmaster

Conisborough Notes – Evening Classes – Baptist Chapel – Coloured Clay Pipes

Conisborough School Board – Caretaker’s Wages – Precept Needed

Crime and Courts

Singular Charge Against a Wife.

Month Hard Labour for Poaching


Conisborough Cricket Club – Use of Bad Language

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Thope Hesley 0 – Hatchard Cup


Sad Burning Fatality At New Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Doctor Williams Pink Pills for Pale People (Advert), (picture)


Conisbro’ School Board

Conisbrough Notes – Urban Powers, School Caretaker, Post Office Lamp, Lively New Conisbrough, Toothache Cure

Crime and Courts

A Conisborough Rent Case.

Conisborough Drinkers

Fire at Clifton

The Betting Bye-Law

Assaults on the Police.

More Assaults on the Police

Police Constables Assaulted.


Smoking Concert at Denaby Main (videos)


Cadeby Accident

Industry and Commerce

House Building

Another Pit Accident

The New Lamps for the Fire Engine


Organ Recital at Conisborough (videos)

Sick and Dividing Societies

Conisborough Notes – Marriage, Dances, Cricket, Football and Billiards

Conisbrough Notes – Races, Holly and Cliffs

First Class Certificates

Street Music at Conisborough


Conisborough Cricket Club Public Dance

Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers Res 2  Denaby United  2

Conisbrough St Peter’s 2 Thurnscoe 0 – Football in the Dark


The Worst Village in England

1899 Fatal Explosion at Denaby Main


Fatal Mishap to a Somnambulist

Sad Effects of Drink.

Industry and Commerce

Conisbro’ Parish Council

Conisborough Parish Council


Conisbro’ Parish Church Annual Tea & Concert

Crime and Courts

A Wife’s Maintenance

Singular Domestic Squabble.

Attempt To Wreck a Train At Conisbro’.

Discontented Farm Labourers.

“Raffling” At Christmas.

The Removal of Pigs.

Would Be Train Wrecker at Conisborough

Working Unfit Horse At Mexborough.

Alleged Bicycle Theft.

A Troublesome Customer.


Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Ecclesfield 0


Great War Remembered – Herbert Mennell Rutter – School Years

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough’s Urban Powers Application – Conclusion of the Inquiry.

Conisborough’s Struggle For Self-Government – Local Government Board Inquiry

Conisbrough’s Application for Urban Powers – Second Day’s Proceedings.

Crime and Courts

Attack On Wife At Conisbro’

Neglect of Family.

A Gang of Gamblers.

A Goalkeeper in Trouble. (picture)

Breach of Colliery Rules.

Suicide at Conisborough.

Felony at Conisbro’

Shop-Breaking at New Denaby.


Coal Merchant Bankrupt repays Debts

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Cadeby Main Colliery.

Fatal Accident At Denaby.

The Fire at Cadeby Main Colliery – Death of Another Victim – The Inquest.

Conisbro’ Parish Council – Storm Damage – Allotments & Fire False Alarm

Liberalism in The Doncaster Division – Mr, Black at Conisborough.


Oddfellows’ Demonstration at Conisbro’.

Conisbro’ School Board.

Crime and Courts

Domestic Troubles at Conisbro’.

A Conisbrough Firm Summoned

Breach of Colliery Rules at Denaby.

Lamp Offence

Railway Officials and Passengers.

The Birch for Conisborough Boys.

Rough Party at Doncaster Railway Station.

Sequel to Prize Fight Near Mexboro’ – A Police Officers Stern Chase.

Denaby C.C. – Tea Concert

Denaby Main Orchestral Society


Fire at Denaby Main.

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery


The First Vicar of Denaby Main.

Concert at Denaby Main.

Crime and Courts

Claim Against the Denaby Main Colliery Company

Suicide at Conisborough


Found Drowned At Mexboro’.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough and Urban Powers – Denied


A New Church at Denaby Main

Crime and Courts

Alleged Arson at Denaby.

Nice Haul at Conisborough.

Street Betting At New Conisborough – Bookmaker Fined.

Drowning at Conisborough

Suicide at Consborough.

Swinton Fowl Stealing Case.

A Scene at Conisbro’.

Fighting At Conisbro’.

Serious Affray at Doncaster – The Bench and the Bar.


Conisbro’  34  Swinton 36 for 8

Conisbro’ 39 Balby  108 for 8

Hope Glass Works 63 For 4  Conisborough 60

Wath  110  Conisbro’  47


Fatal Accident at Conisbro’ Glass Works.

Fatal Paraffin Lamp Explosion at Denaby – Juryman Criticises Coroner.

Industry and Commerce

Run Over By Railway Waggon at Conisborough.

A Burial Question at Conisbro’.

Conisbro’ and Urban Powers

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Miner Sent To Prison.

A Reminder of the Lock-Out in the Coal Trade

Negligent Pony Drivers.

Desperate Suicide of a Woman at Mexboro’ – Exciting Scene in the Canal.

Boys Steel Tobacco at Doncaster.

An Affray at Conisbro’.

An Assault at Conisborough

Violent Customer at New Conisborough.


Balby 35  Conisbro’ 59

Conisborough   38 for 8  Wath  37


Conisborough Notes – Obituary – John Downing

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-Operative Society.

Conisbro’ Parish.

West Riding County Council – The Conisbro’ Application for Urban Powers.


Conisborough Hospital Sunday.

Conisbro’ School Board Election – Liberal Victory.

Conisbrough Notes – Excursions

Crime and Courts

Straying Cows at Conisbro’

A Rough Customer at Conisbro’


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 146 for 5  Aldwarke Park 47

Conisborough Cricket Club Sports.


Boy Drowned at Denaby Main

Industry and Commerce

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main.

South Yorkshire Collieries and the Hull Coal Trade

Crime and Courts

Maintaining A Father.

A Fatality at Denaby Main.

A Troublesome Smoker on The Line.

Matches Into The Denaby Pit.

Refusing To Quit At Denaby.

Forfeit of Bond

Savage Assault at Conisborough.

Unruly Customers at Conisborough.


Swinton 120   Denaby  79 for 6


Accident at Conisbro’ Saw Mills.

Industry and Commerce

Institution of Mining Engineers – Visit to Cadeby Main Colliery.

Crime and Courts

After The Wedding At Conisbro’.

An Unhappy Marriage.

After the Rabbits at Melton.

Damage to Haystack At Denaby.

Gambling On Doncaster Racecourse.

He Lost His Ticket.

Singing in a Railway Carriage.

Sudden Termination of a Prize-Fight At Conisbro’

Vaccination Cases.

Alleged Theft from Conisbro’ Station


Roundell Street 3 Denaby Main 3

Local Football Scores

Conisborough  3 Hallam 0


A Denaby Burning Case

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough’s Struggle for Self-Government – Another Scheme to Be Submitted

Conisbro’ Parish Council


Conisborough School Board.

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Barman and his Hosepipe

Cruelty to Sheep

Lost His Ticket and Threatened with a Knife

Wilful Damage to Haystack

Sad Suicide of a Professional Cricketer


Conisbro’ St. Peter’s 3 Roundel 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Sheffield Club 1

Denaby Utd – Sheffield Club 0 Denaby 1 – English Cup Replay

Denaby Utd – Denaby 6  Hallam 2

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Mexboro’ 1 – English Cup

Conisborough St. Peter’s 1  Kimberworth 3

 Treeton 0 Denaby United 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Hunslet 2 – English Cup


Chapel Work At Denaby.

The Worst Village in England

The Worst Village in England – Certainly not!

The Worst Village in England – Eastern Morning News

The Worst Village in England – Hull Daily Mail

The Worst Village in England – Mexboro’ Trades Council Annual Dinner

The Worst Village in England – Mr William Parrott

The Worst Village in England – Westminster Gazette and Others

Crime and Courts

Box of Matches in Possession

Selling Drink to Children.

Visiting Small-Pox Patients.

Theft and Drink.


Denaby Utd – Hunslet 1 Denaby1.

Denaby Utd – Hunslet 1 Denaby 1 – Third Qualifying Round – Replayed

Denaby Utd – Hunslet 4 Denaby 3

Conisbro’ St. Peter’s 3  Montrose Works 2


Shocking Affair at Conisborough – Father Killed In Sight Of Reservist Sons.

The Shocking Fatality at Conisborough.

A Denaby Girl’s Experience.

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough at Christmas


Supplying Drink To Children.

The “Character of Denaby Main”.

Denaby Main – In Search of the Truth

Relief Fund Concert at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Neglect at Conisborough.

Conisbro Policeman Assaulted

A Smart Denaby Boy

Big Haul of Gamblers at Conisbro’

Kicking a Denaby Pony

Pony Kicking at Cadeby

The Conduct of Denaby – A Police Court Explanation

Assaulting A Gamekeeper.





Conisborough Children

Church Street

Colliery Offices

The Poplars

Industry and Commerce

Doctor Williams Pink Pills for Pale People – Critical Condition of Conisbro’ Woman.


Slandered Denaby – Apology Tendered.

Crime and Courts

Trouble at the Alma Inn

Window Breaking at Denaby

Cruelty to a Denaby Pony


Billiards – Conisbrough v Denaby

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Montrose Works 0

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4  Montrose Works 0

Denaby Utd – Denaby 11 Kimberworth 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Aston Coal Coy 2

Denaby Utd – Denaby  2  Aston Coal Company 2

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Conisbro’ 1

Hatchard Cup – Division 1 Table – January 29, 1900

Conisborough St Peters – Hatchard Cup Division 1 – Results

Denaby Utd – Results – January 1900


Boer War – Teddy Gregory

Boer War – Tim Roper

Industry and Commerce

Failure of Conisborough Miller

Denaby Ash Pit Neglect


Parochial Tea at Conisbrough

Temperance Meeting at Denaby Main

News – Drowning Escape – Burning Fatality – Mental Disorder

The Supply of Beer to Under Age Children

Crime and Courts

Breaches of Colliery Rules.

Wilful Damage at Denaby


Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Conisbrough 1

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Swallownest 0


St Patrick’s Day Concert at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

College Students at a Coal Mine

The Position of Colliery Surfacemen.

Conisbro’ & Urban Powers. Opposition by Colliery Company

County Council Inquiry at Conisborough.

Crime and Courts

Contravening Bye-Laws.

Doncaster Police Cases

Alleged Shop Breaking.


Denaby Utd – Conisbrough 1 Denaby United 3

Denaby United Football Club – Benefit Concert

Denaby & Cadeby Main Cricket Club Smoking Concert

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society – Dividend 5 shillings in £

Urban Powers – 1 The Day’s Proceedings

Urban Powers – 2. Mr Holmes Evidence – The Water Supply

Urban Powers – 3 Something about the Rates

Urban Powers – 4. A Rural Councillor’s Evidence


Ambulance Work at Denaby Main

Birthday Club’s Trip to London – Dirty Dicks & Sam’s Folly

Crime and Courts

Denaby Labourer’s Responsibility

Breach of Colliery Rules – Dangerous Actions

Breach of Colliery Rules – Hanger On’s Orders


Denaby Utd – Swinton 1 Denaby 2

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Rotherham Town 0

Conisbro CC – Conisbrough 55 for 5 Hope Glass Works 18


News from a Denaby Soldier


Conisborough School Board – The Clerkship

Crime and Courts

Domestic Quarrels at Conisborough

Worst Village – 1. Mr Buckingham Pope in Witness Box

Worst Village – 2. Plaintiff’s Summing Up

Worst Village – 3. Defendant’s Summing Up

Worst Village – 4. Judge’s Summing Up and Verdict

Worst Village – Buckingham Pope v Eastern Morning & Hull News

Bashed with a Beer Bottle at Denaby

Serious Assault at Denaby

Denaby Football Club Dinner


Conisbro CC – Conisborough 28 Mitchell’s Main 117 for 7

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 47 Swinton 116

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 41 Houghton United 23

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 66 Denaby 107

Denaby Cricket Club Special Committee Meeting

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 39 Mexborough 77

Industry and Commerce

Cadeby, Conisborough, and Denaby – Urban District Recommended.

Conisborough Water Supply


Conisborough rejoices over Lord Roberts´s success at Pretoria

Crime and Courts

Disorderly Behaviour at New Conisbro

Gaming with Coins at Conisbro

Mafeking Spree at Conisborough

Not Giving Warning with Bicycle at Conisborough

Obscenity at Conisbro’

Shocking Case at Conisbrough – Acting as wife at 15 years of Age

A Strange Suicide of a Lad.

Robbery from the Person.


Conisbro CC – Old Albion Brewery 51 Conisborough 82

Conisbro CC – Hope Glass Works 124 for 4 Conisborough 123

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 138 for 7 Balby 70

Conisbro C C – Wombwell Main 160 for 5 Conisborough 84


Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough 84 for 4 Denaby 54

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 67 Rawmarsh 118 for 5

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 90 Wath Athletic 51

Conisbro CC – Mexborough 127 Conisborough 39


Denaby Girl killed at Cleethorpes

Industry and Commerce

E. Robinson Undertaker (advert)

Trip From Conisborough.


Choral Society on the Wane

Hospital Demonstration at Conisborough.

Pride of Conisborough Lodge

Indian Famine Fund Formed at Conisborough

Boer War – Letter from a Denaby Ambulance man

Boer War – Letter from Seat of War – Camp Fire Explodes

Boer War – Letter from Tim Roper, Denaby Footballer

Boer War – Reservist´s War Experiences – Lord Kitchener’s Orderly

Boer War – Return of a Denaby Reservist

Crime and Courts

Serious Assault on a Mexborough Woman.

Neighbours Quarrel at Denaby.

Domestic Trouble at Conisborough.

A Denaby Deserter

A Denaby Miner and His Watch

Abduction By A Miner

Conisborough Tipplers

Conisborough Tipplers

Obscene Language at Conisborough

Extraordinary Suicide – Pedlar jumps into River

Strange Suicide at Conisborough

Turnip Thefts at Conisborough

Fighting At New Conisborough.


Conisborough Cricket Club Sports

Conisborough Cricket Week.

Conisborough 55 Hickleton Main 53

Mixed Cricket at Conisborough – Ladies 82 Gentlemen 76

Novel Cricket Match – Starts at 2 a.m. !

Denaby & Cadeby – Wath, Rawmarsh, Swinton & Aldwarke Park

Conisborough CC – Braithwell, Hickleton and Rawmarsh

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Miners and the Wage Question


Conisborough Notes – Beautiful Village – Butcher buys a Refridgerator

Conisborough Notes – Urban District Appeal – Pitiless Rain – Indian Famine

Conisborough Notes – Park Road Sanitation

Crime and Courts

Family Trouble at Conisborough

A Trivial Case from Conisborough

“Banker” at Conisbrough

Card Playing at Conisborough

Conisborough Drunks

Denaby Drunks

Masterful Denaby Woman

Surety for a Denaby Man

The Denaby Abduction Case.

Fighting at Denaby

Alleged Assault at Denaby

Fighting at Denaby


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 59 Houghton United 37

Denaby Main 57 Conisborough 48 – Harrison’s Benefit

Conisborough C.C. – Wombwell, Balby and Swinton


Accident at Cadeby Main

Brave Policeman at Denaby Main

Wedding – Booth & Hempsal – Interesting Wedding at Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Liberal Candidate Talks to Miners at Denaby Main


New Protestant Church at Denaby Main

Conisborough School Board – Tenders for New Schools

Tim Roper Returns

Crime and Courts

Disobeying the Orders of a Deputy


Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Rotherham  0 – Good Entry into Association League

Denaby & Cadeby – Rotherham 94 for 7 Denaby 90

Conisborough CC – Conisborough 33 for 8 Hickleton 102

Mexborough League – Final Table

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Wath 0 – Denaby dance round Wath

Denaby Utd – Worksop Town 3 Denaby 2 – Twice Winning but lose

Industry and Commerce

Bargains at Whitaker’s (advert)

Denaby Main Co-op – Centuries of Coal to be Mined in Yorkshire

Urban Powers


Wesleyan Bazar – “Worst Village” Libel

Crime and Courts

Yorkshire Fisheries Board – Important Prosecution

Burglary Epidemic

Impudent Robbery in Conisborough

Stealing Apples at Ravenfield.


Denaby & Cadeby Main United Cricket Club – Flourishing Condition

Denaby Utd – Swinton 2 Denaby 2 – Surprising Show at Swinton

Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 United Reserve 3 – Denaby Outclassed at Home

Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Wombwell 3 – Denaby Secure Couple of Points.

Sheffield Association League – October 26, 1900

Industry and Commerce

Proposed New Cooperative for Conisborough.

Conisborough Councillors at Variance – Abusive Language


Denaby Main Orchestral Society – Successful Concert

Shakespeare’s Church and the Fullerton’s of Thrybergh, and Denaby.

Crime and Courts

Denaby Man gave a Wrong Name

A Conisbrough Deserter

An Unruly Conisborough Miner

The Beer Victims.

Without Gun Licence at Denaby

Fighting at Mexborough


Denaby & Cadeby United Dinner – New Professional Engaged

Denaby Utd – Wath 1 Denaby 1 – Denaby Draw at Wath

Denaby Utd – Hunslet 1 Denaby 1

Denaby Utd – Sheffield Club 0 Denaby 5 – Dashing Display by Denaby

Crime and Courts

Quarrelsome Denaby Man


Letter from South Africa

Industry and Commerce

Proposed New Cooperative in Conisborough – Work Beginning

The New Schools. – A Heated Discussion.

The New Schools – Comment


Father Kavanagh and his Flock.

Crime and Courts

Alleged Persistent Cruelty at Denaby

Neglecting to Maintain a Wife at Denaby

Refusing to Quit the Denaby Main Hotel

Theft of a Purse at Conisbro’


Sheffield Association League Table – Dec 28, 1900

Denaby Utd – Thornhill 3 Denaby 0 – Denaby Defeated at Thornhill

Conisborough Cricket Club

Denaby United

Disturbance at a Conisbrough Inn – Conflicting Evidence

Jan 18th – Denaby 0 Wednesday Reserve 2 – Denaby well beaten

March 29 – Wednesday Reserve 5 Denaby 1 – Wednesday score 4 in Second Half

Quarter 1

Watch Stealing at Conisborough.


Denaby – A glimpse back in time

Industry and Commerce

The Hull Coal Trade

Conisborough and Urban Powers.


Conisborough Church Organ – Dedication Service and Recitals.

Pride of Conisborough Lodge – Annual Tea, Concert and Dance.

Census 1901 – Old Denaby District 9.00 – Analysis and Map

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.00 – Analysis and Map

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.00 – Boundaries & Contents

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.00 – Surname Check

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.01 – Infectious Hospital, Don View & Sundry

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.02 – Don View

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.03 – Don View & Highfield Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.04 – Highfield Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.05 – Highfield Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.06 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.07 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.08 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.09 – Doncaster Road, Star Hotel

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.10 – Doncaster Road, Clifton Hill

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.11 – Sheffield Road, Red Lion, Holywell Terrace

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.12 – Holywell, Kearsley Brook, Lime Grove

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.13 – Lime Grove

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.14 – Lime Grove, Rock House & Cottage, Sundry

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.15 – Mount Pleasant

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.16 – Mount Pleasant

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.18 – Hill Top & Pattison’s house

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.19 – Firsby, Farms & Sundry

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.20 – Clifton

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 1.21 – Clifton, Crookhill & Others

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 2 – Boundaries & Contents

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.00 – Analysis and Map

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.00 – Boundaries & Contents

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.00 – Surname Check

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.01 High Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.02 High Street & Castle Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.03 Castle Street, High Street & Station Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.04 Church Street & Station Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.05 Church Street & Elm Green Lane

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.06 Elm Green Lane & Old Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.07 West Street, “Alma Cottages & Various

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.08 West Street, Earnshaw Lane & Garden Lane

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.09 West Street, Castle Grounds, Eagle & Child

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.10 Garden Lane, March Street, Lightnings

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.11 Lightnings

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.12 Lightnings, Old Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.13 Church Street, School House, Various

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.14 – Smith’s Yard, West Street, Station Road

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.15 – Station Road, West Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.17 – West Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.16 – Station Road, West Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.18 – West Street, Goodlad’s Yard

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.19 – Goodlad’s Yard, Walker’s Yard & Church Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.20 – Church Street, Castle Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.21 – Earnshaw Lane

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.22 – Earnshaw Lane, Old Road & Various

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.23 – Wellgate

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.24 – Wellgate

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.25 – Wellgate

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.26 – Wellgate

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.27 – Garden Lane, Old Road & Silverwood View

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 3.28 – Silverwood View, March Street

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 4.00 – Boundaries & Contents

Census 1901 – Conisborough District 5 – Boundaries & Contents

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.00 – Analysis and Map

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.00 – Surname Listing

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.01 – Bone Mill, Reresby Arms, Various

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.02 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.02 – Doncaster Road Detail (picture)

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.03 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.04 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.05 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.06 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.07 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.08 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.09 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.10 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.11 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.12 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.13 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.14 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.15 – Doncaster Road

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.16 – Barmbro’ Street Detail (picture)

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.16 – Doncaster Road, Barmbro St.

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.17 – Barmbro’ St

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.18 – Barmbro’ St.

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.19 – Barmbro’ St.

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.20 – Barmbro’ St.

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.21 – Barmbro’ St.

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.22 – Barmbro’ St.

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.23 – Adwick Street Detail (picture)

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.23 – Barmbro’ St.

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.24 – Adwick Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.25 – Adwick Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.26 – Adwick Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.27 – Adwick Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.28 – Adwick Street, Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.28 – Annerley Street Detail (picture)

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.29 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.30 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.31 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.32 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.33 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.34 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.35 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.36 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.37 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.38 – Annerley Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.39 – Annerley Street, Thrybergh Street

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.39 – Thrybergh Street detail, (picture)

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.40 – Cliff View Street Detail (picture)

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.40 – Thrybergh Street, Cliff View

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.41 – Cliff View

Census 1901 – Denaby District 8.42 – Cliff View

Census 1901 – Old Denaby District 9.00 – Surname Check

Census 1901 – Old Denaby District 9.01 – Farms & Cottages

Census 1901 – Old Denaby District 9.02 – Old Hall, The Green, Field Cottage

Census 1901 – Old Denaby District 9.03 – Top Fold, Engine House, Various

Conisboro’ Notes – Musical Soiree – New Year’s Gathering – Choral Society – Brutal Assault

Conisborough School Board.

Queen Victoria (picture)

Crime and Courts

An Unruly Husband at Denaby.

Domestic Trouble at Denaby – Case Adjourned

Wife Assault At Denaby – Living Together Again

A Bentley Butcher’s Christmas Morning.

Alleged ” Marrying ” at Conisborough

Breach of the Explosives Act.

Cruelty to a Pony – Ill treatment not allowed in this District

Alleged Theft of Fowls at Conisborough

Savage Assault at Conisborough


Denaby Utd – Attercliffe 0 Denaby 4 – Chapman’s Hat Trick

Sheffield Association League – January 25, 1901


Wedding – Cranidge & Smith – Marriage of Bone Setter

Industry and Commerce

Trouble at Denaby & Cadeby – Revised Price List Wanted – Ballot to be Taken.

Conisborough Parish Council – Burials, Minniemoor Road, Fire Engine House and the National Sorrow

Urban Powers Inquiry – 1. Introduction

Urban Powers Inquiry – 2. Opposition to the Proposal – A General View

Urban Powers Inquiry – 3. Evidence for the Colliery Company

Urban Powers Inquiry – 4. More Evidence for the Opposition

Urban Powers Inquiry – 5. Evidence for the Rural Council

Urban Powers Inquiry – 6. The Case for the Parish Council

Urban Powers Inquiry – 7. Montagu Trustees

Urban Powers Inquiry – 8. Other Supporters of the Scheme

Urban Powers Inquiry – 9. Speeches for the Appellants


Conisborough Mourns – Parish Church Memorial Service for Queen Victoria

Crime and Courts

A Quarrel at Denaby Main.

Abusive Language at Conisbrough

Drunk and Disorderly at Denaby Main.

Drunk and Disorderly at Denaby Main – Assault on Landlord

Fighting At Conisbrough

Ill-treatment of a pony at Denaby Main

Matches in the Mine.

Removing Pigs Without Authority at Denaby

Some Conisborough Drunks

Robbing Poor People of Denaby


Conisborough C.C. – A.G.M. and Averages

Sheffield Association League – 25 February 1901

Denaby Utd –  Denaby 0  Doncaster Rovers 2 – Montagu Cup Semi-Final

Denaby Utd – Monk Bretton 6 Denaby 0 – Sheffield Association League

Industry and Commerce

Ballots at Denaby – Labour Members.

Breach of Colliery Rules at Cadeby.

Accident of Serious Nature – Pony Driver’s Compound Fractures

Doncaster R.D.C. – Ashes out of Closets obstruct Main Road

Crime and Courts

Brothers Quarrel at Conisborough

New Conisborough Bookmaker & Miner Bound Over

After Rabbits at Edlington

Breach of Rules at Cadeby – Refusal to Obey Deputy

British v Boers at New Conisborough

Conisborough Drunks

Flimsy Charge against a Denaby Youth.

Refusing to Quit at The Denaby Main Hotel

Conisborough Men in Trouble

Assault at Denaby


Cricket Club Pro. joins Imperial Yeomanry – Medal for Professor Bilboa

Denaby Utd – Monk Bretton 6 Denaby 0 – Denaby Custodian injured

Denaby Football Club – Concert Last Night.

Annual Dinner – Conjuring and Elocution by Professor Bilboa

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Gainsborough 0 – Denaby win with confidence


Pierrot Entertainment at Conisborough. – In Aid of the Parish Church Organ Fund

Conisborough at Easter Time

Conisborough School Board – The Blind Boy, Precept, Clerk’s Extra Work

Crime and Courts

Conisborough Miner Disputes his Marriage.

Damaging Windows at Conisborough and Denaby

Alleged Bigamy at Conisborough.

At Conisborough on Good Friday – Obscene Launguage and Indecent Prints

Drunk and Disorderly at Denaby on April Fool’s Day

Gamblers Caught at New Conisborough.

Without a Gun Licence at Conisborough

Alleged Theft at Denaby – Stealing Thorns

Theft of Fowls at Conisborough – Trial at Quarter Sessions

Serious Charge – Alleged Abdominal Attack.


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Sheffield Club 1 – Draw against the Sheffield Club

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Bolton 2 – Easter Monday Morning Victory

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Conisborough 0 – Conisborough thrashed in afternoon

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Monk Bretton 2 – Good Friday Victory

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Montrose Works 3 – Hallett brace

Denaby Utd – Denaby v Doncaster Rovers – Hatchard Cup Semi Finals – Drawn Games

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough and the Coal Tax – Mr F.W.Fisons “Death Blow.”

Water Supply for Conisborough


Conisborough Choral Society

Erection of an Infectious Diseases Hospital at Conisborough

Pride of Conisborough Juvenile Lodge – Tea, and Sports.

Conisborough Notes – Water, Census and Dancing at the Castle

Denaby Notes – Water, Two Denaby men in London

Crime and Courts

Bad Son at Conisborough

Heartless Bigamy at Conisborough

Serious Charge against a Conisborough Man – 1. Case for the Prosecution

Serious Charge against a Conisborough Man – 2. Case for the Defence

Serious Charge against a Conisborough Man – 3. Counsels, Judge and Verdict

Abusing a Denaby Hawker.

Bad Conisborough Case – 65th Summons

Drunk on Licensed Premises at Conisborough

Gamers on the Cliffs at Conisborough

“Only Wrestling” at Denaby

Paltry Case from Conisborough.

Refusing to Quit at New Conisborough

Wanting to Fight at Conisborough.

Birch for Conisborough Boys

Public House Lark at Denaby – Stolen Mackerel


Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Attercliffe 1 – All scores in Second Part

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Swinton 0 – Last Home Match

Denaby Utd – Gainsbrough 1 Denaby 0 – Tuesday Evening Defeat

Denaby Utd – Sheffield Association League Table

Denaby & Cadeby – Hickleton 65 for 5 Denaby 125 for 5 – Luther with Bat & Ball

Conisbro CC – Mexborough 32 for 2 Conisbrough 29 – Hopelessly Beaten.

Denaby & Cadeby – A New Ground Opened – Denaby v Mitchell Main

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 54 Wath 84 – A Moderate Game

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 129 for 6 Mitchell Main 57 – Team Photographed

Conisborough CC – Conisborough 72 for 9 Swinton 101 – Lucky Draw

Denaby & Cadeby – Rawmarsh 72 Denaby 103 – Denaby Retain Splendid Form.

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 93 Conisborough 50 – Fine bowling


Red River Expedition – Sergeant Short’s Medals (picture)

Return of Conisborough Yeoman (picture)

Sergeant Brown leaves the District

Industry and Commerce

Foresters Visit to Cadeby Colliery


Denaby Main Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary.

Conisborough School Board – New Desks – The Blind Boy – The New Act

Conisborough School Board – New Schools – Overcrowding – Blind Boy – Government Reports

Crime and Courts

Denaby Miner’s Troubles – A Peculiar Household

Conisborough Quarrel. – Assaulting a Married Woman

Denaby Compensation Case – Conflict of Medical Evidence.

Employers and Workmen’s Act at Conisborough.

Peculiar Poaching Charge at Conisborough.

Serious Charge against a Denaby Footballer

Denaby Suicide Averted

Brutal Assault at Conisborough.


Conisborough CC – Rawmarsh 118 for 8 Conisborough 88 for 8 – Drawn Game

Denaby & Cadeby – Swinton 80 for 8 Denaby 156 for 9 – An Exciting Match

‘Kip’ Races

Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough 106 for 8 Denaby 34 – Disasterous Defeat

Conisborough CC – Swinton 54 Conisborough 78 – First Victory

Denaby & Cadeby – Conisborough 106 Denaby 114 for 3 – Victory at Neighbours

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 105 for 6 Mexborough 124 – Return Match

Denaby Utd – Annual Dinner – Over £60 in hand

Conisborough CC – Conisborough 33 for 4 Mitchell Main 29 – Second Victory

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 94 for 5 v Wombwell Main – Game Abandoned

Mexborough League Table – June 28th 1901


Accident of Serious Nature to Manager of Co-operative Stores

Drowning at Gray’s Bridge

Return of Ambulance Man from the Front

Another South African Return

Owner of the Manor of Conisborough claims Three Baronies. (pictures)

Industry and Commerce

Pit Accident


Conisbrough Hospital Sunday – A Successful Gathering

Conisborough Notes – Typhoid – Water – Lovely Stinks !

Conisborough School Board – Election – Candidates

Conisborough School Board – Election – Results

Conisborough School Board – Treatment of truants – Furnishing of New Schools.

Crime and Courts

O’Meara Quarrel at Conisborough.

Another Fight at New Conisborough

Damage to Potatoes at Conisborough.

“Grate Fite” – A lively Fight at Denaby

Police Obstruction at New Conisborough.

Thefts of Sheets at Denaby.

Women at War at Conisborough

Juvenile Thefts at Conisborough.


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 71 Rotherham 163 for 4 – Rotherham’s Favour

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 68 Balby 73 – Win aided by Linithan

Donkey Dispute at Conisborough C.C. Sports

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 130 for 7 Braithwell 67 for 7 – Feast Match

Denaby & Cadeby – Wath 114 for 4 Denaby 156 for 2

Conisbro CC – Goole 92 Conisborough 94 for 6

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 129 for 8 Rawmarsh 58 – Conisborough Win on Time.

Industry and Commerce

Shunting Fatality at Denaby.

Prospect of a Strike – Payment for Bag Dirt

Threats towards Deputy at Denaby


Organ Recital at Conisborough.

St Alban’s Church Outing to Askern

First Meeting of Newly Formed School Board

Crime and Courts

Quarrel at Denaby – Rag Gatherer Summoned

“The Lodger” again at Denaby.

Bathing in the River at Conisborough.

“Bounce Ball” at Conisborough.

Cruelty to a Pony at Denaby.

Damaging a fence at Conisborough.

Disturbance at a Conisborough Hotel.

Leaving a Train in Motion

Attempted Suicide at Conisborough.

Apple Stealer at Conisborough

Assault after “Pantomime”

Assault by Lodger

Assault on Conisborough Station Master.


Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 84 for 7 Hickleton 79 – “Crick” Smith’s benefit.

Conisbro CC – Conisborough 73 Rotherham 59 for 6

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 142 for 3 Wath 50 – Another win for Denaby.

Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main 147 Denaby 60 for 3

Conisbro CC – Wath 83 Conisborough 90 for 5

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 79 for 4 Rawmarsh 149 for 8 – “Crick” Smith.

Industry and Commerce

Sale of Property at Conisborough

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery.

Breakage at Denaby Colliery.

Trouble at Denaby & Cadeby Collieries – Majority Favour Strike – Bag Dirt Problem


Harvest Thanksgiving at Denaby.

Opening of a New Organ at Denaby Main Parish Church.

Conisborough School Board – The Price of Water – The New Schools

Crime and Courts

Breaches of Colliery Rules – Leaving place without Sprags

Breaking Doors at Denaby.

Colliery Offence at Denaby.

Theft of a Revolver at Denaby.

Assaulting a Constable at Denaby.

Assaults at Conisborough & Denaby

Brutal Conduct at Conisborough Station.

Neighbours Fight at Conisborough.


Conisborough C.C. – A Players Finger Broken.

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 90 for 1 Swinton 87 – Another Victory for Denaby.

Champions – Denaby Cricketers Jubilant – Winners of the Mexborough League.

Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 107 Rawmarsh 59 – Championship Play Off

Athletic Festival at Denaby – A Splendid Success.

Denaby & Cadeby – Champions – Luther Robinson’s Batting and Bowling

Denaby & Cadeby – Final Mexborough League Table

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Co-operative Society – Dividend 22.5%

Conisborough Parish Council. – Grave Digging


Conisbrough Notes – Pesentations & Postal Arrangements

Conisbrough Notes – Professional, Building Works, United Brass Band

Dramatic Entertainment and Concert at Denaby

Crime and Courts

Persistent Cruelty at Denaby.

Boy Thieves at Conisbrough.

Conisbrough Poacher Caught.

Damaged Fences at Conisbrough.

Damaging Turnips at Denaby.

Denaby Bookmaker’s Child.

Denaby Main Colliery Prosecution

Neglectful Father at New Conisbrough.

Neighbours Fight at Conisbrough – “let’s have one dog one bone”

Trade Mark Infringement by a Conisbrough Confectioner


Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Sheffield 0 – Easy Victory for Denaby.

James Massey – Denaby Goalkeeper (photo and wikipedia link))

Denaby Utd – Wath 2 Denaby 2 – Denaby Draw at Wath.

Extraordinary Knurr & Spell Match

Conisborough C.C. Averages

Sheffield Association League – October 25th 1901

Sheffield Association League Table

Presentation at Denaby Main

Denaby Utd – Attercliffe 7 Denaby 1 – Denaby Pulverised by Attercliffe.


Fatality at Denaby Main – Burning

Sad Drowning in Rotherham – Denaby girl found in canal.

Industry and Commerce

Fatality at Denaby Main – Colliery – Matthew Taylor

Grand Annual Social – With Musical Menu

Grand Social – Deathless Army (Video)

Grand Social – The Village Blacksmith (video)

Grand Social – Mary of Argyll (Video)

Grand Social – Since our Angelina joined a cooking class (poem)

Story of Cadeby Colliery – Interesting Speech by Mr W.H.Chambers

Rural District Council – Cadeby Borehole – New Houses – Refuse Tip – Denaby Footpaths

Explosives in Graves – Grave Digging Extraordinary


Tripe Supper – Conisborough Homing Society

Crime and Courts

Pony Drivers Responsibility.

Unhappy Married Life at Denaby – Not Providing Maintenance

Conisborough´s Man’s Record – 65 Convictions

Cruelty to a Pit Pony

Damaging a Fence at Conisborough – Gambling

Damaging a Fence at Conisborough – Schoolboy’s Bonfire Wood

Removing Pigs at Conisborough.

Potato Thefts at Conisborough.

Theft of Trousers at Conisborough

Denaby Ruffian Gets Three Months


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Royston 2

Denaby Utd – Hunslet 1 Denaby 1 – Denaby Draw at Hunslet.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Gainsborough 0 – A Day Out for Denaby.

Sheffield Association League


Death and Funeral of Mrs Holmes, of Conisborough

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Parish Council – Colliery Officials and the Chairman.

Conisborough Parish Council – Explosives for Graves, Brook Square Footbridge

Conisborough Water – A Public Scandal

Conisborough Water Supply – Another £600 needed

Conisborough Water Supply – Doncaster Rural District Council


Presentation of £100 to a Conisborough Druid

Crime and Courts

Another Fence Damager Fined

Colliery Prosecutions from Denaby Main

Denaby Swine Fever Case – Ignorance No Excuse

Youthful Offenders at New Conisborough – Pigeon Stealing and Shop Breaking.


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Doncaster Rovers Reserve 0 – Denaby Win Tame Game.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 7 Wombwell 0 – An Easy win for Denaby United

Denaby Utd – Barnsley Reserve 1 Denaby 2 – Grand Victory by Denaby

Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Sheffield Club 0

Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers Res 1 Denaby 2 – Poor Game

Sheffield Association League – December 30th 1901

Denaby & Cadeby Main United C.C. Averages

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Roundel 0 – Denaby beat Roundel


1902 Bag Muck Strike

Assault on Police


Child Burnt to Death – Use of Fireguards

Brewer’s Drayman Killed At Conisborough.

Industry and Commerce

Interesting Gathering at Conisboro’.

Conisboro’ Parish Council – Gunpowder for Graves at Conisboro’.


Presentation to Mr Gibbs

Crime and Courts

A Rag Gatherer’s Lot.

Marriage a Failure at Denaby.

Colliery Prosecution of Denaby Men.

Drunks & Abusive Language

Refusing to Quit at Conisborough.

Swinton Trap Accident – Action Against Colliery Company – Claim for £50.

Scarf Pin Snatched at Denaby.

A Denaby Colliery Official Threatened.

A Denaby Miner charged with Manslaughter.

Alleged Unlawful Wounding at Denaby.


Denaby United 2  Conisborough St Peters  1 – Montagu Cup Semi Final

Denaby Utd – Monk Bretton 5  Denaby 2 – Denaby on The Wrong Tack

Montagu Cup Final

Conisborough Cricket Club – Annual Meeting


Boer War at the Front

Boer War Letters

Industry and Commerce

Conisborough Co-operative Society, Ltd. – Half Yearly Meeting

Accident at Denaby Main

Accident at Denaby Main

The “Bag Dirt” Question – Doncaster County Court

Crime and Courts

Marital Trouble At Denaby

A Conisborough Case.

An Unruly Denaby Collier

Colliery Prosecutions From Denaby

Colliery Special Rule 4

Conisborough Disturbance – Gaol for Two Men and Fine for Wife

Drunk and Disorderly At Conisbro’

Education at Mexborough.

Non-Paying Travellers at Conisbro’.

 The Drunks.

Alleged Theft At Conisiboro’.


Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Monk Bretton  0 – Denaby beat Monk Bretton


Accident to Charles Blakemore

Industry and Commerce

Conisboro’ Parish Council – Water Barrel & Enquiry – Churchyard Footpath.

Crime and Courts

Cruelty in the Cadeby Mine.

Defaulting Guardsman.

Drunk and Disorderly.

Ferocious Dog at Conisborough

Mining Offences at Cadeby Main.

Obscene and Abusive Language & Disgraceful Fight

Obtaining Alms by False Pretences.

The Drunk and Disorderlies.

Assault on a Police Officer at Conisboro’.

Sensational Shooting Case at Conisborough

Conisborough Shooting Case – Prisoner Committed For Trial.


Denaby Utd – Royston 0 Denaby 0

Denaby Utd – Thornhill 0 Denaby United 1

Denaby Win the Montagu Cup – Final Tie at Mexborough – Denaby 3 Newhill 0

Denaby Win the Montagu Cup – Presentation of Cup and Medals.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Barnsley Reserve 1


Good Friday Fatality at Conisboro’- Young Men Drowned – Wombwell Youth Severely Censured.

Inquest -Good Friday Fatality at Conisboro’

Industry and Commerce

Terrible Accident At Denaby Main.


Denaby Baptist Mission.

Conisborough on Good Friday

Crime and Courts

Persistent Cruelty at Conisborough

Condition of Safety Lamp

Denaby Colliery Prosecutions.

Drunk & Abusive

Falling Asleep at Work

Gambling at Conisborough.


Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Wath Athletic  0 – Denaby Beat Wath.

New Rifle Range at Denaby Main.

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Thornhill 0


Letter from a Denaby Soldier.

Industry and Commerce

Two Miners Injured at Denaby Main

Accident at Denaby Main

The “Bag Dirt” Question – Outbreak of Trouble – Ballot for Strike

Conisbrough Parish Council – Heated Discussion – “A Confounded Liar.”


Whitsuntide Festivities

Denaby News – All Saints, Brass & Drum & Fife Bands

Whitsuntide Celebrations

Crime and Courts

All Over the Pig – A Conisborough Row

“Bounce Ball” at Conisborough

Colliery Prosecutions at Denaby

Drunk and Disorderly

“Lord Nelson” Summoned at Conisborough

Slate Damage

Sacking Theft

The Denaby Shooting Case.


Conisborough 77 for 7  White Lane 75 – Conisboro’ Win On Time

Conisborough 48 Hickleton Main 49 for 5 ; Denaby 62 for 2  Wombwell Main  161 for 0 dec

Mexborough and District Cricket League

Swinton  79 for 9  Conisborough  77; Hickleton Main 90 for 4 Denaby 131 for 7

Denaby   55   Mitchell Main  69 for 0

Tankersley 124  Denaby & Cadeby  42

Mexborough and District League Table – May 30th 1902

Mexborough & District League – Results to May 1902

Industry and Commerce

Sale of Land at Conisboro’.

The “Bag-Dirt” Question – Meeting Of Association Executive.


Denaby Main and the Coronation – Generous Gift – New Institute

Crime and Courts

A Dangerous Practice.

A Denaby Celebrity Sent To Prison

A Deserter

Abusive Language at Conisboro’.

Education at Denaby.

Owing to the Coronation

Straying Horses at Conisboro’

Women’s Quarrel

Writing on the Walls at Denaby.


Denaby Admitted to Midland League

Denaby in the Midland League

Mexborough League Results – June 30th, 1902

Mexborough League Table – June 30th 1902


A Conisbro’ Application.

Industry and Commerce

The “Bag Dirt” Question – Dispute Again

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Mass Meeting

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – The Wheels Stopped

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Wednesday Interview with Mr Chambers

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Letter from Mr W.H. Chambers

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Reply from the Lodge Secretaries

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Mass Meeting of Men – Annables & Hall

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Mass Meeting – Collecting Cards

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Mexborough & District Trades Council

Crime and Courts

Claim against Conisbrough Brick Manufacturers – Case Dismissed

Denaby Colliery Prosecutions.

Obscene & Abusive Language

Refusing To Quit At Conisbro’

The Two D’s

Assault At Conisboro’.

Assault At Denaby.


Wath 99 for 7   Denaby 94


Golden Wedding – Mr & Mrs Senior

Industry and Commerce

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Soup Kitchen for Mexboro’

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Bread & Soup

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Feeding the Children.

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting with Mr Chambers – 6th Week of Stoppage

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting with Mr Chambers – Memorandum

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting with Mr Chambers – Price List

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – The Strike and Children

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Slight Disturbances

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Seventh Week of the Stoppage

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Mass Meeting of Men

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Further Summonses

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Meeting of Miners’ Wives

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Ninth Week of the Stoppage


Denaby Main Notes.- South Africa – Drum & Fife Band

Marconigrams – August 01st, 1902

Conisborough School Board

Coronation Day Passes Quietly (picture)

Denaby Notes – Sick and Dividing Clubs – New Engine House

Marconigrams – August 08th, 1902

Marconigrams – August 15th, 1902

Marconigrams – August 22nd, 1902

Marconigrams – August 29th, 1902

Return of Denaby Soldiers from South Africa.

Crime and Courts

Alleged Assault at Denaby

Alleged Intimidation.

Alleged Threats

Catapults at Conisborough.

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – Police Court Sequel. Assault on a Police-Sergeant.

Drunk at Conisborough

Drunks and Disorderly – Obscene & Abusive Language

Forty-Two More Miners Summoned.

One Sequel to the Denaby Strike

Refusing to Quit at Conisboro’

Well Merited Punishment

Wounding a Pigeon

Wrong Person At Denaby.

Mail Driver Sent To Prison.

Alleged Assault at Denaby.

New Conisborough Man Sent to Prison – Assault on the Police


Denaby & Cadeby – Rawmarsh  69  Denaby 73 for 2

Denaby & Cadeby – Mitchell Main  136  Denaby & Cadeby 137 for 6 – Champions Defeated

Mexborough & District Cricket League Results – August 23rd, 1902

Mexbro’ and District League – August 29th, 1902

Mexborough League Results – August 30th 1902


Child Run Over At Mexboro’.

Shocking Death of a Denaby Man – Falls Sixty Feet Into a Quarry.

Painful Event – Husband and Wife Die Within Few Hours Of Each Other.

Industry and Commerce

The Hull Coal Trade – Serious Decline of Traffic.

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 10th Week of the Great Struggle

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 12th Week of The Stoppage – Communication with Chambers

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 13th Week of Stoppage – Remarkable Letter from Mr. W. H. Chambers

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – More Miners Summoned – 317 Orders Made.

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Miner’s Meeting

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Proposed New Price List

The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Further Prosecutions.


Camp Life at Conisboro’ Cliffs.

Conisboro ‘ School Board – Presence of a Woman

Marconigrams – September 05th, 1902

Marconigrams – September 12th, 1902

Marconigrams – September 19th, 1902

Marconigrams – September 26th, 1902

Crime and Courts

Denary Bookmaker Sent To Prison.

Women’s Squabble at Denaby.

Conisborough and Denaby Drunks.

Conisboro’ School Board Member Summoned – Drunk and Disorderly.

Cruelty at Conisboro’.

Drunk in the Ferry Boat Inn at Mexborough

Impudent Reply at Denaby


Mexborough and Conisborough Drunks

Obscene Language.

Wilful Damage – A Sequel to the Howden Assault Case

Coal Stealers Caught at Denaby.

Stealing Fruit at Denaby


Local Cricket Results – September 5th, 1902

Denaby Utd – Denaby  2  Barnsley Reserves 0 – First Home Match


Horse Bolts Along the Railway at Conisborough

Sad Case of Destitution

Industry and Commerce

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 14th Week of Strike – Alleged Loss Of £90,000 In Wages.

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 15th Week of Strike – View of the Management

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 17th Week of Strike – Application to Bench.

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 18th Week of Strike – Mass & Stormy Meeting of Men

Strikes & Stoppages at Denaby

Conisborough Parish Council – Blasting at Cemetery – Fire Brigades Uniform – Rate Collector’s Salary


Marconigrams – October 03rd, 1902

Marconigrams – October 10th, 1902

Marconigrams – October 17th, 1902

Marconigrams – October 31st, 1902

Crime and Courts

A Denaby Collector in Trouble.

Damaging Fence at Conisborough

Extensive Thefts of Turnips at Conisboro’.

More Miners’ Summoned and the Usual Orders Made

Obscene & Abusive Language

Obscene Language at Conisborough

Stealing Apples at Conisborough

Fighting At Conisboro’.


Denaby Utd – Worksop Town 4  Denaby 1

Denaby’s New Additions

Denaby Utd – Grimsby Town Reserve 0  Denaby 2 – Smart Performance at Grimsby

Denaby Utd – Denaby 0  Sheffield United Reserve  0

Denaby Utd – Results – October 31st, 1902

Midland League Table – October 31st 1902

Industry and Commerce

Condition of Denaby Main -Hopeful Week

Denaby and Cadeby Strike Colliery Companies Determined Attitude

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – Sixth Month Of The Stoppage – No Prospect of Settlement

Statement by Mr Buckingham Pope, Chairman of Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries

Conisbrough Parish Council – New Footpath’s -Question of Expenditure – Mr Baker & Mr Singleton


Conisbrough Castle Club

Marconigrams – November 07th, 1902

Marconigrams – November 14th, 1902

Marconigrams – November 21st, 1902

Marconigrams – November 28th, 1902

Crime and Courts

A Bad Tempered Denaby Footballer

After the Rabbits at Hickleton.

Court Briefs

Drunk in a Conisborough Inn

Rabbiting at Cadeby

Refusing to Quit at Denaby.

The Denaby and Cadeby Main Strike – Three More Orders Made

The Drunks

The Drunks

Member of Denaby Strike Committee Charged with Theft


Denaby Utd – Walsall  3  Denaby 2 – Weak referee

Denaby Utd – Denaby   1   Sheffield Club 4

Denaby Utd – Denaby 3  Newark  4

Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Whitwick 1

Industry and Commerce

A Day in Destitute Denaby – An Army of Beggars – The Stopping of Union Pay.

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – Conference of Masters and Men – Settlement Still To Be Made

Denaby and Cadeby Strike – Question Of Strike Pay

Important Injunction against Y.M.A. – “Strike Pay” Stopped.

Mass Meeting of the Men – Men Full of Fight

Meeting of Men – Prospects of a Settlement.

Resultant on The Strike – Damages Obtained From More Miners.

The Denaby and Cadeby Strike – Treachery

The Question of Evictions – 750 Ejectment Orders


Marconigrams – December 12th, 1902

Marconigrams, December 5th, 1902

Crime and Courts

Court Briefs

A Drunken Assault.

Drunk & Disorderly & Obscene Language

A Peculiar Theft at Denaby


Denaby Utd – Derby County Reserve 5 Denaby 0

Denaby Utd – Hinckley 1 Denaby 2

Industry and Commerce

The Denaby and Cadeby Strike – Mr W Parrott Mr J Walsh & Local Officials Advice

Marconigrams – October 24th, 1902


Denaby Utd – Leuicester Foss Res 0 Denabuy 0

Week 1 – January 2nd

Week 2 – January 9th

Industry and Commerce

The Evictions – Good Meal for 1500 Little Ones – Feeding the Hungry.

The Evictions – Dinner in the Evicted Miner’s Quarters – London Graphic

Day 1 – Eviction Orders Executed – Distressing Scenes – “Come along with mammy”

Day 2 – Rain Came Tumbling Down in Sheets – “Can you spare a Copper Sir?”

Day 3 – Considerable progress with the Work – Array of Empty Houses

Day 4 – Evictions Ended – 750 families ejected – Importation of Fresh Labour ?

Denaby Main Colliery

Denaby Notes – “Mammy where shall we go ?”

Eviction of Miners at Denaby – London Sphere

Evictions Pictures – Evictions at Denaby

Evictions Pictures – Cliff View

Evictions Pictures – Denaby Main

Evictions Pictures – Doncaster Road

Evictions Pictures – near the Denaby Main Hotel

Evictions Pictures – Police Removing Furniture

Evictions Pictures – Removing Furniture

Evictions – Removing his Goods on a Wheelbarrow

Evictions Pictures – Familes Outhouse Refuge

Eviction Pictures – Families in Goldthorpe Methodist Chapel

Evictions Pictures – Families in Primitive Methodist School

Evictions Pictures – Families in Small Pox Hospital

Eviction Pictures – Families off to seek a new Home

Evictions Pictures – Family in Methodist Chapel

Mass Meeting of the Men – Friday – Progress of the Struggle

Evictions Pictures – Miners Demonstration

Evictions Pictures – Meeting of Denaby Miners at Mexborough

Evictions Pictures – Police Protecting New Arrivals

Eviction Pictures – Miners Preparing for Demonstration

Evictions Pictures – W.H. Chambers

Evictions Pictures – Tent life in Doncaster Road

Evictions Pictures – Tent Life near Miner’s Inn

Evictions Pictures – Tent life of Evicted Miners

The Denaby Main Evictions – Sheffield Daily Telegraph (picture)

Evictions Pictures – Waiting for New Arrivals at Conisboro’ Station

Important Developments

Mass Meeting of the Men – Monday – Ready for the Ejectments – “Fight On Fight On.”

Sidelights of the Strike – Families Accomodated at Schools and Tithe Barn

The Evictions of 1885


Denaby’s Christmas

Crime and Courts

Carrying Water on the Footpath at Conisborough

Bag Muck Strike and Denaby Evictions

Denaby and Cadeby miners – Special Appeal for Assistance.

Final “Ultimatum” Issued by the Colliery Company.

New Years Gift – Notice of Ejectment


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Chesterfield Reserves 1

Denaby Utd – Sheffield United Reserve 4 Denaby 1

Industry and Commerce


Strike Leaders – Fred Croft and John Nolan

Mass Meeting of Men Still Unemployed

Moving Back to their Homes

The Intimidation Charges

Crime and Courts

Assault Cases Adjourned

The Rabies Order.

Conisborough Miner Charged with Larceny

A Disorderly Denaby Striker

A Violent Wath Miner at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Crushed To Death At Denaby. Buried Beneath A Fall Of Roof.



Big Day for Denaby – Stone-Laying of the New Fullerton Hospital.

Crime and Courts

Claim for Compensation

Street Betting At Conisborough.

Ten Years in Africa – Conisbrough Man Finds England To His Liking.

Denaby Elopement – Wife and Furniture Gone.

Rash Act at Denaby

A Lively Time at the Denaby Main Hotel

Conisbrough Cricket Club – Annual ball – a splendid success

Conisborough Man gets Two Years – Brutal Assault on the Police Well Punished

Trespassing on the Railway at Conisborough